8 Oct 2015

Watch This : How Not to Interview an HIV-Positive Person

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Last week The View’s Candace Cameron Bure (formerly of Full House) and Raven-Symoné (once of The Cosby Show) sat down with former Who’s The Boss? child star Danny Pintauro, who recently opened up to Oprah Winfrey about his HIV-positive status. The interview was cringeworthy from beginning to end. Whether it was Symoné’s assertion that there are “different ways to catch AIDS” or Bure’s decision to ask Danny if he takes “responsibility for his promiscuous behavior or even Danny’s relatively new role as an HIV-positive advocate, the interview was a train wreck.

The truth is, almost every single question that Danny was asked served as an example of what not to ask a person who just revealed their HIV-positive status. And in the hope that Bure and Symoné can pinch off five minutes from watching reruns of their glory days to read this, let’s correct their horrendous line of inquiries, piece by piece.

6 Oct 2015

A4A : Radar Android App Is Backkkkk!!!

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Do you know a hookup App that has 9 million members? On which you can start a conversation on your mobile, continue in the subway on your tablet and carry on the conversation on your desktop when you get home? On which you can see as many members as you want on the grid? Browse quickly by swiping left to right between profiles for free? In which you can get up to 6 photos in your profile for free? Unlock full size photo album for free? Search by ethnicity, age, dick size, sexual role and many more for free? See EVERYONE who visited your profile for free? Delete your trace if you wish to remain anonymous after visiting a profile, for free…. And I could continue on and on and on…

Many of our users will be happy to learn that our Android App is back on Google Play after a small hiatus! We had a little problem with the previous App and now, we are back, stronger than ever! Simply download it by clicking here.

IOS users (iPhone/iPad), you can download or update your App by clicking here!



22 Sep 2015

Speak Out : Gay Apps And Meat Market

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We all know that all the gay hookup/dating apps are increasingly popular in the world. Why? Because it facilitates contacts between gay men and this is how we communicate in 2015.

But you will probably agree that there is a difference between spending time on these apps to meet guys and spending hours and hours searching for cock pics and talking about sex. Social media got very popular on the planet but while Facebook requires a sense of transparency and accountability, sex apps allow us to operate under the guise of anonymity. Making us a bit like sex zombies without human interactions where users are like players of a sex game. Vulgarity, rudeness and spontaneity has become normality. 

21 Sep 2015

A4A : Updated Profile Pictures

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Hey guys, hope you all had a great weekend?! Today’s post was written because of an experience I had this weekend. For few weeks I’ve been chatting with a guy, we traded pictures, called each other, talked about everything, from what we like, our friends, family and dreams. The connection was great from both sides. This weekend was out first date.

Friday night, I made a reservation for dinner with my date, so he got to my place first for a glass of wine. The door opened…. pwa pwa pwaaaaaaaa….. He was not the same guy! Shorter, older, skinnier. Why? Why hide who you are? Why lie about your height, weight and age? Why sending pictures that are from 10 years ago? Why send photoshopped picture? 

5 Sep 2015

A4A : Labor Day Weekend

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Hey guys, I am in Provincetown this weekend like I mentioned before. I will take few days off and will be back Tuesday on the blog. You can follow A4A accounts on social media, I will be a bit more active on this side showing you photos of Ptown and hot guys!

Here are the links:

Instagram Adam4Adam_official



If you are in Ptown, feel free to connect on social media, I’d love to meet some of you guys!

Have a good long weekend!


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