8 Jan 2016

Hot or Not : Rough Sex

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(Photo : SeanCody)

I was browsing on A4A when I started noticing username with adjective “rough…” or “power…”, ” dom…”, “sub…” etc and I thought, wow there’s a lot of guys who seem to like rough sex. Do gay men like it more rough than straight guys/girls?

I was thinking that since we are 2 men and that men tend to like to go rough…. But then I thought, some guys (especially bottoms) tend to be more romantic or sensual. So I don’t know. Let me know what sex position you are and if you like rough sex, if you are more sensual, or if it simply depend on your mood?


5 Jan 2016

Jack-Off Material : Legs Up or Behind Head!

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Imagine all these men lined up, legs behind their head, ready to get fucked, begging for your cock! Woooooof! I’m pretty sure many of you get instantly hard at the sight of these photos! (below)

Is this your favorite position to fuck a hole? I’m curious to know. I like the eye contact in this position, it is amazing and you can also kiss the partner that is fucking you, I personally love that as a bottom.

See more pics below


21 Dec 2015

Hot or Not : Cologne

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Hey guys,

Christmas is coming and what do we see everywhere these days? Perfumes/cologne. They sell perfumes in pharmacies, mega stores, corner stores and even grocery stores. I guess when people don’t know what to offer as gift, they just take the cheapest cologne out there.

But what about us, gay and bisexual men? Do we still wear these “fake” designer cologne? I mean we all know that these scents are not created by fashion houses anymore (except for Chanel and Hermes), but simply sold as license to multinational fragrance companies who create perfumes using synthetic elements, making HUGE profits per bottle.

23 Nov 2015

Hot Or Not : Bad Boys

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(Photo : SeanCody)

You came across these guys in your life for sure. You know the type of guys that has the dirty jeans/t-shirt looks, the strong attitude, the magnetism of a leader, mixed with the quirkiness of a punk band. Here are some traits to help you identify them:

1) Bad boys master the art of indifference. They understand the very nature of being indifferent when it comes to dealing with guys. They understand that the less emotion they give off, the more emotion they’ll want from them.

2) Bad boys put themselves first. Off the bat, I know this may sound selfish as hell… well, that’s because it is. Bad boys have this way about them in which they understand that some guys appreciate a man who places himself above everyone else. The essence of being a guy who doesn’t alter his belief system or values for any piece of ass can be admirable.

3) Bad boys have use asshole humour. They mix being somewhat of a dick to guys with moments of sweetness. For example he can be telling fart jokes at a black tie event and then invites you in a small dark room for a great sexy moment.

4) Bad boys have the ability to have animalistic sex. Every once in a while, you have to tap into your inner bad boy. And I mean get really bad. Sexually this means hair pulling, spanking, light choking, biting, chaotic foreplay, and any and everything mentioned in the Karma Sutra. Bad boys get away with embodying all the traits above solely because they know how to be an animal in the bedroom.

5) Bad Boys are brutally honest. A bad boy is going to say what’s on his mind and tell you how it is. Nice guys sometimes feel the need to lie or be dishonest to another guys because his approval of him is more important than his integrity and being honest. He’ll get a lot farther with guys because even though the truth might upset them, they’re more likely to respect and trust you because they know you do your best to be honest. It’s hard to bounce back from having a reputation for being a liar.

So do you like bad boys? Even though they can sometimes be a pain in the ass (hmm I like that…), they are adorable and I love them for that!


5 Nov 2015

Fantasy : Licking Feet And Toes

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I started seeing a guy who has a fetish about feet. I’ve found it a turn-on. He was initially quite bashful, he sucked my toes during an initial sexual encounter and commented, ‘It’s weird, I know.’

After the surprise it seems no different to liking butts or cocks. He asked me for a “footjob”, which I did as well as I could and he orgasmed afterwards with my feet on his face and pleasuring himself. He likes to lick, suck and smell my feet. I enjoy having my feet kissed and fondled.

What about you? Do you like feet? Toes? What excites you about it?


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