5 Apr 2013

Health : Vaccines Produce Homosexuality?

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One of our members sent me an article in which an Italian scientist, Gian Paolo Vanoli, is arguing that vaccinations produce homosexuality. Vanoli told the  Vice Italy’s Matteo Lenardon about this and in an interview with Huffington post they claim that :

the vaccine is introduced into the child, the child then grows and tries to find its own personality, and if this is inhibited by mercury or other substances present in the vaccine which enter the brain, the child becomes gay. The problem will especially be present in the next generations, because when gays have children, the children will carry along with them the DNA of their parent’s illness. Because homosexuality is a disease, even though the WHO has decided that it is not. Who cares! The reality is that it is so. Each vaccination produces homosexuality, because it prevents the formation of one’s personality. It is a microform of autism, if you will. You will see how many gays there will be in the next generation, it will be a disaster.”

Despite his beliefs, Vanoli insists that he supports same-sex marriage and that he is not homophobic. He doesn’t blame gay people for their “illness”!


What is your opinion on this? Any scientists here?


(source : huffington post)

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  • If that was the case, then wouldn’t everyone, who’s ever had a vaccine be gay??? So, that would mean that 3+ billion people are gay.

  • That is total BS. I am totally gay and have NOT had any vaccinations. I grew up with parents that said it was against our religion to get them. How can he explain that one?

  • Hogwash!
    I knew I was gay before ever getting any vaccines. From as early as 5 why I didnt know what gay ment I knew I wanted to play with the boys, and it wasnt just baseball.

  • you don’t need a scientist to tell you how ridiculous this is.
    You shouldn’t have printed it.

  • Why are we even bothering to give this airtime?

  • Im not a scientist but This sounds like a bunch of crap.. Is not an illness your born gay wether or people want to accept it..

  • I really can’t believe anyone is entertaining this crap. If his logic were true, then that would everyone is the USA is gay. This is the most asinine thing I’ve ever read.

  • Hahahaha “When Gays have children”? Really? We carry our DNA into our next generation lol Did he graduate?

  • This is both impossible amd improbable. Side effects of vaccines include a lowering of inhibitions, which is as rare as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. As a microbiologist, I can safely say there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that homosexuality is a byproduct of vaccinations. Vaccines have little influence on substances like mercury. People like this clown are the reason people are loosing their faith in science. We’re supposed to do good science, and this is merely junk science. He doesn’t deserve to call himself a scientist.

  • This is both impossible amd improbable. Side effects of vaccines include a lowering of inhibitions, which is as rare as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. As a microbiologist, I can safely say there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that homosexuality is a byproduct of vaccinations. Vaccines have little influence on substances like mercury. People like this clown are the reason people are loosing their faith in science. We’re supposed to do good science, and this is merely junk science. He doesn’t deserve to call himself a scientist. Homosexuality is not an affliction–it’s a lifestyle that I’m happy with.

  • You can’t fix stupid.

  • There has been no causation proven between autism and vaccination in a variety of peer reviewed studies by trusted research institutions. That being said, I’m inclined to throw this in the pile with the rest of the unproven anti-vaccine conspiracies.

    Seeing as how the defining biological differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals have yet to be exactly pinpointed it’s odd that someone found the ‘trigger’ that causes these differences. That is to say, if you don’t know what biologically causes homosexuality how can you say that something triggers that biological change?

    On a further note, demonizing vaccination without evidence is borderline murder. Illnesses that were once borderline extinct are resurfacing. Children are dying of diseases that could have easily been prevented. These things could be prevented if people who had no business talking about science didn’t spread fear about their wild assumptions.

  • FINALLY a logical explanation as to why I’m into dudes. So it WASN’T my dominant mother dropping me on my head as a baby after all !

  • Give me a fucking break! Aristotle and Alexander the Great were gay. What vaccines did they have back then?

  • WOW! Now it’s a vaccine…the mercury or something that blocks something or other, creating a gay…ummm…sounds so scientific…I am a science educator…22 years in the field, and this is pseudoscience at its best, or worse. Why do idiots keep looking for the “reason” folks are gay, when it is just the way it is…and has always been…it is brain wiring, at birth…not mercury, or arsenic, or some other nonsense….because by that standard you make a heterosexual sexual the same way…we all start out gay, the vaccine messes up something in the brain…BAM! a straight is born…this whole vaccine to gay thing will never be tested or stand up to testing…its called the Scientific Method…where is his research, evident, testing?…oops, he has none. Just another homophobic idiot that throws this crap against the wall and seeing if it will stick…

  • The guy is a total nut case. Science doesn’t support his claims. Sexual orientation is determined in utero so a vaccine wont induce or change it. In addition mercury can cause insanity but not changes in sexual orientation, the big question is WHY on earth would anyone have mercury in a vaccine? Stupid.

  • This is just another half-baked hypothesis with no concrete evidence for and a plethora of evidence against. I’m surprised that any legitimate news organization would even stoop to dignify it by acknowledging it as worthy of consideration by giving it print space or air time.

