10 Nov 2014

Hot or Not : Bears

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Hey guys, I hope you all had a great weekend, it was beautiful in Montreal!

Today is a cold day… what else is better when it’s cold to cuddle with a hot muscle bear? I want to know who likes bears here? We have many bears member on Adam4Adam and I want to give them a shout out! Hi guys!!!

I personally love furry men, especially beefy muscle bears. There’s one at my gym that I would like to have in my bed, maybe one day I’ll invite him over… I would definitely like to cuddle all night with him and I’d gladly be his little spoon!

What about you? Like’em furry or smooth? Find them Hot or Not?

If you like bear porn, my favorite website is BearBFs! You can watch manly amateur cumstuds in solo or hardcore action. They’re hot, hairy, and totally hung! Love it!


22 Oct 2014

Hot or Not : Military Men

Catégorie: Hot or Not



(Pictures : Tumblr)

I have to say that I really enjoy seing army men! They look so rugged and manly with their camouflage attire…Few sad events happened in Canada this week, military guys got killed by some crazy dudes (Islamic State), cops are still investigating….But I don’t wanna talk about sad things now. I want to talk about how gorgeous our military men are. Since these events, we see military men everywhere in Canada, on TV and in the streets and it makes me smile:)

There’s something sexy about them that makes me horny. Manliness, army is a symbol of masculinity. I love their uniform, the boots, their gun and they are usually in top shape. Even average guys dressed up in camo, are turned into gorgeous beasts!

So YES, I find military men very hot. Especially muscular ones!

What about you? Do you like army guys?


(more pics after the jump)


19 Oct 2014

Hot or Not : David McIntosh

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(photo credit : Michael Stokes)

David McIntosh is a British ex-military and security operative who became a television personality, actor, and fitness model. He was a Gladiator on the Sky 1 TV series Gladiators, under the name Tornado. In 2014, he participated in Celebrity Big Brother 14. McIntosh appeared in fitness magazine “Muscle & Fitness”, the Jennifer Hudson music video “Walk It Out” and most recently, he was suppose to appear in the Nicki Minaj music video “Anaconda” but his part was cut at the last minute.

Do you find him Hot or Not?




7 Oct 2014

Hot or Not : Nick Jonas

Catégorie: Hot or Not



Nick Jonas is a singer – popular with younger girls and younger gays – I heard one of his song while driving in my car this week and it was the first time I actually heard him. I knew his name of course because he’s been around for a bit (with his brothers) but his music is simply not my thing.

Last week, the 22 years old revealed a spread in Flaunt magazine where he surely grabbed gay men’s attention, after exposing, crotch, butt, abs and all the rest. Is he building a gay fan base?

My question, Nick Jonas, Hot or Not?


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27 Sep 2014

Hot or Not : Hairy Crack

Catégorie: Hot or Not


Light post for today, I want to know if you guys like hairy butt cracks. I don’t like asses so I am not the right person to comment on that post…I never touched, rimmed or fingered an ass hole. I’m fully bottom and love cocks!

So is a fully hairy bushy crack wins or you prefer a shaved smooth hole? Hot or not : Hairy cracks ?

And let me know why you like it or not?!


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