19 Jun 2013

Fashion : Alexander McQueen Spring 2014

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Alexander McQueens might not be alive but the Spring 2014 collection for men showed that his spirit is still around.

Inspired by “Ceremonial dressing and the rites of passage of a man,” Sarah Burton, head designer at Alexander McQueen offers a romantic and soft take on Spring Sumer. Lace, florals, jacquards, embroideries on suiting, bermuda shorts, stripes, relaxed knits and military cuts are the key words.

For those of you not familiar with “high fashion” don’t take the pictures below too serious, I mean they are from the fashion show. Of course we won’t dress like this next summer in the street. They are showing a trend or a direction… I know you like your jeans and t-shirts, but it is always fun to see what’s coming up!

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  • I wouldn’t be smiling either if I had to walk the runway looking like the aforementioned!

  • Oh my lord what are these people thinking when it comes to designing men’s wear. I feel sorry for the poor model that had to appear on the runway in these horrible clothes.

  • These are all awful even for experimental ‘high fashion’. What happened to dressing a man like a man?

  • God what is happening to the men in this world I can’t tell these guys apart from Demi moore in 90s and to make it worse the clothes look like shit if this is where fashion is headed GOD help us all!



  • Joey : some people like what you call “fem” things as well.
    Open your mind. You are not alone here…
    25,000 readers every day….we need diversity.

  • Hahahhahhahahahhah

  • I can not see me wearing one single item, that any of those women were wearing. Oops was that a men’s a fashion line up? Nothing masculine or fashionable about any of those clothes.

  • OMG alexander McQueens ought to be horse whipped and strung up in public for this atrocious display of men’s apparel.

  • No one could look good in those clothes…

  • This guy, looks dead, in fact I’ve seen better looking stiffs! LOL!!!!!

  • Good thing the Designer is Dead.

  • YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Disgusting! It’s like Stevie Nix and Elvira hacked up a luggi!

  • Wow, I love the contrast of black and white. I wear lots of black and white and khaki. My favorite two are the 1st outfit with the casual look….the beige hand-knitted summer sweater with tears in the fabric and the white gaucho pants I would definitely wear. You have to have nice legs, especially your calves and I do. In the heat of Atlanta, this would be comfortably sexy with the see through sweater!! And then the 4th outfit is Indian inspired, which I would also wear. I love the black and white and hint of olive or gray tones in the jacquard print. The sleeveless look makes it sexy and the long shapely top over the pants are mos def Indian influences. Come on guys, break out of your old traditional ways of dressing and ad some cultural, ethnic flair to your closet!! I purchased an Indian outfit made from beige linen that has the long mid-calf top slit up the side with the huge gaucho style calf link pants. I wear it as a whole piece or just the top over faded jeans. Yes, people stare but it’s so fun to get their reactions as you grocery shop or hit the coffee shop. People are just jealous that they do not have the flare and style to wear it. Or else they wonder if this white guy has turned Hindu or Muslim, who cares, I like to recreate the 6O’s look that I was to young to wear. Clothes are made to have fun with, if we have to wear them at all. David B.

  • David W: Wow you seem to know fashion, I’m impressed 🙂
    “gaucho”, “hand knitted” , “jacquard’ etc…
    I studied fashion so these words are always great to hear !

  • Most god awful things I have ever seen. Dress a man like a man for gods sake. Blech!!!!!!!!

  • I would not be caught dead in these outfits. I hope the model is getting lots of money for wearing these ugly clothes.

  • How can anyone make any money making clothes like these. I just can see any self respecting man, no matter what is sexual orientation is, wearing any of these clothes in public. But you know, some people of make “Art” out of trash and had others pay them big bucks for them. Like P.T. Barnum said, “there is a sucker born every minuite”.

  • The last photo must be a mistake: excuse me, but that’s a dress. WTF ?

  • Anyone who pays typical McQueen prices for these garments needs to have the courts appoint someone to watch over his money. These are quite possible the ugliest clothes for men that I have ever seen, in person, in pictures or online. Even as a “trend,” they are horrible. Sarah Burton needs to have a conversation with some real men and find out what they would actually want to wear, because this line IS NOT IT!

  • It’s no wonder the clothes look so bad. He died 3 years ago. Somehow he’s designing clothes from beyond the grave.

  • Wouldn’t even walk around the house wearing any of those items

  • If straight people saw these pics, I wouldn’t blame them for calling out “FAG”!

  • OMG!!!


  • These clothes are absolutely hideous. They look like horrific sacks of crap that were simply flung on the nearest body.

  • If a guy feels that particular hideous, heinous, nasty, woman-like clothing is his style (even with the obviously warped key words), that’s his choice. And that choice must be TOTALLY respected.

    Ok for the other high-90s percent of guys, any clothing suggestions for them?

  • What the hell?

  • Is this the influence of the New Gender Bender’s? All of these are women’s clothes. Whoever came up with these designs for men has no right to be in fashion!!!! And where did they find the models???? Walking sticks!!!

  • There are some pieces that could be worked. I dig it.

  • Yikes… and they make the models look so hideous with those hairstyles… nevermind the clothes.

  • REALLY????

  • really how sad?

  • poor Alexander is rolling in his grave.This is NOT Savage Beauty,this is the GAY DISCO ADDAMS FAMILY.(sigh)

  • One more thing,this made my dick soft,and my dick is NEVER soft,just saying.

  • I’ve always thought fashion shows were exciting! I’m always so very bored with what stores have to offer to men; its all the same. I appreciate this! Of course, I wouldn’t wear this, but its a form of art. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Looks like the Death warmed over look – to me. Are they doing an Addams Family remake? The models look they are casting for the part of Lerch.

