15 Jul 2014

Watch This : Naked In The Streets Of L.A!

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VH1 went viral when they launched this commercial for Dating Naked, the new reality show featuring willing singles wearing nothing else than their birthday suit.

Watch the sexy commercial after the jump and watch these dancers fully naked as they dance in Los Angeles streets to “I’m Just Wild About Harry“,  as bystanders smile at the sight of genitals bouncing around!

Dating Naked premieres on July 17 at 9pm on VH1, will you watch it?



34 comments for Watch This : Naked In The Streets Of L.A!

  • Has the executives of the TV channels run out of ideas? My god ! How can anybody of any intelligence level think that this is entertainment. Only thing I can think that would be worse than this would the be entire Housewives shows or Honey Boo Boo

  • Probably won’t watch it but loved the dancers. They did a great job. Must be a closed set though for them to be naked in “public”.

  • Damn…I want to see the uncensored version. ;D

  • This is so cool and sexy to boot. Is there an uncensored version? I’d like to see the genitals bouncing around!

  • nope won’t watch

  • Ho hum. Stupid.

  • Don’t you think this is something that was stolen from San Francisco, where nudists pranced around until it was banned?

  • Sure I’ll watch!

    We need more nude-friendly programming here in the US. Body-shaming is HORRIBLE here.

    The human body is a beautiful thing and clothes are way over-rated.

  • HAHAHA…too funny! If it was real, it would be hysterically funny! HAHAHA Closed set, closed mall…early morning filming…still fun! 🙂

  • Whooooooo cares? This is just as trashy as jerry Springer. Another attempt to sensationalize human behavior for the purpose of ratings.

  • I think this was cute but to much for regular tv maybe for logo late HBO maybe but come on vh1 I could’ve sworn that this was a music channel

  • Might watch once. Will probably get bored and not bother a second time.

    The two guys were unquestionably the hottest couple tho and the best dancers, so if they’re regulars maybe I should reconsider?

  • embarrassing won’t watch

  • This is what entertainment has come to? Really? Sad, sad, sad .

  • No. Its ridiculous. I already do naked dating

  • Sure, I’ll watch it. I enjoy some good dance, as well as the human body, it’s a beautiful thing. The dance moves looked great, as did the bodies, and i enjoy a good looking body.

  • It’s really UP-LIFTing. Would love to see the uncensored version too.

  • I was so pleased to see that in addition to straight, gay and lesbian couples, there was an older couple as well (at about the 1:15 mark). Thanks for posting this.

  • this show won’t last….I guarantee it.

  • If they are going to go to the trouble of filming the actors naked why “pixelate” their private parts?

  • So fun!! One cannot be fake like this!! It also helps normalize nakedness

  • Why would you make a show about people being naked and then censor it? Sometimes I get really aggravated at how prudish we are in the U.S. They’re not doing anything sexual … just let them be naked!

  • Desperate for attention and air time on TV by shock value. The next step is public sex show. Do I watch it? Of course out of curiosity just like watching a freak show in the park or at the circus. It would be interesting to see these naked people in a hot summer day in new York city or crowded places especially in front of the other people that know them well like coworkers and friends. Got balls?

  • Not to be fragile, but I thought the choreography for the older couple was a tad offensive. Completely lacking in emotion or energy.

  • Just some folks having a gay old time!

  • 528 Golden Ridge Road
    Whipkey’s Golden Acres Farm WVa.
    very interesting was fast and fun and with covers/censors might as well been clothed, s is this a promo for a new (nude) series?

  • “reality” tv is a abomination, so no I won’t be watching. There’s nothing “real” about “reality” tv except the money of course.

  • Better than all the “so called” reality shows on TV but still not worth watching.

  • Guessing that it isn’t the absolute worst thing on TV. Would love to have seen the uncensored version of the male couple!!

  • Why did you have to blur the video for us to see it ? I think we should be able to see it unblurred !

  • Hello,
    I was wanderring if you could discuss the seriosness of HEPC? I see more and more gay men eating ass, and I know there is a high risk in contracting HEPC! can you elaborate on the dangere and prevention and safety.


  • Pretty sure the city for this event is San Diego, not LA; I recognize Horton Plaza as the shopping center these ppl are dancing in. Horton Plaza is in downtown San Diego.

  • Wahts the point of a nude dancing video if its going to be censored (pixilated). Not interested or impressed unless there is an uncensored version to watch – they might as well be wearing clothes otherwise. Not special.

  • Is it bad that I don’t give a fuck about the show but all I can think about is how badly I wanna fuck the guy in this video?

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