1 Aug 2014

Hot or Not : Zac Efron

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zac efron shirtless


Some of you like him, some don’t, but I think Zac Efron is getting better and better with age. He is now a grown up man. With the 5 o’clock beard, the treasure trail and the muscles, I think he looks kinda hot. I would not kick him out of bed!

I was even able to find his cock pic online, he seem well hung too:)

What do you think? Do you find him hot or not?


(Zac’ cock pic after the jump)


135 comments for Hot or Not : Zac Efron

  • What’s not to like? Dick size wouldn’t even come into play..

  • fuck yeah, like a fine malt whiskey…better with age

  • I would not kick him out of bed either. He is one hot motherfucker. Even if he had a small dick, I guess I will be the top. My type of man. I’d love to keep trying to get pregnant from him

  • I’ve always thought he was hot. Now he’s hotter because he’s looking more mature.

  • fuck yeah, like a fine malt whiskey…better with age (bares repeating)

  • I think that we all know where you stand just from the title! Hot or Now. Freudian slip? LOL

    I agree he is getting better with age. Definitely wouldn’t kick him out of bed.

    I would love to have him in my bed.

  • Zac does continue to get hotter and hotter as he ages. In fact he’s my one ‘freebie’ (sexual escapade) agreement I have with my partner. And, I would kick him out of bed…on to the floor where there’s more room! ; )

  • He’s smokin hot! And he’s a great dancer too, loved him in Hairspray!!


  • Hot hot hot!!!
    I would defiantly let him fuck me
    Is bury my face in that hot ass, suck his dick the ride him all day while looking into his beautiful blue eyes.
    And he seems to be a decent kid, unlike Justin Bieber, although I’d let him fuck me too as long as I didn’t have to talk to him lol
    ( come on, most or you would either ride his cock or bend him over, you know it)
    Anyway. I’d let Zac do anything he wanted to me

  • Very hot!!

  • I agree he’s maturing more into a hunk, but there seems to be something in his eyes like, I don’t know, Down’s syndrome. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s an imperfection.

  • Hell yes! He’s turned into such a hottie! Great body!

  • Since he currently professes to be straight, any thoughts of wanting to jump his hot body are as disrespectful as a bunch of Christians in a Mexican restaurant in the South wanting a couple ejected from the establishment for being gay. Sexuality is respected or it isn’t. You can’t have it both ways, folks.

  • “I think he looks kinda hot”. What planet are you from ? He’s smoking hot.

  • I think like you he has gotten hotter the older he gets. As long as he stays clean and away from the booze and drugs he’s on my top 10 list for sure.

  • High School Musical: Uncut

  • Yeah he is hot

  • Smoking HOTTTTTT!!!!

  • Definitely hot, I would wreck his hole, than tell him he’s mine and show him that I will make him complete and make him feel full when he’s with me and empty when I’m not around

  • im glad this is being brought up, i say not, he has aged to look 40 years old, when only a few years ago he was doing a movie where he was 17, young is hot and fresh and old is used up and after all there is no country for old men

  • :)

  • fuck yeah!

  • Not

  • Very hot. I want him in bed, but only if it’s safe versatile play. And at least 6 hours of together time.

  • I think Zac Afron is so fucken fine as wine he gets way better with age. If I had a men like him I wouldn’t have to cheat on my man.

  • Fucking HOT!!!!!!

  • I think he is a hot sexy young man. I would not kick him out of bed either. Love the happy trail.

  • Zac Efron is HOT!!

  • H O T !!! He has gotten even better over the years


  • I sure as hell wouldn’t kick him out of bed. He is getting better looking as he gets older.

  • I have to agree with you Dave, he is getting hotter all the time. i wouldn’t kick him out of bed either…

  • definitely hot.

  • Yep, as hot as it gets. gotta give it to him.

  • Sexiest man alive! Reminds me of a young Rob Lowe.

  • That cock photo is photoshopped.

  • Dang,
    Thought he was hot on Bear Grylls, this is even HOTTER!

