22 Apr 2014

Speak Out : Why Do You Want A Clean Ass?

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(This post was sent to us by WaxN_Ass_N_Bmore, one of our member. If you too would like to submit an article for A4A blog, feel free to write to blog @ adam4adam.com)

Hey guys, I consider myself to be a pure top and I don’t understand why so many other ‘top’ or vers dudes be insisting on fucking only “clean” asses. I’m a BEAST and I LOVE fucking ass:  clean ass, funky ass, loose ass, tight ass, dirty ass, and finally, SHITTY ass.  I recognize that I’m fuckin a poop-shut, so I don’t get all grossed out if it gets a little messy.  I’ve had plenty of pussy in my days but I have NEVER met a pussy that was tighter than some good ole boy ass.  

21 Apr 2014

Hot or Not : Cock Docking

Catégorie: Fantasy : Hot or Not


Cock Docking : The act of placing the head of ones penis inside the foreskin of another’s penis. (Urban Dictionary)

Have you guys ever tried cock docking? What do you do when you do it? Do you jerk off until you cum? Is it the first that you hear about this sexual practice? Do you find it hot or not?

I personally never experienced it but looking at it looks great, I might consider it one day. But I guess you have to do it with a fuckbuddy not a random hookup because it can be dangerous for STDs.

Let me know your thoughts on this!


16 Apr 2014

Speak Out : Why Does Skin Color Means So Much?

Catégorie: Speak Out

(Hi guys, below is another reaction to a recent post about racism online. If you too would like to write on this blog about something you want to share or an opinion or a sex story etc, feel free to send us your text at blog @ adam4adam . com with your username)

I am a young mixed male living in Colorado Springs, Colorado and I cannot tell you how many times I have been turned down by men online simply because of my skin color. I try my best to make connections and to reach out to guys, I mean you can’t win a game if you don’t play right? So as hard as I try to play the game I always come up short for some reason.  One day I sent a HELLO to a very cute guy that I thought would be cool to get to know but he replied to me saying,  “omg please kill yourself you ugly monkey”. I was very confused because I have never heard someone call me a ugly monkey before and was wondering what I did to offend him.  So I asked him, “what did I do to offend you?” I didn’t think saying hello was such a bad thing, but he replied one last time saying, “you are too dark and I do not like dark men only Whites and Latinos get to touch this”. When I went to “explain myself” he had blocked me. I was still very confused as to why my skin color meant so much to him. You would think he would want to at least be friends or at least associates, but he wouldn’t open his mind to that. That then makes me wonder how many more men are like him.

10 Apr 2014

Speak Out : Blurred (Color) Lines

Catégorie: Speak Out


 I recently moved to Denver from another Colorado small town after graduating college, and I have to say the nightlife is amazing; at least to what I was used to. There are so many places for gay men to go, whether it’s inside or outside, and the eye candy is definitely oh so sweet. Denver has a lot of cute, athletic guys to choose from, however, one reoccurring problem I’ve had with a certain type of guys in and out of cyberspace is my skin color.

9 Apr 2014

Speak Out : Are You Out?

Catégorie: Speak Out


I’ve been out since I’m 18! Not by choice though…I’m sure some of you guys struggled too or are still worried about what others will say or think about their sexual orientation.

I was raised in a very religious baptist family, my dad was a preacher…It was clear for us that we had to be the perfect kids. No sex before wedding, no drugs, no alcool so don’t even think about being gay. My aunt, my mother’s sister, is lesbian. I was always “her favorite”. She was covering me with gifts for my birthdays, Valentine’s day, Easter and Christmas. My brother and sister were always a bit pissed they were not getting anything… It was her way to tell me “you are not alone and you are loved”! 

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