5 Mar 2016

Hot or Not : The Peters Twins

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(photo : Belami)

5 years ago, I asked you if you find them hot. I’d like to know if you changed your mind and also get the comments from all the new blog readers that are now following us.

I’m pretty sure that this “HOT or NOT?” will get lots of comments…

I personally think that they are hot but individually… and they have amazing bodies. But I find it “funny” to see them together or even seing them on each other… But that’s just me ! So check out these photos of them together, playing with each other’s cock and let me know, do you find the Peters twins Hot or Not ?


(More pictures below)

1 Mar 2016

Photography : Model Attila Toth By Brian Jamie

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I just came across this nice black and white shoot from fitness model and trainer Attila Toth, photographed here by Brian Jamie. In this shoot Attila is wearing a pair of white Garçon Model briefs.

This young blonde sexy man have been seen in few underwear/swimsuit fashion shows but I’m pretty sure we will see him more in the future.

What do you think of him? Sexy uh? Watch more pics after the jump!


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8 Jan 2016

Hot or Not : Rough Sex

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(Photo : SeanCody)

I was browsing on A4A when I started noticing username with adjective “rough…” or “power…”, ” dom…”, “sub…” etc and I thought, wow there’s a lot of guys who seem to like rough sex. Do gay men like it more rough than straight guys/girls?

I was thinking that since we are 2 men and that men tend to like to go rough…. But then I thought, some guys (especially bottoms) tend to be more romantic or sensual. So I don’t know. Let me know what sex position you are and if you like rough sex, if you are more sensual, or if it simply depend on your mood?


5 Jan 2016

Jack-Off Material : Legs Up or Behind Head!

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Imagine all these men lined up, legs behind their head, ready to get fucked, begging for your cock! Woooooof! I’m pretty sure many of you get instantly hard at the sight of these photos! (below)

Is this your favorite position to fuck a hole? I’m curious to know. I like the eye contact in this position, it is amazing and you can also kiss the partner that is fucking you, I personally love that as a bottom.

See more pics below


21 Dec 2015

Hot or Not : Cologne

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Hey guys,

Christmas is coming and what do we see everywhere these days? Perfumes/cologne. They sell perfumes in pharmacies, mega stores, corner stores and even grocery stores. I guess when people don’t know what to offer as gift, they just take the cheapest cologne out there.

But what about us, gay and bisexual men? Do we still wear these “fake” designer cologne? I mean we all know that these scents are not created by fashion houses anymore (except for Chanel and Hermes), but simply sold as license to multinational fragrance companies who create perfumes using synthetic elements, making HUGE profits per bottle.