7 Apr 2015

A4A : Suggestions For The Blog?

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Hey guys,

I would like to get your suggestions. I have created this blog 5 years ago and sometimes it is hard to get new ideas for posts and always be fresh and relevant. Do you have any suggestions? Any opinions you would like to have from other members? Any “hot or not” suggestions? Any porn stars you would like me to interview? Do you have any sex stories you would like me to post on the blog? Would you like to submit your profile as a member of the week? Would you like to share with other members something important that happened to you recently? Would you like to see more porn? More videos?More A4A members? Please write your suggestions in the comment section below and send your text or profile submission to blog@adam4adam.com ! Would you like contests?

I was thinking about having a page with all the access and promo to porn sites, would you like that?

Dont forget to follow us on Facebook for all the latest news and announcements, hot pics and porn videos are on Twitter and Tumblr and we are also on Instagram at Adam4Adam_official

Have a great week guys and thank you so much:)


22 Mar 2015

A4A : Your Profile & Sexual Interests

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(Photo: Randy Blue)

Males who establish profiles on Adam4Adam have desires for sexual contact with other males! Therefore, assume physical contact is important in the quest to establish relationships between males on this site. Whether males are str8, bisexual or gay is not subject to debate in profiles. The basic intent is for sexual contact between two or more males who are attracted to each other—emphasis on “attracted!”

Your sexual desires, interests, and practices should be stated in your profile, and elaborated on in later communications with your potential playmate. Some males want very passionate encounters while others are more reserved and even avoid kissing—although the lips have erotic appeal to many. Whether to take cum into your mouth may be a turnoff to YOU, other males may find it very appealing. Although safe sex practices are advocated, it may not occur between monogamous partners.

19 Mar 2015

A4A : To Block Or To Respond – Civil Behavior

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The Adam4Adam site does not sensor the behavior of its subscribers regarding civility! Some subscribers respond cordially—whether or not they are interested in the person who is inquiring. Other subscribers respond in a caustic, negative way as if insulted that the inquiring party would even suggest a liaison. Sometimes the only response from a negative person is to BLOCK the inquirer’s profile. That brings us to the matter of civil behavior.

Cordiality is part of being human—not an animal! (Are we more sensitive in the way we speak to our pets than we are to humans?) When you are NOT interested in the inquiring profile at least respond politely with 1) “No Thanks;” 2) “I am not interested;” OR 3) “I don’t believe we are a match.” The fact that you are still an anonymous person should not allow you to be rude and insensitive to other persons. Blocking profiles should be applied sparingly as a last resort.

7 Mar 2015

A4A : A4A Is Social!

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Hey guys, I just want to remind you that we are on most of your favourite social media : Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram. Make sure to add us in your favorites!

Twitter  :

We use Twitter to keep you posted on everything that concerns Adam4Adam. Problems with the site or app, new options, announcements etc. We also show you hot NSFW photos, GIF and new scenes and photos from your favourite porn sites, which we can’t do on Facebook or Instagram. Direct access to our Twitter page is Twitter.com/Adam4Adam

Facebook :

On Facebook we have to be G Rated. So no porn, no cock/ass pic … Facebook don’t even tolerate pubic hair. But we always post sexy pictures of hot men in underwear or swimsuit and we certainly keep you posted on everything on Facebook as well (Announcement, problems etc). You can now also have a direct access to our website or app from our Facebook page! Simply click on Sign Up on the top of the page and you will be redirected on Adam4Adam! (see below). Visit our Facebook page at Facebook.com/Adam4AdamOfficial

6 Mar 2015

Health : Negative On PrEP – Positive Undetectable

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Hey guys, below is a comment we received few days ago when we announced that A4A was now offering “HIV negative on PrEP” as an option in your profile’s sero status. We thought about sharing it with you guys as a great piece of information. If you have any questions or comments, please add them below, I will try to get them answered. By posting this comment, I want people to understand more about HIV and how undetectable guys that are very careful with their medication are not to be scared of. I am not saying “let’s fuck bareback with random people even though they are poz!!!”, I’m saying that poz guys that are undetectable are wayyyy more safe than someone sexually active who got tested 2 months ago who wants to fuck you bareback. PLEASE use condom when you have sex though, because there are other STDs out there and some of them ARE VERY DANGEROUS! Now read the comment we received below:


“Before anything else, I am an MD. 

The irony of this whole thing is that because of research findings of 0 transmission from undetectable patients even through unprotected sex, you actually have greater odds of getting HIV even from a person (maybe even with a condom on) who tested negative today (unless it was the PCR RNA viral load method: the same one that indicates real-time undetectable viral loads) than from having unprotected sex with a positive person on meds with undetectable load. Testing negative for HIV using the ELISA method (which is what most people get) only means you tested negative for the HIV antibody proteins, which takes an average of 3 months for most people to develop titers high enough of to be detected. That means your negative test today only indicates that you PROBABLY did not have the virus 3 MONTHS AGO, not today. So unless you absolutely had no sexual contact with anybody (not even oral) for the last 6 months (the maximum time in the window period), you are not guaranteed that you do not have HIV in your system right this moment even with a negative ELISA test today. And that only goes for the ones who got tested TODAY. There are much more who do not get tested regularly, if at all.”

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