14 Nov 2013

Hottie Of The Day : Adam Sky

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Adam Sky is a 24 y.o. straight guy who loves to show off his hot muscled body and big cock. At 5’11′ and 210 lbs., Adam is a pretty imposing guy when you first meet him. But after a minute or two of talking with him you realize that there isn’t a menacing bone in this straight dude’s muscled body. He is friendly and personable and he is definitely a gym buff as he works out almost every day of the week.

What is imposing on this jock is the hefty 9 inch uncut cock that he carries like a loaded gun in his tight fitting underwear. When he strips off his jeans, everybody is in awe looking at the mound of hard flesh bulging out of his stretched out briefs. You would get even more impressed when he double-fists his dick and that his cock head and part of his shaft are still in full view.

He definitely has a nicely chiseled six-pack and hunky chest. This black guy’s huge bubble butt doesn’t disappoint either. It is nice and hairy.

Who would like to taste Adam’s 9 inches? But he is straight, so you would definitely have to work on him a bit…. He lives in Montreal so maybe I should try myself …I love muscular dark skinned men:)

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(credit : Men Of Montreal)

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20 comments for Hottie Of The Day : Adam Sky

  • Perfect 10 I love chocolate!! Would love to meet a chocolate soldier like that beautiful man 😉

  • dam what a hunk and DAMM what a fine cock on this guy let me at him feed me breed me.Dean

  • The things I would do to him…Good Lord.

  • Why does this site continue fetishizing straight men?

  • I guess I’m old school…….I don’t enjoy seeing guys with sleeves of tattoos and piecings of every sort! Give me a natural man (cut or uncut) any day without “decoration”!

  • Hot, but not interested in straight men …… is it so hard to find gay models?

  • Kudos for highlighting a hot guy of color, but the straight thing is a turnoff.

  • Eh….not into muscular men. Gimme some hairy, beefy Daddies with a gut & swingin’ dick….THEN I’ll be satisfied. Any way you can show us photos of REAL men-not these muscled-up, twinkied, clean-shaven/plucked “men”?? That’d be greatly appreciated. Not every man looks like this…:-/

  • with the tats…a total turn off…a total cry for attn.

  • from the top vs. the bottom his body is out of proportion. It’s hard to get into a set of pictures when the model didn’t even care enough to put on lotion first. He is ashy as hell.

  • I gotta agree with einathens. Why put a supposedly straight guy up for admiration (and to help him sell his videos?) when there are tons of gorgeous gay men out there? Promote THEM…and not Adam Sky until he comes out.

  • No str8 man would pose like that… just sayin.

  • The first photo of him hanging out, YES…. others, eh!!! Its like finding out someone isn’t into kissing.

  • The ink is hot, the face not!

  • Straight? Really? I mean, posing like that? I’m with Smitty, whose implication is that A.S. is about as straight as, well, me… (though his bod looks an awful lot better than mine, if that’s what you want).

  • His ink is hot, his body is hot, he has a hot face…. he has the dick we all want to have who gives a shit if he is STR8 just admire the hot photos and his video dorks

  • Yes Please, Can I have one of him every night!

  • I like mine a little more thin. I hooked up with a black military guy, a drill instructor, he was 5’3 and packing 9.5 inches and ripped. We drank and made out for hours and took turns sucking each other off in his motel room. When i play witn myself my mind usually goes back to that night.

  • He is okay, certainly attractive so anyone that states the contrary is ridiculous, but that ashy feet/leg/ankle thing isn’t a good look.

    Also for whoever wrote the post the whole black man packing a gun stuff – Axe that BS. Not feeling the methaphore seems to creep toward stereotypes of black men and violence, even with the lead in debunking the very idea. Sorry to get all preach on race related stuff it just seemed uncomfortable.

  • He’s str8?, yeah, so is spaghetti until U heat it up.

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