22 May 2014

Sports : Nude Crossfit Classes

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Sunday evening Crossfit classes at Spartan Mentality in Denmark had strict dress code : Socks and shoes ONLY!

According to Steffen Haldrup Andersen, the creator and director of the naked Crossfit group:  “People are already so scantily clad at Crossfit that we thought we might as well throw the rest away.”

We believe at A4A that this is an amazing idea. What do you guys think of it?

Would you attend these classes?


(Another pic after the jump)

crossfit nude1


60 comments for Sports : Nude Crossfit Classes

  • Sure, all male cross fit, cool.

  • well the ancient greeks displayed athletic events nude, so nothing new here. I just don’t think I would want to be behind one of these guys when they are doing their squat thrusts.

  • That would be awesome except I would keep hitting my hard cock on the bar….

  • I dont know about your gym…. but mine sure the hell doesnt look like that

  • Yes! Where the hell do I sign up!!!????

  • I wouldn’t be able to unless i can walk around with a constant hard on lol

  • Not the ones in America though … most of the guys would look nothing like those in this pic LOL!

  • all I can think of is mens on mens on the old in living color show doing a sketch about the menses doing their stuff in the gym. honey, I can only say give them 4 snaps and an around the world hello.

  • Because people doing crossfit don’t already look stupid enough?

  • Nude is fine no matter what one is doing! I say ‘great job’ to the Spartan Mentality group!

  • Hell yeah…..
    Take it a step or two up from when the greeks competed.

    This should be brought to the U.S.

    Men with dignity fun.

  • Sounds really great to me 😉

  • If I looked that good hell yea.However lets face it most of us do not look like the guys in these pictures

  • I wouldn’t want my junk slapping and flapping all around. It’s not comfortable. Using a jockstrap just seems more practical.

  • Penile flex ion lift??? SURE!!!

  • It sounds great and liberating but how do you hide a hard on? I wouldn’t want to do such a class with a bunch of old or overweight men and if they are not I’m sure I will be displaying clear signs of my carnal mind.

  • Awesome idea. I would for sure join..

  • Yes, I would attend. What’s not to like about nude men working out together!!

  • That would be fun to watch, but I think we can all see it’s pretty silly to do this in the nude. Lots of flexing and posing. Then again, I’m not a crossfit fan. It’s the latest exercise fad.

  • I prefer men in tight and skimpy undies unless they like to wear accessories for their jewels then that’s another kinky thing.

  • Refreshing, and free all day to hang around. . . .

  • Hell yeah! I’d do it. I would like to find a place like that at home!

  • I think Naked Yoga makes more sense. I’ve been to those classes, and the nudity really frees you. Also, there are some (of course, not all) damn good views to be had at the one I have gone to in San Francisco when there on business travel.

  • Hi I would like to attend these cross fit classes but do they have any in NYC.

  • I might actually go to the gym and exercise faithfully for the first time!!! Agree with all male only.

  • I´d be happy to attend. I always seem to feel encumbered with even a few clothes when exercising, so nude training sounds great !

  • Yes – and many Olympic events too!

  • HELL YEAH. SIGN ME UP. LOL If only we had those around where I live. It would be freeing and liberating, but me only please.

  • I would definitely do it nude if I looked even just a little like the guys in the pics. Sadly I don’t, and with a REAL Thyroid problem I never will again!

  • o yeah i would definitely join that gym lol
    wish they had one here in PA
    i got used to being around a lot of naked guys when i was in the Army so hell y not again besides the male body is so good to look at and yeah i think most guys would get a hard on lol
    i might b older but i work out 3 or 4 days a week plus i do a lot of walkin when im home doing things around the place and also walkin my dog
    workin out makes me feel really great and i have lots of energy

  • where do i sign up?

  • Having grown up in Denmark, being nude is as natural as eating and sleeping. This does not surprise me at all. I would be nude 24/7 if I could but that is impossible, especially living in Utah

  • If we had that at my gym I’d be there all the time

  • I also run in home nude classes! In the Chicagoland area and love that this is being recognized! -iswallowblacks on a4a!

  • I think its a great idea. I would love to see the local pool have nude swims from time to time.

