22 Jul 2013

Pornstar : Paddy O’Brian Getting Fucked?

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Paddy O’Brian has been doing gay porn for 4 years now and is one of the guys that everyone thought would NEVER bottom because he is genuinely straight. (No one will believe us, but it actually is true!). MEN will be releasing a new scene Friday in which pornstar Paddy is suppose to bottom for the first time. Check out the behind-the-scene video and you’ll understand what happened on set and why he bottomed…..

I kinda like the idea of a real straight top getting fucked… Do you?

Anyways I can’t wait to see the scene, make sure you check MEN‘s website friday for the video because this “Top to Bottom” scene will be a pretty big deal!


(Watch behind-the-scene video after the jump!)


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  • I have a men.com membership and watch all of Paddy’s scenes – I have wanted to see him get pounded for a long time now!!

  • First of all, if Paddy were truly ONLY a top, he wouldn’t have agreed to bottom because the photographer was in a bind. That would not have mattered at all. Second of all, when gay XXX video companies say it’s someone’s first time to bottom, it generally means it’s their first time to bottom ON FILM, but they might have been taking monster cocks up their asses for years! So either way, this big deal “announcement” is a piece of crap.

  • In my opinion, Straight men – truly straight rather than bi,should never admit to being straight if they choose to do gay porn. There is nothing sexy about watching a straight man pretend to enjoy gay sex. I think we watch porn well aware that we are watching a scene rather than reality, yet we like to believe there is true chemistry between the actors, maybe fantasize that they hook up after they are finished shooting the scene.

    Take Zeb Atlas, for example: Zeb’s a married man who claims to be straight, yet is openly bisexual. Let’s say he is a 2 on the Kinsey scale: Mostly straight. That’s cool, because we can imagine there is a chance of chemistry, a chance that he enjoyed himself in the scene.

    If Paddy insists on trying to convince us he is 100% straight has no interest in having sex with a man, he becomes a gross joke to watch in a scene: A ridiculous, and–for some–insulting farce. He becomes nothing more than a tired hooker who will do anything for money.

    So I have no interest in paddy o’brian: He is a total boner-breaker. We have plenty of attractive gay men, and don’t need a condescending straight “boy” telling us what is sexy. Tell him to go do straight porn and let us enjoy our REAL men.

  • Really?!! Why does everything have to be fake?? Basically the video is another fake reality act?! Com’on!!!!

  • That is fucking hot!! Love the idea of straight men doing gay porn! And a masculine manly beefy guy that can take a cock-even better!! I’ll be watching 😉

  • I like topping straight guys they are so much fun! I love their facial expressions when you start sliding your cock into their assholes.

  • this is going to be a must see video I personally love sex between two tops its so hot

  • Topher is amazing

  • Sex with women does not a straight man make.

  • “Behind-the-scenes” video? Really? That wasn’t even convincing acting.

  • He’s being a bottom cause he liked the way the check looked. It’s his job and eventually he was going to bottom for someone. Plus that behind the scenes trailer obviously is scripted and rehearsed as well. All fake.

  • genuinely straight, yet fucks guys? how do you quantify that?

  • I never understood it when a guy says that he is str8 and won’t bottom. If you really are str8 then you would not be able to get an erection At All thinking about sticking it into a guy’s ass, so if you did want to do gay porn you would be a bottom. Doesn’t that make more sense ?

    It’s just silly when I hear about ‘str8’ guys that can fuck guys.

  • He doesn’t look like he has an ass.

  • Hello, all not sure what to say but. My name is Dominique, I often go by nicko, I spent some time on active duty army now living in dry new mexico.

    Ive always been afraid to admit to others I was into guys, now im 29, and it doesn’t hurt as much anymore. I’m a gay man, I know that but, how do you tell the ones closet to you? Parents? College friends?

    I hate lying to myself and others, and it feels like the longer I wait the harder it will be for me to find love ( if there is a such thing in the gay world)

  • Who cares if the so called straight guy gets f***** in the butt, or not? That’s his issues to deal with!

