9 Feb 2016

Gay Stuff : Young Novices Need Assistance

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Most members are accustomed to surfing A4A after having already met and enjoyed playmates in the past. When members return to surfing, they often discover new profiles that get their attention. Sometimes they discover young virgin novices who are just getting started on A4A and need assistance and guidance along the road to their sexual fulfillment.

Reaching young adulthood, many young males are very passionate about wanting exciting male sex experiences. They are eager to learn more about the approaches of older guys who want to break them in! For this reason, mature males should consider being a positive influence—not one that detracts from the glow and passion of male experiences.

8 Feb 2016

Art : The Gay Poem

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(Valentine’s Day is coming, send us your love stories, poems, love letters to share with other members, along with your username or we can publish them anonymously as well >> Blog at adam4adam.com )

Being Gay
Do you think they woke one day
And decided to be that way?
To feel the hate that they will feel everyday
To have their families feel betrayed
It’s so much more
Then them liking the ballet
And them able to make a good looking bouquet
And them able to set a great buffet
And them having a roll in the hay
It’s about two sharing love
That was sent from above
And being committed
To all that was admitted
It’s a shame they cannot feel acquitted
And they have to fight for it to be permitted
Why do they have to feel chastised
And they have to watch their own demise
And criminalized
They want what everyone craves
Not to feel betrayed
And no longer be enslaved
To show our love
Finally they heard our cries
A license we now can buy
Guy to Guy!!!!

Mark aka Eal30 on Adam4adam

4 Feb 2016

Gay Stuff : Fellatio Focus

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Some profiles focus on Fellatio as the sexual activity they enjoy. For whatever reasons, the profilers don’t want to engage in anal action and instead want to get off with playmates limited to explosion of passionate streams of cum from hard cocks!

Limiting sexual activity to cock sucking is like a half a loaf of bread to some guys—but is all other guys want to experience. The reasons may be many, but the first thoughts about the limitation is that the profilers place restrictions on their sexual activity because of factors such as wives/girlfriends, same-sex partners with whom they are having anal, or simply they don’t enjoy it!

A4A members, what are some of the reasons you limit activities to oral without anal?


2 Feb 2016

Gay Stuff : Cocks Have Their Own Personalities

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(This post was written by a member of A4A, to submit your article feel free to send it to blog at adam4adam.com)

Cocks are like fingerprints; no two the same. Have you noticed that these cocks have their own personalities, too? They pay attention when they want. They respond when they want. The cock enters a guy’s ass and reacts differently to that inner space. That reaction is what eventually causes the body to quiver.

But what I find most fascinating about a cock is how it shoots its load. There is the lava flow…it just pours out of the top of the cock and runs down the side of the cock and over the fingers. There is the rifle shooter…it sends forth a shot of cum that goes up and arches before it heads to the face, the wall, the chest, the back…well you know what I mean. And sometimes the rifle becomes a semi-automatic…rapid successive shots into the air. (BTW when the rifle or semi is bare in your ass you can feel each and every shot!!!!!)

2 Jan 2016

Gay Stuff : Daddy-Son Sex Play and More

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Age differentials have always existed in personal relationships, and currently sex partners born decades apart are active and flourishing! Age disparity also reflects on the high number of young males today who are either unemployed or under-employed and have feelings of despair. Thus, young guys may need assistance in many ways: physical, mental and financial. Some also feel the absence of biological fathers in their lives.

In the absence of employment, young adults are often turning to whatever source of existence they can find. One source for young gays and bisexuals is supplied by older males who desire the company of sexy, young male playmates who have lots of energy, enthusiasm and vitality. Older males offer opportunities for support through counsel, companionship, habitation, and financial aid. In a loving, caring relationship the idea of $ for sexual favors is not an issue.