23 Jul 2013

Pornstar : Cody Cummings No Longer Exists…

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In a video we found online, Cody Cummings (who now calls himself Kevin) announced his retirement from gay porn.

In the video statement, Kevin explains why he decided to move away from porn, the effect that the industry had on his life, his daughter, his love life.

In a second video, he is talking about the business part, admonishing his producers for not respecting his contract by not filming a straight scene once a month. Kevin also reveals that he hired an attorney to try to keep his pornstar name and domain codycummings.com but unfortunately for him, they both belong to Next Door Studios.

Finally at the end of the video, Kevin goes in detail with what he calls “mismanagement” at Next Door Studios as models were brought on set before they even got their STD test results. So for all these reasons, Kevin decided to quit, for real this time….

Were you a fan of Cody? Are you sad, happy, indifferent that he is gone?

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  • Well Cody (Kevin) Commings, thank you for your giving us gay men the chance to fantasize about having hot sex with a straight man. Let’s hope you continue to do what you do best. Eventhough many times i questioned the way the performances were produced, but i have to give you your props, you did your thing. Now let’s have some Men who are gay who wants to have sex with other men. Cum back when you’re ready.

  • Terrible news he was one of the hottest guys out there doing gay for pay..

    Oh well

  • typical male…fuck anything for money….and then sues to keep a ‘name’? HA guess he didn’t read his contract to well huh?

  • This SUX!!!!
    I have been enthralled with CC for all the time he has been on Next Door and also with his own site CC.com. Even watched a few with him and the girls(I am strictly gay) and I truly enjoyed each and every scene, especially the pre-scene dialauge and banter with the guys.
    I will miss you extremely Cody but I honesty wish you the best of luck!!!

  • I feel bad for him. I don’t like the fact that there is such a stigma to doing porn. If it weren’t for that, I might have given it a shot in that industry for awhile. Such a shame that his daughter won’t even talk to him. He was an entertainer who entertained people.

    And it’s, to a degree, that stigma, that allows the studios to screw over their performers.

  • yes, I was a Cody fan and am sad to see him go. he is a hunk, great performer and I enjoyed his work. I do understand his reasoning’s and best of luck to him in the future whatever he does.

  • Cody(kevin) Cummings you will be missed

  • Thank God! He was the worst excuse ever for a porn star! He was a joke, not matter how sexy he is. He didn’t even fuck that guy in his topping scene. Pathetic!

  • WOW,
    This is certainly a big look behind the scenes. Seems like a down to earth guy and I feel sad that there will be no more videos form him… However, I wish him all the luck in the world for his future. Shame on Boys Next Door if they did not live up to their end of the contract!
    WIll not be supporting that business any more!

  • Self Absorbed after listening to the video. Hes a handsome man but whatever…porn stars are a dime a dozen….NEXT!!!

  • I am thrilled to death that he is gone. We have more than enough gay men doing gay porn. We don’t need any “gay for pay” guys like him, no matter what he calls himself. When he faked bottoming on video for the sales it would bring him, that was the last straw. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • He’s a porn star. He retires. So what? I mean, there are plenty of other gay-for-pay guys out there. He is not the first or the last.

  • Now that he is retired and has a lot of dick/time on his hands, he can come visit me ANYTIME.

  • Don’t recall seeing him before, so I guess it’s non-news for me. Good for him to get out of the biz, it’s not a long lived career choice.

  • Cody was pretty hot most of the time, but like anything else, over exposure even the hottest men get old, good luck with your future indeavors Code Man. Hopefully you have legit careers planned for yourself.

  • Hey Buddy,

    Sorry you had a crappy time with the industry. But when you hit rock bottom, they only way you can go is up!! Keep your head up and stay on track!!

