6 Dec 2013

Watch This : Naked Wrestlers For HIV Testing

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RFSL Göteborg (The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights, Gothenburg branch) produced this amazing video to promote HIV testing for men who have sex with men.

8 wrestlers strip down and cover themselves with different flavors of jelly and start to wrestle bare butt.

See their floppy penis bouncing all around after the jump.

Oh and don’t forget to get tested guys… It is very important 🙂

Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend!



29 comments for Watch This : Naked Wrestlers For HIV Testing

  • Where’s the uncut, extended version of this video w/ hours of bonus features & behind the scenes interviews!?

  • Gross!

  • “Amazing”?

  • Well the point is that the video went viral because of the awkwardness of it,(hot guys naked covered in jelly) and everybody in Sweden got the message about HIV testing.
    It’s pretty clear no?

  • The video does not respond to view this botton or click on the picture

  • …aaaaaand what was the point of that? wrestlers smeared in jellies that wrestle. i got that. but what does that have to do with HIV testing and even more importantly, insightful information around the topic? personally, I think this clip is another example of the wrong way to try to send an important message. furthermore, RFSL Göteborg is merely playing into the continued sexualization of everything gay. Sigh.

  • That was hot and and looked like alot of fun i would definatly get into that 🙂 love nude wrestling

  • Well, that was interesting… I don’t get HIV testing out of that, but it sure makes for a good fetish video premise.

  • They’re to be aplauded for promoting the message, but the message is about as clear as the muddy smudges left on the mat. The non-sex/semi-porn weirdness didn’t deliver. If they’d gooped up, wrestled, slipped on condoms, and had sex that would have done it.

  • Yeah, this was just an excuse to show naked wrestling. No matter how they try to ”swing the story” that’s all it was.

  • really stupid post

  • I think that the point of it was that the guys are having sex (wrestling) which another guy, and then that guy goes on to the next one when at the end of the day they’re gonna end up screwing the guy the other guy had too.

  • I agree with Will.

    Sure this video is provocative, but there can be other ways to get information out there. It also perpetuates the stereotype that the gay community only pays attention when there are sweaty nude men rolling around. Everything does not need to be displayed like an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue. Im not saying that everything needs to be spelled out in black and white, but there are other methods that dont rely on rampant sexuality.

  • The video is full of symbolism.

    Wrestling = sex
    naked wrestling = unprotected sex
    jelly = bodily fluids

    While the men are wrestling naked, they are mingling and exchanging these bodily fluids. The lack of a singlet represents the lack of a condom, i.e. protection.

  • Different, Where are the black men?

  • The point is that by the end, the two finalists were covered in everyone elses jelly. Basically saying that you cant really know how many previous partners someone’s had, and that if you have unprotected sex, you’re sleeping with all of them, or wrestling in thier jelly so to say.

  • Well Dave you lost me on how we get the message of HIV testing but dayummmm I would offer my services to help them get cleaned up in the showers if they asked me real nice. Looks like a lot of fun anyways. I am always up for new ways to play where everyone wins and no losers.

  • No. Not clear at all.

  • I agree with Terry. Hot video!

  • how about millions of heteros who never get tested and keep spreading AIDS. they started the epidemic.

  • @ DZ You know this is from Sweden right?

    That is like asking why there are no white people in a video taking place in Vietnam.

  • If anyone believes this caught attention because of the importance of the message of HIV testing then I have a prime real estate plot on the moon I want to sell you. As stated by other guys responding to this blog, the attention was nothing more than some oversexed gay men seeing sexual fantasy in the wrong things. The intent may have been to promote HIV testing among those guys smart enough to grasp the symbolism using a method that catches a lot of attention. But looking at some of the other responses, the intent fell flat. Even the author of the blog was more focused on the sexual titillation perceived than the more important message that was intended. Not once does he bring up the intended symbolism. The main thrust of his blog is more about the penises flopping around with a half hearted and blase ‘Oh yeah guys don’t forget to get tested’ given at the end of the blog as a mere afterthought.

  • Not all virologists believe HIV causes AIDS. Search on youtube “Peter Duesburg” and watch the video titled “10 scientific arguments why HIV can not cause AIDS”. Is it possible the HIV-causes-AIDS theory is nothing more than cash cow for the medical establishment?

  • I think AssMan58702 hit it right on the mark!! Well played sir!!!

  • Another silly pointless video.
    Can’t even say it was hot, not even that…

  • Like any art form, it’s rife for interpretation and meaning based upon whatever anyone wants to read into it. Some see symbolism. OK, what does the general lack of erections symbolize? What does the ref in white symbolize? What does the guy raising his hands in victory symbolize? How do those things support the meassage? Nothing, nothing, nothing and they don’t?

    Unless you read a ton into it, it doesn’t fly.

    It’s like Starbucks … overly roasted, burnt tasting, crazy expensive coffee full of fat and sugar that people will sit in the drivethru for >20 minutes to get on a daily basis because people keep telling each other how dang wonderful it is. This video went viral because its just plain weird pseudo porn, not because of its social message.

  • TOBY, I agree with everything you say. I was recently in the hospital for a week and the labs did all HIV related tests without telling me. Because I refused they sent people in at least 2-3 times a day telling me how important it was, and “don’t you want to know?” Cash Cow and now they are using the HealthCare Law to test without consent up to age 65. NOW I’m labled without my consent and they want to put me on meds and refer me to specialist based on a theory and construct. Medical Fascism on so many levels. Viva Peter Duesberg and

  • Kary Mullis and all dissenters.

  • Love it, id rather lick them 1 by 1 ,hot. Get tested and besafe buddies.

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