26 Mar 2015

Gay Stuff : A Successful Gay Marriage

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We are now approaching the day when the U.S. Supreme Court decree will most likely make same sex marriage the law of the land. For those of us who have followed the evolution of marriage, the ultimate decision will not be the shocker of the 21st century! One of the tenets of early times espoused marriage as the cornerstone of family life. Little did our forefathers realize that same sex couples today would have families with children present in their households. So the old adage, “marriage and family go together like a horse and carriage,” must now include families with two fathers or two mothers!

I participated in the celebration of a same sex marriage in March 2014 when two of my gay friends, Danny and John married in Massachusetts and celebrated their marriage the following day in Houston, Texas. They are energetic workers for charitable organizations and have been recognized for their ability to raise funds for the benefit of health issues within the gay community. They are committed to each another and to sustaining a loving, caring household. When Danny proposed to John in November 2013, the event was in the midst of a social gathering with several of their friends present followed by months of preparation for the wedding. I remember their excitement—the same that one expects in preparation for any wedding!

24 Mar 2015

Gay Stuff : Cut Vs Uncut

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Males creating profiles on A4A have a choice of stating “CUT” or “UNCUT” cock in describing their genitals. This description provides the profiler with the expectation that potential playmates will want that information. Cock length can also be provided in profiles. Thereafter, the consideration may be to play with an uncut or cut guy given a choice—or matter of preference.

To foster cleanliness, earlier medical practitioners encouraged circumcision of males following their births in hospitals. (In Jewish tradition, circumcision is a religious rite for male infants.) In recent years, male circumcision at birth has lessenedand no longer as highly recommended. Today many young males are not circumcised!

17 Mar 2015

Gay Stuff : Sexual Interests And Energy

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When you surf the Adam4Adam site you will find a wide variety of sexual offerings from which to make selections—like a restaurant menu! One element in common is the mutual desire for a stimulating sex partner who desires the same pleasures and is in sync with you. Sometimes, your surfing produces quick results—other times it can be a start and stop experience as you begin the process of determining what the other guy wants in the sexual adventure—whether for a single event, or for a possible LTR (long-term relationship).

If your profile is clearly defined, you will have less confusion finding a compatible playmate. If you are a defined top then state that fact! If you are not a versatile/top, then avoid that notation in your profile. From my review of the site over several years, there appear to be more bottoms and versatile/bottoms than there are tops and versatile/tops. Clearly the tops are in demand by guys who want to be penetrated!

8 Mar 2015

Entertainment : Gentleman Start Your Engines … RuPaul’s Drag Race Is Tonight!

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Tonight marks the second episode of RuPauls Drag Race season 7! And I couldn’t be more excited. Yeah I know, how cliche, waiting for that perky intro song and listening to the shade and nagging queens. But I’ve got a secret! And she’s awesome!

That secret of course would be Miss Ginger Minj!



The Glamour toad herself! Is a Florida Native and I’ve known Ginger and her husband for almost 10 years now. I didn’t watch ONE episode of that crap until I learned my dear friend was gonna be in the running this year, and I have to say I have a newfound appreciation for all the hard work that goes into that show!. Thanks to Amazon Prime I devoured 3 seasons and All Stars in less than a month! They even had Untucked, which was a strange experience I can do without when it’s random bitches I don’t know, but Ginger makes Untucked so elegant.

I’ll admit, I kinda hope she’s gonna be Dolores Jane Umbridge for Snatch Game, but I’m sure we’re gonna DIE at whatever amazing icon she chooses.

I had the utmost pleasure of having tickets to see Ginger’s production of the Rocky Horror Show here in Orlando this halloween. Of which Ginger directed and starred as Magenta in a VERY original take on the beloved stage cult musical.

26 Feb 2015

Watch This : Tiffany & Co. Same-Sex Couple Ad

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Few months ago, jeweler Tiffany & Co. featured a gay couple in their printed and digital ads. This time they are back with a video that celebrates diversity in love with a moving new ad. Entitled “Will You?”

The video is full of the best kinds of questions such as, “Will you let me be the guy who gets to make fun of you because you take three minutes to butter your toast in the morning?” and ends with a simple, four-word inquiry: “Will you marry me?”

The commercial features a variety of couples, including an interracial couple and a same-sex couple, on the road to engagement. Tiffany & Co. previously featured the same gay couple in an ad released in January.

“Nowadays, the road to marriage is no longer linear,” Tiffany spokesperson Linda Buckley said to CNN. “True love can happen more than once with love stories coming in a variety of forms.”

Once again, Tiffany & Co., I congratulate you. Your commercial is very moving. The music and beautiful images are amazing!

What do you guys think? Wanna marry me now? Lol


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