  • I definitely think he is hot. He is charming, cool, and has a killer smile! If he were my step-brother, I would definitely be having some dirty thoughts :P

  • OMG he is soo fucking hot I love that he now has chest hair and shows it off I’d let his have his way with me any place he wanted

  • Word is that those cock pics are photoshopped. He is a hunk none the less.

  • Are you kidding me? He’s hotter than shit! I’d fuck him all night long, for sure!

  • hate these questions, no one should be held up randomly to see how many people will say how ugly he is

  • Very nice bod. Wish I could get him in my bed. Nice cock pics. Wonder how it would feel my my mouth and down my throat while given me his load

  • With Zac, it’s always been sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.

  • Had to delete like 5 comments of guys saying stuff like ” yo u should proof read your blog if you can’t write blabla”

    Guys when there’s a mistake just send me a little nice note, saying ” hey Dave you did a spelling mistake” or something like that…


  • I’ll pass on him. he’s like your average white guy you see everyday walking down the street. average is boring so I’ll pass on him..

  • C’mon . . . he’s straight. Onto another topic. Sad and fruitless fantasizing. Let’s move on.

  • He seem well hung…

  • Yup, he’s a doll!!

  • Actually his cock is online and it looks more than average…long story short…he’s hot

  • I think he is good looking but he knows it. That ruins it for me, and now that he is back from rehab (Promises I only Imagine) all is forgiven.

  • I have always thought there was something a bit insubstantial about him like the outside looks good but there is nothing inside. that makes him less attractive to me

  • he is hot hot hot

  • Well he is handsome yes but he is not the best looking guy I have ever seen to be honest.

  • I wouldn’t even care if his cock was small. I want to lick every last inch of him, then slide in :-)

  • I am glad this site is free. The censorship of this blog would make it worthless. You asked for us to come up with ideas and many of us posted our comments. We stated that more serious topics could be address then HOT OR NOW( Not). Seems like our voices was unheard and disrespected. Yet you still censor our opinions.

  • Definitely hot.

    By the way, this is a fake picture. It was proven to have been altered by Photoshop. You can find the original picture & article online.

  • His body is no different than me or my boyfriend’s, but he is hotttt. I would ride him.

  • Hot man wouldn’t kick him out of my bed.

  • Hot first of all. I don’t think he has down’s syndrome as someone posted earlier. Seems he’s owning his hotness a little more as he ages and all I can say is he no longer sends up jail bait or inexperienced messages but that he’s asserting himself and that is where I think the new turn on direction begins. I could call him Mr Effron now without thinking of him being not yet mature. He’s handling his Disney boy to manhood transition well without any big stumbles. I haven’t seen Neighbors yet but his other recent work has been refreshing. Zac Effron is Mr Nice Naughty.

  • HOT as hell!!!
    Always has been since his High School Musical days…
    …but even hotter as he matures.

  • Hell yeah he’s hot. I would fuck him or have him fuck me

  • Meh. He was cute pre-rehab. Now he’s got that “Jan Michael-Vincent” thing going on.

  • This is why gay men are such piglets….love the one you’re with and quit idol worshipping. The gay community is a mess….HELLO !!!

  • Oh hell yes !! Very hot !!

    By the way Dave Your doing just fine.

  • whats there not to like!!!!


  • oh hell YES HOTTTT

  • Very hot! Has been for a while and still looks great. As for Hunter’s comment…please go sing in your church choir and pretend to be straight some more. Your comment was just as worthless.

  • Yes is a very nice body, sure lots of work and other things legal or illegal go into that, cock pics are questionable, that nice a bod does not have usually have that nice a cock, if he were very romantic then then we might talk, just wanting a BJ then keep looking depending on if he could even get it up,

  • I have been enjoying him since “High School” and before. He has been getting better with age.

  • Hey guys that say the dick is photoshopped. U can see the same images on google search zac efron cock pictures and you can find the pics

  • I think he’s hot as fuck. I’ve had so many dreams about having all;) of him
    There’s no way I would kick him out of bed I’d only kick him out if he wanted to fuck my ass;)
    I’d take all of his cock deep throat and all in ass. And I’d worship he sexy body and cock. I’d be his sex Slave if he wanted me to

  • HOT AS HELL!!!

  • Oh, I agree. Heck the only reason I would kick him out of bed would be if I thought he would get his freak on better on the floor.

