30 Mar 2015

Gay Stuff : Looking For Love

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Subscribers to Adam4Adam have similar and dissimilar interests when it comes to “making out.” Some guys clearly don’t want anything approaching LOVE, not even kissing one another—while other guys want passionate, lengthy foreplay with every possible element of love-making. I recall one comment, “you can kiss me anywhere below my neck.”

Profiles can get better results and consume less time chasing squirrels up trees—if you provide statements about your own foreplay and affection desires. Some guys want to “bust a nut” and in minutes move on to something other than sex—while others want a more relaxed event exploring each other’s body, cuddling, massaging and enjoying lots of intimacy. The latter may include “pillow talk” and learning what you have in common. You may actually find your soul mate!

29 Mar 2015

Speak Out : Love And Sex

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What do you do when you are in a sexless relationship? What do you do when the person you are in love with tells you that the reason he can’t have sex with you is that he is no longer attracted to you because you’ve gained weight but tells you that he still loves you and wants to be with you?

These are the questions I have been asking myself lately. I have been in a relationship with this guy for a few years now and everything was great. We got along well and he got along well with my friends and family and fit in well with the crowd.

Then after a year or so I started to gain weight, part as a result of a medical issue and the other just being lazy and not going to the gym as anyone should. Every time I try to get back into the routine, I fall of the band wagon.

26 Mar 2015

Gay Stuff : A Successful Gay Marriage

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We are now approaching the day when the U.S. Supreme Court decree will most likely make same sex marriage the law of the land. For those of us who have followed the evolution of marriage, the ultimate decision will not be the shocker of the 21st century! One of the tenets of early times espoused marriage as the cornerstone of family life. Little did our forefathers realize that same sex couples today would have families with children present in their households. So the old adage, “marriage and family go together like a horse and carriage,” must now include families with two fathers or two mothers!

I participated in the celebration of a same sex marriage in March 2014 when two of my gay friends, Danny and John married in Massachusetts and celebrated their marriage the following day in Houston, Texas. They are energetic workers for charitable organizations and have been recognized for their ability to raise funds for the benefit of health issues within the gay community. They are committed to each another and to sustaining a loving, caring household. When Danny proposed to John in November 2013, the event was in the midst of a social gathering with several of their friends present followed by months of preparation for the wedding. I remember their excitement—the same that one expects in preparation for any wedding!

25 Mar 2015

Hot or Not : Orgy

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(Photo : Raging Stallion)

I’ve never participated in such parties, but the little devil in my head would LOVE to! I promised myself that one day I will try. Maybe not in my city though…I think I would be too shy to see people I know (yeah I’m like that…I can be a slut sometimes, but sometimes I am shy!)I am aware that in NYC, there are orgies/group sex every day. For “hot guys only”, “black guys only” , “latinos and black only”, “sons and daddies only” , “bears only” etc. So, depending on what you are looking for, there is something for you!

Have you ever participated? How was it? What did you like the most and what did you not enjoy? Let me know what you think about it and also if you play safe during these parties?

For those of you who like orgies, check out this hot scene with Dario Beck, David Benjamin, Derek Atlas and Sebastian Kross, it is definitely very hot to watch. I jerked off watching the video last night :)


24 Mar 2015

Gay Stuff : Cut Vs Uncut

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Males creating profiles on A4A have a choice of stating “CUT” or “UNCUT” cock in describing their genitals. This description provides the profiler with the expectation that potential playmates will want that information. Cock length can also be provided in profiles. Thereafter, the consideration may be to play with an uncut or cut guy given a choice—or matter of preference.

To foster cleanliness, earlier medical practitioners encouraged circumcision of males following their births in hospitals. (In Jewish tradition, circumcision is a religious rite for male infants.) In recent years, male circumcision at birth has lessenedand no longer as highly recommended. Today many young males are not circumcised!

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