  • He was a fruad anyway. I know he has bottomed man times, he says he was str8 because he had a kid, he is gay. You stuck urself in another guy, you suck his rod, and it was up your bum. The pics and vids I hope all your future gf check pics online to make sure he s not catfish they will find out he just paid for sex

  • Who cares. He was straight trade, and not that good at it. He never seemed to be into it which is why I lost interest in him in about one minute. He did porn. BFD

  • Not a big fan of Cody, but Kevin rocks. The seedy side of gay porn puts people at risk. Kevin’s decision to leave has my full support. Not so sure porn is even good for the viewers, but that’s another topic.

    Since I also think guys are hotter in socks, and am an animal lover, the first video really is really cool, except maybe for the FU. All the best, Kevin.

    And thanks Dave for posting this interesting news.

  • Met him once – seemed like a prick (and he’s a tiny little man- i suppose that’s why his dick looks big on camera)

    He’s attractive yet boring as hell on film, so I doubt he will be missed. Building on the Paddy O’Brian debate: One less condesending, self-proclaimed “straight” man working for our attention and money.

  • Good bye, and good riddance.

  • As his daughter grows up, she’s learning what kind of person her father really is. And by the way…..it takes more than money to make a guy gay. If you’re fuckin a dude, and you are a dude…..you…are….gay. Havin some skank pop out a baby of my own doesn’t make me straight.

    Your daughter must be sooo proud of her daddy. Said.nobody.ever.

  • He’ll be back, maybe doing straight videos but he’ll be back the money is to good!!

  • If you are a man and have sex with other men, you are not straight… regardless the amount of money you are paid… just saying!

  • Good luck to a great looking guy and hot man!! Don’t waste all of your money on lawyers. . . . I do wish the best for this guy, it is sometimes hard to get out of the business and start a new life, I do hope you the best and would like to say I have really enjoyed your work!!!! take care best of LUCK!!!

  • It all sounds made up to me. The contract was breached when Next Door Studios didn’t do the “straight” scene every month…therefore, Kevin-Cody would have rights to pursue the domain name, etc. Frankly, it’s all a publicity stunt…it was time for him to go…there was nothing new for him to do anymore–he’d done everything–no more taboos were available for a “straight” man to break…besides, his daughter and her friends are getting old enough to understand what’s going on, and he needs to think about what having a daddy in porn could do to a young girl…anyway…that’s just my 2 cents

  • Sjohnson you are absolutely right. Sounds like dollar signs got in the way of this guy’s better judgement.

    Really, if you’re worried about the effect performing in gay porn has on the relationship with your daughter, why the hell are you doing porn (ANY porn) in the first place?

    In the end…YAWN! Porn stars are a dime-a-dozen. On to the next one…

  • Cody needed to quit, He never knew what he wanted any-way, cock, or pussy! I hate fence riders! Mark—-

  • I didn’t listen to a word he said, I thought the dog was adorable.

  • Sounds like a personal matter. I sure the hell don’t care. Guy sounds superficial and egocentric. But you wouldn’t expect anything different from a porn actor.

  • That’s too bad. Cody/Kevin is one of the hottest live performer out there on the web. His body is smoking HOT and he knows how to use his dick. Hopefully he will create his own website and be back online for viewers to enjoy real soon.

  • He better get out of porn stars world . It’s horrible ill , sick , mental for nasty people personal. I sure he enjoy his job very much . Who care he quite and continue . It’s his life choice .
    I am glad my family raise me into that way . And I don’t have that interested either

  • This isn’t news. This is a man who left his job, before clearly thinking things through or having a back-up plan and now in hindsight, he is trying to turn this around so he doesn’t look so stupid…there’s no other way to put it. He wanted pussy, but the only thing in stock for the day was cock. Awww.. poor, str8, gay-for-pay baby….boo-freakin’-hoo. And what’s with his constant use of the statement ‘what little bit of money I have saved’in the 2nd video? Did you think he could keep this up until he was in his 50s and 60s? I feel for him, but none of these JUSTCODY videos is painting him in a more favorable light. It is not helping him one iota. Everyone thinks that the porn industry is nothing but fun and glamour, well reality-check it’s just like any other job– you can be quickly, and easily replaced and don’t you begin to think otherwise!

