1 May 2013

A4A : Amazing Updated App Available on iTunes

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Attention all iPhone, iPad, and iPod users! We are pleased to announce a significant update to our Native App, now available on iTunes.

This new redesigned version includes a much smoother interface, vertical scrolling and other various bug fixes and it is much more fast!

Get the update now! (Android update coming soon)

For those of you who are still wondering why our app doesn’t show XXX photos, it is simply because Apple doesn’t authorize nudity.

If you wish to view all the photos, even the X rated ones, feel free to use our mobile app by typing m.adam4adam.com in Safari!


19 comments for A4A : Amazing Updated App Available on iTunes

  • How are you guys sooooo Smart sometimes. lol

  • cravenmoorhead : why being so mean?

  • It keeps crashing when you try to look t your messages

  • Michael I’ll report it to our developers right now!! Thanks

  • You all should develop an app that targets the Bear group. You clearly have the best online hook up site and appear to be listening and making a better app. Growlr and Scruff are missing it. Growlr has made some terrible mishaps and there is a void that needs filled.

    Hope y’all do it.

  • Still a subpar app. It’s one of the ugliest interfaces for any app I’ve seen. No offense guys, but was this done by a bunch of straight guys?. It is unnapealing and convoluted, downloaded and deleted within 5 minutes.

  • It still sucks. If u want to see any nude pics. Can’t be display. Web browser still trumps it.

  • Please release an app for Windows Phone. Thanks 🙂

  • It would be nice to find a windows phone 8 app as well… thanks!

  • Would love to see a version of this for BB10

  • Windows phone app please! Microsoft likes nudity. And A4A community is much better than Scruff.

  • Scruff is a fucking joke anymore — look at the model they hired for the loading screen. He is far from representative of the actual demographic of the app. And Growlr is coasting on what remains of their initial buzz.

    That said, the new app sucks. Nothing loads, it crashes frequently. I even deleted, reinstalled, then wiped my iPhone and reloaded everything. The only thing “amazing” about the new app is that it’s amazing anyone would download it.

    (P.S. Apple may not like nudity, but wonder of wonders — every gay app out there has “private” photos and they’re not of faces…..)

  • why use the app if you cant view the xxx photos thats the whole reason you go on this site, to hook up….i just use the mobile one. or maybe you could make it to where you can send photos… would be more useful..

  • Crashes repeatedly… On both iPad and iPhone. As Michael said, it’s when trying to view messages. I uninstalled… Let us know when it’s fixed.

  • its so amazing I cant get my messages.

  • Thank you for you reports!

    We do know about the mailbox problem on the version 2.

    It only happens in some devices – we have tested in iPhone version 4 and 5 and iPad 1 and 2 but not able to reproduce it, but have a new release coming very soon that will fix this problem.

    a4a Developers

  • the app keeps crashing when ever I try to read a message. Needs to be fixed

  • Please make an app for windows phone some of us are gay and use A4A also.

  • what’s the name of the model on the cover of the blog?

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