20 Dec 2014

Gay Stuff : Anal Orgasm?

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(This question has been sent to my mailbox from a member. I am not a specialist, but I’m sure we have health specialist or power bottoms that will know the answer to this. See below.) 

I have been wondering a lot about anal orgasms.  I have had guys state that ass don’t orgasm, but I have heard a small percentage of guys say different. I know when I watch amateur porn, I see that some guys “cream” a lot.  I don’t think that they’re cumming out of their asses, but I think that a combination of mucous and lube might be the culprit.
I really do wonder if guys really have anal orgasms.  I have never heard a guy while watching porn actually state that their ass was having an orgasm.  So, what you think?


14 Dec 2014

Speak Out : Preferences

Catégorie: Speak Out

I don’t know when we started saying this…or writing it, really since it appeared on profiles all over the apps and internet websites that we use for “dating”.  It must have originated somewhere, and like all things PC it seemed a way to make something a little uncomfortable feel a little more easy to stomach.

“If you are fat, ugly, Asian or black don’t message me.  Sorry, just my preference”.

“Only into white guys who are masculine and fit.  Not, repeat NOT, into blacks, Asians, fatties, oldies or fems.  Don’t get pissed; it’s just my preference.”

Statements like these confuse me.  How could someone NOT get angry over a statement like that?  It’s like me showing up to a family dinner at your house and saying, “I’m not sure I want to eat this because your fat, ugly mother cooked it.  Hey, don’t get mad it’s just my preference”.  The statement itself is not some magical band-aid that suddenly makes everything better.  The words are hateful and cruel.  Hateful and cruel things are specifically geared to hurt people and cause damage.

7 Dec 2014

Gay Stuff : The Gay State of Things

Catégorie: Gay Stuff

Your average gay person might know the name “Stonewall” but they have no idea where to find it in history or where to find it in real life.  The New York City based bar was the catalyst for what we recognize as the beginning of the Gay Civil Rights Movement, a “movement” that has spanned nearly 50 years.  With so many states in America changing their positions on gay marriage and other important issues, one has to wonder what we will do once we “have it”; that is…what do gay people do once the fight is over?


Our mental state is often a source of amusement and horror to me.  The way that gay men treat one another can be kind, compassionate and benevolent but more often than not we do things in hopes of getting something in return and therefore even our kindness can easily turn to vicious, combative behaviour.  I understand; the worlds we live in have not always been kind to us and the gays we’ve associated ourselves with have not always been loyal friends.  It seems to me that the more gay people I meet the more I wonder, “who raised these people?  What happened to basic manners of society?”  I wonder that our own coined terms don’t match our behaviours.  I’ve met some very rude, crass, self-serving men who insist that they are “classy”.  I wonder where our mentors are.  I wonder where the older men who have walked down this road and paved the way for us are.

5 Dec 2014

Speak Out : I Am Pissed!

Catégorie: Speak Out

Hey guys, I was on A4A yesterday and this guy came to talk to me. Beautiful, sexy, muscular, hairy chest, intelligent, handsome…I mean the kind of guy you can’t find in Montreal! He wanted to meet. I didn’t want to meet yesterday so suggested we could meet today (Friday). He said “ok”.

Today, I messaged him, he doesn’t reply. Then I asked him why he was not replying. He answered ” I was turned off by your profession”! I was shocked. Last night I had told him I was a stylist/personal shopper and also social media/blog director at A4A. I remembered I looked in his profile the day before and could read “profession/age/race irrelevant”. So I went back to him and pointed that out. To be honest I was pissed by his comment. I don’t personally define myself with my work. I am a 32 years old gay dude, I work, I travel, I love animals, I love sex, I love fashion and many other things and my work is only something I do, but it’s not me. It’s not my “life goal” !

My point is, am I the only one who is tired of that bullshit? We spend time trying to find a man for sex or for a relation, but then when everything works and there is a fit and then I hear crazy shit like this, I’m very disappointed by gay men. So what I’m saying is “Man Up” and be real! If you write something in your profile, act accordingly. And don’t make people lose their time with such stupidity!

Pissed Dave

24 Nov 2014

Gay Stuff : Inviting Strangers Over

Catégorie: Gay Stuff

I’m very curious how others feel about this topic. I live in a college town, but we are not a “major” city. It’s not uncommon to chat someone up at a brew house and find that there are several personal connections to others in the community.

While I am not “out,” I have shared my personal preferences with several friends, and feel fine with their consideration of my privacy. However, when looking for a bit of fun – on A4A, I become very concerned about hosting a stranger in my home.

Years ago, in the care-free college days, I had a hookup come over while my roommates were gone for the weekend. What I expected was a casual romp of one-time fun, but the guy continued emailing. I kept up the conversation, telling him it was a one-time thing, but he would not take no for an answer. He showed up unannounced at my apartment a couple times, and the ultimate straw was him coming to my work (tracked me down online – scary). I threatened him with police action, and he finally got the message.

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