27 Mar 2014

Contest : #CockInASock

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Thank god for #CockInASock! I’m in love with this new trend on Twitter and Facebook.

Men from all over the world are posing naked aside from their genitals shoved roughly into a sock to raise awareness about testicular cancer!

How cool is that? Makes me horny to browse on Twitter….

So what I want to do is have you participate! Take a selfie with your cock in a sock and send it to me -blog@adam4adam.com. I will post all the pictures received before midnight tonight on our blog tomorrow with your username. Please make sure you show a bit of body as well and also let me know your username!

The owner of my favorite picture will win a full year of Supporter Extras on A4A!

Ready? Set! Go!


(photo credit : MEN)

11 comments for Contest : #CockInASock

  • “awareness” for the most curable form of cancer? sounds like you needed a flimsy reason to direct people to men.com

  • I find it kind of crass and without class. So the only way to show awareness for cancer is to strip naked? Ok, so now we’re aware of cancer and there a naked men, what exactly does that do about the cancer?

    By the way, the term “selfie” needs to be banned.

  • well, seems i remember reading that you really are into black men, so i guess the winner will be……

  • Just another reason to look forward to Friday this week.

  • i always loved cocks in socks even when i was younger then sucking the white cream out of that cock

  • How about Dave posts a dozen photos showing a variety of types of men and A4A members vote for which is best?

  • Cock in a sock is actually to raise awareness for testicular cancer. Not to be some sleazy contest. Thank you for turning something good into nothing more than a joke.

  • Yeah – that’s right… getting MORE PEOPLE to participate in the “cock in a sock” campaign is making it a joke. Not sure how, but somehow, with some kind of tripped-out reasoning it apparently is… well count me IN on the joke! (I love a good joke!)

    Some people can look at a glass 90% full and declare that it is “incomplete and unfulfilled potential”…

    Curable or not, testicular cancer KILLS when it goes undiagnosed. Drawing awareness to a group where probably 99% of us actually HAVE testicles seems like a GOOD IDEA to me!

    Feel your balls, fellas! Fell up your partner’s balls every once in a while! Self checks are the NUMBER ONE way of determining if more tests are necessary!

    If you don’t do it for the cancer, do it just as an excuse to have fun! Either way, every early diagnosis is a life saved.

    (Don’t worry, Jer [and the other nay-sayers above] — the rest of us DO already know we’re going to die anyway! Some of us just want to do so in a less quick and less terrible way than testicular cancer!)

  • Love love love #9 in th

  • Love love love #9 cock in a sock guy!

  • Can’t believe you whored this out.
    This whole cockinasock bullshit is just as bad as motorboating for breast cancer awareness. Because, obviously, if you lose a breast or a testicle to cancer, the first thing you want to see is everyone flaunting the fact that they haven’t gotten affected by it.
    “Here’s a video of me motorboating some girl for your benefit! She had the greatest tits. Sorry about your mastectomy, by the way.” Or
    “Here’s a picture of my package in a sock for your benefit! I am getting so many PM’s asking for nudes! Sucks you can’t do this too… ya know, since you lost your balls and all.”

    Face it, this isn’t to raise awareness at all. This is a way to whore yourself out. To get attention. I wish you guys would’ve AT LEAST acknowledged where this came from. People were supposed to text BEAT to 70099 to be able to donate money to actually contribute to cure cancer. Good job selling out and making the gay community look even more dense and ignorant though. All it really took to get our minds off the actual issue was hot straight men with their dicks in socks. It doesn’t take men putting their dicks in socks to get people to check their balls. There is actually already a “testicular cancer awareness month” and a “testicular cancer awareness week”. Both in which are in april.
    Awareness week started yesterday (and runs until the 7th), maybe you should post something about that this week since you guys didn’t do SHIT to actually raise awareness. More like, you made a contest to attempt to raise our cocks.
    Get real.

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