30 Jul 2014

Pornstars : Bodik Rigor – Randy Blue 60% OFF!!!

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If you were to recast the XMen, I believe Bodik Rigor would be the perfect choice for Colossus. Colossus is a big beefy Soviet god who has muscles that turn to steel. This Ukranian hottie, might not have muscles that turn to steel, but they sure as hell will turn your dick to steel. This boy has that perfect body builder body, but with natural hair on his chest and a hot fuzzy ass.

The other steel he possesses are his blue steel eyes. Those eyes can shoot beams right through you and make you weak in the knees and willing to do anything he says. Perfect eyes, perfect pecs, perfect biceps, hot fuzzy ass, and we still have not even gotten to his dick yet. He has a beautiful long uncut cock that is just dying to be sucked. He loves to dirty talk. And the fun thing about being Ukranian, is that he can talk nasty in Ukranian, Russian and English.

This is one of the best gay porn stars out there. Take a look at his hd porn videos at Randy Blue and by the way, the subscription is 60% OFF right now, so take advantage and click here!

Check more pics of him after the jump and let me know your thoughts!


12 Feb 2014

Photography : Sexy Mike For C-IN2, By Rick Day

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Mike Stalker is C-IN2 spring 2014 model for the underwear company’s campaign. The stunning ripped man was shot by my favorite photographer, Rick Day. Expect to feel these side effects while watching the images of the campaign :

  • Penis erection that can be painful if you look at the images for a long period.
  • Weakness and shortness of breath
  • Intense and irregular heartbeat

If you wish to look as hot as Mike, click here to get you C-IN2 underwear. They just arrived, they’re just out of the manufacture and you can already get them at a special Valentine’s Day price!

Let me know how you like the campaign and if you like the new collection?!


(More pictures after the jump)

14 Nov 2013

Hottie Of The Day : Adam Sky

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Adam Sky is a 24 y.o. straight guy who loves to show off his hot muscled body and big cock. At 5’11′ and 210 lbs., Adam is a pretty imposing guy when you first meet him. But after a minute or two of talking with him you realize that there isn’t a menacing bone in this straight dude’s muscled body. He is friendly and personable and he is definitely a gym buff as he works out almost every day of the week.

What is imposing on this jock is the hefty 9 inch uncut cock that he carries like a loaded gun in his tight fitting underwear. When he strips off his jeans, everybody is in awe looking at the mound of hard flesh bulging out of his stretched out briefs. You would get even more impressed when he double-fists his dick and that his cock head and part of his shaft are still in full view.

He definitely has a nicely chiseled six-pack and hunky chest. This black guy’s huge bubble butt doesn’t disappoint either. It is nice and hairy.

Who would like to taste Adam’s 9 inches? But he is straight, so you would definitely have to work on him a bit…. He lives in Montreal so maybe I should try myself …I love muscular dark skinned men:)

Check out more pics after the jump!


(credit : Men Of Montreal)

24 Oct 2013

Hottie Of The Day : Ben Cohen

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Ben Cohen is a former England rugby  player and activist. He began his professional career with Northampton Saints in 1996; in 2007 he moved to France to represent Brive before returning to England two years later to join Sale Sharks. In May 2011, Cohen retired from professional rugby, and  focuses more on The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation he created to combat homophobia and bullying. According to its website, the foundation is “the world’s first foundation dedicated to raising awareness of the long-term, damaging effects of bullying, and funding those doing real-world work to stop it”.

I think that it is amazing that an heterosexual male is doing such work, don’t you agree? On top of it, he is fabulously gorgeous…which gets even more visibility! Totally my type of man…handsome face, amazing body, trimmed hair…perfection! If I could find a husband like him….

Check out some sexy shots of Ben below and let me know if he deserves to be our Hottie Of The Day?! :)


29 Apr 2013

Member Of The Week : The Amazing Frostx

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I receive lot’s of email from you guys and I always read all of them (except the hate ones)….But when I get a email like the one I received from Jess (aka Frostx on A4A), it brightens my day! That is why I decided to feature him as the Member Of The Week! I love his attitude, and I admire him for his look and how his independence goes beyond social boundaries.

I have a lot of friends like him around me. From straight guys to fag hags, to drag queens and transsexuals – to feminine guys or muscle jocks and chubby guys, from asians to blacks..really all types, sizes and colors…but they all have one similarity: They are who they are and they don’t judge a book by its cover. I eliminated all the fake and negative people around me, because they drain me. I  don’t like people who don’t accept others. Sometimes different people can bring you so much: culture, different point of views, love, true friendship etc.

As the gay community, we need to learn to love each other and accept that we are all different. If we don’t accept each other, who will? I hear some of you say “He is a man he should dress and act like a man!” To this I say “who the fuck are you?” We all can be whoever we want to be, nobody needs you to tell them who they should be, how they should dress, how masculine they should be… If you are not attracted to butch guys with a beard, well don’t date guys with a beard and if a guy is too fem for you, just don’t fuck with these guys…But don’t send them hate emails or laugh at them when they walk beside you in the gay village! Cause you know what? YOU are the moron if this is what you are doing, YOU are the one who acts like a kid!

Ahhh it feels good to say things like that to defend my people :)

Here is what Jess had to say:

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