  • In retrospect I wonder if it wasn’t really an elaborate April’s Fool joke. We’ve all been had!

  • He makes a convincing argument, and while I am not a scientist, I question its validity based on history. In Roman times of old, homosexuality was widespread, and even accepted on some levels moreso than todays society. However there were no vaccinations during this era, so what caused the homosexuality in these people?

  • I completely agree with this as a gay person I’ve always somewhat known

  • Isn’t this all a crock of shit?

  • All those gay animals must be shooting up vaccines then, huh?

  • This is great. I needed something to brighten my day and this gave me just the laugh I was looking for.

  • what a mind fuck….

  • I totally agree with this scientist….thats explains why centuries ago, even though there was no vaccines available, there was homossexuals around already.

  • Now if only you could post a link to his article so I could print it and wipe my ass with it

  • I am glad I don’t have Italian doctors-soooo crazy

  • That’s certainly not taking into account the colorful history of homosexuality before the advent of vaccinations. Also, personality also develops largely through environmental processes as opposed to strictly biological.
    Speaking of vaccinations, I vaguely recall that, recently, the theory of vaccinations causing autism was debunked because the initial study was poorly constructed. That’s sort of what this is looking like. My guess is that he looked at all the people that turned out to be gay and then checked to see i they had vaccinations. If he did, then that’s a correlation study and correlations do not denote cause-and-effect.

  • Correction to mine: Personality develops in the environment in CONJUNCTION with biological factors

  • Wow…what’s he a scientist of? Bullshitology?

  • Wow, talk about coming far from left-field. By this logic, most kids now would BE gay. This is as bad as saying that vaccines have mind-controlling nanobots in them. XD

  • LOL. That’s all I have to say.


  • Thats so COOL ,I didnt know that ,What a great day when the world 1/2 gay

  • Oh gurl!

  • I’m a physician. I can’t believe any reputable journal would publish such garbage

  • swmdr : It was written in Huffington Post here is the link :http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/01/vaccines-produce-homosexuality-gay-gian-paolo-vanoli_n_2992953.html

  • With so many other topics for you to discuss you choose to waste time and space on this crock of BS. Sad thing is, some republican will get a hold of this and actually believe it.

  • Where I can I find this vaccine. There are a couplke of really straight hot me I know that I would love to turn gay!

  • A few questions about this article:

    1-Will you please post a link to the actual article?
    2-How does he explain homosexuality before vaccines & in populations that don’t receive them?
    3-How does he explain a lack of homosexuality in the rest of the developed world (since everyone I know has gotten the same vaccines I have, but fewer than ~5% of the people I know are gay)?

  • That scientist can Kiss my “diseased”Ass! Wth and i know some people who grab a bucket of popcorn and believe this idiot. Its always someone out there which is a hypocrite to make a $.

  • I think it is Bunk, but just in case its factual, I THANK GOD that my parents had me vaccinated, I love my GAY life. Now..if we could find a vaccine for stupidity…

  • Vaccine, hogwasah, intelligent people know it’s in the water! hhahahahaha

  • So it’s mercury that affects the development about personality? By that logic, then no one should eat any fish every considering that they all have some level of mercury in them. So fish and vaccinations cause homosexuality… There must be a lot of closeted gay out there

  • Correlation is NOT causation.
    Keep in mind that the people who claimed that “mercury in the vaccine preservative causes autism” have been unable to explain why autism diagnoses increased after the mercury was discontinued.
    This report must be an attempted April Fool joke. It isn’t funny.

  • Ancient art shows evidence of homosexuality to those past civilizations – long, long before vaccinations. The scientist is koo koo for cocoa puffs!

  • Did anyone else catch the logical leap in his argument? A vaccine, an externally applied treatment has no effect on the DNA of an individual. If a vaccine causes someone to be gay it would only influence the person receiving the vaccine. If that person reproduces, their DNA is unaltered and as a result the “illness” would not be inherited. This is not advanced science but simply logic applied to the most basic of biological information. There is a lot wrong biologically with his argument as well but just this is enough to discredit this person as a scientist. Source: I have Ph.D in toxicology from Cornell and I teach biology at Cornell as well.

  • this story is a bunch of BS. there is a gene in the brain which determines homosexuality.

  • Oh everyone knows you turn gay in childhood because you have a weak father and a stong mother. The whole vaccine ahs nothing to do with it. Get real.

  • Except homosexuality has existed throughout the course of human history; LONG before vaccination was even possible.

  • I believe that this is the biggest crock of shit that I have ever heard. I would think if the vaccines made people gay then there would be very few straight people on earth. I think he needs to go do a study on how doctors have corrupted the entire medical field. Because every time I look there is a study that says this or that is causing a disease. I think the doctors are do studies that are not needed and should be working on cares for diseases that are killing love one.

  • How long has Homsexuality been around? I would think way way back, even before biblical days. I’am sure not many vaccines were discovered back then. Sounds cray cray.

