16 Dec 2015

Contest : A4A Is Giving ANOTHER $500 Of Undies!

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After the success of our last Facebook Contest, we are back with ANOTHER $500 underwear contest, this time on Instagram! Yes, right in time before Xmas, we are offering you guys the chance to win another $500 worth of your favorite underwear! We are crazy like that! Simply follow these 3 steps:

1- Follow Adam4Adam_official Instagram page

2- Like the contest photo (same photo as the photo above)

3- Repost this photo and tag #Adam4AdamContest in your repost

We will pick a winner December 23rd, 2015!!!

By the way, check out our Facebook Page, today we will announce the BIG lucky winner of the previous contest!

Good luck everyone!


5 Dec 2015

Contest : And The Winner For Favorite Bulge is…

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, we had over 60 members who sent their photos, few sent their photos without sending username, so we could not include you in the contest. When we do contests like these make sure to enter your username guys!!!

So the winner of the Bulge Contest is… Tonkoichi!! With 675 votes he is wayyyy ahead of everyone, so we can almost say that it was unanimous! Check him out on A4A!

Tonchoici we will contact you Monday with the details of your prize and access to your membership at MEN and we will upgrade your A4A membership to VIP! With your consent we will also feature you on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as the big winner! Congrats again!

For those who were wondering about the “likes/dislikes”, I know it sucks but WordPress only allows this method when doing a contest. But soon we will upgrade the blog to a new platform it will be visually nicer and will offer more options!



4 Dec 2015

Contest : Vote For Your Favorite Bulge

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">tumblr_niycbcM1NO1u41yoao1_400"> http://blog.adam4adam.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/tumblr_niycbcM1NO1u41yoao1_400-360x350.gif


Guys, it is now time to vote for your favorite bulge! Remember that you can vote only once per photo… so make sure to vote properly! MAKE SURE TO SEE ALL 3 PAGES!!!!

You have until tomorrow 8am E.T. (Dec. 5th) So hurrryyyyyyy 🙂

The winner will be crowned “The Dude Of The Week”, his profile will be featured on our Facebook page, our Twitter account, our Instagram account and here on the blog!! The winner will also win a VIP membership at Adam4Adam and a membership at MEN, the most popular porn website!

For those who are wondering why their photo is not in there….I asked you to send your username and you didn’t provide it.

Vote below! Once again, MAKE SURE TO SEE ALL 3 PAGES!!!! There were lot’s of members who participated, so lot’s of bulges to vote for!!!


3 Dec 2015

Contest : Show Us Your Bulge!

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">hemsworth"> http://blog.adam4adam.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/hemsworth.gif


Bulges, bulges, bulges….what is hotter than a bulge? Nothing! Bulges are revealing so much yet covering everything… It certainly gives us, cock lovers, a lot of appetite!

Do you like to show your bulge? A4A is organizing a bulge contest where you get to send us your best bulge photo, we’ll upload it here on the blog and all other members will vote for their favorite bulge. We did a similar contest back in 2012 and It was very popular. So take your phone, grab your best underwear, make your cock hard or semi-hard and send us your photo at blog at adam4adam.com ALONG with your username!!! You have until 11:59 today, December 3rd to submit your photo.

Remember that it is a BULGE contest not a butt or a cock contest, so we have to be able to see the cock bulge through your underwear or pants CLEARLY. And send a good photo, not a blurry one where we don’t know if you’re showing us your bulge or your dinner from last night… 🙂

The winner will win a VIP membership at Adam4Adam and a porn membership at MEN, the most popular gay porn site in the world.


23 Jun 2015

Survey : Hookups VS Dating

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After few days, the survey told us the truth: You are all sluts! No I’m joking guys… But nearly 59% of you are using A4A for sex. Around 27% are using A4A for love and dating and 14% had other answers but mainly for friendship. The “uncertain” category also includes those who responded with comments that did not clearly define their own desires.

At the end of the day, A4A is what you make of it. Whether you are looking for love, sex or friends, just know that there are thousands of other guys like you looking for the same exact thing.

Enjoy A4A and most of all, have fun:)

Hookups:  58.9%
LTRs:  26.7%
Other:  14.4%