2 May 2013

Hot or Not : Speedos

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I have to admit that I love a hot man wearing a speedo. It is so sexy and you get to see everything you want to see! I’m a cock boy so guess what I’m looking at? I remember when I was a kid I was “in love” with my Phys-Ed teacher, he was tall, muscular and dark blonde. One day we went to the city pool and he was wearing this vibrant blue speedo. OMG I wanted to marry him! At the end of the day we all went to the locker room and JF (my Phys-Ed teacher) went for a shower. He took off his swimsuit and I saw the most magnificient penis, surrounded by a nice full bush. I’m pretty sure this is the exact date I started loving speedos. Even to that day, when I see a hot man at the pool or at the beach wearing a hot speedo, I do my best to come closer and closer and closer to that guy… until…. no I could not ask him to suck his dick ๐Ÿ™‚

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Check out some amazing men wearing speedos below!


(photos: facebook)


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  • Yes, they are hot! The only thing better is naked!

  • I totally love Speedos. The worse thing that could have happened to men’s fashion was the introduction of board shorts and other shorts that go below the knee. They look stupid, are hard to swim in, and do not give a dude a real tan.

  • Wlliam: I totally agree…it is so ugly those long heavy shorts/swimsuit

  • The last picture is the best. When I see a well built guy over the age of 25 wearing a speedo I feel I have the right to stare. If you put it out there for the world to see, be prepared to have the world look.

  • Only good to see, if they have the bodies to wear them.Nothing worse then a Fat Guy in Speedoes.Nice storey about your teacher.

  • I love ’em, both to look at and to be looked at when wearing. The looks you receive make spotting potential new friends a breeze, too! So glad summer is coming so I can finally wear all these new suits I got at last seasons’ end!

  • All are hot butt give me that 7th kid in the red pair and I would be in heaven. Eat that all day long until he begged me to let him ride my ass

  • one of the things i love about going to PR is guys in speedos, and sometimes at ocean beach park you will see a guy just in his briefs or bikinis laying there, a few years ago i was checking out this guy in a red speedo and he rolled over on his stomach and spread his legs, one of his testicals popped out….i was in love!!!

  • Speedos are hot because they put the Cock and Balls just where they should be ….. On Display. Any Homo who says they aren’t is lying .

  • On the right guy…HOT, on the wrong guy…NOT.

  • NOT! In my opinion, even guys as hot as the models pictured would look hotter (and more masculine) in board shorts. I know board shorts are a very American thing, but what can I say?

  • I love seeing a guy in a speedo. I beleive that less is better, except blacks and Asains it’s a turn off for me

  • I have to agree. Nothing better than to see a slim/fit young guy wearing a speedo. Nothing to hide.

  • lets face it it all about the guy in them.. the model in the pic would look sexy in anything or nothing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Glad to see all the guys agree that Speedos are great. Have never been able to figure out the reason for Board Shoots – STUPID – Yes, next to a gay nude beach, speedos should be the only thing a guys wear [ if he has the bod and cock for them]!

  • I’m with you Steve. Alot of people don’t know their “limitations” where fashion/clothing is concerned and think just because an article of clothing looks good on the mannequin it’ll look good on them.
    The guy doesn’t even have to be fat to look unflattering in Speedos. Sometimes he just doesn’t have the right “build” to pull it off.

  • I love Speedos. In fact, I like ALL bikini style swimsuits for men. However, I think many guys confuse the brand with the style. Most of us call every men’s bikini swimsuit a “speedo,” just like we call any tissue a Kleenex and any photocopy a Xerox. But Speedo is actually the company that makes the suits, and most of the guys in this layout, while they are wearing wonderful tiny bikinis, don’t seem to be wearing Speedo brand suits at all. However, since I love all bikinis, the more skin I can see the better, I love all these pics.

    As for board shorts, a few years ago I was in Palm Beach (FL) and actually went to the beach one day. I set up my towel right next to a college swim team of about 15 guys and a few girls. The funny thing is, all the guys were wearing board shorts while laying in the sun, but when they stood up to go in the water they all dropped the shorts and went into the ocean in bikinis. When they came out, they put the board shorts back on to lay in the sun. I never did understand that, but maybe habit made them strip down to as little as possible to go in the water, and fear of a gay man cruising them in a bikini made them put on the board shorts to lay on their towels. Go figure!

  • If his skin color is right (NON WHITE) then the speedo is perfect.

  • Speedos are super hot. My fave is when I can see right where the balls sit on a guy. They’re one of my favorite parts of traveling to Europe.