  • I’d be much more upset if Ace Rockwood or Hot Rod quit, and think they have bigger issues going on. IMO

  • What did he expect? He’s a whore for pay and whores don’t deserve any respect anyway. He’s better suited for a job in the wonderful world of fast food, but he’s probably too lazy to do any real work.

    Boo-F-ing-Hoo Cody (Kevin) Commings.

  • He never actually had sex with men. He faked it. And was boring as hell. Their are hotter men out there who will actually have sex on camera. It’s his own fault. Now because he wasn’t the smartest businessman his poor kid gets to be teased that if she looks up cc on net she can see her dad with men and women. Poor kid. Kevin go off and sell real estate like the other used up stars do.

  • This is to one guy that i have met that has a heart and I have the utmost respect for due to the fact that unlike most of the “porn stars” he is REAL to his comvictions..So with that said You go Kevin and wish all the best and Love ya Man!!!!

  • Kevin, you mentioned that the girl that was scheduled to be in a scene with you didn’t pass her “test”. You then went on to talk about several things like making a compilation video of your blowjobs etc.. You didn’t even seem to care about the fact that a girl on your set just received the news that she now was either HIV+ or had another SDI?!! Your lack of compassion and humanity spoke volumes while you continued with your little speech whining about this or that and how you are being screwed over. Wow.. what a great guy… You remind me of an old friend of mine… Marc Anthony Donais.. Ryan Idol.. intelligent.. charismatic… self-absorbed.. and now… felon… Good luck Kevin… Go find your humanity and your soul that seems lost now to the porn machine…

  • The man says he’s bi so isn’t that what what bi guys do….fck boys and girls. I don’t blame him for being pissed. isn’t that why people are in porn. THE MONEY and If you IDIOTS DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT HE’S SAYING WHY THE HELL ARE YOU COMMENTING OR EVEN WATCHING THE VIDS. I HATE THE STUPID AND IGNORANT. PROBABLY EVERYONE WHO COMMENTED JACKED THEIR DICKS OFF TO HIM FUCKING.

  • Support him whatever decision he made. Never actually seen him perform
    But the truth is that he is on the underhanded side and therefore just let it all go and start fresh ๐Ÿ™‚



  • Cody is HOT. We need more men in the gay community that look and act like he does. Give me a straight acting man ANYDAY.



  • Speaking of NextDoor Studios – whatever happened with Marcus Mojo?

  • Guess you’re above taking criticism…. welcome to the real (non-porn) world….

  • The worst kind of gay for pay porn star…boring as hell to watch. And seems to have a shitty attitude, anyway. He fell of my radar a while back, so he won’t be missed, regardless.

  • Hot guy, hot bod, hot cock and all for sure, but at least on my book, not a top porn star… Wishing him the best out there!

  • Nice to meet ya, Kevin! I jerked off to you videos for years.

    Not sure what the purpose of these videos is but I wish him well.

  • I don’t care… he was boring… can’t get my dick up for him

  • Who cares… whos the next porn star? Its a glorified prostitute- whats the big deal! NEXT NEXT NEXT!


  • I am so out of touch. I haven’t known the name of a porn star since I was introduced to Xtube. People doing it in the privacy of their own home and me watching for free is so 2013.

  • Damn he was a big fantasy of mine and thats just really sad. Can we stil buy dvds of his or videos of his? Well he get some of the money? Damn it bring him back ๐Ÿ™

  • Hot porn stars are a dime a dozen.. next!

  • Good riddance. It’s simply the end of the bizarre career of a truly lousy performer. The gay for pay thing seems so 2003 anyway. It’s wise that he is making the best choice for himself personally, but he was led to this place by his own decisions; I don’t feel bad for him on any level. It sucks that he can’t keep his name but I think he’d want to distance himself from it. His career in gay porn should have ended years ago, if it ever should have even started.

