27 May 2015

A4A : Here’s My New Tuxedo!

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Hey guys, last week was Freshpair‘s huge Memorial Day Sale and I got myself many new hot sexy undies. How do you like that one? It’s PPU’s Tuxedo Bodysuit and got this one full price because it the new collection, but even full price it was super cheap, only $14! I will wear this one on special occasions only, it’s not my Monday morning underwear for sure!!

Do you wear crazy undies like this for fun sometimes too? I wear fun ones only when I fuck with regular buddies not on a date or with a new guy. I think it requires a great sense of humor from your partner…. and I think I’m a funny man so it’s all good!

Would you get something like that?

Also did you notice I lost a bit of weight compared to the last time I showed you a photo of myself? I lost 10 lbs in 4 weeks by doing a summer diet for photo shoots I have in NYC in June! Need to be very lean and top shape! I’ll show you photos when my shoots are done, I promise!

See below for frontal photo!


21 May 2015

Promotion : Show Your Junk!!!!

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Hey guys, starting today, Freshpair is doing a HUGE sale for Memorial Day, up to 60% off! I browsed through their clearance section and found some of the sexiest styles for you to show your junk! Keep in mind that some designs are sexier and more like “sex underwear” while others are more your everyday underwear. Let me know which one you prefer below!

First, my favorite style is from CLEVER. The Melanite Classic Brief is sexy and exotic in style, providing a sheer, see-through look on the back and sides, but an opaque pouch to keep things PG rated in front. Wear when the occasion calls for sexy! (see below)

17 May 2015

A4A : Homophobia

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Stop Homophobia

Homophobia is an insidious phenomenon that often succeeds in taking hold in a subtle, discreet and often invisible ways. Nobody is immune from hostility and hurtful acts  directed towards homosexuals and homosexuality itself. Even we as homosexuals may adopt homophobic behaviors to shield ourselves from the hate and aggression that comes from homophobia.

The International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) strives to fight all forms of Homophobia. Large scale, world-wide efforts like this are needed, as 1.5 billion people globally still live under regimes which criminalize gay relationships.

30 Apr 2015

A4A : Apps – We Want Your Suggestions!!

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Hey guys, we are in the process of redesigning our iOS and Android apps and we want YOU to tell us what YOU want! In the comment section below, leave your suggestions, your comments, what you would like us to add and remove in terms of functions and design. We would also like to know if you would like us to create a new functionality to help you find faster and easier what YOU need. Remember when geo localisation was brand new? Well now, what’s next? Let’s innovate and find ideas to create the best app so that you can meet the guys you want to meet. It is your turn to create something, a new function, the floor is yours. Shoot your ideas! Ready, set, go!



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28 Apr 2015

A4A : Show Who You Are!

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Hey guys,

You probably already know that we have a sex toys store but did you know that A4A has another store? Yes, we have a store filled with fun objects and apparel to show who you are. We created the apparel/objects store more than 5 years ago actually but last week, I created 24 new items and they are now available here!

I bought myself a few of them yesterday:  First, the “I Love Cock” tank top for when I go out in clubs to signify my intention to all the hung tops. Then I got myself the “I Love Cock” coffee mug to drink my Nespresso coffee every morning, the “I Love Boys” Teddy bear to help me fall asleep at night and the “Chest” iPhone cover to protect my new iPhone6.

Click here to check out the store, let me know if you like what I created, you can purchase the items you like too, they are very affordable and the quality is great!




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