3 Jul 2015

Gay Stuff : Bareback?

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(Photo : Sean Cody, check out their $1 Promo here!)

There seems to be more and more of the old time porn stars being lured into do bareback porn. What is it that is making them decide to do this all of a sudden: the money or the notoriety? I read a story where Lucas Ridgestone was brought out of retirement to do a new film, a bareback film.  

Interesting enough but what I found more interesting was the comments people were leaving. One poster was disgusted by the fact he would consider doing bareback porn, really? I bet he downloads the first copy.

3 Jul 2015

Gay Stuff : Courtship Is Important

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YES, courtship is important in selecting a mate! Although 59% percent of survey participants are here for hookups, there is still a demand for same-sex couples wanting to consider their desires for life-time partnerships before setting their wedding date. In the “DAYS OF YORE” sexual intimacy was not present before the wedding bed! Over past decades couples have become accustomed to sexual activity before marriage—either as occasional trysts or living together full-time. This same trend has been occurring between same sex couples.

To minimize lifestyle conflicts, common interests are very important for any couple. NO couple has 100% common interests, but variances should be minimal to sustain long-term compatibility. Sustainable relationships are easier if a couple recognizes their similarities and differences and then make allowances in daily living. “Hookups” must be relinquished completely, or the trust factor will disappear and your marriage can quickly be “on the rocks.” The idea of open marriage borders on the same trust issue if it is implemented into any marriage.

2 Jul 2015

Speak Out : Labeling Gays?

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(Photo; Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg)

After reading that article, all I came to really realize is that I’m glad I don’t constantly read HuffPost. The fact that, that rather whiny blogger gets such coverage while others with more defined voices struggle and fight (And I don’t mean me) for hits every day is sad. To me this is a Twink crying that someone stole HIS special day. And that’s the main issue with THE WHOLE argument about this article. It’s based on a faulty foundation. The one we’re all living on, built on fear and categorization, the one that’s kinda falling apart now, from under us causing article like this to be written.

Labeling is for organizing THINGS, not people and when we label people is when we run into issues. Sexuality is such a SMALL part of who we are as people, and too many people get caught up in that. He’s upset that straight people are eating the gay cake, when the whole issue is there is just “cake” not Straight, Gay, Black, White…. Ect cake,  there’s just cake.

While YES, I do agree with people ego stroking and just doing stuff to blend in, that’s not new or news. Apathy is sweeping the nation in thick sheets like The Blob. People are just not up to caring as much as they used to. They’re not used to having to commit anything more than a couple of clicks and taps on a screen or keyboard. Organization meetings and fundraisers are dead and empty, yet their RSVP on Facebook is almost 300….. why is that? 

14 Jun 2015

Gay Stuff : Experimenting With Your Sexuality

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Having sex with other guys at first was generally confusing.Some guys kissed weird.  Some guys were a lot more rough than I anticipated.  Some guys just laid there.  Some guys slobbered all over my face and told me how hot it was.  I licked one guy’s nipple and he came on the spot then threw me out because he was embarrassed.  I had to make one guy leave because the way he delivered blowjobs reminded me of a dog going after his chew toy.  At some point I thought to myself “First off, guys don’t know what they’re doing and secondly…what exactly do I WANT them to do to me?”

Exploring your sexuality isn’t always a straight guy wondering what it’s like to be with another guy.  (or conversely, gay guys wondering what it’s like to be with a woman).  That’s just sexual curiosity and I’m sure at some point everyone at least considers what the other sexualities do exactly.  I watch straight porn because I think it’s hot, but sometimes when I’m watching it I think to myself “so…I’m supposed to punch a woman’s vagina?  That’s what girls like?” – It’s all very strange to me, but it’s still just a curiosity.  Although I did have sex with women early on I’ve never felt a romantic or emotional/sexual attraction to women.

8 Jun 2015

Gay Stuff : Kinky Sex

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(photo : Raw And Rough)

Kinky includes anything that deviates from the straight and narrow. From playing doctor, to spanking, to BDSM and fisting, kinky sex is the contrary of missionary position. It’s important to be on the same sexual wavelength as your partner though. Unfortunately, most gay guys don’t discover their partner’s fantasies until later in the relationship. So communication is key!

What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? What do you consider kinky when it comes to sex? What are u willing to do and how far are u willing to go and with whom? What taboos would you break?

Discuss below!


(Kinky video under the jump)

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