3 Oct 2013

Promotion : 25% OFF On Calvin Klein Undies

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Freshpair is doing a special sale on Calvin Klein underwear and they offer you guys 25% OFF on amazing sexy trunks, briefs, boxer shorts, tanks and t-shirts.

And you know what? They even offer FREE shipping!

So treat yourself like I did and click here to shop!

I just got my order yesterday, I bought 7 pairs of the black cotton/spandex Pro Stretch Trunk with red waistband, one for each day of the week:)

Wanna see how I look in it? Check it out after the jump!

Feel free to also check Freshpair clearance section for promo up to 60% OFF!


photo-1 front


14 comments for Promotion : 25% OFF On Calvin Klein Undies

  • wow dave i didn’t know you were so hot!

  • Derek, u never saw my post where I was revealing myself to all of you guys? Some underwear shots there…You can see my face too 🙂

  • Damn Dave! Looking good! Nice bubble but and sexy withe dusting of hair on ur torso mmmmm u should def hit me up on a4a my an is up there 😉

  • Dave,
    When did you reveal yourself. You are a nice looking young man.

  • Wow I too have not seen any other pics of you, especially face & body pics together. Any chance you linking that blog with this one. I completely agree w/Derek,

  • Dave what’s the link to the blog with ur pics in it?

  • Dave, you better work bitch!!!!

  • Dave, I had no idea you are such a HOT underwear model, I’ve seen your previous pics but they were not as close up as this one is…I agree with 1countryboy1, nice bubble butt and abs.

  • dave…dude! you’re a stud! you need to just post more pics of you man! nice ass

  • So what’s your kickback, Dave?

  • Darn! Last week I picked up 10 (ten) pairs of Banes Tagless Boxer Briefs at Target for just under 525 total. Two multi-color multipacks on sale.

  • Dave, you just gave me an instant boner!!!
    Sweet bubble ass bud and great sexy abs!!!
    Damn! You made me hard as a rock boy!…. There comes the precuming…lol

  • Wow have to admit Dave your butt is better than I remember from your last post…..perfect for my hands, lips, tongue, or more 🙂

    Have you tried the CK Microfibre BoxerBrief with contract elastic on legs and waist – bet that would accentuate your butt and sexy body even more 🙂

  • I thought this was just an ad. It turned into another gay guy screaming for attention. Yawn!

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