6 Aug 2014

Hot or Not : Underwear

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Underwear fetishism is a sexual fetishism relating to undergarments. Some people experience sexual excitement from wearing certain types of underwear. Other people experience sexual excitement when observing or handling certain types of underwear worn by another, or watching somebody putting underwear on, or taking it off.

For me there is nothing hotter than seeing a man wearing underwear and my favorite would be the white brief….you know the one that was worn all day, that’s getting a bit loose after a hard day at work, a bit like the ones shown in the picture below… I’m not a fan of designer underwear or the perfect low waist ones on my man. I’m the one who wears this kind, to accentuate my butt and show my junk. (lol) He has to wear the white loose ones or the old ones with holes in it…hmmm so sexy!

I think I love underwear because it holds, hides and protects the one thing I love the most on the planet, a dick!

I remember when I was a teen, me and my parents went to visit my dad’s friend and his family. He was tall, hot, hairy and fit. I went to the basement at one point and I saw the dirty laundry and I remember looking for the man of the house’s underwear. When I found them, it was like I found a treasure lol….. I even brought one back home!

Now as a grown up, I don’t “sniff” underwear anymore (lol) but I really enjoy seeing a man wearing some.

What about you? Do you find underwear hot or not?

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  • Underwear brief wth low rise its a tur on for me both to wear it or someone wear it! Boxer to me is. Turn off! Other fancy underwear not much just low rise brief hmmm

  • HUGE undewear fettish. Especially like to watch guys at the gym getting dressed and undressed. My profle pic has my favorite personal underwear.

  • As a fan of of undies i’d have to agree and say whity tightys are a favorite…i personally prefer under armour or adidas…but the classic plain undies accentuate the butt and package at the same time…blk9stud

  • I’m a huge underwear fan. Love wearing and love seeing them on guys. Not into tighty whiteys or boxers, but love the rest. YUMMY!

  • Some underwear looks very hit on some men. From boxers, briefs, trunks, and jocks. And do I sniff them, the world will never know!

  • Pictures are OK but I like looking at the real thing at Gyms and lock rooms especially if they are either hard or packing

  • Definitely HOT!!! Love seeing a guy in is underwear, doesn’t matter what kind, briefs, tighty whities, jock strap. Not really into boxers or boxer briefs they just don’t show off a guy’s body or his package like underwear should. I really am into the designer underwear for myself but not picky when it comes to what the other guy is wearing. I did have a guy ask for my underwear once. I had been wearing them all day and he wanted my smell to be on them plus they had precum in them and that made him want them even more.
    You can check out my profile to see some pics of me in my underwear, username drkntwstd.

  • Great pics, but the whole underwear fetish I don’t understand at all. Or really fetishes in general. I don’t really have any and don’t feel this to be a bad thing at all, I consider them mostly just weird.

  • Underwear is my number one turn on. I love boxers, boxer briefs, briefs… And I love bulges.

  • I never wear underwear – sorry

  • YES! I love to see a man in sexy underwear. I’m not a fan of boxers. I like briefs of all kinds all the way down to g-strings.

  • Underwear (including jockstraps) is definately preferred as a starting point because it leaves something to own’s imagination. Starting out totally naked is like jumping the gun and missing some of the excitement. It provides an opportunity for teasing and sometimes a challenge in removing in certain awkward positions. It is great having so many choices in underwear, including those offered by freshpair.

  • Nothing better than a man in underwear. Love the feel smell and taste of a mans underwear or jock strap after it’s been worn awhile. Love to trade and wear another guys underwear as well

  • I love underwear on a man. I love taking it off him, too.

  • Depending on body type, either boxer briefs or bikini type. When I was in college my roommate was fit, as I was then, and he wore bikini type. Nice compact body in little underwear.

  • I’m with you! There’s NOTHING like a Man in tighty-whitey briefs. There’s NOTHING like feeling him up through the fabric. And there’s NOTHING like getting him out of them. So HOT!

  • A man in a nice fitting pair of tight underwear is hot but a man on a tight Jock is even hotter.

  • The man and his underwear should make sense. Whether it’s tighty whities or something I find in the laundry when helping my 20-something DAUGHTER with her laundry. A guy’s underwear should fit his style. Personally, I hit the big disconnect point with guys in underwear that are close to anything female, as well as anything thong-ish or lacking material over the guy’s ass. Fortunately, I chat with guy long enough ahead of time that whatever his package is wrapped in is not a surprise. My guys tend to show up in briefs or boxerbriefs, exactly what I hope to see a m-a-n in. Any guy who likes their men in anything else, more power to you as long as you the guy of teh moment on in sync.

  • There is nothing secure than a Hott man in some sexy underwear. I like breifs jockstraps, trunks, lycra, ect. Basically anything that shows that ass and bulge! SO DAMN SEXY!!!

