14 Jan 2014

A4A : I’m Back

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Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I’m back from vacations. St Martin was fantastic. The weather was beautiful and around Β 27 degrees Celcius, perfect. With humidity and sun, the feeling was around 32-33 Celcius.

It’s hard to meet over there, not much homos, lot’s of closeted bi guys, no one showing face pictures, I was a bit disappointed about the gay life, but hey, I was there for the beach not for the men.

Have a great week guys!


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  • St. Martin…..nice! Umm, you’re speaking Celsius….what about Fahrenheit? And yeah, you would think there would be lots of hot gay guys everywhere you turn at a beautiful place like that! Wonder where they’re hiding…..ft.Lauderdale, Miami, key west, Hawaii, St. Lucia,Bahamas, hmmmmmm…..who knows?

  • Caribbean cultures are largely homophobic just like their African ancestors. I wouldn’t go there looking for “homos” unless you’re willing to risk getting strung up by the balls. So don’t wonder why they aren’t willing to “show their faces” or are on the “downlow”. They live there and have to deal with the consequences of homophobia in their daily lives. You’re just passing by on vacation…

  • Welcome Back! Let’s see some more Pic’s of your Trip.

  • Love the pic, dave. Nice body too. πŸ™‚

  • Nice pic, can we see more of you? Nice feet too πŸ™‚

  • To Jess30

    Temp in farienheit would be in the high 80’s

  • i’ll chime in with the rest, what a handsome sexy man!
    glad you’re back safe & had a good time!

  • That is very much the “gay culture” or lack thereof in most of the islands. Unless there us some private party espevially around carnival season, it’s quite challenging to meet guys… thats a reality I have to live with each day #sucks

  • Looking good!!!

  • Damn Dave. You are sexy!

  • Jeb, thanks man!

  • So….that is what he looks like.


    Now the next question, is he fluent in ASL?

  • Dave. Comply with your readers..show us more of YOU

  • What’s ur screen name dave

  • Glad you had a good vacation, Dave! You deserve it!

  • Glad you are back!!!

  • I have to agree with angle on this one he is totly right

  • In a country with less than 80,000 people, where the native population are in some way all related (second, third…. ninth cousins) and everyone knows or knows of the next person in line, and the quiet gossips on the verandahs makes the rounds one should not expect anyone to post picture online because it become of confirmation of exactly what they all suspected in their social circles, and with that the gossip about all the individual’s friends and associates becomes part of the fabric of every day talk. You walk in public places and get the hmmm sound and you don’t have to ask the reason because you know everyone is talking about you. So for all of us living in these big cities, we don’t know much about what it is living in a “village country” with the gossipers swirling.

  • Love St Marteen been there alot,Iam from Trinidad and its the same culture,but atleast there is a nude beach there called orient beach,so I normally go there to look at some huge white swinging cocks by the bar

  • Hot man wish I was there with you

  • Well now I finally get to see what you look like!!! Damn your fuckin hot!!!

  • My vaca sexy rule is simple — either bring it with (low maintenance fwb) or make it very clear you’d be open to opportunities….

  • More pics please? Isn’t that where the planes fly incredibly low over the beach?

  • Randomil : yes it is the island where the planes fly very close to the beach. But it’s on the other side of the island.

  • Why can’t people spell ST Martin the way it’s supposed to be spelled????? ST-Maarten. Geesh. Has attention to detail gone out the window???? LOL

  • The_Inspector_069 : Half of the island is own by France and half is Netherlands. We say St Martin on french side and St Maarten on the other side.

  • OMG….the rest of the world is Celsius for temperature…except the US…give it up will ya…and get on with it…educate yourself

  • Nice feet Dave! I wouldn’t mind spending a lot of time with those beauties! Btw, is that your cock peeking out of your trunks? πŸ˜‰

  • never saw what you looked like. DAMN-your “HOT” πŸ™‚

  • can we see more body parts of you? hehe

  • Very nice pic , cute guy thought we would have seen a nude one if you tanning in the sun lol , yes I am also from the Caribbean Trinidad as well it’s not easy in these areas so you need to safe guard yourself from total exposure in A4a I know guys in Trinidad have no face pics for very good reasons
    Ahh st marten I love the place , did you head over to copeacoy beach that’s where all the gay guys get together on the evenings to be nude and enjoy the sea and sunset

  • Damn man…you should include your pics as j/o material!!! Glad you enjoyed your holiday….you deserve it and thanks for this site.

  • Welcum back to the cold Dave. Yes there are two spellings for which ever side of the island you are on. Last time we went it was to the French side and we hated it (sorry Dave). We drove to the Dutch side where the people were very friendly and sociable. Of course it was Carnival time so it was a major party all day and night. Lots of looking but no touching so some times it was hard on the eyes πŸ™‚

  • Charlie: I prefered the french side, was more casual, more relax, more caribbeans-y. The dutch side was young american people and music very loud everywhere, didnt like it. To each his own πŸ™‚

  • hey dave, welcome back
    how can i submit a story idea ?

  • David: Just send it to me at blog@adam4adam.com

  • MMMMM well i see the island still did u well looking great i see…take me next time and u wont have to worry about finding anyone dwn there papi…lol.. i be all u need… πŸ™‚

  • It’s always good to give a face to the blogger thanks once again for sharing your vacation pic ,I may want to send a few pics for you to use if so how ?

  • Fairprince my email is blog@adam4adam.com

  • Wow!
    I’ve always loved your blogs. Never new you were so damn hot!

  • Damn nice chest & great nipples

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