  • Hell yea!! Women all over the world have been wearing skimpy swimwear for years to show off their bodies!! Men need to start doing the same! If you’ve got a nice body- show it off! Don’t cover it up with loose baggy shorts!

  • It depends on who is wearing Speedos. Some men who wear them just shouldn’t. It’s a lot like leather. A lot of men who wear it just shouldn’t!

  • Yes, they are HOT! I own a few pair

  • Great to look at, leave little to the imagination. I also like sungas style trunks.

    Only caveat being you need to have the body to support what they reveal… otherwise it can be just a bit nauseating. That’s what boxer style trunks are for.

  • Deeeeee-lish!!

  • The 7th pic is hot….I LOVE cock hair!!

  • I had a summer class with a college student teaching swimming. He was wearing a speedo. daily. On Fridays, he would join us for showers. I loved watching him take off that speedo. and his thick 8- inch soft cock pop out. Instant hardon for me.

  • They are Hot, on Hot Bodies! To bad Board shorts have taken over, so many men with hot bodies just cover themselves
    way up way to much.

  • I like them IF they’re on hunks like these. If not, I dont find them sexy at all…..

  • Yeah,.. .. Some dudes look Hot,.. But lets face it not everyone has a body like models above.. And well.. Me!.. Hehe.. I think the fatter our society has become and becoming the longer and baggier men’s trunks and clothes have gotten ( good thing ).. I see lots of fat dudes at the beach that don’t agree though.. Eeewwww !.. Funny thing is that women binikinis and clothes have become smaller and tighter regardless !!! WTF…double standards thing again..

  • Oh .. Almost forgot!.. YES naked is better than any speedo or sexy drawers ANYDAY!!!!… My apologies to your sponsors A4A!!..;)

  • HOT!

  • yes they all r hot but my fav is the 1st one the asian guy yumm

  • Dave, nothing hotter than a beautiful little tight ass in a Speedo. But God save us from fat slobs like me who put their lard asses out there in a Speedo!!! LOL

  • They are all hot..love the second and last ones particularly.

  • Speedos on the the man who has the body for them look HOT!! Guys like myself, should stay as far away from them as possible. As much as I like them to look at and wear, I just don’t have the body for it.

  • Speedo is a brand and trademark not a generic term for those tiny things. Nothing beats a true swimmer in a real speedo.

  • scott: Really? lol We all know that ! We still like to call it speedo!

  • On the right body! They are HOT!

  • On the right body, Speedos are definitely hot. Speedos are not for everybody. On the wrong body, guys will attract unwanted, negative attention.

  • Well honestly there should be limits on them. For example young guys with a body to pull them off is definately hot. However us bigger guys ( aka fat) should not wear them at all.If your stomache hangs over your waistband don’t even think about it.

    Just my opinion tho.

  • Love the speedos…hate the tats! With bodies like these, the speedos enhance and glorify the muscles; tats desecrate the temple!

  • yess spdoes are hot bit oneoly on some whi got the right body type to pull it off and stuff if you have stich fat on your that your bear you sound never where one you look redicious but if you have a semiier buold then your will look grea that or if you a tink you going to look great tow

  • I think I live the tan lines they give the most. Love to see a hit ass with tiny bikini tan lines. Instant hardon for me!!!

  • Speedos are sexy if done tastefully, in my opinion. I feel they should be worn in “adult only” environments. Also, on the right kind of body types. Speedos in waterparks, public beaches and other family oriented places is so weird. Speedos on ill-built men and largely endowed men looks like a cry for attention.


  • YEH!!! Gota be right person/body for them if the brief, bikini. Otherwise, maybe the jammer is better and still fitted, lycra/spandex like.

  • Had a speedo fetish since 7th grade jr high swim class in St. Louis. All the boys had to wear black speedo suits. This was back in the 70’s. have loved wearing them since. Seeing a nice bulge in a speedo gets this guy hot today. Anybody want to play in speedos today. C2C.

  • very hot on the right guy… I was on my high school swim team when I first wore a speedo.. HOT. any my best friend was on the team with a hot bod to go with his hot speedo. yummy. i was too shy to take what I think (wish) now were advances.

    Would be nice to see more guys wearing them. Lots of hot guys in board shorts…they need to show more skin and wear speedos. I do when I’m at the pool or beach or lake!

  • Speedos are hot only if you can fill them out and no buying a smaller one doesnt fix the problem. But if one is worn in the right size and can be filled out AWESOME

  • Speedos on guys like Tom Daley or Will Grant are hot. Speedos on guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gerard Depardieu? not so much.