  • Kevin,
    Having extensive psych degrees allows me to see what others may not. When I viewed the 2 above tapes you did for the public, I see many things. I see you are hurting. Hurt by a relationship with an employer you trusted and admired. Hurt by a daughter you obviously love and care for. I hope you can see these things as well. You need to address them with a professional so you can keep yourself sane and healthy. Please do this for yourself and your daughter.
    I am a fan too, not just a casual observer and I will follow you with any future you direct yourself toward. I believe many of your fans will do the same.
    Follow your heart, for your sake and the sake of your daughter.
    Thanks for many great years of serving me and your many, many fans. We love and support you and will continue to do so in your future endeavors.
    Hugs, kisses and heartfelt prayers!!

  • Good rinse! Typical, use the gay community for these lame ass videos and then complain about the business that made him no doubt famous and filled his pockets. And im sure he will be back before u know it..what else is he gonna do?

  • I don’t actually know who he is, I’ve never seen his videos or anything like that. So it’s pretty meaningless to me that he retired. It’s funny you’re all passing huge amounts of judgment on him for what he did, how good he was at it etc etc. I’m sure your own lives are just brilliant compared to his. How many of you have an actual career? One that pays well? I mean pays well, like 100k + a year, not whatever shitty retail position most of you have these days. How many of you graduated college and are genuinely educated? How many of you have substance abuse problems? No one is perfect, so a lot of you should keep your adorable judgments to yourself. Plus, you can fuck a guy and not be gay. Being gay has so much more to it than sex. Sex is sex. Being gay involves being able to have an emotional connection with another gay and want to date and/or be in a relationship with them. So many of you are gay, yet had sex with women. It’s the same thing in reverse here, again, many of you are idiots for not seeing that.

  • NDB/NDW/NDS ( cody, poz wyler, sam avg tool… and the rest.

    Lets be honest.

    They make some of the most sophmoric, silly, pedantic, and inane pornos, PERIOD.

    Men.com and codys insult of a studio have always been joke-porn.

    Usually its SO put on it seems more like soft porn, and seriously some of the models have SUCH HIGH MILEAGE on them i think anything but sexy about them.

    Cody, Rod Daily Christian wild, spencer reed are BORING in about everything they do. (( over the years i watched 3 of their SACs shrink from ROIDS –pathetic))

    Frat X… so LOw quality im ashamed to be gay sometimes..

    What happened to the ORIGINAL manhandled before they went bust and rehashing LucasTrash films.

    Speaking of fake bottoming, thats what ChaosMen looks like; it looks like the exact same cum and hole each time, to the point i think its just a gag-reel. Canned-laughter, canned-cum shot! They did the dom thing for awhile and FINALLY they were HOT for abit.. and then they let it go.

    Whats with HDK, Treasure island and Timtales using nasty POZ zombie-corpses..

    Im SO fed up with the porn generally being produced…

    All the above sites OCCASIONALLY make a good scene, and thats why i subscribe once every 6 months or once every year, to search and surf DOZENS or HUNDREDS of scene worth downloading.

    Suite-703, i downloaded the WHOLE site, i kept 5 vids.. THATS IT ! !

    Southern strokes about 200 or so movies… I kept 1, just 1 biracial flick with some tasty dom oral..

    CockSureMen–Jake is a nasty turd interjecting himself and ruining what his site could be btw… i have 30 movies left and 10-20 shall be thrown out, I downloaded the WHOLE site.

  • … i live for finding good porn..

    a quest not to dissimilar than the search for the holy grail, the fountain of youth, or jimmy hoffa !

  • It’s his career.His life.Wether he’s . Straight or gay doesn’t matter . Doing what he feels is right.For his family.I have enjoyed his site and movies.Who of us hadn’t quit a job . That we was tiref of . I’ll be glad to replace him

  • Cody was a very hot,sexy performer,i wouldn’t have minded riding him facing him and touching those awesome abs and muscles he has

  • Good luck to you man. Sounds like you’re really going to need it.

  • I dont think its a publicity stunt at all. Kevin found out like most, the same people that pay and praise you and make you feel like in business they have your best intentions in fact really do not. Cody Cummings was his stage name but he didnt own the trademark to it. If you wonder why Prince changed his name to a symbol its because his record company trademarked his name without him knowing about it, so he changed it so he could record new music. Hence the word “slave” on his face. Anyway, Kevin should just move on and come out with his own production company and start over. He already has the fan base!

