31 Jul 2015

Speak Out : Are You On The Right Spot?

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Do you sometimes think that you might not be doing what you were meant to do? That you’re not with the right lover? That you don’t live in the right city? That your life is not in alignment with the size of your ambitions? That you’re not surrounded by the right friends?

Or are you on the right spot? With the right career, with lot’s of good friends and most importantly “realizing” yourself to your fullest potential?

Let other members know your thoughts on this. Maybe you have tips on how to be “on your spot”? Maybe you are not on your desired spot but you are ok with it?


28 Jul 2015

Speak Out : Plural Marriages?

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(This post was written by a member of A4A, if you wish to write an article, please submit to blog at adam4adam dot com)

Since the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, the conservative religious crowd is now beginning to suggest that it is only a matter of time until plural marriages will be the law of the land too. One religious sect practiced plural marriages in 19th century America until laws were enacted to prevent those marriages. Now there may be a resurgence and judicial review to remove the obstacles to plural marriages.

27 Jul 2015

Speak Out : Where Are You Going?

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Today is a junk out day.  I guess I don’t remember when I started using language like this.  I joined a gym, I work out, I changed my diet a little bit and started getting results.  It was exciting.  At first my motivation for working out was to achieve a really hot, muscular body to gain the attention of other men with hot, muscular bodies.  This is because those same men won’t give me the time of day unless I have six pack abs or a big, worked out chest.  I thought, “I’m going to get those things and then when those guys talk to me I’m going to tell them to go spend some time playing in traffic”.  How delighted I would be to have my sweet revenge.

Of course, it didn’t really play out that way.  After I lost 50lbs and my muscles started to develop (a little, please don’t mistake me for a gym rat or some well defined athlete…yet) my motivation shifted.  I did start to gain the attention of these muscle boys as I had suspected; many of them starting up conversations with no realization that I was the same person who months earlier had tried to say hello to them only to get “I don’t talk to fatties” or “you’re not my type” and so on.  The fact that they didn’t even recognize me was infuriating.  It shouldn’t have surprised me, because we sort of accept that being shallow and vapid is part of the gay culture.  And yet, I was still filled with rage that this shallow, vapid stereotype was being directed at me.

How could they not remember me?!  I’m memorable!

26 Jul 2015

Hot Or Not : Bears

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Hey guys, I hope you’re all having a great weekend, it is very humid and warm here in Montreal!

Today, I want to know who likes bears here? We have many bears member on Adam4Adam and I want to give them a shout out! Hi guys!!!

I personally love furry men, especially beefy muscle bears. There’s one at my gym that I would like to have in my bed, maybe one day I’ll invite him over… I would definitely like to cuddle all night with him and I’d gladly be his little spoon!

What about you? Like’em furry or smooth? Find them Hot or Not?

If you like bear porn, my favorite website is BearBFs! You can watch manly amateur cumstuds in solo or hardcore action. They’re hot, hairy, and totally hung! Love it!


13 Jul 2015

Gay Stuff : Unlock Yo’ Pictures!

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I came across this Rihanna “Bitch Better Have My Money” parody converted into “Bitch Unlock Yo’ Pictures” on Youtube and I had to share it with you guys. The Parody was created by Arron Malachi, check him out, he is a funny character!

The idea behind this parody is SOOO real though. It happened many times that I talked with dudes with locked pics and even after talking for a bit, no face or body picture was shown….and they keep on asking questions like it was normal: ” what are you into?”, “what cock size?” etc etc. Dude do you think I want to talk about these things before seeing your God damn face? What if you are not my type at all? Your pictures are my #1 priority. If I don’t like your face, you might have a 14 inches dick in your pants, it’s not gonna happen! I understand that you might still be in the closet, but do you really think I will suck your dick without seeing what you look like? Maybe some bottom whore will, but I won’t!

So “Bitch Unlock Yo’ Pictures”!



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