7 Feb 2016

Health : This Can Definitely Help You Be More Happy!

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Have you been procrastinating for a long time? Thinking “oh, it’s too hard” or “It will never happen” ? I have a tendency to do that too. In many things: In love, at work, at home, with friends…. All my life I dreamed of singing professionally, been taking singing lessons for more than 15 years now, took piano lessons.

2016 is the year that I decided to really focus on this dream that I had all my life. I’m recording an EP (short album) that I will put on iTunes and see where it will bring me. I started working on it already with talented musicians and producers and I can’t wait to hear the final result, hopefully before the end of the year! I will gladly share it here when it is ready to come out.

It makes me feel alive to work on this project. I’m happy that this will finally happen! Sometimes we don’t realize that when we push things aside, it can affect how we are feeling and our level of happiness.  And working on projects we like, can definitely help us gain back the smile that was stolen by our everyday life.

Have a good Sunday guys :)



3 Feb 2016

A4A : Searching For A Playmate

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If you are searching for a potential playmate you will often search for one with characteristics and desires similar to yours. However, sometimes you may want a playmate that is distinctly different because you want a new adventure with a fresh charge of sexual energy!

Many A4A members state their specific preferences while others leave much of their profile vacant suggesting the unknowns may discourage lengthy texting for basic information. Unknowns can be intriguing—or may not be worth the effort. Some guys don’t mind having conversation for long periods of time while others may want to get to a conclusive point of interest—or disinterest—with a minimum amount of time consumed.

22 Jan 2016

A4A : How To Remove Ads On Adam4Adam?

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Many users have suggested that A4A should offer an option to switch ads on or off. Well since Monday VIP and Pro users have the option to do so. In MY ACCOUNT  page under the VIP features, you can see 2 switches, one for mobile and one for desktop. Simply press on the button to turn it off or on.

Adam4Adam listens to its member. You asked, you get. Simply visit the VIP ACCESS page and upgrade your account to VIP or Pro in order to be able to use this feature.

Thanks to every users who support A4A and believe that it is a great product. Know that the money you spend to support A4A pays for many things : developers, designers, programmers, servers, support team and more! Special thanks to members who also register as VIP or Pro simply to help us, that’s greatly appreciated, you know who you are. <3

Have a great day!


20 Jan 2016

Speak Out : Explicit Profile Descriptions

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(This post was written by a member of A4A. If you wish to send a blog post, send it to blog at adam4adam.com)

Some profiles on A4A sometimes leave nothing to the imagination of the surfer when explicit descriptions of sexual desires and practices are stated! Some Profiles provide details that state exactly what is desired and required for a playmate to be acceptable to the Profile’s owner.   In these cases, the sexual adventure should not have many surpriseseven when a position or technique is suddenly activated.

One A4A profile states that the twentysomething owner is “a nasty cum pig, uninhibited, and looking to party with lots of cum spread about in hot asses.” He also wants to be bred repeatedly bareback! He is into older guys with big cocks that can shoot big loads—emphasizes BIG LOADS with deep penetration. He is a proponent of drug use and is HIV positive. Somehow, he failed to suggest whether he would swallow cum loads or expect his playmate to do so. But he will expect his playmate to host. So now, you have a hookup that doesn’t go past a slam, bam mental picture and will probably want it during his brief lunch time.

19 Jan 2016

A4A : Advertise Your Service On A4A!

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Did you know that you can advertise your services on A4A? Whether you are a masseur, photographer, personal trainer, houseboy, dancer or another professional, you can advertise it on A4A. How? It is simple.

Visit our VIP ACCESS page where you can register in order to be able to start announcing your service. Simply select “1 Month VIP ACCESS + ProAd” or  “3 Month VIP ACCESS + ProAd” and upgrade your account to a PRO. After that, you can simply create your ad and the next thing you know, clients will be knocking at your door.

If you are a member who need one of these professionals, click on “PROS” on the left-hand side menu of the website to see all the PROS in your city. You can also view other PROS in other cities by changing the city on top of that page.

I always like to encourage my people before others, I found my masseur on A4A and he is very good, so check it out!