15 Oct 2013

Sex Toys : Cockrings

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Hey guys, I hope you are all having a wonderful day!?

Today I want to get your opinion on cockrings. I want to know if you guys use them?

Personally I never tried any…

Maybe because I don’t really know what it is for?! What does it create when you have it on? Do you feel better when you cum?

Anyone here addicted to cockrings? Who always have sex wearing one?

Let me know…maybe I’ll become a cockring lover too!

For those of you who wants to buy cockrings, visit our Toystore, we have some for every budget.

Also our friends at Freshpair are offering a FREE cockring with every purchase of 65$ of underwear. It is a nice promo, treat yourself!


46 comments for Sex Toys : Cockrings

  • I never really got into them I just love penis all by itself for some crazy reason, also it makes me think my boyfriend is cheating on me it he has to have on to stay hard lol but I think it can be an sexy as dress up attire or role play

  • Love mine! Mine was given to me at my first Leather party when I was 19. 23 years ago.


  • The thing I like about wearing a good cockring is it keeps my dick hard, but also it makes me more aware of my balls… They don’t pull up into my body when I’m messing around and so they’re swinging more freely when things are moving along…

  • yes, I love cockrings. I wear a steel one, it makes your cock bigger and more pronounced. however beware, when you get a hardon, you can’t remove it right away, it has to go around your balls. It is sexy , try one.

  • For me they are mostly a turn off… even in porn. Even though I can see the practical benefit (better/longer lasting hardon) it’s just not appealing.

    It would also appear that this is another Advertisement Blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Like Elias, it makes me think you can’t get/stay brick hard without wearing it, which is a bit of a turnoff. But since so many bottoms want to pretend they can be vers, lots of guys wear em, to varying success. I don’t mind as long as you stay rock hard. So what I wanna know is which is the best type and fit for these guys? I’m tired of fake vers guys trying to push a half-hard dick inside, maybe they need a different type. Which works best?

  • Im older guy and would like to try one. Can get hard just not like when I was younger. Would this work as well as Viagra. When do u put one on after erection or before you get one

  • Love ’em and wear mine every time!

    I started with rubber rings and moved to metal, once I determined which size worked best for me.

  • Love cock rings have worn on for the past 40 years…wear one around my cock and balls..have tried different styles and materials over the years but the one I have now, which I bought from this site..is the best…metal about one inch wide with grooves…nice weight holds my balls and cock up nice and the best thing is that it shows your best asset in the best position to be admired by all whether your are naked or dressed…when you get a hardon your cock stays that way for a long time very satisfying if you like to continue to play after cumming…wear my 24/7 only take it off if I go to the doctor…have a PA too.

  • I have work cockrings for years, never taking it off. It’s become a part of me, just as other types of jewelry would be. Actually, I feel naked without it on.

  • I use them on occasion but have problems taking them off(getting stuck in the hairs) ouch!

  • I have a FB that has to wear one to stay hard when he tops. It is very sexy I some times as him to wear it when he us bttm cause it turns me on. It is a solid steel ring. I use a rubber elastic band because I have trouble staying hard when a guy is ridding me. My friend loves it so I wear it so that I stay hard while he is on top. It can be very intense while wearing so stones think you dick is going to burst. I do know that having your balls held out feels amazing when you cum have the held out while the body strains to pull them in is intense.

  • On the one hand, they’re in the way. I want a man, not a piece of metal. BUT if in the fct the bud likes/wants/needs it was discussed beforehand so it’s no surprise, fine.

    If it is wide leather and connects to a harness around the guy, no thanks. Suddenly, I’m on the workbench with a horse.

    I want a man, not a horse, thanks.

    But if you like the horse thing and find a guy who also likes horse-men, let ‘er rip.

  • I wear one at times. It makes my dick more sensitive and makes me shoot my load harder even more than usual. Keeping my dick hard longer is just an added perk.

  • I have used a hair tie as a cock ring and it works just fine and it very safe. It may be something to play around with if you’re thinking about purchasing a cock ring. Works just the same and the erection is pretty hot lol!

  • Nop, cockrings are for people who can’t keep their dick up!!;but what can i say.. Yall the same people who have to use drugs and poppers to kick you dick up.. Maybe if most of yall stop using drugs and sleeping around like a human mattress, maybe yall could get your dick up & keep it up..

  • I enjoy wearing one it makes my cock bigger and last longer :). And I enjoy the feel And I think I shoot further. And maybe a little more ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Love them,,I have a collection. Wear one in your jock,,feels great! Also,,yes,,it can make you cum harder,,:) I have metal,,rubber,,jelly, leather,,aluminum,,love them all!

  • never by a steal cock ring there very dangerious just let no guys there no real safe that if you get one stuck on you wouldhave to have them suglerilty removed

  • I like cock rings very much, I have quite a collection. They do seem to help one hold an erection longer….and they look sexy. I enjoy wearing one or more at the nude beach….I like head rings as well. I think of them as cock jewelry.

  • Cock rings are great for bottom guys. It keeps their cock a little harder during the main course. Cock rings are great to prolong an orgasm, if your a quick shooter wear a cock ring to last longer. Rubber ones rip hair if your not shaved. Thick metal ones look hotter on guys and are great jewelry when strolling around your favorite bathhouse.

  • I don’t like cockring much because it gets me little headache I guess it is very tight and uncomfortable. I guess it works that way. My bf likes cockrings a lot. He used to everytime when we have sex. He put it on, make him horny and hard. I wonder the cockring works good or me. I mean I make him hard or something. It is okay. we love each others.

  • I have been wearing one for a few years now and it makes your cock harder and your orgasm (at least for me) more intense, but I would suggest getting a leather cock ring that snaps on or the steel, some of the rubber cock rings can slip off from lube while you are in the middle of pounding a hot hole.

