5 Jan 2014

A4A : Vacations

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Hey guys!

I’m going on vacations for 1 week in St-Martin, but I will try to post everyday in the morning.

The subjects will probably be very light, as I will be on vacation:)

I’ll keep you posted about what I’m doing and might show you sexy pics of me on the beach loll…

I rented a nice condo in front of the ocean, so it will probably be amazing!

Who else is going on vacation this week? Where?

Have a great week!


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  • We just returned from Key West spending 6 days over New Years. Stayed at New Orleans House a gay resort. Was very much fun.

  • I’ll be on vacation until next Wednesday in beautiful Orlando, FL. I can’t wait to be going back. :))

  • Dave, A dandelion is amazing to you.

  • JD, lolll
    ahahahah because I have an amazing life I guess 🙂

  • I am on Vacation too,,,but I am not going anywhere… Sad!!!Enjoy

  • Please dont post!!! Thats why its called a vacaction!

  • Max, yes I know but the blog is my baby, I created it…

  • I want to go with you! I’ve never left the states!

  • Speaking of vacations: I am taking my gay lil brother on vacation in August. I was wondering where a nice vacation spot that centered on the gay lifestyle is located. I know of a few resorts in Florida but I want him to have a full experience as he has never experienced anything like this before!!


  • OH, I forgot my manners : HAVE AN AWESOME VACAY!!!

  • I am in freezing cold Michigan where it is now -4 degrees. A tropical island sounds absolutely wonderful!

  • Enjoy the vacation love st martini know the each you have up here turn the corner and it’s all gay

  • heading for negril jamaica resort hedoism 2 hope to see some sexey naked men there cant wait will be there 1/13/14 for a week

  • St Marteen is horrible lol, except maybe the French bit, but it’s cheap I suppose. I much prefer St Barths it’s just a 10mins flight away…Antigua is nicer also and round the corner!

  • Dave, St-Marteen is far from being horrible. It is not cheap either, over 5k for one week.
    I rented a condo in front of the ocean, very chic island.

  • Have a amazing time enjoy the sun, beach and hot steamy man fun!
    22 below here this morning in Mpls.
    Lkg forward to sunny cancun in feb.


  • Spent a month in South africa during late November to late December, had a blast Durban nice beach, Capetown lovely Joberg—a bit dull—overall a great time

  • I’ve been to St. Marten before. That is the ultimate aviation enthusiast destination. Have fun

  • while in st. marteen make sure you have a quavaberry drink for me you wont regret it

  • I’m on vacation @ victoria falls,zimbabwe

  • Enjoying Siesta Key Florida with the beautiful white sandy beach. Was 88 degrees yesterday and so much sun; opps today the cool is heading down this way as it is 44 degree now and cooler tonight; good cuddling weather. However, it will be back to 77 by Thursday. Oh enjoying it so much

    Steve, love negril and Hedoism…it is the idea place and so much activity. Awww such memories…enjoy and play it to the fullest.

    Love vacations and fun ones too

  • nice nude beaches on the french side of the island. some real great food there also. enjoy!!

  • Hey Dave, never been there. Is it gay friendly? any good gay bars? I’m looking for a vaca destination for next month.

  • Going on a cruise in February and one of the ports is St. Martin, then St Kitts and Puerto Rico. Can’t wait.

  • Headed to Orlando later this month. Will be catching up with some buddies and there will be much mischief and hedonism between Parliament House, Club Orlando and private parties in my hotel suite.

  • Been at my condo in Hawaii since the first of Nov. No plans to return to the cold weather of the Pacific Northwest till mid April. This is the life. Come one come all….you’re all welcome to stop by for a visit. Have a GREAT time on your vacation buddy. Enjoy…relax….and take lots of pictures fo the HOT men to share with us. Happy New Year.

  • In going to punta cana DDR for the second time and it’s a all inclusive resort and they guys you can have fun with for oennys on the dollar. Going back to your escorts last week they are in every country.

  • Have a business meeting 100 miles away this weekend. Staying in the city. Connecting with two guys I’ve chatted with for a couple of years who also happen to be friends of one of my buds. No warm temperatures or beaches, but we’ll be inside. A good time is planned for all.

  • Hi yes enjoy the island love the st marten good sun and sand I an headed there this year for a vacation on a nude beach like cope coy I get my sex there often in the caves and trails
    Well anyone thinking of Cuba can touch base with me I am sweetbamc on a4a here in trinidad

  • I live on St Martin, if you need some advices contact me.

  • Tom email me blog@adam4adam.com I tried to email you yesterday…

  • I lived on st marten many years , it’s indeed the destination for easy life and fun gay fun to be had on the nude beaches one needs to be careful as guys know gays are there and will look at getting your valuables if you not careful my clothing was searched on e I list my watch and saw the local wearing it but could do nothing so be careful not to leave anything valuable on the beach
    It’s beautiful though
    Cuba anyone I would love to have a few people head there with me looking at possible last week in February to 1 st week march if interested let me know I will check back here

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