12 Mar 2014

Watch This : Strangers Kissing In “First Kiss”

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There’s something great about seeing people kiss and something more when these people are strangers.

Since posted on youtube monday, artist Tatia Pilieva’s short video, ‘First Kiss,’ has been viewed millions of times!

The idea behind her video, ask 20 strangers to kiss for the first time.

And you will see, stranger-to-stranger kiss is gorgeous and unexpectedly heartwarming!

Kissing is beautiful! Let me know your thoughts on the video!

Check out the video after the jump!




23 comments for Watch This : Strangers Kissing In “First Kiss”

  • Beautiful? Not to me. But that’s mainly due to them barely showing the gay and lesbian couples kissing.

  • Bryce: so u like only gays?

  • so boring—gotta do better than this

  • I just saw a story on this video. Majority of these people are actors and actresses. Very few were actually were people “off the street.” After viewing the story, I find that this “video” is genuine.

  • Well I guess this blows the Tea Party theory that the gays are rampant sexual beings. The two guys had the most chaste kiss of all. It was much better than I thought it would be.

  • Ahahahahaha this isn’t even real! It’s just a clothing commercial / advertising. Those people are just actors and actresses. So yeah…If you want a link, I’ll provide one. Yep…not real. All an illusion to the masses.

  • I would so totally kiss a straight man though

    PS: I’m a gay guy.

  • For me it was a pretty cool experiment to see what happens when complete strangers kiss. Some of the participants really went full tilt, while others held back somewhat. I think next time try strangers of the same sex. Straight Man kissing a Gay Man, Lesbian kissing a Straight Man, and so on. Taking people out of their comfort zone can really test how you really respond to a kiss.

  • That was amazing!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • Should be noted that the strangers are professional actors, performers and models. The video is actually an ad. Doesn’t completely change the impact, but with noting.

  • I wonder how many of the guys popped a boner?

  • Odd, Strange, and AWKWARD!!!!!

  • that was nice !

  • WOW… Really enjoyed this.. I was all prepared to dislike this. Very interesting experiment… Could see how it could be awkward, but most of the couples were able to move past it…

  • The weren’t strangers. They were models, and this was a clothing ad. So you guys shouldn’t get to attached to the “strangers kissing” idea of this, as it isn’t remotely true. It kind of defeats the purpose and impact of the video knowing this.

    It’s kind of a bummer that a clothing company would feel the need to lie like this to stir up interest.

  • An intensely personal and private human act was turned in to a specatcle in a studio, with a camera, under spot lights, with “makeup and hair by …” Those filmed appeared uncomfortable, even at the conclusion the documentation of their experience.

    What is this? Art? Voyeurism? Control? A weird/disturbing social experiment?

    What was the benefit of being shown here? We’re better off having seen it?

  • That was very nice. I love it.

  • This is a gay website. Why do I wanna watch straight people kiss? And the gay guys had the most uneventful kiss of all. Sigh

  • Donny, if you would have watched the whole thing you would see gays too

  • Interesting that the gay couple was only shown giving each other a quick peck. Also, more diversity would have great. And, how strange that people feel so awkward sharing an intimate moment. I wonder if this was done in a European country if there would be such awkwardness.

  • I recognize one of those strangers! She’s actress Jill Larson. She played Opal Cortland on All My Children for years.

  • This is a clothing ad? They’re all dressed like homeless hippies, so I guess I’m missing the point. LOL Cute video, though, real or otherwise.

  • I saw the video. It’s typical that the gay couple shares the most awkward kiss. Gay men will willingly have sex with a stranger.. but kissing is more intimate than sucking cock. Right?

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