14 May 2014

Watch This : Bryan Hawn Is Viral!

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I’m pretty sure you are in the mood for some hot muscle boy video washing a car, right?

Check out Bryan Hawn getting wet on “Pretty Hurt” by Beyonce. The fitness model lip-sync the song like a pro showing his butt in suggestive ways.

I’m pretty sure, he’s a good bottom boy!

Check out the video below and let me know your thoughts!



45 comments for Watch This : Bryan Hawn Is Viral!


  • Put a bag over his annoying head and I’d bend that over and breed it.

  • wow! he didnt wash the car at all……he washed himself

  • A pretty hot guy, but the tire didn’t get changed, the car didn’t get washed, and whatever he was attempting to do with the wrench didn’t happen because the car needed to be on a lift. The billboard shorts with the string up the butt? Ow.

    A a pretty guy, shaking his pretty stuff in front of a pretty car to a song about succumbing to pressure to be pretty.

    Aptly titled. The whole thing Pretty Hurts.

  • I would let him Power Stroke me any day with that big diesel. Awesome body, face and diesel bulge.

  • the guy is hot, of course, but I didn’t see any water on the car! lol to funnys

  • Kind of embarrassed for the guy. Not remotely sexually stimulating about watch this.

  • Nice body, pretty face… but the video was boring after the first 30 seconds.

  • I found it boring. give me a naked bear getting out of a taxi anyday. screw the taxi, just give me the bear. woofffffff

  • who is this guy and why should i care?

  • And I cum too!

  • thinking rather funny some thinks this guy is a bottom when you really can tell if some is just by looking

  • Dear god id eat that for HOURS

  • You mean there was a car in the video too? ;-P

  • It’s never hot when a guy tries to be sexy. Leave that to girls.

  • I’m much more concerned about the fact that he didn’t even wash the car, is that wrong of me. The video was actually I good one, better than those Randy Blue parodies.

  • Probably a lame question, but I’m guessing one of you will know the answer. The effect of the water from the sponge at around 0:50: Do you think that is due to a strobe, or is it just cgi?


  • He can wax my Benz. And by “Benz”, I mean my dick.


  • It was darn cute,,,, and He is a good looking young man…

  • Im on my way to bryanhawn dot com right now! that was freaking awesome and a great way to kick off summer! just getting over a horrible winter/spring here in Midwest,,,thanks for sharing you Rock big time and hey YOU are awesome yourself!

  • Way to gay

  • to tell u the truth, I would reather have the car.

  • Hell, the car was the last thing I was interested in!

  • While appreciate the video, those types of videos are starting to lose appeal for me. It’s supposed to be sexual and just comes out looking funny now lol… Anyway, you should do an article on Steve Grand – first gay country singer who is a f-ing hottie!

  • Pretty boy that’s it ..not my kinda sexy

  • I couldnt even finish watching………lip sync a female ??
    how stupid that was.Turned me off!!

  • He is very sexy , nice body
    nice ass ! great song! Don’t hate !! LOL

  • Cut the music and swap out that car for something more intimidating looking and I’d ‘buff his bumper’ anytime. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Enjoy all that sexiness now.. by 30 you’ll look like a rotten raisin in the face.

  • I would certainly not kick him out of bed, but boy needs to learn to wash the car and change its tire, lol. Also the song made it seem more like a political statement against fitting the normative acceptable type, if we all looked like that it would be boring. I am a hot big beefy bear, and will never have an ass that small, lol.

  • So when is he gonna wash the car….?

  • God that was stupid as hell, would of much rather just watch him get fucked and jack off.

  • pretty shallow and boring.

  • A sweet young shy guy, a beautiful car at the shore…..water and suds. My God what’s there not to like?

  • I don’t remember the song….only that beautiful body and heavenly butt. I do remember his lips moving as though he was whispering in my ear…..is that his breath I feel or is it a warm soft summer breeze?

  • He is ugly and too much gay and bad actor to make the video.

  • I would stick my big dick so far up his mangina that I would re-arrange his organs

  • Nice Car. They should have got a man for the video.

  • All that effort only to fall flat!
    I’ve always liked Hawn and that great ass of his, but this video did nothing for him. Or me.

  • Boring, and forcing yourself to look sexy and not getting it, it is a fail. Sorry but this is a horrible vid.

  • dennis reynolds anyone?

  • watching the Beyonce vid. And comparing this to her gives Beyonce a bad name. Boring.

  • Bryan Hawn is hot.I purchased his program called “The List”. In six weeks I lost 24lbs. I am toned again. My ass is now a perfect toned round bubble. You need to check out his ass without the thong,it is gorgeous. My ass is starting to resemble his.

  • Everything about him is what I love physically in a guy but that video was a complete turn off.

  • now i understand the invention of the paper bag!!

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