19 Apr 2013

Hottie Of The Day : First Female/Male Model

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Gender-bending is common, I mean not common but we’ve seen men dressed as women. But women dressed as men is something that you don’t see everyday and it is even more special when these persons get signed by FORD modeling, MEN division.

Her name is Casey Legler and she is a hot model right now and she is FORD’s first female male model!

Click below to see an interview she made few months ago. She is our hottie of the day!


20 comments for Hottie Of The Day : First Female/Male Model

  • You don’t choose your sexuality. You choose, though, what hair style to have and what clothes to wear.

  • She is really cute.

  • Nothing hot about that.

  • she looks like a dyke

  • I’d rather see a male male model

  • a woman? really??

  • Maybe it’s just where im from (Tennessee), but there are an abundance of women who dress like men here. We even have drag king pageants, drag king shows, and just those girls who feel more comfortable dressing as a guy. Most of them are hotter than most guys I know.

  • Why bother with a female wannabee male?

    There’s plenty of real male models.

  • Not to sound narrow minded but most lesbotrons resemble boy/twinks/ Justin beiber anyway .. I don’t see what the big deal is with this one… Personally I find gender ambiguity a bit disturbing !. Haha ( baby X)…????ewwww

  • i’d rather look at a real guy. why do we need a woman posing as a guy?

  • Let’s all be conscious of the fact that any transphobic statements are pretty offensive and could be triggering to many people. She’s fabulous and it’s awesome how she breaks down popularly held ideas of what a “male model” is.

  • Great hair!

  • She wants you to think she’s a man that’s why she has that shirt! She’s even pointing to it with her feminine small skinny hands. Nothing sexy to me, but what is up with that hair? No man would have that! Make a mean face and suddenly you can be a man? Just another dyke to me….. Teens won’t wear what she models, they will say it’s gay. Bad decision Ford!

  • Jason: She is doing all major men runways and campaign right now!

  • When they allow men dressed as women to do swimsuit modeling then they will b doing something

  • perhaps she can give chas bono a few pointers!

  • Congratulations to Casey on her success with her career

    Personally, however, my first glipse of her was unsettling, almost disturbing. Male? Female? For sure not male. An effeminate male.

    And then I read the article. Whis is a female modeling as a male a breakthrough, an advance, success? What’s really needed is for the modelling industry to embrace diversity and create gender bending categories beyond the standard two.

  • What a badass!
    And she’s pretty damn fine.
    I think I would…yeah, definitely would.
    Definitely hotter than most men I’ve seen modeling.
    Her face is masculine, even her facial features bear strong masculine features.
    Fuck you guys for the transphobic comments.

  • I guess female to male is always accepted in our western culture in any form. Can RuPaul now reapply to model for MAC makeup or Covergirl?

  • I think this is awesome, some of my hottest club crushes has turned out to actually be drag kings. I think she looks great and she should keep doing what she is doing.

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