26 Jun 2016

Gay Stuff : “Im Not Interested!”

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When did saying “not interested” or “not my type” become a hate crime? Some guys assume just because they tag someone, that person should automatically fall to their knees in love.

Let’s say you are on A4A looking around for Mr. Right Now. You get a message from someone. You look at his profile and for whatever reason you decide he isn’t a match. You respond with a “Thank You, but not a match”. That should be the end of it right?  

You get a message from the guy asking you why you aren’t a match. You decide not to answer but the emails keep coming.  He tells you what you have written in your profile and he is into the same stuff. He tells you your age requirement and that he fits it. He goes on to tell you what a nice guy he is and that you are making a mistake.

21 Jun 2016

Gay Stuff : My Bussy, My Choice

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I never really understood the term “the birds and the bees.” Apparently, it’s some important conversation mommy and daddy are supposed to have with you when they sit you down and explain to you the repercussions of having sex. Well, I’ve been having sex for quite some time now, and by the grace of God and benefit to the rest of society, I somehow have not been able to reproduce.

Many of us passed sexual education in 7th grade biology when we were tested with colorful diagrams and thorough textbook passages. Second semester was filled with the anatomical explanation of the late night porn we’d watch praying that the AOL dial-up would not wake up our parents. It’s simple: man’s penis goes into a woman’s vagina, and without contraceptives can produce human life, an irregular skin growth, or even HIV.

In class, we were taught what sex health is according to mainstream society. In porn, we continue to be taught what sex should physically look like when it comes to the submissive and dominant characters that the actors play. Could it be that when we are looking for our partners in a homosexual relationship, this formula may not apply? Furthermore, how does it play a role when it comes to our preferred sexual position and reflection on the way we operate in everyday life.

13 Jun 2016

Speak Out : Community and Pride in The Face of Terror

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In the twenty-eight years I’ve been alive, I’ve seen some disturbing things. Yes, everyone can truly say that, but today for me, it really hit close to home.

I know I was not the only one watching the news on days like 9/11 or the Boston Marathon. But in this day and age, do we really think or wonder what our fellow humans think or feel during these times?

As usual, the Internet is cluttered with “Stand With Orlando” or “love for Pulse” and there’s a slew of images and memes, There are outsiders that mutter “it’s just herd mentality.”  Allow me to put those lines to rest. Right now, droves of people are waiting in the hot Florida sun on a Sunday to donate much needed blood in response to a sudden demand. As reactive as the citizens of “The City Beautiful” have been, why was it necessary?  

11 Jun 2016

Gay Stuff : Life as an Older Gay Male

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Articles have been written about adjustments older males face in their later years and some websites offer social interaction, but not many offer sexual opportunities. We have come to erroneously believe that sex is not happening among older adults. WOW! We are misinformed! Sexual activity among older adults is still a hot topic—pun intended!

Many older guys are still very active sexually—str8, bisexual and gay! These men are looking for playmates and partners that are young, exciting and fantastic in the bedroom. They are sometimes looking for playmates nearer their own age. Erectile dysfunction may affect some oldsters, but medications available are permitting them to enjoy renewed sex lives!

2 Jun 2016

Gay Stuff : Oral and Anal Play

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Oral and anal stimulation during sexual activity is common among Str8, Bi and Gay guys. Assumptions are made that parties preparing for sexual encounters will practice good hygiene including, but not limited to, cleaning out the lower segment of the intestines near the anus. Sometimes lovers will shower together in anticipation of their oral and anal activities.

Among str8 couples, the practice of cunnilingus (oral manipulation of the clitoris) can be extended to the anus where the surrounding tissue is endowed with nerves that are highly sensitive to erotic touch—especially the tongue. When the tongue comes in contact with the anus, the activity is referred to as “rimming the ass.” In the case of two males interacting in oral and anal play, oral stimulation is of the penis—not the clitoris and anal stimulation by the tongue is practiced similar to any str8 couple.