11 Sep 2014

Gay Stuff : “I’m Straight”

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Let’s get this “straight”, if you slept with a man before, got sucked by a man, fucked a man or have a regular male fuck buddy, you are not straight. You are at least bisexual.

I’m a bit tired of seeing guys online saying “straight dude with GF looking for tops” ! Is it only me but I can’t understand that. I mean if you eat steak, you are not vegetarian right? Isn’t it the same when it comes to sexual preferences?

I’d like to know what you guys think?


9 Sep 2014

Hot or Not : Moustache

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I’ve seen many men sporting the ‘stache in the past few months, are the 80s back? I personally like a little scruff, but a moustache, I can’t. It reminds me of my dad in the 80s and 90s, he kept it for so long…. me and my brother were calling it “the carpet”.

For me it is not sexy at all…I wouldn’t want to kiss a man who has one! Maybe because I have my dad’s image in my head.

What about you? Do you have one and if you do, why? Do you like it on a man? Do you find it sexy? Hot or not?


3 Sep 2014

Gay Stuff : Masturbation

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(Photo : RandyBlue)

Are you like me a big fan of masturbation? Some people say things like “with that body, you must get all the hot boys” etc . My reply to this statement is no. First of all, I am very picky. Not that I only have sex with hot guys. For me a hot man is probably not the typical definition of what is hot for you. Manliness is what turns me on. You can be very beefy/muscular but very feminine and It will not click sexually, but be average but very macho and on the dominant side, and THIS will turn me on to have sex with you. 

2 Sep 2014

Hot or Not : PISS

Catégorie: Hot or Not



(So many guys have suggested that I post some older posts that were popular. Here is one that got a lot of attention 3 years ago, it is about watersports, piss.)


Piss is not my thing at all…but I wanted to know your opinion and try to understand why some guys are into that. What is the satisfaction behind pissing on someone or to get pissed on? Is it to dominate/to be dominated and humiliated ? Because obviously piss doesn’t taste great, I mean I’ve never tried but I can imagine! I just can’t imagine people into scat…And I won’t talk about #2, sorry for the fans…

So tell me first if you find it Hot or Not and then the reasons why?

And for those of you who like it, here is one site that shows pissing action, I’m pretty sure you’ll like it!


26 Aug 2014

Gay Stuff : Long Distance Relationship

Catégorie: Gay Stuff


Two weeks ago was Montreal Pride and I met a very cool dude in the VIP section. Open bars always get me more “social” and less shy than I usually am. So this guy lives in Vancouver and Toronto (he is a pilot) and I live in Montreal. We clicked very well and met few times before he left for Toronto, where he works 15 days per month.

Yesterday he came to Montreal and we spent the whole day together, that’s the reason why I didn’t post on the blog. I was busy. We went to the pool, we went to eat, we talked, we biked, went to the park and no, we didn’t fuck. I want to get to know him first. Usually when I fuck in the first few dates, it never lasts. Maybe you’ll think I’m crazy….yes maybe I am.

Last night he sent me a cute text msg saying “You are a nice man and you are very very very sexy”! I was blushing when I read this…

What do you think. Do you think our relation could last if it goes further? Since he is a pilot he flies for free and obviously would fly for free as well. So the problem is not the cost of the plane tickets, only the distance….

Let me know your thoughts!

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