28 Mar 2014

Contest : #CockInASock Vote!

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Ok I received approximatively 30 pictures, some guys were barely showing the sock or the body or the cock itself so I am choosing these guys (below)

Our dear friend Hunter0500 didn’t want me to choose the winner so you guys will vote!

Oh, Ryan, you didn’t provide your username I need that if you want to win…. send me an email! (blog@adam4adam.com)

Guess who’s pictured on top of the post? Yeahhhhh that’s me baby…I don’t participate though, it’s just to be fair with my people and show that I’m not shy to do it myself!

In the comment section below vote for your favorite now, photo 1 starts under the jump, photo 2 is under and so on…so just tell me the # you prefer!


(photos after the jump)


2jzgte 28arb 19862 Camera 360 Sozen TBrooks5789 timorhyrez


Ryan UniqueFaces21

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