29 Jun 2014

Travel : Toronto World Pride

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Hey guys, I’ve been a bit quiet for the past few days here it is simply because I took a few days to Toronto World Pride. It is also Canada Day July 1st so it’s a big holiday long weekend here.

It is also my BDay tomorrow I will be 32….getting oldddddd! So that is why I’m taking it easy on the blog this weekend…

Who’s in Toronto? Let’s partyyyy!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and Happy Pride guys!



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  • Sigh… 32 is “oldddddd!”

    That’s what’s wrong with our “community” – We write each other off so quickly. I’ve seen 18-year-olds who looked like shit, and 60-year-olds who were hot as hell. Every man is entitled to his own taste and opinions, but it seems to me we will never truly come together as a community until we stop kicking each other out of it.

    Happy Birthday, Dave -Have fun in Toronto!

  • Happy Birthday. Toronto PRIDE is always fun. As a Buffalo, NY transplant, I’m always happy to play North (and WEST) of the border. Enjoy both Pride and your birthday and don’t worry about getting old. I’m already there and it get’s better πŸ™‚

  • dude, you are so young…. I’m 57 and get more ass than a toilet seat! Happy Pride!

  • LOLOL 32 is old. LOLOLOLLL

  • Happy Birthday Dave……and 32 is not old….wait till you pass the upper 40’s mark…..then you will feel you are getting old.

  • Omg my first time attending pride ever and I had a blast! I live in Toronto so it was also my first world pride! Defiantly a weekend to remember.

  • This year, Gay Pride in Chicago came with its usual violence and vulgarity. Rumor has it, there was a Pride-related shooting in Uptown, somewhere near Cricket Hill and Montrose, by the lake. Frankly, there hasn’t been any “pride” at these parades since the 80s. These days, most of the parade attendees are drunk, promiscuous, half-naked loons!

  • World Pride was awesome. This is my fourth time in Toronto. Each time is better than the last. Happy BDAY! Enjoy Canada. Unfortunately I have to head back to the US. I hope you got to see Toronto Island.

  • Matt, yes i went to the island monday afternoon…
    was great


  • LOL , I remember how horrified I was when I turned 30 .
    Now that I’m almost twice that age I can only dream of being 30 again.

    It’s all relative.

  • David:

    32 only seems old if you’re hanging out with kids! πŸ™‚

    You are as old as you feel… at 50, most days I feel like I’m still in my 20’s… every so often, I’ll only be able to keep it up for one orgasm (vs. the 2 or 3 that are normal for me) and I’ll feel my age… but given that I know plenty of 20 y/o dudes who can’t cum even twice, I think I’m doing pretty well!

    Keep physically and mentally fit, and you’ll stay “young” for a long, long time! Just don’t get complacent and start to let either one slide — just like a rolling stone, once that slide gets momentum, it’s hard to reverse the trend!

    As for the age-centric dudes — I’ve met far more awesome sex partners in their 30’s and 40’s than I EVER have in their teens or 20’s! My last attempt at a b/f was a 25 y/o who was absolutely AWFUL in bed! Great body, he just didn’t know how to use it (as a top OR a bottom!) LOL He even thought cumming more than once a day would be harmful! There were lots of reasons we didn’t make it as a couple — but his being so AWFUL in bed made the decision far easier for me!

    Similar to the dudes who exclude based on race, I chalk it up as “their loss”. The “love affair” the mainstream community has with “white”, “twink”, and “athlete” bodies is something I enjoy — because it makes a lot of VERY HOT men who don’t fit that mold available to open-minded, lustful “old men” like me! πŸ™‚

    You can’t change getting older — but you can change how you feel about it! Embrace the maturity and experience — and use it to your advantage!!!

  • Chip: it was a joke the “old” thing…I know I’m not old….

  • Hi Dave, Enjoy yourself and have a great birthday celebration.

  • 32+32=64. That’s my next b’day.

  • Charles-Francois. Your comment is really fuckin stupid.

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Once again I make statements critical of points in the original post and once again my comments never see the light of day.

    I think this is 3 in a row. Maybe 4.

  • einathens: Ya I don’t publish comments that says things like “get over yourself” or people that complain about EVERY SINGLE things I post.
    You can certainly critique, but there’s a way to do it, with respect!
    Have a great day

  • Please I’m turning 34 in September don’t call me old….I prefer to say I’m 28 with 6 years of experience….LOL

  • Happy Birthday.
    You are as old as you feel.
    I went to Gay Pride in Indianapolis and it was great.
    Everyone keep Gay Pride shining.
    Have a good one Dave.

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