13 Oct 2014

A4A : Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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It is a long weekend for us Canadians!

I would like to wish you all lot’s of fun with friends and family!

If you are in Montreal this weekend, let me know guys, and let’s meet for a coffee!

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!


10 Sep 2014

A4A : Who Are You?

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Hey guys, I thought about doing this so that we get to know each other a little bit more. I saw that many of you are regulars on the blog, but I don’t know you yet and other guys too.

So maybe you could start by mentioning your A4A profile name, your age, where you live, what is your work, if you have kids and other personal things. Then if you are single or not, if you are gay, bi or curious. Then what you dream about and where you see yourself in the next 5 years, what you would like to accomplish and what is the ideal YOU.

You might find love or a buddy through this blog….who knows!?

So i’ll start:

I’m Dave (lol), my profile name is….(drum roll) athleticdudemtl. My profile is sometimes in NYC and sometimes in Montreal because I travel between both cities all the time. I work for Adam4Adam’s social medias and blog and I am also a stylist, personal shopper. So if you are busy with work or don’t know anything about clothing or fashion but want to look great, that’s where you hire me! I do shopping spree with or without the client, wardrobe analysis etc.

30 Aug 2014

A4A : Long Weekend…

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Hey guys, I hope you are all doing great!

Hopefully you will all take some time off for this long weekend and enjoy the last summer days.

Everyone at A4A would like to wish you a great long weekend and everyone in Australia, Happy Mardi Gras!!!

As you know alllllllllll the guys are online during that long weekend so visit A4A for some hot fun!

If ever you need lube or dildo or anything else regarding you sex activities, visit our store!

Dave and A4A team

21 Jul 2014

A4A : Get More With Supporter Access And Pro Access!

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As a member of Adam4Adam we are proud to give you FREE Full Access to all of the features needed to get what you want on Adam4Adam!

But for those that choose to donate and support the site, Supporter access does have its privileges!

Everyone knows that communication is key to getting what you want. Some guys are real talkers, while other guys take action quickly. We do our best to accommodate both. That’s why we hold email in your inbox for 10 days and sent box for 2 days, but Supporters get more chances, because they can hold mail in their Inbox for 30 days and keep mail in their sent box for 10 days.

I don’t know about you, but I want to keep track of some guys, the friends feature helps me do that while blocking helps protect me from being contacted by men I don’t want to talk to. Anyone can get friends and use blocking, members get up to 150 friends and can block up to 150 men but supporters can have as many friends and block as many as they want!

But the best extra to being a supporter is you can post more pics! You know it is all about marketing! And what is better at marketing then hot pics? Members have space for 6 pics (1 primary, 1 alternative and 4 secondary pics) but supporters receive space for 10 (1 primary, 1 alternative, and 8 secondary pics).

For those of you who offer a service (escort, masseur, therapist, realtor etc.) there is also the Pro section where you can advertise your service for a small fee. Every guys who use this service usually renew it every month because it is really worth it! Check it out!

It’s true, Adam4Adam for free is great, but Supporter Access and Pro Access are giving you even more!

So if you want all these extras, plus longer track list and priority profile approval, why not help us out with a donation and become a Supporter to Get More!


19 Jul 2014

A4A : Suggestions?

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Hey guys,

I would like to get your suggestions. I have created this blog 4 years ago and sometimes it is hard to get ideas…. Any suggestions? Any opinions you would like to have from other members? Any “hot or not” suggestions? Any porn stars you would like me to interview? Do you have any sex stories you would like me to post on the blog? Would you like to submit your profile as a member of the week? Would you like to share with other members something important that happened to you recently? Please write your suggestions in the comment section below and send your text or profile submission to blog@adam4adam.com !

Have a great weekend guys and thank you so much:)

Dont forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news and hot pics!


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