1 Nov 2013

Hot or Not : Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo was born in February 1985, he is a Portuguese footballer (soccer) who plays as a forward for Spanish club Real Madrid and who serves as captain of the Portuguese national team. He became the most expensive footballer in history on his 2009 move from Manchester United to Real Madrid in a transfer worth £80 million (€94 million/$131.6 million)… that’s a lot of money…..

All my european gay friends are IN LOVE with him, he is a superstar over there. I haven’t hear much about him in North America though… except for his hot body. Don’t you find him HOT?

Cristiano just launched his first solo brand venture, CR7, a brand new line of underwear (worn in the picture above). In the past, he collaborated with many brands and had endorsement deals but never launched his own product. Here is what he said about his new line:

“Fashion and design are two passions of mine and I have wanted to launch my own brand for a long time. Working on this collection has given me a great creative outlet and I have loved every part of collaborating on the range, from selecting the colours and designs to testing the styles and fits myself. I am very proud that the collection is launching worldwide.”

The collection is available starting today, November 1st.  (Click here to see the collection)

And let me know what you think of the man, Hot or Not? I definitely say HOT!!!


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  • Definitely hot….and pretty gay from what I understand.

  • Great body. Not into the plucked arched eyebrows. Not manly at all.

  • He looks like a 50’s Movie star!! Clean, Hot and Ready, what does the CR7 stand for. Looked at the undies and they are nice. HOT! is the word for this man! Rich and Talented Whats not to like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HOT body, but the face kills it for me.

  • He is very very SEXXXY no dought would like 2 c more of him

  • Not hot, just another generic looking gym rat body with a feminine face, on a sports personality, trying to hock something they claim to have had a hand in designing.

  • C = Rristiano, R = Ronaldo and 7 = his number on his team.

  • I would definately take orders from him. No questions asked.

  • The face is artificial looking, doesn’t work for me.

  • I think he’s VERY hot. And I love the retro style photo. Sad that he’s not modelling his line on the FreshPair website. I know they’d sell a lot more . . . 🙂

  • Not, just some ordinary guy done up for a photoshoot… Nice body though!

  • Why is this even a question? He’s fucking hot. Anyone who thinks otherwise is insane.

  • “Why is this even a question? He’s fucking hot. Anyone who thinks otherwise is insane.”

    In this case insane = not desperate lol!

  • I agree, Not really even a valid question there. He is a gorgeous man. And with his Sports Illustrated swimsuit model girlfriend Irina, they are a sickening couple!

  • Definitely hot, but only from the neck down. The girly-girl plucked eyebrows are way too femme for my taste.

  • By the way, just what we needed – another line of overpriced men’s underwear aimed at gay men that looks just like every other line of overpriced men’s underwear aimed at gay men. The only real difference is the logo.

  • Darn hot guy and an amazing footballer. Worth every Euro Real Madrid paid for him.

  • NOT. What a horrible photo.

  • Hot hotter, hottest. Personally, I’d like to give him full and complete service right after he leaves a pitch some afternoon, but enough about me. By all accounts he’s straight… But definitely way more metrosexual than Americans would tolerate…

  • Why is this even a question? HOT!

  • i had to think twice about reading this blog…i thought ‘WAY NOT HOT’ but i was afraid that too many would feel differently than me…very nice to see that i still agree with most of you!! he needs to find a better agent….maybe one that sells shoes??? …but no he’s not pretty enough!!

  • Nice body and handsome man, but a bit too primped and preened for me. Stop shaving your body and let your eyebrows grow normally, then we can talk 😉

    Not that I would kick him out of bed for eating crackers, but as pictured, not as appealing as he could be.

  • He’s everything a guy could want if he was looking for a guy that was primped, preened, plucked, polished, and practically perfect.

  • R A Parker – I was going to say it looked like a 50’s pin up pic too. Like the old Rock Hudson pictures they used to do.

  • NOT!

  • he’s every-fucking-thing i need in this life.. so hot, for sure. 😉 lol

  • I’d rather do a girl than such a feminine looking guy

  • I have to agree with Nic. The picture is so done up, how can you really tell? I mean it’s a great pic, but let’s see him untouched up.

  • Not into those clean-shaven, plucked eyebrows, no body hair type of dudes. Not into the “perfect body” kinda guys either. Total turn-off. Gimme a scruffy, beefy, MAN with body hair (& a bit of a belly) & THEN ask me if I think that’s hot. Don’t gimme these high maintenance-looking dudes. Doesn’t make my dick jump at all.

  • NOPE
    I’ve see better

  • he is so cute. i would love to get fucked by him he is my crush

  • this is such a horrible picture of him…He looks caucasian in this shot.

  • Horrible picture of him. This man is gorgeous. Great footballer. I fantasize about being between him and his teammate Gareth Bale. Mmmm

  • From the looks of some of the profile pictures on this site, a good portion of the NOTS probably need to look in the mirror. Calling someone else unattractive under the cloak of anonymity won’t make you any less busted.

    CR is a good looking man.

  • @Funny Gays

    I doubt that any of the NOTs were attempting to put the guy down in any way because of his looks, but were only saying that they don’t find him attractive based on what they prefer in a guy’s looks.

    Just because someone disagrees with you and has different taste in men doesn’t make them bad people.

    I will admit that he does pretty much fit the gay stereotype of what a hot looking guys is, but gay stereotypes are for stereotypical gays and not all of us are gay clones nor care to or need to become one.

  • He’s delicious.

  • He is by far my favorite soccer player. Can’t wait to purchase his underwear. love him.

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