31 Jul 2013

Fantasy : Underwear Fetishism

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Underwear fetishism is a sexual fetishism relating to undergarments. Some people experience sexual excitement from wearing certain types of underwear. Other people experience sexual excitement when observing or handling certain types of underwear worn by another, or watching somebody putting underwear on, or taking it off.

For me there is nothing hotter than seeing a man wearing underwear and my favorite would be the white brief….you know the one that was worn all day, that’s getting a bit loose after a hard day at work, a bit like the ones shown in the picture below… I’m not a fan of designer underwear or the perfect low waist ones on my man. I’m the one who wears this kind, to accentuate my butt and show my junk. (lol) He has to wear the white loose ones or the old ones with holes in it…hmmm so sexy!

I think I love underwear because it holds, hides and protects the one thing I love the most on the planet, a dick!

I remember when I was a teen, me and my parents went to visit my dad’s friend and his family. He was tall, hot, hairy and fit. I went to the basement at one point and I saw the dirty laundry and I remember looking for the man of the house’s underwear. When I found them, it was like I found a treasure lol….. I even brought one back home!

Now as a grown up, I don’t “sniff” underwear anymore (lol) but I really enjoy seeing a man wearing some.

What about you? You like? Which one? And why?

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41 comments for Fantasy : Underwear Fetishism

  • I wonder, does the underwear make the man, or does man make the underwear? :)

  • Like the person here. Love to see a guy in his briefs, boxers are my favorite. Work in a public place with all type of guys coming through. Get so emotional when I see one that does have his boxers above his jeans, t-shirt nice print on the side and to top it all off, a nice set of buns. If he’s slim hwp that’s even more sexy, can at times see stocky build guys holding their own. Have always had a fantasy with a male, his undies and what lies beneath the waist. And think, one was made good, almost perfect. Not even words can express the realness of how I feel here. Someone help me out. Just sexy to see a nice dick whether hard, semi or just a bulge.

  • I prefer Nudist . All natural no pubic trim and nudism . No underwear allows

  • I like dudes in underwear and am disappointed when I pull off a man’s pants to find he has cheated me by going commando. I prefer square-cut boxer-briefs, nothing too fancy (Calvin Klein or lower lol) It’s a huge turn off for me to find a dude wearing twinky underwear such as low-rise, bikini cuts or uber-trendy shit like Ginch-Gonch: Personally, they turn me off as much as finding a dude wearing women’s panties (I know some of you are into that, and that is cool – it’s just not for me)

    If you really want to get me boned, be wearing a non-designer jock strap: That’s always an awesome surprise!

  • I have to admit that i do have an underwear fetish. It’s always kinda forbidden and sexy to see a guys underwear when he’s wearing shorts that sag enough that the waistband shows. Or catching a guy at the gym changing into his jock, which i love, finding out what he wears under his suit. The best underwear is the pair that feels fantastic on your body, in whatever shape you’re in. When you slide them on it gives you a sexual energy only you know about, and can be well known to another man checking you out.

  • Idk about sniffing underwear sir, but I do have an underwear fetish. I LOVE boxer briefs. If a guy ever wanted to seduce me, if had was in nothing but underwear with a tight ass and thick dick…I’d make him my love slave :)

  • I mean if a guy looks good in some briefs, it turns me on lol. I mean who doesn’t like to see a nice body with a nice pair of underwear?

  • underwear is my BIGGEST turn on

  • I admit ,,,as a young teen I was visiting a friend and his brother came down stairs with just a pair of jockeys on(white)…I wanted to see more and “sniff” them…about two years later I got to see it all one day , my friend wasn’t home and his brother was taking a shower–

  • The one thing you love most on the planet is a man’s dick?! What a sad and pathetic life that must be.

    Hands up, who sick of the use of the word junk to mean the male genitals?

  • The underwear that gets me hot is any underwear that’s on the floor, off the guy.

