24 Apr 2015

Gay Stuff : Top/Bottom Census Count

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(This post was written by a member of A4A. If you too want to react to a post, or simply write your own post, want to have other gay men’s opinion about a subject etc, feel free to send me your text at blog at Adam4Adam dot com, thanks, Dave)


Okay, Dave, you said it…..95% of the gays in your town are bottoms! Wow…really? You seem to be having difficulty finding enough hot tops to satisfy your sexual desires and appetite. As a bisexual guy in Texas, it is some distance to Montreal, but from your statement, Quebec must be severely short of hot tops or you would not have made the statement. If the shortage continues, we may have to find a way to re-populate Quebec Province with more tops—similar to increasing the buck population to service does. This would create a migration of tops from across the continent into Quebec.

21 Apr 2015

Gay Stuff : Christianity and Sexuality

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Through the 2,000+ years that Christianity has been in existence, the matter of sexuality has come through a clouded, confused past with church fathers trying to decipher whether there was a virgin birth associated with Jesus of Nazareth and how human he wasversus being a deity. The results of their efforts created a Trinity plan to explain Jesus as in Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We now enter the 21st century and election of a new Papal leaderthe first from South America! He comes to the throne of St. Peter in Rome with a vision for transforming the Roman Catholic Church into a fellowship for all believers—whatever your race, sexual orientation, or nationality.

In the United States, we are struggling with same-sex unions and family life, while looking to our future. The same science that confirms the order of creation in sync with religious teachings is the same science that has provided evidence that our chromosomes are similar but different between a str8 man and a gay man. Thus, the age-old theory is false concerning placing a gay person with str8 persons long enough that the gay guy will become straight!  

16 Apr 2015

Gay Stuff : Age Is But a Number

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(photo : Icon Male)

Age is but a number….OR IS IT? When an older subscriber is surfing for a playmate, he may encounter comments that seem rude or condescending, but sometimes can present a surprise, “age is but a number!” This suggests various responses that range from “interested” to “not interested.”

If you are an older male seeking playmates many years younger, your success rate will never be as high as when you are near their age. Some subscribers desire playmates much older/younger than themselves, but the head count is not very high in proportion to the number of surfers. Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy arrangements are also happening, but do not dominate the market.

10 Apr 2015

Gay Stuff : Your Ideal Man

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It’s Friday! I hope you guys had a great short Easter week…

Today I’d like to know what is your type of man? Over the years managing the blog, I’ve read from many of you that you are “tired of the gay stereotypes”, that there are “not enough average guys in porn”, that “the gays are too plastic and all about the look and muscles” , that “there isn’t enough diversity in the community” etc.

I want to know what gets YOU off? What kind of man do you like the most? I am not only talking looks here, “envelope” and personality! His shape, his ethnicity, his size, his height, his sex role and age, but also his education, his values, his humour, how extroverted/introverted he is etc.

Is he short, Asian, bottom, shy and submissive? Is he a tall bear, versatile and goofy? Is he Black, with a nice bubblebutt and a big heart? What is your ideal, the man of your dream? Make sure to leave your username at the end of your comment, maybe your ideal man will read it and will want to chat with you or even meet you, who knows?!

Have a good Friday!


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2 Apr 2015

Gay Stuff: Dominant, Submissive, Versatile…

Catégorie: Gay Stuff


(Photo : Dylan Lucas)

How frequently are you successful in explaining your sexual preferences to a male inquirer? Seemingly, your messages are not always interpreted the way you intended because the inquirer wants only to hear what HE wants to hear—not what YOU are saying. You may be a dominant TOP or a dominant BOTTOM—similar but not the same. Surprisingly, there are guys who enjoy bottoming, but feel they are in a dominant role by the way they respond to their top! (The bottom can make vocal sounds, the way he twists his pelvic area, and the way he pulls the top’s buttocks and cock tighter onto the receiving ass. He may also engage in nipple play, etc.)

Clearly, dominant tops are considered to be bulls in the act of sex play! They seldom back off to a submissive role, and instead charge on to the goal line—deep penetration in the bottom’s territory! When given a green light, they will proceed to kick the extra point by breeding and seeding the submissive receiver. The submissive receiver may be elated with having given himself up to his bull in the excitement of the touch down! A dominant bull should be expected to remain in play during a time out while he keeps his bull cock fully engaged with the receiver impaled on the bull’s cock and totally under the bull’s control!

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