  • Definitely hot! I’d so do him any way he wants (or I can get him to do). He has a problem with coke and X so I’ve heard. Definitely a gay boy!

  • Suffice it so say my tongue would be so far into his ass – he’d think it was a medical procedure.

  • He is hot! And keeps getting hotter…

    I wouldn’t kick him out of bed…. Unless, he wanted to fuck in the floor…

  • I think he is getting better and better, only wish he was right here with me! I would worship that body and dick and do his bidding… he makes me hard, and ready!

  • He doesnt do it for me

  • Super Hot!!!

  • He should be the next Superman.

  • Enjoyed his episode on “Running Wild With Bear Grylis” Zac seemed down to earth. His shirtless scenes were pretty hot.

  • Great body when he doesn’t shave his chest but his face looks like it belongs on a redneck girl named Cassidy.

  • I gotta admit he’s really getting hot, I wouldn’t say the same when he was in the pretty boy phase in his late teens-early 20’s…he was like a JB look-alike imo.

    I also feel sorry/embarrassed for that picture…it’s bad enough being famous means being followed everywhere(EVERYWHERE!) but even taking a pic of his dick for the rest of the world to see? not cool man, definitely not cool.

  • Zac, was always hot and now that he older he super hot .

  • Plus I would love to see how hot he can be and see that hot ass as well

  • He looks uncut kinda

  • Never found him attractive, way too girly-looking…. though, that dick-size does make me reconsider.

  • not hot at all. he looks plastic. pass.

  • I don’t know why guys shave chest/arm pit hair. Look at one picture and you see how hair and then the next one, plenty.

  • He’s hot, I heard he has repetitive problems with alcohol and drugs addiction.

  • Smokin Hot…..showing off that buff body yum. Was on TV last nite.. Must see shirtless pic whoa

  • He is definitely hot of course. Aside from his looks he seems like a humble, funny and sweet guy.

  • If there is a man I would like to kick back and smile at me while I spend a day on his cock. Look at me with those blue eyes it would be Zac. Would love to make him glad he has a cock and balls that need and deserve good long workouts for hours and days. Exhaust him form shooting so many loads he would pass out in my bed. So I could hold and caress him.
    Male worship at its finest.

  • played out and not hot

  • Hey Zach……call me! ;-)

  • Generic white guy, nothing special, pass.

  • Zach should be voted sexiest man alive. Muscles good looking, fantastic smile just all around delicious to lick head chest abs to cock and balls.

  • Come on guys he’s straight. Might as well be lusting after a woman. HE DOES NOT WANT YOU. Leave the man alone and wtf. Taking pics when the man us trying to get dressed. No wonder we get a bad wrap. Grow up.

  • That’s photoshopped. He had shorts and was holding a towel. Theres actually another pic of him but im not sure if that one was real or not

  • How could this even be a question?!?! Hot as hell!!

  • definitely hot of course

  • NOT!!!!!!! His attitude makes him highly unattractive, so pretty on the outside, so ugly on the inside!!!!!!!. Nothing else can be said to his benfit.

  • HOT! A few years ago he was a bit young and I felt like a perv looking at him. Now he’s all man baby!

  • Always thought he was hot n still is!

  • He is a bit of a hottie. He has gotten hotter as he has gotten older, well, as he has matured, I should say. Although, I do think he is a bit overrated, as to some degree, he just looks like another movie star with a personal trainer. But that certainly wouldn’t stop me from spending the night with him, lol.

  • He is a bit of a hottie. He has gotten hotter as he has gotten older, well, as he has matured, I should say. Although, I do think he is a bit overrated, as to some degree, he just looks like another movie star with a personal trainer. But that certainly wouldn’t stop me from spending the night with him, lol.

  • I liked the “Now” typo better. =)

  • He is HOT AS FUCK!!!

  • Zac is very hot! His physique is pretty much what I’m work out for. It’s between him and Marc Fitt.

  • According to James Franco, Zac Efron is dating his younger brother David Franco. So much for him being straight. Check out James Franco on Facebook, you’ll see it there. So yeah, as a member of the Gay Tribe, I find him Hot!

