20 May 2015

Gay Stuff : What Turns You On Or Off?

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(photo: RandyBlue)

Guys are sexy males—not robots—when it comes to sexual preferences! A4A members have their own personal desires and preferences in determining what turns them on and off! Here is a list of preferences and variances. Please comment, score yourself on the importance of each item, and add to the list of desired: (Copy/paste the list, then score each item 1-5, with 5 being the highest.)

  • ___Significance of seeing a prospective playmate in street clothing
  • ___You Initiate contact
  • ___Getting acquainted before first play session
  • ___Touching each other
  • ___Kissing
  • ___Foreplay
  • ___Cock size
  • ___Cut versus Uncut cocks
  • ___Shaven versus Unshaven body
  • ___Shaven versus Unshaven genitals
  • ___Body ink art
  • ___Body piercings
  • ___Importance of anal penetration
  • ___Desire for Fellatio
  • ___Cum delivery in mouth
  • ___Safe Sex or Anything Goes Practices
  • ___Role Playing
  • ___BDSM
  • ___Desire for an LTR
  • ___Age difference more than 10 years apart
  • ___ _________________

Please submit answers below with your total score and comment. (If you consider every item to be a five (5) your total score would be 100—although not probable for any healthy male.) Results will be shown on the blog Monday!

DAVID M in Texas

15 May 2015

Gay Stuff : Cum Delights

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Now that many of you have seen the article on “Fellatio Pleasures” we should follow up with “Cum Delights” because tops, bottoms, and versatiles are enjoying fellatio pleasure with great satisfaction! This is especially true of guys who aren’t into anal penetration—but are among thousands of mouths and throats being filled with delicious cum to the delight of both the givers and the receivers.

The sexual pleasure derived from having a hard cock in your mouth and throat is very stimulating and rewarding—especially when the giver’s cock starts to pulse at the time his cannon fires and the receiver’s mouth anticipates the cum explosion. In all probability, you will never have anything in your mouth approaching the significance of semen—a vital part of your life on earth that can be experienced in the velvety-smooth cum as it slides down your throat.

13 May 2015

Gay Stuff : Fellatio Pleasures

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0000 gay-gifs-7


(Photo : Sean Cody)

Lots of fellatio pleasures are being experienced by A4A subscribers without reporting on the satisfaction of their oral delights! Whether top, bottom, or versatile, males are often taking advantage of every opportunity to have their mouths and throats filled with delicious hard cocks—and sometimes premium cum. Some guys want to suck cocks surrounded by bush, while others want clean-shaven shafts and balls. One guy may want to go down deep until his nose is tickled by his playmate’s bush while another guy may want no pubic hair anywhere near his nostrils.

A lot has been stated about the pros and cons of anal penetration. This may also include flipping with partners to maximize sexual encounters. Subscribers who state “oral only” are getting only 50% of their potential experience until anal penetration is introduced. However, by placing more emphasis on oral interaction between you and your playmate, there can be highly-charged sexual encounters with cum shoots—some including 69s!

29 Apr 2015

Gay Stuff : #LoveCantWait – Gay Marriage

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On April 28, 2015 the US Supreme Court started to hear the historic marriage equality case, Obergefell V. Hodges which could lead to marriage equality coming to all 50 states.

Currently there are 37 states that allow same sex marriage, including my home state of North Carolina which happened October 10, 2014. I must admit that I never thought NC would allow same-sex marriage after Amendment One passed in 2012 which was unnecessary since NC’s state constitution already defined marriage between a man and a woman.

People started lining up outside the court in hopes to get a seat to hear the historical arguments several days before it was to start. The argument will focus on 2 questions: are bans on same-sex marriage constitutional and if they are, whether those states may refuse to recognize out of state marriages that were performed where they are legal.

24 Apr 2015

Gay Stuff : Top/Bottom Census Count

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(This post was written by a member of A4A. If you too want to react to a post, or simply write your own post, want to have other gay men’s opinion about a subject etc, feel free to send me your text at blog at Adam4Adam dot com, thanks, Dave)


Okay, Dave, you said it…..95% of the gays in your town are bottoms! Wow…really? You seem to be having difficulty finding enough hot tops to satisfy your sexual desires and appetite. As a bisexual guy in Texas, it is some distance to Montreal, but from your statement, Quebec must be severely short of hot tops or you would not have made the statement. If the shortage continues, we may have to find a way to re-populate Quebec Province with more tops—similar to increasing the buck population to service does. This would create a migration of tops from across the continent into Quebec.

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