27 Feb 2014

Music : RuPaul Is Back With Born Naked

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Gays, the wait is ova! Rupaul, The Supermodel Of The World has finally returned to us on February 24 with Born Naked, her sixth studio album!

With collaborators like Myah Marie and Frankmusik, Born Naked will make your booty bounce on the dance floor!

The album is a fierce collection of electronic, pop, rock, fun tunes and even some pretty serious ones like “Can I Get An Amen”, a song that was featured on Drag’s Race Season 5. Check out the full track list below:

1. Freaky Money (feat. Big Freedia)
2. Sissy That Walk
3. Geronimo (feat. Lucian Piane)
4. Dance With U
5. Adrenaline (feat. Myah Marie)
6. Can I Get An Amen (feat. Martha Wash)
7. Fly Tonight (feat. Frankmusik)
8. Modern Love
9. Let The Music Play (feat. Michelle Visage)
10. Born Naked (feat. Clairy Browne)

Are you shaking with excitement for the return of Ru?

Check out Born Naked on iTunes and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



(Music Video – Geronimo)

8 comments for Music : RuPaul Is Back With Born Naked

  • Wow, is he airbrushed!

    Do people still use the word “fierce” in that context?

    “ova”? Is that a female body part?

  • Work it out Ru!! You are truly THE ONLY ONE! I saw u in Toronto and NY before u started working the world. Despite keeping me waiting for 94 minutes for your one hit in Toronto @ Zoo Bar, Super Model Work – you were well worth the wait and you reached out to me and blow me that Kiss!! Love you and much more success to ya!!!

  • More awful souless junk. Super Model of The World was RuPaul’s best album that actually gave something to the kids that wanted to actually feel a beat.

  • Go head Ru, git it mama.

  • Love the song rupaul

  • The way he shakes that bootyyyyy makes my tongue hard. Not much on the song butt would love to get onto that ass

  • GO…..SIT……DOWN Ru.

  • Rupaul you are the best. Can we get an amen =)

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