  • Good God, “Kevin” Cody or whoever you have become…. get the fuck over yourself. All I saw was some pissed off porn star with an ax to grind and thought putting it on film was gonna make some difference in his sad sack of a life. You signed the contract. You should have had that lawyer look at it when you were signing it… like anyone else with half a brain would have done.

  • Cody Cummings had become a played out cliche. People have always known he was Kevin and gay for pay. Every video of his has the same “stare at the camera with the fake orgasm face” and the one where he supposedly bottomed for Anthony Romero (1) was horridly fake and (2) did nothing to advance CC’s career. Recently he looked “tired” all the time.

  • HI Kevin I wish u the best and respect the decision u have made. I wish u continued success in your future and may GOD continue 2 BLESS u..

  • “Cody Cummings” will be around forever, since someone else owns the name, the site, the images and it is digital. and even at top porn salary, no way he can buy himself back… sucks if the STD screening allegations are true.

  • ahahah F*ck you Cody !!! Good riddance !!

  • I could care less, I LOVE the puppy dog though, he’s just loveable, such a cutie!

  • Good luck to you Kevin. All the best

  • It is telling that the most commentaries on here surround porn compared to anything else. That should tell us a lot, particularly why using straight men for gay porn is such a big business to the consumers i.e., gays, who buy into it.

  • Dear Kevin,
    My heart goes out to you. You are a true gentileman. I love you very much! I think your decision is heart felt and very true. I am a medical professional, and have been taught to think, “outside of the box.” I am glad that you do think of your 15 year old daughter. Kevin, many of your major stars were in porn first. Go For The Gold –baby. You have what it takes. You are a man with a heart of gold, and a true all around good person. Keep in touch friend. North Carolina!

  • hey, you made your money doing gay for pay!!! you loved gay sex or you wouldn’t have had men touch you! period! if you really loved your daughter you should have thought about that before bending over for men!!!!

  • I was a HUGE fan of Cody Cummings……until he started faking anal scenes. I remember he had an interview about all that and he tried to use the fact that he’s gay-for-pay as an excuse. HOWEVER there are other guys that are gay-for-pay, ALSO IN THE SAME STUDIO MIND YOU, that never faked an anal scene. So yeah, he’s hot but if he’s not willing to go all the way in gay porn, he’s not worth it.

  • yes, in response to you cody cummings no longer existing is that now you can be true to yourself. when you live a lie it can be pysically and emotionally draining. That is why when I’ve seen you in pictures with men your actually trrying to be as faraway from them as possible. But, yet with women your cuddled up close. I wonder if anybody else ever noticed this.
    kevin you can finally be true to yourself and hopefully find some happiness.

  • Cody, no matter what anyone says, you did a great job and I for one enjoyed every moment of lust I had for you. Follow your own path and I hope all will work out for you and
    those who mean the most to you…

  • Cody,do what you think is best for you .what i,m surprise is what people from A4A have to say .so much hate jealousy critic but not surprising what can you expect theirs are only people from A4A
    Good luck to you cody do what make you happy !!!!

  • Just reading this blog entry. Topping_Like_A_Rockstar, I think you hit the nail on the head on this one, bro. 100% agree, but I do wish Cody (Kevin) the best in the future.

  • hello cody it was sad to hear at first people had been saying u were dead….but the story change into a retirement story….well I do like you in the way how you work on the gay sex and the straight sex…..I understand why do you quit…its because before the pornstars get their STDs result you already can go on stage n make the porn scene get going….the that I do really like about you is you care about your family more than your career…and you prefer to choose a safe sex to preserve yourself from an unhealthy environment like those AIDs, STDs, and other more….so go on and choose whatever you heart says….and be a good father to your children and also….you are the best kevin so its your choice to choose whatever you like to do in life…and thank you for entertaining us kevin in the stage name of cody cummings….

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