8 Jul 2014

Speak Out : Why Do Gays Take Drugs For Sex?

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One of our members contacted me on A4A who wish to stay anonymous was asking this question. If you too would like to ask other members for their opinion on a subject, please feel free to send it to blog(at)adam4adam.com (replace “at” by @)

“Why is it so hard to find gay men who are not high on drugs or into drugs at all. Are there no ordinary guys who can enjoy life and sex without chemical inducement of any kind – poppers to crystal meth – ?”

I personally don’t like to take drug and I definitely don’t drink much so I am not the right person to answer, please comment below. Do you take drugs to have sex? Why?



7 Jul 2014

Hot or Not : Double Penetration

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Hi guys, today I wanted to ask you “what are your thoughts on double penetration” ?

Do you find it Hot or Not? Have you ever tried it? Is it something you would like to try?

For me, it always was a fantasy but I never actually tried it. I’m sure it wouldn’t get in anyways. I might be 100% bottom, but I’m tight as fuck!

Might be fun for the tops though….or for bottoms with loose hole!  Tops we want to hear you on the subject too!

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3 Jul 2014

Speak Out : A Man With A Vagina?

Catégorie: Speak Out


(This post was sent to us by one of our members, it is the member’s opinion, not A4A’s opinion.)

I got into a heated on-line discussion about the trans-man who won the Mr. Gay Philadelphia. It seems like this person is calling himself a gay man yet still have women parts. I’m all for people being themselves but I seriously had to defend the fact that I like my men with a penis.

These persons can call themselves male, a man, a gay man, all they want but calling yourself a gay man means something different to other people. It means you are homosexual which in most basic terms means you are having sex with someone of the same sex.

2 Jul 2014

Hot or Not: Anon Sex

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It’s Pride season, many of you will travel, some will have sex while traveling, so it brings me to ask you this question. Do you prefer knowing the guy you will have sex with or you prefer anon sex, with a stranger you will meet online or app?

For some people it is impossible to have sex with strangers. They need to know them a bit, at least by going on a date with them. For others what they like is the thrill of not knowing the person and have sex with strangers. But this latest option might also come with STDs….

So let me know, Anon Sex: Hot or Not?



26 Jun 2014

Gay Stuff : “I Don’t Like To Rim An Ass”

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(Photo : Belami)

Hi guys!

Am I the only one out there who doesn’t like to rim an ass? Ok I’m bottom, but all my bottom friends like asses. I don’t! I won’t touch, finger or rim an ass EVER. I am simply not attracted to ass… I actually find it gross. But when it comes to cock, Ohhh Myyyyy, move over the Hoover is coming! I can suck cock for hours.

So all you 100%  bottoms out there, do you like ass? Do you play, rim and finger an ass even though you are bottom?

And to all my 100% tops out there….Do you like your ass played with?

Comment below!


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