  • I’m with “M & New Way”. Moderation is key, reread “Men”, by Andy Warhol guys. You’re only fulfilling the stereotype of hetero-Republican taunts.

  • I’m with “M & New Way”. Moderation is key, reread “Men”, by Andy Warhol guys. You’re only fulfilling the stereotype of hetero-Republican taunts.

  • Oh YES!

  • I love underwear on a man; especially in briefs, bikinis, and boxer briefs no matter the color as long as it brings out a man’s sensuality and sexually. It helps when a man is fit and/or have something to show off. Boxers just don’t do it for me. I have always wore white briefs since I was a child for as long as I can remember and never wore anything else. I started venturing out to wearing boxer briefs and more sexual underwear and different colors too in which most men like. Underwear for me no matter the style or color has to fit tightly and snug.

  • I love seeing men in underwear. I also love having my slowly being pull down as we strip each other. Seeing how hard it look in the underwear.

  • I love underwear. I have about 70 pairs…all designer…CK, polo, Tommy Hilfiger…love seeing a well built man in nice underwear…What a turn on!

  • Big time into underwear. I like every kind but more partial to jockstraps, bikini, briefs then boxer briefs. Anything tomshow off a nice man bulge. I could play with bulge for hours and could be very happy getting off just playing in briefs. Hope to find another in jersey 🙂 njguy39

  • Underwear is hot. Especially, briefs, boxer briefs and bikinis. However, I don’t care for baggy boxers and the new jockstraps they have come out with. I prefer to see a man in the old fashioned jock with the actual straps around the ass. The color of underwear means a lot as well. I don’t like bright colored underwear on a man (ie; neon green/yellow/purple or pink).

  • super HOT one of my big fetishes

  • Twinks in tight, colorful little briefs are my ultimate joy. I keep a drawer full, all still in the original packaging to give as gifts to all my little chasers. I spend a small fortune on line and found the best pantie store once in Dallas. Bikinis or jock straps for the muscle jocks but twinks in briefs is my número uno.

  • Okay here it is I fuck a 23yo stud Latino ripped but not huge just good tone could see every muscle. He was wearing ass less underwear not a kick strap just those underwear that have a circle cut out in rear. In shape his ass perfectly and I’m an ass man. So yes in that case the underwear was a turn in but j can take it or leave it. Nice underwear that hugs and shapes a nice body and package is a fetish. But sticky baggy stand underwear is a turn off.

  • As a spanking fan, underwear plays a different role. Love dropping shorts or jeans and checking the edges of a guy’s ass by pulling back his briefs. Don’t like boxers at all…boxer briefs are okay. Briefs and skimpier are definite turn ons.

  • Underwear makes me insanely hot! There is nothing else on this planet that makes me so crazy hard.

    White briefs are definitely my favorite as well, I love seeing a hunk wearing only those and nothing else. I can’t see his dick or ass true, but I can see their outlines/bulges. That is way hotter than anything.

    Yes, I’ll admit it. I still like to smell a guys dirty briefs. My dick instantly hardens like a rock. The scent of a man’s hard work is amazing.

    I once saw my friend’s dad walk around in his briefs. He is hot. Tanned, toned, and he filled them nicely. I was 17, and I still think about it. I stole them from his hamper and smelled them everytime I would jacked off….which is a lot.

    Damn just typing that story out gets me! I gotta relieve myself now.

  • YES, love underware! My thing is guys in boxers. There’s just something about a dude in boxers or boxer briefs that is sooo hot. I guess its the fact that boxers are definitely manly and I get turned on by everything masculine. And they remind me of regular str8 dudes. I actually like to keep my boxers on while i stroke, and sometimes during sex.

  • I like different kinds of underwear but only look good in briefs and bikinis or trunks. Jock straps and GStrings are too weird on me so I stay away from them unless my guys prefer me wearing them. White briefs are the ultimate American male trademark. I had the first pairs at 5th grade in my country and before that never wore so called underwears not even as a kid. Some people like to show off their trunks by not wearing undies but I have to wear them since I’m a GROWER and tend to leak when excited. I have a fantasy of wearing white old briefs then getting ripped apart by my lover and fucked hard through clothing. A little flashback to high school wedgie turns me on too. LoL

  • i love low rise well fitted clavin kliens .. and some of these new swimwear which almost fit like underwear.. check my profile [2pack] to see me in my hugo boss and clavin kliens.. love all kinds of fashion boxer briefs/trunks.. and they definitely feel and look hot..

  • nothing like a man in tighty whities, i still dont get that whole butt floss thing though LOL

  • Lol I totally agree underwear of all kinds are hot
    From plain to designer kind are F@$?ing HOT!!!!!!!!
    But watching a guy mainly undress is so hot to see what kind of underwear he’s sporting but I HATE to see a hot guy going commando that is just disgusting

  • matter of the guy wearing em. like the one in the main picture for this post. all fur, and most any underwear would look great on him. smooth? not sure, most cases maybe jocks if well toned.

