19 Oct 2014

Hot or Not : David McIntosh

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(photo credit : Michael Stokes)

David McIntosh is a British ex-military and security operative who became a television personality, actor, and fitness model. He was a Gladiator on the Sky 1 TV series Gladiators, under the name Tornado. In 2014, he participated in Celebrity Big Brother 14. McIntosh appeared in fitness magazine “Muscle & Fitness”, the Jennifer Hudson music video “Walk It Out” and most recently, he was suppose to appear in the Nicki Minaj music video “Anaconda” but his part was cut at the last minute.

Do you find him Hot or Not?




16 Oct 2014

Gay Stuff : Tops vs Bottoms

Catégorie: Gay Stuff



I told you I met a police officer right? So I had another lunch with him yesterday. When the waitress asked us “is it two bills or one bill?” at the end of our meal, I immediately said “two”! Then my police officer said “one bill only, Dave is going to pay”. Then I said as a joke (but there was a bit of truth in it…)  “Noooo, the top has to pay”. Then he was wondering why I was saying that. I simply answered that tops like to take charge so they have to take charge of everything, including meals. So he started laughing….and ended up paying.

Maybe it’s because I’m used to be with older guys or guys that have a bit or a lot more money than me, but I usually expect my man to pay for me. Not because I’m a princess or anything, but as a 100% bottom, I like to be taken care of. Like a straight couple I guess…the chick likes to be treated by her man…

What’s your opinion on this? Am I right to expect a man (top) to pay for me? Or is it old school?



14 Oct 2014

Gay Stuff : Do You Shower Before Sex?

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(Photo credit : MEN)

To my surprise, many of my straight friends don’t shower before sex. My friend Marilyn was even laughing at me when I told her I was showering before and after having sex with a guy. She and her boyfriend apparently never shower before sex even after a long day at work. Ewww!

I don’t know you, but I take a shit at least twice a day, I pee at least 5 times a day and I sweat from the crack, balls, pits and feet all day. If my boyfriend would get home after work and would want to have sex with me, he would definitely have to make a pit stop in the shower before pounding my hole. I would not feel comfortable getting rimmed and all after a hot day. Unless you’re into smells and shit, but that’s another story….

What about you? Do you shower before sex? Why?


7 Oct 2014

Hot or Not : Nick Jonas

Catégorie: Hot or Not



Nick Jonas is a singer – popular with younger girls and younger gays – I heard one of his song while driving in my car this week and it was the first time I actually heard him. I knew his name of course because he’s been around for a bit (with his brothers) but his music is simply not my thing.

Last week, the 22 years old revealed a spread in Flaunt magazine where he surely grabbed gay men’s attention, after exposing, crotch, butt, abs and all the rest. Is he building a gay fan base?

My question, Nick Jonas, Hot or Not?


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6 Oct 2014

Speak Out : Date Uh?

Catégorie: Speak Out



I met a guy at my gym a while ago. We added each other on FB and we chatted and texted for over 6 months. We even met several times casually and one time for sex. I suggested to him that we should date and start being lovers since we had this great connection. He was hesitant but liked the idea to go slow and see where it would lead us.

He is a journalist and was assigned to Paris for one month. I was a bit pissed but what can I do?! We kept on chatting on FB and texting each other we even “camed” on Skype. When he came back I suggested to meet for dinner and I added ” if you are still single ” …

To my surprise, he was no longer single… But what happened in Paris or since he came back? He said he would like us to stay friends and see each other for fun etc.

“Will you still talk to me?” he said.



Ever had a bad experience like this?


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