  • I’ve worn one. I thought it was hot.

  • Cock rings are just a way to compensate for low quality erections.

  • I have worn them but i had to shave before wearing one or it pulls on the hairs when u take it off

  • I don’t wear them all the time, but the times I do I love it. Really makes my cock fuller and much harder and when it’s time to cum alot of times it feels much more intense. I myself can difinitly feel the difference when getting fucked when whomever I’m with at the time is wearing one….Love ’em!!

  • Love’em. Have a lot of different types and what their made out of. I do want one of the lockable metal ones though. My metal rings are a pain to get on. Reasons for liking them are one, makes my dick more pronounced in whatever I’m wearing, makes me harder and keeps me harder longer, and its just makes me feel sexy sometimes; like wearing one under a business suit or wearing one to work.

  • Aside from their sexual uses, they function as a push-up bra for your cock. Makes the bulge much more pronounced.

    For beginning users I’d recommend one that snaps or buckles on. Anyone who’s ever gotten stuck in a solid one and ended up with a numb eggplant cock will know why.
    Also, releasing it at just the right moment makes your orgasm waaaaaay more intense.

  • I got Oxballs cocksling, similar to blue illustration. It helps a little in maintaining erection. By maintaining separation of cock from balls, it makes each more prominent. Everybody who has seen it worn has favorably commented on the effect. It can be a struggle to put on and take off, you have to be relaxed. But then …

  • We have never used them but have been with guys who have during play. I would like to try it sometime as I think it would make the situation more erotic, thus a larger and firmer cock.

  • I have had a steel doughnut ring one for years love wearing it anytime, especially when my lover fucks me. I usually wear it to bed every night.
    I have been thinking about getting another one that has the anal probe on it to wear when I go out as I walk around to have the feeling of not only around my cock and balls, but it working in my ass.

  • I love cockrings. They feel great weather leather ,,which is sexy as hell on a beautiful penis. or rubber. keeps me rock hard with veins popping and feels great when I cum.

  • As Father Time catches up with my body, my sex drive is still that of a 25 year old! I have some mile ED issues…thankfully not enough for prescription pills. I use a rubber cockring now to masturbate as it makes my cock harder, my head bigger and more sensitive, and my balls swinging low for a good massage as I play with myself. I used cockrings at various stages of my youth and maturity so I am no stranger to now using one daily to make my need to cum a much more pleasant experience.

  • I have a small cock I have used zip ties before but they end up hurting like hell. Basically I don’t have allot if cock to work with any suggestions, do I go around the balls too ifs there supposed to be any discomfort

  • I love to wear a ball ring. It is a thick stainless steel ring and its weight helps my balls to hang lower. When I jack off or am fucking I can feel them swinging and bouncing and it intensifies my pleasure immensely.

  • All the time, 1 around my cock and balls and a 2nd around my cock. Feels great while jerking off. These are steel rings, I’ve tried others and did not like anything but steel, must be the weight of the steel, I don’t know but its a turn on. I also always wear them while giving blow jobs because they keep me hard while my hands are playing on my visitor.

  • I’ve had many cock rings over the years. I still have the first metal one I’ve ever had. I cleaned stuff out and sent a bunch of them to a gay auction/fundraiser. I now prefer the rubber ones. They go on in one step: no putting the balls in one at a time, then the cock. I wear them whenever I have sex! They keep me hard and like a previous poster said, they allow your balls to stay prominent rather than shrinking. They’re sexy, too, especially when your cock is hard and straining inside a jockstrap!

  • I had an oral 3sum the other day w a couple.. they both had cockrings on and I was like.. hmm–ok until I feel one guy wrapping one around my dick like the 3rd pic and I could not wait to get that shit off my dick.. -___- I mean it did look more pronounce but that bitch hurt… I guess to each his own. Maybe it was the double up he put my package in?? And then there was my uncut condition.. all around a bad idea for me “(

  • Its a very sexy look. I love the feel of a cock ring when you are getting pounded from behind really hard. It give it a little extra sensation as it hits the anus.

  • Practice makes perfect.

  • As someone who has great love for a hard cock I do personally discourage anyone from using a cock ring.

    I am of the opinion that over time they damage the internal structures of the penis and give you ED. The more you use it, even though it feels harder, the more problems you will have keeping hard in the future.

    As a cocksucker I can give the same sensation without prolonged constriction of the vessels in the penis. Simply by applying pressure between my thumb and finger just in front of the nut sack and pulling the skin making the foreskin tight, I achive the same effect. I can hold and release and repeat giving us both the feeling that you are getting harder and lasting longer. But when you start to ejaculate then all pressure is removed giving you dick back all normal function which is not possible while using a cock ring.

    Stop damaging your dicks. And the bigger your dick the faster you’ll have ED problems from using one.

  • Love my steel ring. Don’t wear it all the time, but when I do I always get noticed. Either for the extra bump it gives my bulge or from guys noticing the shiny metal at the pisser. I’ll never forget the guy that helped me “try-on” that ring in the back of his jewelry shop in Tulsa. Long cock, great JO, think about it every time I put it on.

  • i couldn’t imagine my dick getting any harder than it always gets. it must be an old guy thing

  • I have a cock ring. Cock rings are hot!…I don’t wear mine all the time, but when I do, I look and feel sexy. In my opinion, cock rings make the “package” look good. I think every naked and uninhibited male should wear one…

  • Regarding someone’s comment above about fake vers guys trying to fuck with semi-hard dicks…amen. I am a true vers guy. I can fuck with the best and bottom like the rest. But it is a true turn off for a guy to go from rock hard to semi-hard the moment they put on the condom. Fucking works best with a rock hard cock. And if it ain’t rock hard, then give it up and do something else.

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