8 Apr 2014

Hot or Not : Smelly Cocks

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Hi guys, today is a delicate subject! It might gross you out or you might get hard very fast. If your biggest fetish is smelly cocks, you will like the post, if you like a cock to smell soap, you will want to throw up!

Last night, I was browsing on A4A, I don’t know if there will be a full moon soon, but my hornyness was extreme! I was talking with this bisexual dude, he was hot. We were chatting, you know, the usual stuff, “age, cock size, top/bottom?”, when he asked me if he could suck my cock after the gym tomorrow. I’m like why tomorrow? He said he didn’t want me to wash my cock for few days and hit the gym and be all sweaty when we meet. He was in love with man smells, especially dirty cocks, sweaty crotch.

At first, I found it kinda weird, but then I was like, to each his own fantasy right?! Who am I to judge….

So this brings me to ask you the question. Smelly cocks, Hot or Not?

Please also tell me why? Is it a sign of extreme submission? Is it because you really love manly smells? If you don’t like, please also tell me why?

Thanks guys!




25 Mar 2014

Hot or Not : Gaping Holes?

Catégorie: Hot or Not


If you are into fisting and anal toys, you’ve heard the word “gaping holes” before….

“When an anus stretches past its physical limit, causing it to gape” is one of the definition by the Urban Dictionary.

Gaping holes create lot’s of attention on the web and within the gay community because there are blogs and websites devoted to them.

How to get a gaping hole, how to stretch it, how to please your man with it…

But the question is, do YOU like gaping holes? A red hole that is wide open, ready to “eat” your cock? Or do you prefer tight pink holes?

Let us know why you like or not, and if you bottom and like to have a gaping hole, why do you like it and how is it to have one?


24 Feb 2014

Hot or Not : Hairy Asses

Catégorie: Hot or Not



Hey guys, I’m back from NYC, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Today I want to ask tops and versatile guys, do you like hairy asses?

For us bottom, it is sometimes difficult, because some tops ask us to be smooth-fully-shaven-ready to get fucked, some guys ask us to have a natural full-bush-ass, some guys want us to be natural, but clean and not tooooo hairy down there. It’s hard for us to know what gets you going. Because keep in mind that if we shave, it takes time for the hair to grow back and as horny bottoms, we want to satisfy the more cocks possible so……

Let us know what is the best for you guys!


(photo credit : MEN)

31 Dec 2013

Hot or Not : Double Penetration

Catégorie: Fantasy : Hot or Not : Jack-off material : Pornstars


Hi guys, today I wanted to ask you “what are your thoughts on double penetration” ?

Do you find it Hot or Not? Have you ever tried it? Is it something you would like to try?

For me, it always was a fantasy but I never actually tried it. I’m sure it wouldn’t get in anyways. I might be 100% bottom, but I’m tight as fuck!

Might be fun for the tops though….or for bottoms with loose hole!  Tops we want to hear you on the subject too!

Check out that scene where Dato Foland and Damien Crosse fuck Donato Reyes. It is quite spectacular if you are into DP!



(photo credit : MEN)


21 Nov 2013

Gay Stuff : Deep-Throating

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If you didn’t know, deep-throating is a sexual act in which one guy takes its partner’s entire erect penis deep into their own mouth, past the epiglottis, and into the throat. For deep-throating, the penis has to be long enough so that it can reach the back of the recipient’s throat. The technique and term were popularized by the 1972 pornographic film Deep Throat.

It is difficult for most people (except true bottom cocksuckers) to perform deep-throating, due to the natural gag reflex evoked when the soft palate is touched.Different people have different sensitivities to the reflex; with practice some people learn to suppress it. Deep-throating leads to an entirely different kind of oral stimulation in comparison to regular fellatio, while the giving partner’s tongue is immobilized during deep-throating and they are unable to suck the receiver’s glans penis is intensely stimulated by the tightness of the giving partner’s throat.

Here are some tips for the perfect deep-throating:  

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