21 Aug 2015

A4A : Are You On Social Media?

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Kiev, Ukraine - August 26, 2013 - A collection of well-known social media brands printed on paper and placed on plastic signs. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Tumblr logos.

Hey guys, I hope you are having a great day so far, it’s Friday, last day of the week before the weekend, yeahhhh!

Today, I’d like to ask you all if you are using social media? I also would like to know which social media is your favorite? Are you more often on Facebook? Do you prefer using Instagram and browsing photos? Do you use social media to watch porn and jerk-off? (Twitter/Tumblr). Do you use Google+ to stay connected with your friends and family? I want to know what social media you are using for what? (Family, friends, fuckbuddy, porn, etc)

16 Aug 2015

Travel : Happy Pride Montreal!!!

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Hi guys, I hope you are all having an amazing weekend! You all know that A4A is located in Montreal and this week was Pride in Montreal. Today is the last day, the Parade and the famous T-Dance at Park Emilie Gamelin. If you are in town, let me know, I will make sure to dance with you and celebrate!

Now, I have to get ready for the T-Dance, I need to find myself something to wear! #GayBoyProblem

Happy pride Montreal!


24 Jul 2015

A4A : What’s Your Opinion On This And This?

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(Photos : Copyright Lucas F Photo)

Hey guys, it’s the weekend, yay! I hope you all had a great week?!

Many of you know that I was in NYC few weeks ago to shoot with the amazing Lucas F, one of my favorite photographers and I finally received the photos yesterday. I have to tell you that I am very happy with the result. I think Lucas is very talented and I also worked hard too to be top shape for the shoot, so I wanted to share the photos with you guys!

To see the photos, you simply have to go on my personal Instagram Account or on A4A Instagram Account, I will post one or two photos on both pages, every day. Follow me and A4A on Instagram and I will follow you back for sure! So check the photos that are posted right now and let me know if you like them – or not. Some friends mentioned to me that I am not smiling enough on the photos… I agree, I think I should “smeyes” a bit more like Tara Banks says! FYI, In August, I will also shoot with Superstar photographer Pat Lee (OMG I know!!!!) and I will definitely show you those photos as well.

I also want to know if you would like me to post Fitness and Nutrition Tips once a week on A4A blog? With all my hard work, I learned a lot of things and would definitely like to share my nutrition and fitness tips with you and answer your questions here on the blog. But if you guys are not interested, I will not. Videos on how to do some moves, healthy recipes, how to track your calories, myths about some foods and many more, are all ideas I have in mind, what do you guys think? Would you like that?

So check me out on Instagram and have a great weekend!


14 Jul 2015

A4A : More than 1250 Blog Posts Later…

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Hey guys, did you know that it’s been 5 years that I blog for you almost every day? Sometimes I get help from collaborators, to get a different opinion on things or write hot sex stories and some of you even send me texts to post which I really appreciate too. Over 1250 posts were written since A4A blog was created! It’s crazy. I just can’t believe it!

I’m writing this post because I’d like to ask for your help. Sometimes I have the blank page syndrome and I’d like to know what would you like me to write about? Or what subjects would you like me to write more or less about? Check out on top of the page and mouse over all the categories and let me know which ones you like the best. Do you want to see more porn? Stories? Contests? Fashion? Fitness and nutrition tips?  STDs/HIV posts? Discussions on “Gay Stuff”?

Also everyone who wants to become a collaborator, feel free to let me know here in the comment section, I will contact you. Just make sure to include your email in the appropriate section before leaving your comment. DON’T leave your email in the comment itself coz you will get lot’s of spams.

Also please make sure that you follow A4A on social media for all the news, messages when there’s problems with website/apps, for hot pictures, hot porn offers and many more. Simply click below:





Have a wonderful day and can’t wait to read your suggestions!


10 Jun 2015

A4A : Blog Code Of Conduct

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Somewhere along the way to finding hot sexy playmates, some A4A members have veered off the road into mud-filled ditches! Why? Apparently they have decided to throw mud and be critical of their playmates and everyone else they text and blog on A4A—rather than to be friendly and cordial. Isn’t it possible to criticize one another and at the same time express cordiality? Let’s have a code of conduct that is becoming to human males—not animals or robots.


We recommend the adoption of a Code of Conduct for submitting blogs and comments. All A4A members must make a special effort to be cordial and understanding—sometimes actually complimenting each other! Therefore, the following actions/reactions are needed:

-Avoid negative, caustic responses and comments.

-You are not the presiding judge—so avoid being judgmental.

-When offering an opinion that is not in sync with the originating blogger, offer a friendly alternative viewpoint to the original statement—don’t call the originator an “idiot.

-Couch your words in a way that is friendly—not demeaning or insulting.

-If you feel too angry or irritated to respond—cool off before submitting your response.


You may find the word “some” is more friendly than “always.” You may also discover “often” can be substituted for “without exception.” Our emotions are not set in concrete! Consider alternative language when responding.

I do not believe the majority of A4A members are caustic, negative persons. Apparently, negatively-induced blogs often result from failure to consider more than one viewpoint. The very essence of our sexuality is in the emotional involvement with each other. None of us wants to have a relationship with a playmate who demeans us or calls us an idiot!

Let’s keep the blog a great place to discuss! Agree?


A4A Team

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