5 Oct 2013

Watch This : Do You Wash Your Ass Like A Man?

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The most ridiculous video, but I loved it!

Check it out and let me know what you think!


38 comments for Watch This : Do You Wash Your Ass Like A Man?

  • If i used ‘lol’ I’d use it here!!

  • That is just too too funny lol loved it

  • you have got to be kidding!! should have something more entertaining and “educational”, such as how to “suck” correctly since allot men are so bad at it…

  • One word. WOW

  • the kindest word I could find to describe this video would be “stupid!”

  • That was effen stupid. I watched it for about 45 seconds and had to turn it off.

  • sickening and stupid

  • Video is funny and like how the song reminds me of enimem and willow smith.. But yes i wash my ass like a man, then i whip my hair back & forth… Lol

  • Rotflmfao

  • hehe hilarious – loved it too!



  • That was…. uh…. I think it made me retarded….that was a lil’ bit sad, actually…

  • My ass never gets grodey like that.

  • Funny vid….if u hate it u obviously wash ur ass like a lady n have a stick up there as well

  • I do have to admit a few buddys of into a lot of nasty scat play and we have finished we go out back and use the pressure washer on ourselves and our asses

  • just another sign of pervs in our screwedup society

  • And some guys don’t understand why they don’t get resepect.

  • Ick

  • That was stupid in the first degree. I loved it!!! I am surprised Adam Sandler did not come up with that one.

  • Complete waste of time. If you let your ass get to this level of dirty, you should be ashamed. Sick and stupid video…

  • Thanks for sharing a video that’s closed captioned! I appreciate it.

  • That was hysterical. Some of you have no sense of humor whatsoever.

    Ironically, some gays don’t know how to wash their ass like man, which is sad.

  • what’s the point? not funny. not anything.

  • There’s not much worth commenting on here, really, it wasn’t that funny, either, but more silly. I’d think gay men ‘do’ pay more attention to their bums because: it is ‘one’ of the main areas critical to our sex, isn’t it? Why would this even be a question, duh!

  • I think I lost a chromosome or two! That was too stupid.

  • This is by far the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen, what are you, 10?

  • that was funny as shit, no pun intended 😉 get over it people if u cant laugh at yourself then what can you laugh at and if u say me then I got my super soaker armed and ready for ya bend over boiiiiiiieee!

  • LOL that was to funny..

  • Funny and stupid at the same time but I have seen men at my gym in the shower go at theirs almost as bad.

  • turned it off about mid way. couldn’t finish it.

  • Don’t guys know your supposed to use a wash cloth? Maybe their asses will smell less if they do.

  • Was that a take-off on a real song? I’ve heard one that sounded similar but I only heard it once and was never able to find it again.

  • WOW people really have too much time on their hands

  • This is so stupid. Really? I made it through roughly 15 secs.

  • I don’t know what more upsetting..the five seconds into the song i wasted, the fact that people think this passes as humor or that I am spending another five seconds commenting on this horse shit for comedic entertainment. BYE

  • Umm what about the wash cloth!! There still being nasty

  • Well I can’t speak for anyone other than myself…..I always use wipes after I use t p so my ASS is never dirty or smells…….grow up guys have a little CLASS !!!!!

  • I could not watch it all but do know that more men should learn how to wash their ass. A quick rinse in the shower is not washing your ass.

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