10 Jul 2014

Photography : Rick Day + Dave

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Hey guys, last month I was in NYC to meet one of my favourite photographers, Rick Day. I contacted him, thinking he would never reply, asking if he would like to take nice pictures of me. He answered me within 5 minutes ” Are you free tomorrow at 6:30pm? ”

I jumped in a plane and the next day, I was shooting almost naked in his East Village studio. I was very stressed at first, even had to go to the bathroom, to concentrate and pinch myself, telling myself I was here, shooting with Rick Day. When I came in his studio, I was like “maybe he didn’t see properly the photo of me that I sent him” or Β “he probably regrets inviting me” etc.

We were suppose to shoot for 45 minutes, and ended up shooting for 3 hours. We had a blast! I wanted to show you our work and of course to know your opinion about it. I won’t put the photos that are tooooo suggestive (frontal nudity) but I don’t mind showing a bit of butt. I think that Rick (and I) made something beautiful!Β So click “more” to see the photo I selected.

Thanks guys!


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  • I love it you are very Hot. Great pics

  • NICE pics sexy. He is a great photography obviously πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing them with us πŸ™‚

  • very hot, hate it you didn’t show all, but thanks for what you did show. You are man of many talents.

  • love the pics. just like mine(vulpixninetails).. a little peek a boo/ sneak peek.. love it

  • Great pics! Its good work on both of your parts. However, something must be wrong with his camera. There are these annoying little black squares covering some of the more interesting parts of the photos πŸ˜‰ How do we get rid of these? I want to see more πŸ™‚

  • Chirocoyote, lolllll
    I don’t know, yeah he told me that his camera was not working properly πŸ˜›
    Frontal nudity,. I rather keep it for when I meet guys …

  • Hot. So my only question is: how can I go about seeing the full nudity ones? Need. To. See. It. ALL!

  • That ass is beautiful. Wonderful pics. would love to see more!

  • Wow, I can see why the photographer wanted 3 hrs with you. Amazing looking guy with a spectacular body and a really really great looking butt. Wow, please post these in a gallery so I can admire them more. Did I say that you have a great looking butt? If I didnt, I just need to say it one more time. Damn great looking butt. What a really hot guy with a great body. These pictures are amazing

  • dam hot pictures wish I could have mine taken like that

  • you are outstanding

  • I’m sorry for the cock modesty (this is a4a, isn’t it?), but that’s obviously your choice. But the pic of that amazing ass more than makes up for it….that’s my weakness, anyway. Truly amazing…do you spend all day going backwards on the stairstepper? Spectacular!

  • bflobear : No, but I love to do all types of squats. Front squats, regular squats, squat machine…
    Im bottom after all, I need to be bubbly no? That’s what all tops want right?

  • Never commented before, I have to tell you your pictures are awesome. They make your already hot body even more appealing. Well done!!

  • Keep frontal nudity for when you meet guys? Then, can we meet? πŸ˜‰

    It would probably be inappropriate for me to say in public what we’d do, but damn! You have a beautiful, beautiful ass. Definitely worth eating.

  • So hot and a very very hot ass.You a bottom,…look me up if you come to DC

  • I am a top and that is definitely what I want. I just love a bubbly butt. It just gets me going

  • You look good and the pics are nice you should post more and show your cock it’s a4a. No real top wsnts you to use it on them but we all like to see. But beautiful pics he is a great photographer.

  • All I can say is fucking YUMMMMM. ill photograph you lol.

  • Had no idea u were soooo HOT ! God i love that ass , yum yum . Come spend a weekend in Montana anytime .

  • Rick did the recent phoshoot of Lukas Ridgeston at age 38, the photoshoot video being available on the bittorrent nearest you. He’s an exceptional photographer. It really makes a difference working with a guy who knows what he’s doing, instead of taking a picture of your flash in the mirror. But, you made his work easier. Hot guy.

  • Dat ass, tho.

  • Great pics Dave! Give our regards to the photographer. He was lucky to see all the censored parts…

  • Feel free to complain about being single again…

  • Great pics but come on, show us the FULL MONTY.

  • Very nice Rick had a hot sexy model to work with.

  • Awesome man with a beautiful body, awesome ass and handsome face. Mmmwahhh

  • wow wow just great pics love the body, just needs to see more papi…lol

  • mighty nice body there Dave, damn nice butt …nice everything

  • Awesome photo shoot! The photographer is obviously talented but Dave would take great pics with a disposable camera. And thanks from all us tops for doing all those squats. Those that are lucky enough to admire your work in person most definitely appreciate it. Now it’s time for a cold shower.

  • Remarkable hot pictures of you, thanks for the beautiful photoshoot

  • The camera loves you.

  • Amazing pics

  • Amazing photographer, a stunning subject, result, perfection. I didn’t know you were soooo hot. I might have to pay closer attention to your articles. Beautiful body, an ass to die for. I may be a bottom but I would do that ass in a minute.

  • I just have to say you are one beautiful man with an awesome body. Great great pics πŸ™‚ too hot to handle

  • I want to see more . . . . . .

  • HOT!!!! I’d fuck u anytime those pics are AMAZING;-)
    Great butt;) I’d totally just be ALL OVER YOU;-D

  • WOW Dave!!! You definitely have a fan with me now. I liked your blogging, but I’m in LOVE LOVE LOVE with you and that ass!!! Thanks for sharing. ;0)

  • I can see why he spent three hours with you, very well done. You hit the mark, thanks for sharing. You have a nice way in front of the camera.

  • Damn Dave!, is that really you? :-). You are Hot and sexxy. I have a new crush, πŸ˜‰

  • wow–you never let on before how gorgeous you are. I really enjoyed these pics

  • Yeah, you’re friggin hideous, who in the right mind would want to photograph you, look at you, or have sex with you. With you round bubble butt, chiseled washboard stomach, and 5 o’clock shadow sexy stubble. Who do you think you’re kidding? The camera doesn’t lie and we can all see your ugly body now.