  • looking at the date of the post sounds like an April fools joke was pulled on some

  • I can only say, “Wow!!!”

  • so now we are autistic? wow! -___-

  • Historicaly speaking this is just plain stupid.they ancient civilizations didnt have vaccinations…at least not of the type we have today and neither does the wild animal kingdom yet both have homosexuality in them.

  • And secondly your personality has nothing to do with your sexuality.if that was the case all str8 people would have the same personality and all gay people would have the same personality

  • An obvious case of post hoc ergo propter hoc.

  • Damn! I’d been thinking if they only had an anti-gay vaccine I wouldn’t be gay. Now I know I would have been twice as gay!

  • It took me a good dose of cold water thrown from a big bucket to pick me up off the floor after I rolled around for 15 minutes having one of the worst gut wrenching laughs since he must have published this article on April 1. I swear he was smoking jackass shit to come up with this nonsense.

  • Please see Corey’s post. This is the most ridiculous thing to come out about vaccines in quite a while.

  • This commentary from a supposed scientist deserves no airtime whatsoever. He might as well be from the eugenics[the perfect Aryan race] movement which spanned that homosexuals where deemed inferior and let history tell the rest when Nazi Germany flourished. He should discuss how can homosexuality in humans be an illness if other mammals on this planet have this inherit illness as well? This is human stupidity in action once again with no evidence to back up this idiots mindless rant.


  • My doctor told me mercury is not used any more in vaccines.

  • I concur with the concept.. generally.. but it takes a much larger prick.

  • “Homosexuality is a disease”?

    Seriously!?!??! WTF is wrong with that person? Homosexuality is by choice, not a vaccined disease!

    I’m gay, by choice.
    I’m a virgin, by choice.

  • There problem with this theory is homosexuality existed before vaccines existed. The history of rejection of homosexuality has been well documented throughout history.
    Recently, the field of bio-psychology has found other correlations that contribute to homosexuality. Homosexuals carry an extra gene in their DNA. Testosterone was found in larger framed Lesbians saliva. Lesbian brains have fewer connections between the right & Left hemisphere of the brain mimicking a heterosexual man’s brain. Homosexual men have been known to test low in testosterone and the same connections between the right & left hemispheres of the brain as the female brain.
    In study of bio-psychology, homosexuality is considered genetic and in some cases there is choice. This information is taught in today’s Universities and can be confirmed with the American Psychology Association

  • Wow,science is becoming as laughable as religion.

  • As a biologist in pharma, I find this doctor is off on many points. These theories have no scientific background and they actually go against proven data.

  • looking way back to some of my earliest memories , I can say with certainty that I was born with sexual preferences that I leaned toward , despite the culture I grew up in was not openly friendly to the idea of any male being Homosexual or Bisexual, Which it appears these days has had quite an up surge. Perhaps due to the inquisitive nature of human beings , now like never before men who find themselves curious about being with another man, with the advent of the internet don’t have to look very far or long to be able to find some path to experience these curiosities, while still being able to keep their experiences unknown to their closer circles if they desire. I am a massage therapist strictly to male clientele. I only advertize on web sites catering to Gay or Bi, men like Adam4adam.com , Findamassuer.com Massuerfinder.com and many others. I was amazed to find that even though I advertised exclusively on Gay sights that I found about 90% of the clientele that came to me by way of my advertizing on these gay sights, were men known to be hetrosexual who lived straight life styles , usually married to a woman living in suburbia with 3 kids , But clearly sought out this Gay mans touch via Gay Massage advertisement for booking there massage with me. I am of the opinion that no male is exclusivnaly Homosexual or Hetrosexual, and that much as timing , and opertunity play a much larger role.

  • That was a waste of my time reading this nonsense

  • I’m a biochemist. My view is that it is fine to come up with outlandish hypotheses about a topic, but for anyone to consider the hypothesis with any seriousness, it should seem possible and there should be some preliminary evidence. As another scientist said on here “this is both impossible and improbable”. It is at least improbable and clearly meant to be inflammatory more than to help progress science. Let’s not give this hack any publicity until he provides some DATA.

  • wow. so i’m to believe that when i got my measles vaccine, i would turn gay. kind of explains why i wanted all of them after that to be oral vaccines. what a crock.

  • The National Enquirer’s sister publication, The Weekly World News, went out of circulation several years ago. THIS is where their writers ended up ?

  • Dumbest sh*t I have ever heard.

  • Oooookkkk!
    Just when I thought I’d read it all, along comes this article and proves me wrong yet again. LOL

  • …..that explains that warning label that reads “WARNING: SIDEFFECTS MAY VARY!” LOL ….MORONS

    Who let this study get published cause i smell a closet case and i’d bet even money he is so wearing last seasons fashions!!!!!!

  • There really can’t be people stupid enough to believe this bullshit! ROFLMAO… If you do…I weep for humanity. This shit isn’t even debatable. Nice to see Italy has their own version of right wing screwballs

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