    While dirty, worn out, and ill fitting underwear is for sure a turn off (well onto a deal killer), overpriced “trendy” “designer” stupidly “expensive” underwear is as well. Thongs (or anything remotely resembling them such as assless briefs) no thank you. Jocks? Fine if that’s what the guy really is comfortable wearing, but they’re no more exciting than a good pair of well-fitting tagless boxer briefs or stardard tighty whities for me.

    They’re like suits…if a guy looks and feels good in them that’s what he should be in. (Ok if you like thongs, that’s your choice, but expect me to get all lathered up.) I’m not going to go a gaga because of what a guy has on behind his zipper. Sometimes comando is a nice surprise, but I don’t get guys who do it all the time. What about drips regardless of how many shakes you do at the urinal and that “OUCH!” that sooner or later WILL happen?

    So what a guy wears below the belt has no effect for me on what happens on the workbench. Like suits. Like any other single-minded man characteristic. There’s nothing definitive about them.

  • I couldn’t agree more. I wish there were more guys into underwear. I am a complete underwear nut. Briefs, jockstraps, boxerbriefs. Love the tease of a guy bulging in his briefs. I could play for hours before the cock comes out :-)

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE UNDERWEAR!! All kinds except tighty whities. I love silk boxers, regular boxers, boxer briefs (my standard) trunks, Jock straps, g-strings, mesh, sheer, colors, plaids, designer to dollar store. A average to tight body, put’em on so.I can pull’em off. Rip’em, teeth’em go in 1 side n cum out the other. At one point any dude that actually made it home to my bed was warned that his underwear wld not b leaving. TROPHY!! I’ve even purchased underwear for my men just cause I wtd him to have a lil sumthin to b close to him when I couldn’t be. So Ummmmm yes to underwear. Lolol

  • I have to agree with u Dave. Nothing better then seeing a man in his underwear but for me it’s boxer briefs. Seeing them hug his ass and crotch just sends me over the edge. ;)

  • Hey Dave, is the pic of the guy in the kitchen yours? Nice pic man!

  • The sight of a guy in a jockstrap is a major turn-on for me. I can’t explain it, but a jock looks good on just about any guy. And if the guy happens to be handsome, muscular and hairy, I’m in heaven.

  • All very sexy except for #1, who would have been VERY sexy if he hadn’t been smoking that cigarette!

  • I’ve had a fetish for jockstraps ever since I first put one on. Love to jack off to pictures of hard bodybuilders in a jockstrap. Love that tight feel!

  • I personally like for both me and to see my dude in, boxer briefs! Rather they be tight, semi tight, loose mid, high or longer cut….it’s all good!

  • Not sure why, but a man in briefs turns me on BAD! I love seeing men in the locker room in their Hanes or FTL briefs… Give me an instant hard dick.

  • manstained white briefs or boxerbriefs are the best.

  • I have had a fetish for underwear for as long as I remember. I’m turned on by wearing them or seeing other guys wearing them.
    However, those worn by the guys in the last pic really turn me off. Not a fan of traditional tightie whities, sorry

  • I love a black man i white briefs :)

  • I like to slip another guys briefs on. it feels dam good

  • Agree, Dave … 100%
    check out my primary pic

  • I’m obsessed with underwear & have a proper underwear fetish. Since i was a young teen i was obsessed with underwear and men in underwear. I own all different types too: Briefs, boxers, trunks, jocks, sheer, assless, and even thongs are in my collection. Although, I don’t wear thongs some guys have requested I wear them.

    I also love seeing a guy in a hot pair of undies just as much as I like wearing them. Love a guy in a brief or jock. So sexy!

  • I like guys in boxer briefs.

  • EssentialsIam3 and I could never cruise together, we both have the same likes. Boxers peeking up over jeans is HOT–no print needed.

  • Yes I can totally agree (well actually mostly) with you on this subject.

    Now for me, yes I love seeing a nice guy in a great pair of underwear. Sometimes its the underwear that pushes me more to liking to the person. That by itself tells me about the kind of likes, tastes and eye that a man has.

