24 Jun 2014

Pornstars : Bisexual Charlie Pattinson

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(Photo: Randy Blue)

This hot little fucker is one big ball of energy. As soon as Charlie landed in L.A., he was recruited by Randy Blue and could not wait to get started. He was looking at everything as one big new fun experience. To the question “are you gay or straight?”,  his answer was that he has only dated girls, but considers himself a little bisexual. He basically is open to any new fun experience that comes his way. And doing some hot gay porn is one of those things he wants to check off of his bucket list.

This dirty blonde haired 19 year old stud has a body to die for. With those broad shoulders and bulging pecs and biceps, he is the classic definition of a dream boat. Check him out under the jump as he beats his meat and shows off his hot pink butt hole off to the camera. If you like dirty talk, then check his solo video on Randy Blue.



21 comments for Pornstars : Bisexual Charlie Pattinson

  • He looks like a muscular Johnny Rapid at first glance O.o

  • I could eat an ass like that every day. Too bad he doesn’t live next door to me.

  • Cute!! Must be a great bottom, with that little skinny dick how can he be a bi?!?!

  • MmOOMm : Ok, so someone with a smaller dick is less a man? LOL
    Or cannot bi BI or straight? LOL
    The kind of comment that you should not write if you want my opinion!
    I have 8.5 and I’m bottom…Is it ok for you?

  • yawn…

  • Yawn. Bisexuals are so boring.

  • He wears an aiden James t shirt. he is mostly gay i think. lol

  • I’m in love, he’s the perfect man in my eyes.

  • Cute and hot

  • Sorry…I’m not seeing it.

  • wow very hot stud

  • Pair him with Levi Michaels!

  • I have room in my bed for this one…. damn hes hot… and i know hes full of cum too… and Id take every drop… Id love to be the one he practices on to get some experience…. for a week or more…. yum

  • Damn he is so cute and I will fuck him all day long and love his hot body

  • He just doesn’t do it for me…..at all!!!

  • “…he has only dated girls, but considers himself a little bisexual.” And then in the video he speaks like a gay porn king.

    If you’re dream boat is young, urban, smoother, a bit fem, with muscles, and without much of a compass, sail away.

  • MmooMm:sounds like the green-eyed jealousy monster is raising his ugly head! I’ve found that guys who are always judging other men’s cock size are not happy with themselves or their own cock size!

  • Nice body but overall nothing real special. Liked him better until I watched the video and then got turned off. Bi, gay or straight, I like men. This is one is better with mouth closed or full of cock.

  • Who wants to be near something that is around vagina? Straight people.

  • Sorry He don’t do it for me either. not that cute and body isnt that good.

  • Just another up and coming Twinkie, trying to make a few bucks how ever he can, he seems lost and confused to me, I have been with my partner 29 years, trust me, it take a LOT of work to train and break in a new baby Twinkie, doesn’t do it for me, I love MEN, big, hairy, butch tough MEN!

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