20 May 2014

Music : Ru Paul’s Drag Race – Adore Delano

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Former contestant from Ru Paul’s Drag Race Adore Delano is “Down To Fuck”! DTF is the first track of the album Till Death Do Us Party hitting iTunes on June 3. “I always wanted to create a hoodrat raunchy song,” Delano said of her debut single. “It isn’t rap. It’s more baby talking like a thirsty slut,” said Delano.

I think it’s ok! Nothing fantastic except some cute boys… Ru Paul is the best! Do we need more Drags in the music industry?

Check out her first music video after the jump and let me know your thoughts!


9 comments for Music : Ru Paul’s Drag Race – Adore Delano

  • we do love ourselves some beyonce. cant stand solange……..that bitch. 4 snaps and a whirlwind of fun.

  • adore delano will be a household name in no time!

  • Oh my God what a tragically horrible song. Adore…girl I expected better. Your lyricist should be fired.

  • “It’s more baby talking like a thirsty slut,…”

    To each his own.

  • Sucked Shit and not in a Good way. LOL

  • A bit on the tricky side as far as the video but the audio/lyrics not bad. Best of luck Adore!

  • It’s already at #2 on the iTunes dance charts and it hasn’t even been released yet! I live!!!!!!!!!! Fuck yeah!

  • Adore is no drag queen.. just a boy who likes to wear women’s clothing. stupid song

  • I love me some RuPaul but Adore Delano is an actual singer. You slay baby!

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