    I enjoy most kinds of underwear with briefs, trunks, boxer-briefs and jockstraps being my favorites. Not really a fan of boxers, thongs or G-strings but I have been known to done a pair of boxers and I do own a single thong pair by PAPI. With that being said, yes I can sometime be a brand name whore when it comes to underwear. I usually wear CK; but also 2xist, C-in2, Timoteo, Unico, Baskit, Diesel, Ginch Gonch, Pipe as well as a many more other names. I will say that you can definitely not go wrong with a good old pair of Jockey, FTL or/and Hanes.

    All in all, it’s the way that the underwear fits me. Because I have a small, tight, slim build I have to always buy a S (and sometimes an XS since some S’s fit like a M). I like my underwear fitting me snug. Its a HUGE TURN-ON for me just like seeing another guy in a similar pair.

    I have many friends that are pretty much the same so I’m around lots of underwear always, whether I want to be or not. Some of these friends have often given me some of their underwear as gifts (the ones that are around my build) knowing about how much I like and how turned on I get because of them.

    I’ve done so many different things concerning and with underwear that I’ve lost count somewhere in the thousands. From sniffing them to trading to wearing a friends while he was wearing mine, etc., etc., etc. Even during sex or while watching a porn – underwear play a huge excitement for me. Being in underwear for a bit while kissing and whatnot takes my arousal level to soaring heights, that even some times I can’t comprehend.

    I also love that I’m not the only male or/and gay male that is into this. And that because of this, designers have really stepped up their game concerning the thing that is like you said “is the 1 thing I love the most on the planet” – although me personally; I do have a few things that take priority over this and that!

    Did I write too much? Sorry, I kind of got a little carried away with my thoughts on this situation at hand (and you wouldn’t believe how much I actually held back from saying).


  • I find it to be a Major Turnon seeing a guy wearing a sexy pair of underwear. Black colored ones expectially. Jocks, Thongs , Boxer briefs are all good, except loose baggy boxers or regular tighty whities. Guys find it HOT when I wear a jock or undies with a hole in back, it really gets their tongue going and they get rock hard fast !

  • I personally go commando. Also love to see a guy in a pair of tight Briefs, commando, jockstrap, or G-string. something about a man in briefs or a jock or G-string turns me on but a guy that’s commando makes me hot just seeing the outline of his package in his pants

  • Love regular old tighty whities, FTL,Hanes, BVD. Had an underwear fetish since I was a kid. When I was 13 my best buddy gave me his BVD’s that he had worn all day, very hot.Had a huge underwear collection til my ex found them and threw them all away. started collecting inmy teens from friends and family laundry baskets. A guy in tighty whities can be sexier than a naked guy.

  • I think I inspired this article. So I’m gonna weigh in. Underwear is crucial. I love briefs. Boxer briefs and boxers. They all work for me. I love to see the cock imprint in them. But on another note, sweat pants slacks basketball shorts biker shorts all work for me too. Love to see bulges. Love to see a dick swinging in some shorts. When I’m at the pool or beach i go insane. My eyes wandering all around don’t care if they notice, I’m gonna stare. Big dicks are all around us can u spot one right now?

  • Ant nothing like a man coming out of his cloths an in to some hot underware that is the biggist turn on for damn wish there more of them

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  • I have a huge underwear fetish. I have hundreds of pairs, including a number of items I’ve traded or bought from hot guys online. My favorites are 2(x)ist and Andrew Christian. Love to see a hot guy in briefs or a jock strap. The bulge is hot, and its fun to imagine the prize inside. :-)

  • Who doesn’t enjoy seeing the goods held into place by a nice pair of briefs? Personally, I go commando, I like the freedom and to see the outline of a cock in a pair of jeans is just the best turn-on ever.

  • Always had a thing for guys in panties

  • Always had a thing for guys in panties.

  • Clean underwear, clean guy is all I care about.

  • Omg i love a guy in boxers nothig tight … The lose ones … O and if he is wearing basketball shorts!!!! That just drives me crazy…i love giving head while he is wearing boxers hmmmmm okay i am done lol

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