27 Aug 2015

Gay Stuff : Scared To Stay Single?

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Are you emotionally dependant? Many gay men around me are! I feel like many gay men can’t stay alone more than few months. Why? Is it because they don’t want to be seen as single? Is being single perceived negatively by society?

Recently I was asked by a Facebook friend “why are you single, is it by choice?”. He said that I was very beautiful and I shouldn’t be single…. That’s an odd observation. Like if being beautiful means it is easy to find a lover. It goes to say that this observation is also very superficial. Isn’t love about connection, sharing moments, similar interests and more? Nothing to do with beauty….

25 Aug 2015

Watch This : HIV+ Man Asks Strangers To Touch Him

Catégorie: Gay Stuff : Health : Watch this !


Finnish guy Janne Antin wanted to show what it is like to live with HIV, the stigma related to it and at the same time raise awareness on the condition. It is an extremely moving video. I actually saw it when it first came out few month ago and it made me cry. This morning when I woke up, I had a flash about it and went online to find it to share it with you.

I am telling you this is extremely disturbing how some people react. I won’t tell you what their reactions are, I will simply let you watch the video. Make sure you have a box of tissue not too far….


11 Aug 2015

Survey : Hairy Or Shaved Pubes?

Catégorie: Gay Stuff : survey


Some of us like a clean shaved crotch, some prefer bushy pubes, it’s a matter of personal taste.

To me, it depends on the guy, the bush needs to match the rest of the package. If the guy is smooth all over I prefer his pubes trimmed and clean, but if he got a hairy chest and legs, I want hair down there too. I personally hate shaved pubes, it’s a big turn off! The photo above is very appealing to me, I would probably spend lots of time satisfying these hairy cocks and just looking at them or touching them.

I remember the first time I met my NYC fuckbuddy Rico, an handsome hairy Puerto Rican, I think I spent 10 minutes just looking at his dick and touching it. I was so into how perfectly hairy it was and thick and beautiful and delicious…. OK, I’ll stop coz just thinking about it makes me rock hard!

So where do you stand ? Is a full bush interesting for you or do you prefer it trimmed or shaved?


9 Aug 2015

Gay Stuff : High-Dollar Escorts

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Gay males in their twenties and thirties are prime escort candidates with high-dollar clients from coast to coast. Escorts are supporting lifestyles that also include funds for education and career development.

Male escorts are escorting America’s executive class. The clients are often wealthy executives who have disposable incomes capable of paying thousands of dollars for a weekend with a young, attractive male of their choosing. Many in this group of elite clients range in age from forty-five to eighty, some are married, or in a relationship with another male.

A high-dollar escort possesses a magnificent physique, impeccable manners and detailed personal grooming and his resume will include photos taken by a professional photographer.

Have you ever hired an escort? Do you think you will ever? If you did, did you have sex with him or simply used him as an escort; “a man who is the companion of another man, especially on a social occasion” ?


6 Aug 2015

Gay Stuff : Tips To Be A Better Top!

Catégorie: Gay Stuff


(Photo : SeanCody)


Written by MakeMeABird, member of A4A.

When I think about topping I honestly don’t give it much thought.  Mostly I think, “I’m horny…I need to fuck something” and generally the mindset is to find an ass that catches my attention…get in, unload and get out.  But to effectively make your bottom beg for more, here are a few things that every top should know:

1. Know your Weapon 

There’s nothing more annoying to a bottom than a guy who seems to be unfamiliar with his own dick.  The “top” position is a position of dominance and power, it’s an Alpha position.  Confidence and self-awareness go a long way.  Know whether you’re average, hung or super hung.  It’s really annoying when you’re 6″ and you’re waving it around talking about your 10″ dick.  There’s nothing wrong with a healthy degree of confidence; there are plenty of guys with 5″, 6″ and 7″ cocks who can make a bottom’s eyes roll back in their head.  Be confident and be realistic.

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