19 Jun 2014

Watch This : Amazing Dancers!

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This video is getting viral online. It was posted 3 days ago, and already almost 300K hits.

I love to dance, I love dance tv shows, I love to watch dancers…I bet I’m not the only one here. This video shows amazing talented dancers, choreographer Yanis Marshall (middle), Arnaud Boursain and Mehdi Mamine. It was their last rehearsal practice before the final of Britain’s Got Talent few weeks ago.

Check the boys dancing on Beyonce‘s mashup with their high heels and attitude after the jump, it is priceless!



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  • This video is old. I saw this last year

  • He reminds of a chorographer by the name of bobby newberry. Most of the people had made n won the show So you think you can.. Video great

  • They remind me of my boi(vulpixninetails).. He style of dance is very similiar to that in the video.. Really the only difference between them and my boi is this… 1) my boi does not wear heels.. 2) my boi can twerk is ass 20 X better than they did in thd video.. I love the video.. I have to agree something about a guy who knows how to dance is so freaking hot & sexy, especially is they can do a little pole dance.. HOT!!

  • After watching NPH’s performance on the Tony Awards show (a big number from “Hedwig” in high-heeled boots), I find myself intrigued with extreme dance numbers by men in heels. Although I have myself worn heels on stage for one production number a few years back, I didn’t dance. I just walked. These guys were as amazing as NPH. I totally enjoyed watching this.

  • I love Yanis. Those boys looked great and danced even better. Love it.

  • flamboyant gay men dancing in heels?! no thanks. impressive, but not at all hot.

  • These boys can rock it in a pair of heels! They are a blast to watch! You can subscribe to Yanis Marshall on YouTube and see all of their videos. This includes their performances on Britain’s Got Talent. Watch David Williams drool over Yanis…he doesn’t hold back his feelings as Simon looks on smirking!

  • It’s amazing what some gay men think is amazing. Those three were so out of sync it was ridiculous!! Give me the Chippendales anyday over that white hot mess!

  • philip: out of sync? lol

  • dropped the mic and left

  • Man i love it.

  • These guys have the choreography down right the problem is is it’s for verbatim of Beyoncésvideo so nothing original. Also when are men going to act like men? It would’ve been much hotter and more impressive if they had their own original steps as well as include more masculine moves.

  • I think they are very talented and can dance there asses off and hot looking men very hot.

  • These guys are awesome! I saw this performance on Britain’s Got Talent. Fantastic!

  • Well-done, ladies, but if you really want to be like Beyonce, for God’s sake SHAVE THOSE ARMPITS! 🙂

  • A good dance routine? Definitely. Sexy or hot? Definitely NOT. Guys in heels, dancing like females. Ill pass.

  • They would have been hotter as men than as women. That was ugly.


  • I really love watching thoes guys dance makes me wanna practice even more.. the guys are very dedicated and on beat or not these bitches kicked ass … where you at??

  • Went into it with an open mind; came out with a major headache. Chalk up another example of how diverse gay guys are.

  • Another Kazaky knockoff group.

    This style of dance is not new.

  • Wow wow wow every time I see these guys they never do anything less then amaze me in love with their moves and guys in heels you don’t see in the states dancing like this once again wow


  • I’ve seen another video of these guys dancing in the streets of Paris with the crowds looking on astonished. Great entertainment 🙂

  • @Adrian ~ Dude, how could you have seen this last year, when they competed in this season’s Britain’s Got Talent (audition: http://youtu.be/bQtT-Tv_tZ4)

  • even guys can dance in heels , for all you haters , try to do what they do.

  • I love this video. These guys are so sexy dancing
    in high heels. I get so horny watching them

  • Simon is a Jerk!! these guys are awesome. to move like that and in heels, BRAVO!!!

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