    If you haven’t figured it out by now that was hyperbole. There aren’t many men on this planet who wouldn’t want to look like you, myself included. It just goes to show you, that while people on the outside see a perfect body that they would love to have, you see all the minor imperfections staring back at you from the mirror. You’re not much different from us, the big difference is that most of the rest of the world can also see our imperfections also. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating. I’m sure you’ve worked very hard to obtain your physique, so you have earned it with every rep and hour put in to it. I’m just saying theres people out there who say if I just had your body I’d be happy, but you say I’m my this wasn’t this way or my that wasn’t that way I’d just be happy. Nobody is perfect, everyone has something about their physical appearance they are insecure about.

    In case you missed everything I’ve said and you (not you Dave specifically, but the readers of this post) want to accuse me of being a hater, you’ve got a great body and those are very good pictures.

  • Awesome pictures of and awesome body.

  • I wonder why you thought he would say no…lol. You’re a beautiful bottom.

  • Dang! You’re A Hot Lil Fucker!

  • I don’t know why you didn’t show it all! If I had you I’d never leave home! lol show the front next time. I’m in love and I never say that!

  • Dave you sexy thing how could he not want to take your pics….beautiful body and a face that adds to the entire image….total sex appeal….would not kick you out of my bed stud. πŸ™‚

  • Sweet potato pie! !! That ass is what life is all about!!!!

  • Amazing pictures!! You are an incredibly hot man!! Your body is outstanding and your ass is mind blowing. So impressive. What exercises do you do to get an ass that great? It can’t be just natural. Give me some tips please.

  • Shit. I’m reading your blog much closer now that I know you’re hot. Really love your pecs and shoulders.

  • Dave you are truly gorgeous a Gay man Dream…

  • Well Dave, that’s an easy fix.If meeting is what it takes to see it all, well I guess that’s at least a 2 for 1! Meet you AND see the rest of the sexiness. πŸ˜‰ As I stated before, I want to see more. πŸ™‚

  • You have an amazing body

  • Wow, thanks guys for all the love! It compensate for all the hate message that I receive from some members when I do typos in a blog post … (obviously I don’t post those messages..) but those love messages, I accept them with open arms πŸ™‚
    I’ll show you more photos when I get more from other photographers!

  • That ass looks enhanced. How much did you pay?

  • ian, it’s the position I’m taking…
    I didn’t pay anything…

  • Great photographer but a photographer is only as good as the models or scenery that he uses. Really enjoyed seeing these pics. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pretty hot even without the full frontal ones.

  • Love the pics! You are one very SEXY MAN!

  • Damn, one word comment… HOT..

  • theses are great shots; most certainly have Rick’s signature on them. I shot with Rick (coughs, chokes) 20 years ago when he was in Atlanta, and his nudes are, bar-none, the best shots in my book. Bad news was that the shoot was in his warehouse studio…in mid-January…in Atlanta…naked! And it was only the second time that I had shot nude…Rick and his bf were quick to put me at ease and we got some amazing work done that day…
    I’m sure you had the best experience collaborating with his genius. Well-done. Beautiful. Hot…yes, all the appropriate adjectives apply…

  • These are stunningly beautiful, and the only thing I can say is,”When do we get married?”

  • camron03: show me ur pic, I’m looking for a husband too πŸ™‚

  • Hi, Dave the pics are amazing and classy, very nice form and technique.

  • That’s a nice round bubble butt. I’d love to rim you and play with that ass for a long time before fucking you long and deep. You’re sexy as hell!

  • as a guy woof as an artist the stool shot was the most interesting as far as image line curve lighting was awesome

  • I think ol’ Dave here is cherry-picking the comments as they come in, only posting the good ones and tossing the rest… Probably writing a few of his own, too; ya know, just to make himself look all that much better….

    (tongue planted firmly in cheek here, lol!)

    Great work, man. I know a good photographer makes a difference, but still….being hot always helps!

    Now, your head isn’t gonna get SOOO big on us now that you won’t still be the same ol’ Dave we’ve come to respect, and question now n then too?

  • I have never seen what u look like. I have read this blog from time to time. But DAM U R FINE AS HELL.

  • Woof, as in the old days…your butt my tongue hard and my butt sweat!

  • @Dave…where do you want me to send them to?

  • camron03 : blog@adam4adam.com

  • what great pics. Love to meet you and play with that nice ass

  • Superb!

  • Your a very handsome man Dave!! Love the pics and editorial on you! Jon

  • Hot. I would make you my bf

  • Sent you my pic

  • Very nice…..


  • hey those pics are beautiful and u look good man

  • Lose the faux modesty. You’re great looking with a super jacked bod. Quiet confidence is nice but arrogance isn’t and neither is fake modesty. Own what you so obviously work very hard at.

  • You are a very handsome man ! I never knew that such a beautiful guy was behind the works of all these controversial topics! I absolutely love your work and you dedication to opening up the minds of individuals in not only our community but those afraid if it as well!!
    Keep up what you are doing hopefully one day I can use you in one of my shoot

  • Yusefr, where are u? I would be glad to shoot with you if you are not too far:)

  • Very nice looking man and you bare it all here for all to see sweet is there a place I can upload sine hot jerk off vids in a4 a

  • Dave! You are a beautiful man! Woof! Great shots! If only I was single LOL THANKS 4 SHARING!!!

  • Damm Dave u r a hottie,I’d do some shootin with you,gonna send you a pic a friend took of me while out for a drive one day.do with it whatever u like but let me know so I can see it too. just a ordinary average guy Dean

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