23 Jan 2016

Member Of The Week : Will It Be You?

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Hey guys, hope you are all having a great weekend so far! I used to post a “member of the week” on our blog in the past and for I dont know what reason, I stopped at one point. I would like to start that topic again!

So if you think we should feature you (or someone you know on A4A) as member of the week, feel free to send me a message saying why. Maybe you just won a competition, you are a LGBT activist, you work in research to find a cure for HIV, you help disabled elderly people, you do voluntary work in your city’s gay association etc.

Send me a message with your username, maybe a photo or I can grab one from your A4A profile, the reason why I should feature you on the blog and you’re all set! Make sure to get your profile in top shape because you will get lots of guys visiting it. The blog gets 10,000 + readers daily, so get ready for some looooovin’!

Dave (blog at adam4adam.com is my email address)

14 Mar 2014

Member Of The Week : SCIFI26

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Hey guys, it’s Friday (Yay)

Last week I received this email from Jay and I decided to make him our “Member of The Week”! Check him out on A4A, his username is SCIFI26. He is also an artist, make sure to click on his page link!

Check out his message below:

“Hi name is Jay, I’m a 23 year old Puerto Rican bottom hailing from the Bronx, New York. I’ve been on A4A for about 8 months now. I’m looking for I guess my Mr.Right and hoping to find him–or maybe he’ll find me lol. I think I should be member of the week {well because my birthday is March 26th :)} because not many guys on the site understand who I am or takes the time to read my profile. Aside from attending college and majoring in Performing Arts (with a 3.9gpa and graduating next year) I am also a singer/songwriter working on my third mixtape, I’m a science fiction writer and also a poet. I’m funny, sweet, cooky at times and I enjoy the romantic stuff. I’ve been single for 4 years now and I think it’s time I find a great guy to settle down with. I am effeminate (I read the blog you wrote about effeminate guys in the gay community and I couldn’t help but agree with everything that was written in there). Some guys need to give us a chance. I want to thank you for taking time out to read this and here is my music page! ”


8 Mar 2014

Member Of The Week : Christendale

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Christendale messaged me last week because he wanted A4A to talk about Fem Guys on the blog. Because of his email, I blogged about Fem Guys And Love and how it can be more tricky or even hard sometimes for them to meet and have a love relationship with a man.

From our little exchange by email, I can say that Christendale is a smart guy and a confident one! He is beautiful in his way with his long hair and slim athletic body and for that, I’d like to feature him as the Member Of The Week!

Christendale is from Philippines, he is 19 and he is ideally looking for a long term relationship. Check him out and send him a note, I’m sure he will be happy to chat with you guys.

Oh and for those who are thinking about writing some bitchy comments below, you won’t be published. Yes, I know, we are in 2014 and some people still  bully other guys from the same community because they are different…. Be cool guys! RESPECT!

Have a wonderful weekend guys!



16 Jan 2014

Member Of The Week: DOM_GOD

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DOM_GOD likes men who love themselves as well as others. He is a single young sexy black man looking for fun friends. As far as fun, he is dibbling and dabbling in everything, he loves everyone equally, a universal man! He likes all types of music he is an outgoing go-getter! He has a very good sense of humor, likes goofing around when not handling business, but get serious minded and realist when handling said business.

He loves good food, great wineries/wine, loves partying, kicking back relaxing. He is a Family man, who takes people’s situations seriously. He is educated and hard working, knows what he want and he go for it!

7 Jan 2014

Member Of The Week : SataiTuck

Catégorie: Member Of The Week

Hey guys, I’d like to present you SataiTuck.

He is one of our member for quite a while and recently he was telling me that he has been single all his life, so I thought about sharing his profile with you guys. He definitely has a killer smile, right?!

SataiTuck lives in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. He likes cars, hot men (who doesn’t?), muscles, working out, eating out, intimacy, helping others. He really seem like a cool dude.

Check him our on A4A and send him a note!

If you’d like to become the “member of the week” send me a message with username, interests, age , hobbies, what you’re looking for etc… at blog at adam4adam.com and I might feature you next week!