  • They do make me turn my head…but I like using my imagination. I think short trunks are the best

  • It depends..
    Speedos on the right guy… awesome.
    On the wrong guy.. Ughsome
    I was on a cruise full of Spring Breakers and those that wore them looked INCREDIBLE!!! Cut from chisel and some of them had such well defined packages.
    ON the same cruise, some European retirees who should NOT have worn them… many of them had well defined beer guts.
    Same cruise, both ends of the spectrum.

  • I remember when we were kids (eons ago) and going to the beaches in northern Vermont & Maine and seeing the Canadians wearing the skimpiest suits, men and women, and could not believe that someone would come outside like that. Glad it caught on to those of us down under.

  • Speedos are unsexy too they look like tighty whitest too me so too answer the question: speedos are not hot

  • Speedos are hot for sure but only if you have a lean hard body and if not guys do us all a favor and stick to boxer trunks suits

  • Hot on the right body. But you must have the body for it

  • Speedos are not hot to me, although some of these guys are. I prefer more left to the imagination and guys that aren’t trying to be sexy.

  • Dam – this speedo fetish is hot hot hot
    both seeing as well wearing speedos all most
    24/7 … more speedos please

  • The main attraction is how well that speedo looks on a
    man – even a well fit mature guy can turn heads an more
    if he has the proper color speedo on that hi-lite his sexy body..

  • Any swimsuit’s sexyness is almost entirely dependent on the wearer.

    I don’t get the whole “fat guys shouldn’t wear speedos” thing though.There are certainly garments that are more flattering to certain body types, but I don’t personally find a beer gut hanging over a brief/bikini style swim trunk any more or less attractive than a beer gut hanging over a boardshort.

    I have a squarecut (skin tight) trunk with a lace up front. Personally I find squarecut trunks more attractive than briefs, and the lace-up front makes my above average endowment less noticeable. Frankly, I find them to be more modest than the pair of loose boardshorts I have that stick to me like cling wrap when initially getting out of the water.

  • I just realized that my previous comment might seem to indicate that I’m one of the “fat guys who should not wear speedos.” I’m not (29″ waist right at 6′ tall), I just don’t really flip out over seeing an overweight individual. If it ain’t attractive to me, I just don’t look.

  • I totally love Speedos, but like more the regular swinwear.

  • Anything that muscle athletic bodied guys wear looks hot, its the older 50+ bearish out of shape looking guys that wear it that I have a problem with…lol

  • I have no problems with it if the guy has the right equipment to fill it out then I say why the hell not!

  • Speedos in and of themselves are sexy. I find no matter what body type of the wearer the confidence to wear them in public is overwhelmingly sexy. There is a commercial for southern comfort that has a man in a speedo. No ripped abs or 2% body fat. But he is sexy.

  • Depending on who’s wearing them

  • Definitely hot!
    I actually prefer the speedos with a little extra fabric to them, rather than the really skimpy ones. Wish all guys wore them!

  • I say Not Hot. I have a pair of square cut trunks that a lace up front. Personally I only wear them in Puerto Vallarta a European beach, after wearing board shorts to the layout location. But, I am a SOCAL guy for give me some board shorts. Please.

  • I say Not Hot. I have a pair of square cut trunks that a lace up front. Personally I only wear them in Puerto Vallarta a European beach, after wearing board shorts to the layout location. But, I am a SOCAL guy for give me some board shorts. Please.

  • The 4th picture…THAT ASS THOUGH!!!!!!!!

  • Brand specific Speedos, either racing style or square cut, look good on most men of most ages. Who wants all that material flapping around your legs when you’re trying to swim (or do whatever.) If you’re that prudish, wear them to swim and don a pair of trunks when you’re walking the beach. But that kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

  • Bottom line is, If the guy has the body to pull it off, whats not to like

  • NOT! the only people who can pull it off are in pictures, but the truth is those who actually wear them SHOULDN’T!

  • I was seeing a hot latino one nite he showed up wering assless undies I bout flipped I ate that ass till he begged me to fuck his ass and boy DID I.he looked great in anything at the time i’d never considered wearing a speedo now I hope by mid summer I can get my 1st speedo to show off this new body not perfect but getting there

  • I wish I could show those men how much I like their speedos.

  • I love hot men in speedoes I just wish I could feel their balls and touch them I rember when I was a kid this handsome man who was a teacher use too hav ehis big buldge through I enveded him so I get attracted to guys with big balls that shows through pant sor speedoes

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