30 Oct 2014

A4A : Check Out Our New Redesigned Website

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Hey guys, we are pleased to present a NEW version of Adam4Adam. We’ve made many improvements to offer you a better experience. We hope with time you will get accustomed to the updated look and improvements. Here are some things you have to keep in mind with the new version of the website:

1. Everything is where it was: all the buttons and sections are at the same place.
2. The account home page now has a preview of your profile and you can edit/upload pics from the buttons there.
3. Blocking now makes the blocked person INVISIBLE!!! (yayyyyy!!!)
4. There are hundreds of small fixes/improvements that you won’t noticed but you will surely enjoy them as you go through the website.
5. The iOS app was updated and went live yesterday, it also has hundreds of fixes and is now iOS 8 compatible.
6. There’s a native Android app coming very soon, we are just waiting for Google’s OK!

If you want to leave your feedback, or if you want to report a problem, on the website or the iOS app, send us a email at feedback@adam4adam.com and we will read ALL of them. We won’t necessarily reply though, so don’t send another email if you don’t get an answer.

Try out the new version of the website in “My Account” section and let me know here in the comment section below how you like it!

To switch back to the old version, you can go to Mailbox Alerts and uncheck “Use new version of the site” and click “update settings”.


*****Guys, ALL the comments that say stuff like ” you fucking morons why did you change it ?” will be deleted. I don’t need to see this!  Suggestions, tips, comments are welcome but for god sake, stay polite! Also the new version has been up for 24h, so we are making improvements when we receive a complaint or a report. Be patient!

27 Oct 2014

A4A : Halloween Costumes

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Hey guys, Halloween is coming soon and I wanted to do a little post on Halloween costumes. Halloweens means “time to dress up” so I it’s time for you to incarnate something or someone you always dreamed to be. Whether it is a sexy slut or a fire fighter, there are costumes for everyone and below are my suggestions. So this Friday, whether you celebrate with friends, in a club or at an event, have fun and be safe! If you want, send me your nicest costume picture and I will upload them on the blog for everyone to see! (send to blog@adam4adam.com)

13 Oct 2014

A4A : Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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It is a long weekend for us Canadians!

I would like to wish you all lot’s of fun with friends and family!

If you are in Montreal this weekend, let me know guys, and let’s meet for a coffee!

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!


10 Sep 2014

A4A : Who Are You?

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Hey guys, I thought about doing this so that we get to know each other a little bit more. I saw that many of you are regulars on the blog, but I don’t know you yet and other guys too.

So maybe you could start by mentioning your A4A profile name, your age, where you live, what is your work, if you have kids and other personal things. Then if you are single or not, if you are gay, bi or curious. Then what you dream about and where you see yourself in the next 5 years, what you would like to accomplish and what is the ideal YOU.

You might find love or a buddy through this blog….who knows!?

So i’ll start:

I’m Dave (lol), my profile name is….(drum roll) athleticdudemtl. My profile is sometimes in NYC and sometimes in Montreal because I travel between both cities all the time. I work for Adam4Adam’s social medias and blog and I am also a stylist, personal shopper. So if you are busy with work or don’t know anything about clothing or fashion but want to look great, that’s where you hire me! I do shopping spree with or without the client, wardrobe analysis etc.

30 Aug 2014

A4A : Long Weekend…

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Hey guys, I hope you are all doing great!

Hopefully you will all take some time off for this long weekend and enjoy the last summer days.

Everyone at A4A would like to wish you a great long weekend and everyone in Australia, Happy Mardi Gras!!!

As you know alllllllllll the guys are online during that long weekend so visit A4A for some hot fun!

If ever you need lube or dildo or anything else regarding you sex activities, visit our store!

Dave and A4A team

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