  • A friend of mine who is a personal trainer and martial arts master thought this would be a great idea and able to get ppl to open up. He is in to Zumba, yoga, ti-chi, kickboxing…that list goes on for ever. He trains 9 of us in a converted two car garage with mirrors and padded walls and floors. We came in to his do-Jo and he was cometary naked doing some meditation (he has an amazing body so we kinda just stared for a while) he invited is in and as we were getting undressed (coats and sneakers) he said,”all of it boys!” We never argue or question anything that he says. There we were all naked, I was the first to get rock hard. The rest soon followed. We could not concentrate at all. Some of the exercise SHOULD NEVER, EVER be preformed naked. If your hung, do 15 hard jumping jacks and you’ll understand what I mean. It was an amazing class, get your minds out of the gutter it’s a respectable do-Jo. I’m not gonna lie and say the 6of us got together at and after work out party, that was also an amazing work out.

  • OMG yes! I would be there twice a day getting fit. 😉

  • It’s like nude/muscle beach w/o the beach! Sure why not?

  • It’s just too bad that they probably picked out the best bodies of the group to “showcase” their nude night. We all know not everyone that goes to the gym has a body like those pictured. I’d still attend because I like being naked, but I would feel out of place. Which one of these is not like the others?

  • Sure but I would have a hard on all the time.

  • As an observer, of course you would be distracted. But if you are participating and getting your workout on, sex and sexuality is the furthest from your mind. men shower together with no issues, so working out would be no less an issue. My issue would be with safety and hygiene. The ancient did not need to worry about concrete, linoleum, or tiles, which get quite slippery from oils and sweat! They workout on sand. does this gym have talcum powder on the floor or some other substance to soak up the “man juice”? With enough people working out, it would turn into a Michael Jackson Moonwalk video or a slip-n-slide domino dance- a -thon….lmao

  • To the people that say “No old or fat men” do you realize that you will be old one day? And you Probably don’t have the best body yourself either…it takes a lot of courage for old and overweight persons to go to the gym let alone a nude Gym so if I went there and saw old and/or fat men I would be honored to be in the presence of that much courage and I would go and shake their hand

  • Awesome I wish we had one here

  • Please, let’s be real in a Victorian mentality country like this one, first of all people need to be educated and need to have an open mind, is like asking a Pine tree to produce apples, YEAH impossible, and remember in Denmark even these pictures were taking with men, ALL attendants are exercising in the nude, including women, so please use a little bit of common sense, and don’t fantasize about something that would be impossible to do legally, specially in the old US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I can only guess that they’ll classes starting in LA soon. I’m in….lets get it going!

  • Yawn!!!!!!!!!!

  • It would have had for me to start working out in a place like this but i’d b ok with I now that 56 lbs have been shed and looking and feeling much better about my self.Dean

  • I would first have to get my body in better shape to go to a gym that had nude cross fit training, but if I was already buff, HELL YEAH! I’d go.

  • Great idea if men were mature enough.. Crossfit gyms or boxes or whatever the hell you call them would turn into cruising sites for guys.. I guess a positive point would be more men working out but gyms are distracting enough with all the muscle bound men walking around in daisy dukes.. Let’s just keep the gym as much about working out as we can and not about scamming on dudes.. This coming from a notorious man watcher

  • Hell yeah i would join in a heartbeat, i love being nude 😉

  • Definitely game for this…have done nude yoga for years…gym training naked would be awesome !

  • Kcin hit the nail on the head. I definitely share his sentiment. Besides I’m not that well endowed and I sure as hell don’t want anybody snickering or making comments! Forget the workout; it would turn into a slapdown, free-for-all wrestling match with me.

    I like the idea but just don’t think I could follow through with something like this unless there were provisions made.

  • Google it. It was a April fools joke that is still going on.. too bad :/

  • Here is a gym that would motivate me to work out more.

  • I read this whole story was a hoax.

  • Yes, would love to do this. Wish local pools hade nude swims too.

  • i would love nude gym

  • This is perhaps the stupidest topic on here yet.

  • They have naked yoga and naked fitness in Cleveland. I’m sure they have something like that in other cities. This particular case might have been an April fool’s joke but the practice of naked fitness is VERY real.

  • This is dumb. Imagine all the bodily fluids and sweat and other biological matter such as fecal matter or even blood (hemorroids) on work out equipment such as stationary bikes. I’m so squeamish I have to wipe down the handles of my tredmill three times before I use it. Not everyone that goes to a gym is 100 percent hygenic. Once again sacraficing common sense for sex.

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