  • Men in mens’ underwear (boxers, boxer briefs, briefs, jocks) can be enjoyable to look at. But it depends on the guy; no underwear (regardless of price) is going to make a man more than he is.

    Men in assless briefs or anything resembling womens’ underwear (lace, thongs, panties …. especially bras) are hard to look at. If that’s what a guy is into wearing, that’s his choice. For me personally, there’s a giant disconnect.

  • I LOVE UNDERWEAR, all of kinds really love ripping em off

  • I’m a huge fan of sexy swim & under wear. both wearing and seeing another guy(s) in them. My collection is well over a hundred of all kinds except: saggy cotton boxers & plain white briefs. All that said: I would not turn a guy down If I found him sexy not matter what he was wearing.

  • love to suck cock through underwear and it is hot and sexy

  • I like underwear some times, but I prefer a man free ballings. so when he unbuttons his pants and unzips them his cock and balls come falling out for me to enjoy.

  • I love jock straps. Have 100’s of them so I guess I’m a committed fetishist. There’s nothing more of a turn on than a well fitting jock with a bulge to die for. Found the basic 3″ Priape to be the most comfortable but a little warm in the summer.

  • I think underwear is my biggest fetish. I do not regret my days in the army, when we go to the field training exercise, especially when we go to the gym.
    Thanks for posting.

  • I love a good pair of undies! On my Man, he doesn’t own a pair of “Whitey-Tighties” but he has plenty of loose fitting boxer briefs, some with small holes in them that I love attempting to take off. It’s like foreplay when he fights me to pull his undies up. I can tell he loves it, too! There’s something about some of his loose fitting underwear when he walks around the apt. I feel like he’s asking me to pull them down! I’m all giddy just thinking about it. LOL

  • Underwear in not hot. Boxers r hot

  • I like regular white briefs. I despise boy panties from Andrew Christian etc.

  • underwear is one of those clothing items that can be both sexy and sexless at the same time.
    bikini briefs, jock straps, thongs – and many other skimpy designer styles are also very much a turn on.
    BUTT – bowers and even loose boxer briefs, shapeless and boring can also be sexy showing a hint of what’s to cum. and with the right man, (sorry guys) sucking his covered crotch and making it grow until it pops out at you – well, yeah – dirty and exciting!
    and yes – they hold the aroma, the essence of the man – and is there truly a better aroma than your man’s sweaty balls?


  • ?I think I love underwear because it holds, hides and protects the one thing I love the most on the planet, a dick!” If that’s true you live a sad unfulfilled life. And since you didn’t add “lol” I can only assume you were serious. Seek help. Oh and you didn’t need to sprinkle “lol” throughout your post, we get jest and humor. It’s like a laugh track on a sitcom, not really needed.

  • I’ve always worn tighty whities. I like the way it shows my cock and when it gets hard you can see the outline of my cockhead. I love to be seen in them and I love to be stoked while wearing them. It’s also hot when they are pulled down below my balls when I have a big load and I get sucked off by a warm mouth. At the gym I’ve had my brief stolen when I was showering and while showering. Also, I had my tighty whities hanging over the partition and the guy in the next shower stahl smelled them thinking I didn’t see him doing it. I’m marriedathlete on this site.

  • The only kind of underwear that I personally have tried and don’t like wearing are boxers. I just don’t like the feel of them. I think it is fine when others wear then, it can look hot, but I personally am not a fan of them for me. Otherwise, there really isn’t any underwear that I really don’t like. I think G-strings and T-strings leave too little to the imagination, but they are still fun. I think what makes tighty whiteys and briefs so appealing is the imagination, what is under them, and the give you such a nice outline that you can imagine your life away with them.

  • Meh.

    Seeing underwear on someone does not do it for me one way or another. Just take it off.

    I do enjoy wearing it myself – under my outerwear. It gives me confidence. I know no one sees it but it makes me feel better about myself. I would not wear Target underwear under any circumstance. I would rather wear none.

  • So glad to know that I am not ALONE when is cums to seeing men in their underwear. Huge fan of men wearing boxer briefs … And love seeing a variety of colors being worn as well. A nicely built hairy man in boxer briefs makes me rock hard immediately!

  • I love a guy in a lace up thong or jockstrap.

  • Love guys in yfront cotton white, like the colors to ,not so much into the guys wearing the boxer briefs but they are ok to. Boxers should be done away with such a turn off and never attrative,Most of the medical comunity say it is better that guys where briefs the boxers simply for the support of the testicles,gavity cand take its toll and infection, and harm can occure at least this is my opion from what I have read, so I love all guys and its sometimes a turn on when the guys are in briefs.

  • I love a man who has a nice ass in briefs. It turns me on so much.

  • full time in panties here

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