  • Money talks. Is it really that hard to figure out? Straight no he fucks men. Bi maybe. Now he is taking dick for cash. I will leave his orientation up to you.

  • Real Straight? My ass! Great marketing gimmick… just like Potato Chips are “all natural”… HA HA HA!

  • Bull shit!

  • I don’t for one second believe it. Cameras just happen to be in the rooms to capture their private conversations, eh?

    I wouldn’t bottom for dinner. A million (tax free), yes. But not dinner.

  • I don’t think there is such a thing as a total top…but there sure as hell are total bottoms…i think 80% of gay men are

  • There are countless DL bi and gay married men all over the world, living the life as a straight man, having sex with their wives and getting them pregnant, only to come out of the closet later in life. If they can have sex with and manage to get it up long enough to impregnate a woman, it stands to reason that a straight male should be able to get it up and have sex with men as well, given the right stimuli/”fluffer” etc.
    Why is it that no one questions the sexuality of the gay man who has sex with women in order to “pass as straight” but everyone wants to crucify the straight man who has sex with other men when offered the right dollar amount?

  • I’am not all that excited about Patty O Brian bottoming for the first time on film. For one for the scene to actually work, one would think that he had to practice taking dick in the ass before the camera rolls. I mean i who wants to pay money to see a straight guys pained face trying to enjoy getting fucked lol. No thanks! I have fucked a few straight acting guys who claimed they would never take dick in the ass, butt if walls could talk….

  • I hate to burst alot of people bubbles, but anytime a man has sex with another man, he is not str8t, just a fact of life, no matter how much hype the media trys to make people something they are not, and it’s all about big money, which from what I hear people do not make as much in str8 porn. So go figure.

  • Interesting — Paddy makes the same face as my cat getting his rectal temperature at the vet. Pissed off and uncomfortable.

    You know there was absolutely no chemistry between Paddy or Topher. Money talks. (And Paddy is about as straight as Lombard Street in SF.)

  • Oh he’s straight all right…..straight to the dick and ass.

  • Give me a break, hello, straight men don’t get fucked. Men who love men get fucked. The all mighty dollar at work again and sure enough you fall for it. Yes I’ll few the video but only if its free if not I’m certain someone out there will write about it and give either a thumbs up or a thumbs down on how he gives up them cakes.

  • Why is it such a huge deal with a straight guy bottoms in porn. How many straight guys have we seen bottom in porn in the last few years. In my life, I’m sure I’ve topped more “REAL” straight guys than what this guy is saying he is. It’s a great marketing tool though, and I’m sure it will be successful. Both guys are very attractive too.

  • who cares

  • who cares honestly
    hes not bad looking BUT who cares

  • If you get fucked by a guy and are a guy, you aren’t straight. Gay porn doesn’t pay that much.

  • What poorly acted utter crap. This meme of forcing/convincing/raping the supposed straight guy is so not hot.

  • That was the most ridiculous video i have ever seen. Don’t insult my intelligence. Total HORSESHIT!!!!

  • I love fake, scripted documentaries.

  • Paddy has done scenes with dildos prior for UKNaked Men.

  • Paddy is hot – no doubt about it – but if you take a cock up your ass – for free or for $$$ – you are not “straight!”

  • Funny that so many gay men aren’t forthcoming with their understanding of human sexuality.I guess it’s just general human nature to play with the fluidity of sex while failing to understand it

  • Neither of those guys do a thing for me. Too nelly looking, so I don’t care which is on the bottom.

  • Sorry, if you have sex with men, you are not straight. All the rationalizing in the world won’t change that.

  • That was lame! In my opinion, Paddy was going to bottom regardless of the situation.

  • I thought he was gay…hmmm I hate the idea of st8 men having sex with other men for the sake of money…it’s a total turn of for me.

  • paddy is awesome… he’s not str8, he’s gay haha

  • even straight guys have: 1 – a prostate, and 2 – a wallet. both feel damn good when filled.

    and Topher is hot as fuck

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