27 Aug 2013

Travel : My Trip To Provincetown

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I came back last week from Provincetown and I can’t wait to go back!

Provincetown is the mecca of hot “older” gay men. I put “older” between brackets because they are not thaaaaaat old, but there are not many young guys in their 20s in Ptown, which is perfect for me because I tend to like older men. You know the type of hot older men, that take care of their bodies, into sports, dressed well, healthy lifestyle etc… I like this type of men, big bros, hot daddies….

Like I told you already, me and few friends stayed at Marc’s house (the owner of A4A) and had an amazing time. Think “brunch, ocean, outdoor activities, fancy dinners and party” and repeat that for 5 days. Provincetown is such a beautiful small city, with old houses, small narrow streets, little cafés and shops…It’s perfect to relax, unwind, let go….life is soooo beautiful in Ptown! The ocean is gorgeous, the sand dunes to die for, the bike paths so pleasant, the food exquisite and the men….you just want to get married!

I met this guy, he lives in Chicago, so so so gorgeous….42 years old, hairy all over with a short beard (love that), perfect face (for me), hot body (fitness instructor), he likes younger guys (I’m 31) …I can’t find this “species” in Montréal! Might have to move to Chicago to “put a ring on him” !

So I’m back, not for so long, because I’ll be in NYC in 2 weeks, so raise your hand if you want to go for a coffee or a drink!


(check out some pictures below and a short video that I did with my iPhone)

***Click here to see the video!


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22 comments for Travel : My Trip To Provincetown

  • Those are some great pics.. love the ocean..but does anyone else find the irony in the pastor’s name…….?

  • I notice on this that that you always want someone who is hot and gorgeous. Why cannot you do someone average? Didn’t like your comment about “older guys”. 31 is young. I am 64 I am old.

  • I was there that same time, the weather was GORGEOUs too!!!

    can’t wait to go back

  • Steve, gorgeous for me is probably not gorgeous for you….
    So yes, I’m always looking for gorgeous (my gorgeous…) which might be just average for you…

  • I would like to go there I’m can I get some more information Thank you I would appreciate

  • P-town is a place I would very much like to visit someday. I’ve heard about this bakery run by Portugese nuns who have the best sweetbread around, and this one place owned by Buddhist lesbians or something like that. Also the Dick Dock… lol. Next time you go, Dave, take me with you!!

  • Grew up in mass. Cape cod is sweet

  • Nice looking place. Probably wouldn’t care for it much, myself, but glad you had a good time.

  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The beach is a so-so. It is not as beautiful as the beaches of my native country! Men is hot everywhere and we truly cannot define what is “gorgeous” for any cocksucker!

  • I’m in my upper 50’s, an engineer, and found many are quite snotty, and found most of them thinking they are gods gift to men.
    I much prefer Martha’s Vineyard.

  • i agree with steve. go to corning next time and take pictures of guys blowing glass.

  • I agree with Bruce… I rather Montreal cocksuckers – the best and horniest guys of all species worldwide. PTown is so over and 1980’s.

  • Just got back from Ptown on 8/11 and also can’t wait to go back again. It had been a few years since I had been there and I had forgotten how much I love it there. I was meeting my best friend, his partner and 10 of thier friends there. All of them traveled from Austalia where they all live (Melbourne & Sydney). I live in NJ..but met 10 of them in NYC’s Penn Station to get aboard the Amtrak to Boston. Then we took the ferry over to Ptown…where we were met on the dock by our friend Shane who offered some festive cocktails as well as a colorful “lei”…(spelling..LOL)!!What a great way to kick off a week of fun and frieds in the best place on earth!!

  • ricky, I’m in Montreal :P~~~

  • Gorgeous is that guy that you see when he see as you and there is instant attraction with magic to follow. Would love to go to Provincetown and just be free to be gay. How wonderful that would be.

  • Blog: Maybe you have tasted my manmeat before… god knows I have had my share of some great times in Montreal. YUM!

  • Hey Dave, let me know when you’re in NYC!

    Profile: pop_rox

  • I have never been to Ptown but it sounds great I would love to visit there sometime, also been thinking of moving and starting over in a nice gay place with my lover of going on 8 years now. we live in a very str8 town and would like to live someplace we can be ourselves

  • im in nyc.

  • Damn, queens will pick apart EVERYTHING. Dave, looks like a fantastic trip. Glad you have a wonderful time man.

  • There was a great movie called “Lie Down with Dogs” that was filmed there.

  • Let’s admit it, the hotties on A4A really don’t seem to care about 64 year old hottties because they can’t realize that it is still damned HOT in the furnace. As for the other comments, beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. Being hot and horny doesn’t stop until it does stop. I stay horny all of the time but finding a hottie for me fro Adam seems to be something the Young Guys Just Don’t Know. I like a handsome, muscular Man. A Man with a body like that I am not. But I do like taking all of life in and enjoying all of it that I can. I’ll take a Hottie my age any day.

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