26 Jul 2013

Pornstar : Paddy O’Brian Gets Fucked

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I told you earlier this week that a new scene would be release from one of your favorite pornstars, Paddy O’Brian.

It is finally out, the scene where Paddy gets fucked for the first time. I saw it and I have to say it got me fuckin’ hard! It is amazing to see this manly dude, getting stretched by another great top, Topher Di Maggio!

So since I know the guys at MEN very well, they offered you guys the scene for 1$, but ONLY for A4A users. You need to click on this link to have a special access to the 1$ deal! This promo is for a limited time only, so if you like Paddy, take advantage right now!

Enjoy and let me know how you liked it!


8 comments for Pornstar : Paddy O’Brian Gets Fucked

  • Anyone wanna bet that it’s not really his first time getting fucked?

  • I don’t care if it’s his first time getting fucked but I have a feeling it’s not his LAST time!!

  • Don’t really care because he looks like a fem bottom anyway.

  • First time on camera maybe.

  • That was hardly his first time getting fucked. He took that dick too well for it to be his “first time”. Plus, I like how no footage of either one sucking the other was shown?!?! I assume that was so they could maintain their “top” statuses(?). What’s next? A well-known bottom tops for his first time? Lmfao!

  • 1st time on camera YES! BUT he took that dick like a champ! Whether he bttmed elsewhere or not this video made me so hard! I guess i will pay more attention to Paddy now lol! Hot video from both guys! 😉

  • To quote a reviewer on another site: “Paddy’s face reminds me of the look my cat gets when the vet takes his temperature rectally — he’s annoyed, grumpy and it means I have to deal with his attitude for hours afterward.”

    Yep, I think that pretty much says it all.

  • Not sure why, but with Paddy there’s some disconnect for me. By all rights, he should be hot. Tight body, dresses well. But there’s an air that’s a turn off. Maybe it’s a cocky, entitled attitude that I sense.

    Topher too should be everything a guy would want. But for me he’s over primped and over done. Pointed manscaped eyebrowns and an overly large earring detract from what should otherwise be an a very attrractive man.

    For sure, they’re both ultra hot for some guys. To each his own.

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