  • I get that the runway stuff isn’t meant to be worn as shown… but what exactly is the trend here? “Ceremonial Dress and Rites of Passage”…. like blue blazers? circumcision?

  • Most definitely a little too dark for the spring but the laces and the flower prints and the lace prints, black rose embroidered are beautiful. Though some of the frayed jacquards looks are not that appealing to me.

  • Masculine Androgynous men are sexy as hell . House of McQueen has some really good ideas here . Great hair on these guys !

  • Although I was never really “into” fashion, Alexander McQueen was one of my favorite designers (Givenchy coming in second). Something about his art touched me so much so, that I actually ordered a pair of his shoes from Hawaii because they were extremely hard to find. Imagine such a purchase made by someone who would never ever spend that kind of money on shoes under normal circumstances. Alexander was so unique and SO HUMBLE! RIP!!

    Shame on the company for carrying on his name even though he expressed the brand should terminate in the event of his death. They should just call the line Sarah Burton and move on.

  • OMG…WTF…where did they find the most fugly models for this fashion show, only one of the guys was borderline ok and he was wearing that hideous floral print suit….was this a community service punishment for them?

  • Fashion Changes, and runway shows are more about showing what’s newly innovated or designed. Some people really wear the stuff, most times it’s edited and or sold separately to be incorporated INTO someone’s already existing collection or newly found collection. SO… dressing a man like a man… and how exactly is that, considering being a man is being a biologically male. Society has created this role that is masculine for man, if that’s what you meant Cooper. if people choose to break that standard then they’re not dressing manly. Wow… Very ignorant. *** Besides… the designer even says that the collection is inspired by ceremonial dressing and rites of passage… I’m pretty sure there are lots of ceremonial male gowns that are far more “ugly.” I’m not particularly for the style, i won’t wear it myself, but I don’t understand people’s need to completely and downright just bash something. Lame.

  • Nobody is gay enough to wear such atrocious clothes.

  • Beautiful !

  • NOT!

  • looking at the previous posts you would think that they weren’t on a gay men’s site ITS FASHION PEOPLE fashion can do what ever it wants haven’t you guys ever heard of avant-garde. you guys must live in the back woods of some hillbilly swamp. Fashion is Art and if you live in any major city you will see guys and gals experiment with fashion its called STYLE.

  • High fashion? More like low-brow humor… I think oftimes the “fashion” world is thumbing their collective noses at the rest of us and asking “How fucking outrageous can we go? And will the sheep follow?”

    Gimme my levis and T’s. Thanks but no thanks!

  • WTF !!!

  • Looks like they are refugees from an old International Male catalog. Hideous beyond belief.

  • Lmao the comments make this too funny

  • Who is this?

    It’s Jake from State Farm.

    What you wearing “Jake” from State Farm?

    Alexander McQueen.

    She sounds Hideous!

    You found Jake from State Farm! No wonder the guy Calls him at 3am!

    On and by the way, Men wore robes and skirts before they wore pants. I can only imagine the same things where said when some fashion guy came up with pants for men to wear! Dress a man like a man! Pants on a man! I can’t imagine any real man wearing Pants!! LOL

  • @blog how can you say someone seems to KNOW fashion isn’t fashion in the eye of the beholder, and just cause some name brand fashion house puts something out dosent mean its fashion it can be what we see here GARBAGE! No one would seriously wear this unless they are a a follower just getting whatever some “high brow” designer tells them is fashionable or someone who’s really overcompensating

  • Smdh : Not because u dont like or don’t get it, that it is hideous and bullshit.
    McQueen is not about “following” like u say, it is about creating…

  • OMG!!,I will take a man in jeans anyday

  • Holy shit.. did someone tell these guys that they’re probably at a women’s fashion show.. LOL!! I don’t get it, but I guess that’s the idea of fashion. To try something bold, something different.

  • Hideous is an understatement.
    McQueens designs are for the drag queen, NOT for a MAN.
    He should give up fashion and go into something more suitable, MAKE UP.

  • I am all for long tunics and shirts for men with no need for pants but I am not ready for these designs. The busy prints detract from the styling and look quite laughable.

  • I figured out who the model is. It’s Alfalfa from Little Rascals fame. He’s all grown up now, less the cowlick.

  • SUCH A BUNCH OF FASHION HATERS ,HEY Not everyone is alike ,and not everyone has full on retrospective shows at the MET ,Just beacause he is dead dose’nt mean you can trash talk something you know nothing about ,GO back to your bars ,massage parlors ,…

  • NO, absolutely not. This is NOT “high fashion.” And for a man, nothing will ever replace the traditional suit and tie. Conservative clothing never goes out of style. There is nothing masculine about any of these outfits. Guys just don’t go around wearing a lacy top with roses designed into it. “Styles” as these make me think a “designer” is so out of good ideas that he must produce the most outlandish thing possible, stick a $5000.00 price tag on it and then dare to call it “high style.” I think the general consesus, from reading everyone’s responses, is that this is an utter FAIL.

  • NEVER NEVER NEVER will I ever be caught dead in any of these “high fashion” items. Personally, I think these are horrible designs. What ever happened to simple clothes? I don’t to wear something that takes forever to assemble or organize which piece goes on first. LOL


  • “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that it must be altered every six months” – Oscar Wilde.

  • I guess making these poor kids wear these hideous clothes wasn’t humiliating enough. They had to make their hair look like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals too!?

  • I love them all. They are beautiful!!!

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