17 Mar 2014

A4A : Did You Know?

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Hey guys, I hope you had a great weekend!

Some of you probably don’t know, but not only Adam4Adam has an iOS app (iPhone, iPad) and Android app, but we also have the Mobile version of our website!

Adam4Adam Mobile offers all the options our desktop version offers AND your sexy photos are not censored.

As you know Apple and Android market dont authorize nudity AT ALL! Not even underwear or pubic hair or anything sexual.

That’s why our customer support who authorizes your photos has to be very punctilious! If a sexy photo is reported to Apple or Android market, our App could be forbidden for download.

All that to say that if you want to see all the xxx hot pictures from all members, you can use Adam4Adam Mobile at m.adam4adam.com using your web browser on your phone. You can even create an icon for it by clicking the arrow in the middle of your iPhone screen when you are on m.adam4adam.com and then click “Add To Home Screen”  so you can quickly access the website. (See below for pictures)

-To download the iOS App, click here using your phone!

-To dowload the Android App, click here using your phone!

-To access Adam4Adam Mobile, Click here using your phone! (m.adam4adam.com)

Happy male hunting!


5 Feb 2014

Speak Out : Uprising Of Love – For Sochi LGBT

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At this unique moment in history, when we are seeing such rapid progress in the fight for equality in the West, we cannot be blinded to appalling crimes against humanity elsewhere. Today in Russia, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people are facing harassment, arrest and violence under a set of horrific new laws. For their sake, we must come together and start an uprising of love.

Models Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown ask for your help in this new video promoting global Pride Houses. A Pride House is a place for LGBT athletes, fans, and friends to meet and enjoy international sporting events. At the previous two Olympics, there was a Pride House in the host country. This year, Russia has forbidden the establishment of a Pride House in Sochi. In response, restaurants, bars, and clubs across the country are becoming Pride Houses in solidarity with LGBT Russians and donating $1 of every drink sold between 9pm and midnight on the night of the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony to the Russia Freedom Fund.

Find participating venues here.

You can also download Uprising Of Love on iTunes, a song written and sang by Melissa Etheridge for the event. 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Russia Freedom Fund!

Check out the video and listen to a remix of the amazing song after the jump!


4 Feb 2014

Speak Out : A Drag Queen’s Powerful Speech Against Homophobia

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Irish Drag Queen Panti Bliss took to the stage of Ireland’s national theatre, the Abbey, on February 1 to deliver a powerful speech explaining the effects of homophobia and the oppressive environment antigay attitudes can foster for LGBT people

“For the last three weeks, I have been lectured to by heterosexual people about what homophobia is and about who is allowed to identify it. Straight people have lined up… to tell me what homophobia is and to tell me what I am allowed to be oppressed by,” Bliss told the audience at the Abbey. “People who have never experienced homophobia in their lives… have told me that unless I am being thrown into prison or herded onto a cattle truck then it is not homophobia. And that feels oppressive.”

Even though Bliss’s speech is nearly 11 minutes, it’s worth watching in full as she outlines the oppression of heterosexual privilege.

Let me know your thoughts!


***Guys don’t forget that tonight (at 1am) the site will be down for maintenance until 7am tomorrow morning.***

(watch the video after the jump)

4 Feb 2014

A4A : We Will Go Down For Maintenance…

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Sorry guy, we will be going down for a little while Wednesday Feb 5th from 1am – 7am EST so our Service Provider can upgrade their network. We will be back all bright eyed and bushy tailed in time for breakfast.

So tonight, at 1am, until 7am (when you wakeup for work tomorrow!)


21 Jan 2014

A4A : Adam4Adam Apparel

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Hey guys !

Since we opened A4A over 10 years ago, some of you have been asking us for A4A products with logo, t-shirts, hoodies and more…

For all of you, we created the A4A apparel store!

Many designs have been put on the market last year and some new ones we added recently. Some of them are “logo” items but we also have cool items like the “Chest T-shirt” or the “Versatile Muscle Tee” (Top and Bottom also available…)

The prices are very reasonnable and the quality is very good as well!

New designs will be shown on this blog, on our facebook page and on twitter as soon as they come out!

Please tell us which one is your favorite and happy shopping!

(Click here to access the apparel store)


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