27 Aug 2014

Music : Kiesza – Giant In My Heart

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I discovered Kiesza few months ago, her voice got my attention the first time I heard her in my car. I even took a picture of my Sirius radio board with my phone to remember her name. In my opinion, she sounds fantastic. I hear the 80s, the 90s and the 2000’s in her music. It is fresh yet very “vintage”.

Listen to her amazing track “Giant In My Heart” below and let me know her thoughts. The music video is very “touching” too.

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12 comments for Music : Kiesza – Giant In My Heart

  • more fly by night bullshit

  • Check out her remake of What is Love – Haddaway – its something HOT!!

  • I downloaded this EP a few weeks ago. Very reminiscent of Cathy Dennis. In a good way.

  • She’s great.She fits right in as a “Gay Diva”model, promoted by the supposed holders of the Gay Brand.

    Like most new “fabulous artists”, the jury, is out, of course, as to whether she has unique talent that can produce multiple albums over multiple years. Don’t get me wrong, her music demonstrated in this post is “right up there!” We just need to see where she goes.

  • I just love her. The video has an interesting story and was done well. I hope this chick gets bigger, she really is something special

  • I thought she had a hot song called, “Hideaway” she also covered Haddaway!? Lol

  • Sorry if I offend, but I think she sounds like a talentless and whiney bitch. What the hell is “wooow, do-do-do-dit-now?” Seriously? Everything is an immediate volume explosion followed by some crazy syllable. Oooooh, a heartfelt break of whispering garble, followed by…yup, do-di-dit-know. It’s like a” what?…”so give me….tykamontay….” what the hell?
    I would definitely ask for my money back at this club!!!!

  • Repeating the 80s, 90s, and 2000s is not fresh. It’s an ersatz of an ersatz.

  • Awesome song

  • I don’t get it. When did people start mistaking volume for talent? This is just more generic over-produced caterwauling, in my opinion.

  • Kieza gave my gay ass heart it’s soul back!
    I love men with soul! U all who left comments. I LOVE U ALREADY!

  • Luv it reminds dance music like some robin s or lady gaga

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