27 Jan 2014

Music : The Grammys Sent An Equality Message With “Same Love”

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Last night was the annual Grammy Awards Show and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, the hip-hop duo performed their runaway hit “Same Love” with Mary Lambert, the song that has become an anthem for the movement to win marriage for same-sex couples nationwide. Pop icon Madonna, and Queen Latifah joined them at the end of the song. During the performance, which also included bits of Madonna’s hit “Open Your Heart”, more than 30 couples – including same-sex couples, different-sex couples, older couples, and younger couples – married live on stage!

It was an amazing performance!

Watch it below


24 comments for Music : The Grammys Sent An Equality Message With “Same Love”

  • nI did see the performance and it was truly inspiring!!!!
    Hopefully the message will be heard by all who believe in unconditional LOVE!

  • I thought that Dude was Gay. He’s not. Bummer.

  • fucking amazing

  • we’ve come a long way
    but we’ve still got a long way to go…

  • fuck macklemore, damn straight white guy trying to capitalize off our suffering. & when the fuck was it ok for a straight guy to say “faggot” and why didn’t CBS bleep that shit

  • Oh Really: just stuff it.

    Macklemore has a gay uncle. Ryan Lewis has a gay sister. Seems they have a vested interest. Plus all proceeds from the Same Love song went to the Yes on Referendum 74 campaign.

    Knowledge is power. You fool.

  • Powerful!

  • Wow! I got teary eyed watching that. The fact you get to watch two men marry each other on living television says a lot! I feel so fortunate to live in a State that recognizes love and commitment beyond our still relevant hetero-normative culture!

  • I hate to say this, but that was kinda gay.

  • Poseur I agree with you totally people like Oh Really are confrontational and are never happy I think Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are heroes and did a great job last night!!!

  • I thought it was stupid and a kick in the face to a lot of fans across the country.

  • The performance was just OK. The marriages were just a publicity stunt. And Madonna is just looking plastic and scary and sounded even worse.

  • If anyone noticed…they didn’t show any of the couples kiss on TV…every time a gay couple went to kiss..the camera would turn away …so with that performance of same sex marriage.,,where’s the progression?

  • Perpetuate the hate. That’s what this “oh so inspiring moment!” did. It mired all of us in the past, with no recognition of how people who are “different” are accepted by people who are “regular” every day. Those mired in the past need to capitalize on events such as the Grammy’s to try to keep us in the past to perpetuate the “cause”.

    Sad, when all then need do is look around at the every day “me” and “you” who … don’t care what color you are, what country you’re from, who you sleep with.

  • The creators of the DVD series DL Chronicles (Quincy LeNear & Deondray Gossett)got married WOW!

  • the Grammy’s always SUCK!!!

  • Wow. Truly.amazing. whatever the motivation behind it; such a performance would be completely unfathomable growing up. Kudos to all.

  • It was very moving. Just kinda said that my state doesnt look at it as love. I’m so ready for Ky to pass it. I just want to marry my man!!!!!!

  • gay straight black white listen to the songs message and the title says it all. This song definitely brings tears to my eyes. since its release in 2012 this was and still is one of my favorite songs thus far. Men like Makelmore and Ryan Lewis are pioneers and you can only love them for it. Same Love!! I support it!!

  • The Grammys shouldn’t be about sending any message other than “this song/album/artist” was the best in his genre. That didn’t happen in the hip hop categories. Macklemore has a great song. Positive, currently relevant message. However, I know people that made better music in their basements this year, so saying that just because this song has a message makes it better than the pack takes away not only from my appreciation of the song but my respect for the Grammys.

  • I wish these awards shows would stop with the politically motivated messages! The Grammys is NOT the place for this sort of thing, period! Would you guys be so complimentary if a pro gun song and ceremony was performed instead? I’m guessing you would not. So SHUT UP AND SING, AND KEEP YOUR POLITICS TO YOURSELF!

  • @oh really. .. Did you even listen to the context the word was being used? Obviously not… With that being said, while I understand the msg that was being given, I don’t tune into the Grammys or any other show to watch ppl be married, especially on a show that was already running very late, and Madonna needs to sit down somewhere. .. She sounded horrible

  • It shows we can all dress horrific, just like Madanna…sit down girl!

  • This award show gets worse every year. There are very few people with talent up on that stage and most either look like prostitutes or drug addicted nutjobs. All these hacks like Justin Timberlake,Miley Cyrus,Jay Z and Shakira make me want to vomit. UGH !

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