20 Aug 2014

Gay Stuff : “ManPussy”

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(The post below is the most popular entry on our blog, so I thought about sharing it again with you)

There are very few things in this online world that really bother me. Here is one of them: I was chatting with this really hot guy the other day on A4A, having a really great conversation and getting down to business when he asked me:  Are you looking to get your man-pussy pounded?  My man-pussy?

Now I’ve heard guys joking about this and I’ve used the term before but to use it this way was a real turn off for me. Do I want my man-pussy pounded?  I really didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or shoot him. For future reference, it’s not attractive and it’s certainly not a turn on.

25 Jul 2014

Watch This : Kicked Out For Being Gay

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ABC’s hidden camera show “What Would You Do?” took a look at how Mississippi locals would react to an act of blatant anti-gay discrimination at a restaurant in a recent installment.

Two actors portraying a gay couple visited a Mexican eatery, while third played a customer angered by the pair’s public displays of affection. The reaction from the legitimate customers in the restaurant is both eye-opening and (at times) inspiring.

When interviewed by the host of the show, many answered that “God doesn’t like this” ….but the most shocking reaction that gave me chills all over my body for a good 10 seconds was from 2 straight college guys. Check out the video after the jump!


14 Jul 2014

Gay Stuff : Straight?

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Hey guys, I hope you all had a great weekend!

Today, I would like to talk about “straight” guys who are having gay sex! I want to talk about this because this weekend I met a “straight” guy from Jordan, he was beautiful (you know how gorgeous Jordanians are….) and he was calling himself “straight”. Is it me or these guys are not so straight? I mean they call themselves straight, but they get their dick sucked or get their ass fucked…. In my book this is being gay, or at least bi.

I know we have “straight” guys having gay sex reading our blog…guys let me know why you still consider yourself straight? I don’t want to label anyone here, I just want to know why? Is it to get guys easier? Because you know that some gay guys are attracted by a man who say he is straight… Or is it because you are living a straight life (wife and kids) but you love having gay sex on the side? Or is it because mentally, you cannot consider yourself gay because for you, it is not ok to be gay?

Let us know… because we like our bi guys…well, I do!


26 Jun 2014

Gay Stuff : “I Don’t Like To Rim An Ass”

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(Photo : Belami)

Hi guys!

Am I the only one out there who doesn’t like to rim an ass? Ok I’m bottom, but all my bottom friends like asses. I don’t! I won’t touch, finger or rim an ass EVER. I am simply not attracted to ass… I actually find it gross. But when it comes to cock, Ohhh Myyyyy, move over the Hoover is coming! I can suck cock for hours.

So all you 100%  bottoms out there, do you like ass? Do you play, rim and finger an ass even though you are bottom?

And to all my 100% tops out there….Do you like your ass played with?

Comment below!


25 Jun 2014

Health : Being POZ And Finding Love

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I receive emails every week from members saying that they are having a hard time finding love because they are HIV positive. I am sure it is more complicated than for negative guys, but it is possible. Even around me I have a friend who is negative who dates a positive man. Why? Simply because he loves his partner and couldn’t care less about whether he is poz or neg.

It is true that many guys out there don’t know much about HIV transmission and how low the risks are when someone is on medication so they will categorically exclude positive men from being potential partners. I also think that many positive men exclude themselves by fear of being rejected. Some of you guys are in a serodiscordant relationship, you might be poz and your partner is neg or vice versa…so YES love is possible.

In the comment section below, I would like to hear you guys about this subject. Maybe give poz guys some tips on how to reveal their status to a partner or how to approach someone who is neg on A4A, or maybe encourage negative guys to look further than the status of a person or even share your own story. I think that this can be very helpful for everyone!

There’s a great article on POZ.com about serodiscordant couples sharing their experience, check it out :)

Have a great day guys!



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