9 Feb 2015

Hot Or Not : Sam Smith

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Yesterday was the Grammy Awards, the biggest party in the music industry. Sam Smith was the golden boy of the evening. Some people even re-baptised the Grammys, “The Sammys”. He won almost everything he was nominated in. Best New Artist, Song Of The Year, Record Of The Year and Best Pop Vocal Album. We are all very proud of this fellow – openly gay – British singer.

When I posted about Sam’s victories on A4A’s Facebook page last night, many of you wrote that he was very handsome and it gave me the idea of asking everyone on the blog if you guys think Sam is hot or not? He is not necessarily my type physically, but he seem to be an handsome, intelligent and loving boyfriend material. Everyone in the music industry agrees that Sam is very humble about his success and is one of the nicest dude out there. He definitely looks handsome and genuine and he is extremely talented, that is for sure.

What you think of the man?

Oh, if you missed his prestation last night with Mary J. Blige, check it out below.


5 Feb 2015

Hot Or Not : Channing Tatum

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Making Magic In Toronto With "Magic Mike" - Press Junket


The  ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ will be back on the big screen July 1st 2015 with Magic Mike XXL. I saw the trailer of the movie yesterday and had to share it with you. It actually aroused me! Not that I’m a big fan of Tatum, but the movie will definitely be on the sexy side….

Do you find Tatum Hot? Or average? I think he has a OK body but a very average face no? Of course with the makeup and all the photoshopping, he looks fine on magazine covers …

I just don’t get why everybody is so in love with him?! If I’d have to choose an actor from that movie, I’d prefer Joe Manganiello! So sexyyyy! Handsome face and body and very tall! Let me know your thoughts on Tatum below and watch the trailer after the jump!


4 Feb 2015

Hot Or Not : Deep-throating

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(Photo : Randy Blue)


If you didn’t know, deep-throating is a sexual act in which one guy takes its partner’s entire erect penis deep into their own mouth, past the epiglottis, and into the throat. For deep-throating, the penis has to be long enough so that it can reach the back of the recipient’s throat. The technique and term were popularized by the 1972 pornographic film Deep Throat.

It is difficult for most people (except true bottom cocksuckers) to perform deep-throating, due to the natural gag reflex evoked when the soft palate is touched.Different people have different sensitivities to the reflex; with practice some people learn to suppress it. Deep-throating leads to an entirely different kind of oral stimulation in comparison to regular fellatio, while the giving partner’s tongue is immobilized during deep-throating and they are unable to suck the receiver’s glans penis is intensely stimulated by the tightness of the giving partner’s throat.

Here are some tips for the perfect deep-throating:  

29 Jan 2015

Hot or Not : Body Odor

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I was just getting to the gym the other day and walked to my normal spot and this guy was changing from finishing his workout…His body odor was so bad I almost threw up! He walked away but the smell was so bad it lingered and of course another guy walked up and probably thought it was me! Ugh!

I must admit I have never understood the attraction to “man smells”. I am blessed that I do not smell when I sweat. For me to shower at least twice a day and apply deodorant 2-3 times a day during the summer is very normal. I find body odor a real turn-off, and I find wearing a ton of cologne nearly as bad. What’s wrong with just smelling clean? You’re not a flower, you’re not a sprig of mint, or a bag of sandalwood, YOU’RE A DUDE, and hopefully a CLEAN one. So smell like that and I’ll be happy.

10 Nov 2014

Hot or Not : Bears

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Hey guys, I hope you all had a great weekend, it was beautiful in Montreal!

Today is a cold day… what else is better when it’s cold to cuddle with a hot muscle bear? I want to know who likes bears here? We have many bears member on Adam4Adam and I want to give them a shout out! Hi guys!!!

I personally love furry men, especially beefy muscle bears. There’s one at my gym that I would like to have in my bed, maybe one day I’ll invite him over… I would definitely like to cuddle all night with him and I’d gladly be his little spoon!

What about you? Like’em furry or smooth? Find them Hot or Not?

If you like bear porn, my favorite website is BearBFs! You can watch manly amateur cumstuds in solo or hardcore action. They’re hot, hairy, and totally hung! Love it!


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