  • I think he has it all, not only getting hotter with age but a great dancer and is making the transition from a teen heart throb to a adult without all the mess most other teens seem to get into. I would never kick him out of bed Shoot, I’d never LET him OUT of my bed.

  • He does absolutely nothing for me either way.
    I don’t find him HOT nor do I find him NOW, uh oops i mean NOT.
    He lives near me and my best friends 12 year old niece *follows him around town, knocks on his condo door and gives him gifts she makes for him. One might think it would drive him insane but I’m told he’s quite a good sport about it. *(my friend drives the kid around)

    I think showing the pics of him nude is a bit out of line.
    Yes, we’ve all seen them, but you can tell by his expression that he isn’t flaunting himself and his privacy is totally being invaded. I also think that asking the HOT or NOW-er, NOT question about him is really bubble gum juvenile for this site. I mean come on, if you’re asking this question to an obsessed 12 year old, that’s one thing, but this is an adult site. Let’s stay on topic.
    And last but not least, to the blogger. If you can’t laugh at your own dumb mistake, then ask someone else to proof read for you, pay better attention as you write, OR just stop writing and find a new hobby.
    The other poster’s comment about censoring this blog is right on. If you can’t handle the comments, then don’t ask us for comments. It’s just that simple. Censorship, -Especially about a non-issue such as your spelling mistakes, makes you look like an amateur.
    Personally I think you should find a new hobby. But that’s just one person’s opinion, so don’t get butt hurt, Mary.

  • He certainly has cone a long way from teen heart throb to my cock throb.
    Lets see… looks… great body… and now that cock… yeah not somwone wanyone would want…

  • Sorry for typos. . typing on phone and kinda groggy

  • He’s definitely grown into the potential he showed when he was younger. Since he does say that he’s straight, I’m not about to hit on him. I can certainly drool away and wouldn’t kick him out of my bed if he ended up there.

    As for those who suggested it’s disrespectful. Stars know that they’ve got a following if they’re popular. As long as you are respectful and accept no means no, and don’t stalk them, who cares what you do in your imagination.

  • hot

  • Just watched “The Paperboy” on Netflix over the weekend. It is set in the early 1980s. Several scenes of him in his tighty (not so tight) whities, and some tight shorts and shirtless. I have thought he is def hotty since HSM. I could stare into his eyes all day!!

  • He’s okay, but not really my type. Still, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, as long as he was a top.

  • He is def. hot not.questions about.it he is like my dream boyfriend:)

  • Ive said it before, and I don’t mind saying it again…if I wasn’t already Gay, this is one guy who would seriously tempt me to cross any number of “well defined lines” :P scuz me, I have to go masturbate now.

  • He’s got amazing eyebrows (like me) and those sexy, blue bedroom eyes (mine are green). So, yeah, he’s got a cute pretty-boy face. Everything from the neck down can be had by going to the gym. Of course, I’d still love to wrestle him for ‘top’ and probably win. He’s hawwwwt! ;)

  • very breedable hot boy

  • I’d drink his bath water…

  • Absolutely SMOKING HOT since the says of H/igh school musical, him, and all his co-horts !!!!!!

  • Don’t really care either way….

  • Citing that’s he is, of course, gay is one of those ridiculous wish fulfillment things that straights hate us for; sorry, not buying it: Zac’s hetero. (And it you want to insist on it just because James Franco said so, let’s have a look at how much fun Franco is having teasing the world with the “is he or isn’t he” rep he’s built for himself; claiming Efron is dating his brother is just part of his plan to keep us talking about him … James, that is.)

  • He has to be one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen. Plain and simple. Perfection.

  • I would for not kick this hot man out of my bed. Before he goes I want to eat his squeky clean ass which will make his cock stone hard so he can fuck my nice wet and warm mouth fuck!!!

  • Ges hot as hell

  • He is generally not my type, but he with a ripped body like his, that’s nice to see. However, I will definitely say that it is hot to see what underwear he is wearing. Now, that always gets my juices flowing. Seeing the underwear on a good looking guy! Woof!

  • Utterly and totally hot, are you kiddin’ me??

  • Fuckin Sexy Hot! >:-)

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