12 Nov 2013

Pornstar: Meet Super Sexy Dato Foland

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Dato Foland is relatively new to porn and he is a real top in life. But MEN studios asked him to bottom for the first time.

In a sexy new scene, he is playing a cleaning boy and gets to bottom for the first time on set and it’s freaking hot!!!

He is definitely my fave pornstars these days. Love his face, his body, his attitude and his cock hmmm so yummy, I want it!!!!!

You should also check out his other scenes on MEN where he is topping bottoms like no tomorrow!

Like Dato as much as I do?

If you do, check out the sexy pics after the jump and the video trailer here!


(credit: MEN)

TheCleanerTTB01 TheCleanerTTB03 TheCleanerTTB05 TheCleanerTTB06
TheCleanerTTB09 TheCleanerTTB10 TheCleanerTTB11 TheCleanerTTB12 TheCleanerTTB13 TheCleanerTTB14





14 comments for Pornstar: Meet Super Sexy Dato Foland

  • He is hella sexy!

  • Hot Damn, I will bottom for either guys

  • Dave.. do u even like anything non – white ? all your pin up and videos and ‘beauty’ and ‘hot’ always seems to stand to the typical stereotypical gay ‘beauty’ and ‘hot’ look .. some more latinos, blacks, Chinese… don’t forget who YOUR customers are or A4A does not really care? ponder that thought…. oh yeah… he is HOT but I notice the trend.

  • One night with him and I would die happily the next morning.

  • The text is not very clear. Is this his first time to bottom ever in his life, or just his first time to bottom on camera?

  • very hot

  • i love how that dick looks in his mouth.


  • The scenario seems a bit silly. An office building during the day? The guys engage in monkey sex and there’s no one around to hear it?

    For a supposed commercial window washer, he has tools you’d use at home, especially the teenie weenie squeegie.

    Bottom for the first time on the set? With the high costs for a video crew and production schedule, it’d be surprising they’d undertake his first bottoming with all the unknowns. In the pictures, he seems to be too well versed in how it works for it to be his first. A good marketing ploy, however.

    From the pictures, it looks like safe sex. A plus there.

    Overall, for porn to be good it has to be believable. This one has a silly scenario and the actors are too picture perfect.

  • You mean he’s bottoming for the first time on film. He took that dick like a pro.

    Anyway, yes he is hot!!

  • Totally hot would love a few scenes with him

  • I have a cleaning service myself,I wish I could come across something like that! WOOF

  • Ricky why don’t you send your pics so we don’t have to suffer through the great ones that Dave puts on HIS site? We all know that this vid is not real but my imagination sure was running wild watching it (over and over) Keep it UP Dave

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