23 May 2015

Hot Or Not : Watersports/Piss

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(Photo : Raw And Rough)

Piss is not my thing at all…but I wanted to know your opinion and try to understand why some guys are into that. What is the satisfaction behind pissing on someone or to get pissed on? Is it to dominate/to be dominated and humiliated ? Because obviously piss doesn’t taste great, I mean I’ve never tried but I can imagine! I just can’t imagine people into scat…And I won’t talk about #2 here, sorry for the fans…

So tell me first if you find it Hot or Not and then the reasons why?

And for those of you who like it, check out Raw And Rough a hot porn site that shows pissing action, I’m pretty sure you’ll like it!


23 Apr 2015

Hot or Not : Rough Sex

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(Photo : Randy Blue)

I love rough sex, I don’t know why…I just can’t have calm plain sex, it bores me to death. I don’t like extreme things though, no fisting, scat and other “weird” things, this is definitely not for me. I don’t like toys either…give me a hot body and cock and I’m happy!

I simply like to get fucked hard, get facefucked, when a guy holds my neck (like the picture above) and when he is verbal while fucking.

22 Apr 2015

Hot or Not : Zac Efron

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Some of you like him, some don’t, but I think Zac Efron is getting better and better with age. He is now a grown up man. With the 5 o’clock beard, the treasure trail and the muscles, I think he looks kinda hot. I would not kick him out of bed!

I was even able to find his cock pic online, he seem well hung too:)

What do you think? Do you find him hot or not?

And that picture above…some people claim that this dude is his BF! Imagine if he is in our team, that would be a great addition!


(Zac’s cock pic after the jump)

3 Apr 2015

Hot Or Not : Sounding

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(Photo credit : Fetish Force)

Sounding : The practice of inserting plastic or metal ‘sounds’ (long thin and very smooth objects) into yours or someone elses uretha. Ultimately leads to streching of the uretha so that larger objects (such as a finger) can be inserted in the penis.

Have you ever tried this? Writing this post was hard for me, because I had this image from Fetish Force right in front of me…and it was hard to watch! I have a physical reaction similar to when when I hear nails on a chalkboard when I see sounding, nipple or cock piercing. I don’t know why but I get chills all over my body and my teeth grind.

I’m pretty sure some of you guys like this because “fetish” sites like Fetish Force are super popular.

Let me know your thoughts and if you like it or not.



1 Apr 2015

Hot Or Not : Jockstrap

Catégorie: Hot or Not



(Announcement:  There is a problem with the “log out” button, our people are working on it!)

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful day so far!? You might have recognized me modelling a C-IN2 jock from Freshpair on my face? Yes it’s me…ehehe I gained a bit of fat for my bulking season, almost reached 200lbs this winter. April is the month when I start to get leaner for the summer, cutting on the carbs….got to be lean for the beach and for the hot season, my type of man likes lean bottom boys! :)

So I wanted to know if you guys like jockstraps too? Some dudes find it tacky, some find it incredibly hot…I think that top guys LOVE jocks, am I right? I personally love to wear a jock, for me it is like offering my ass on a silver tray! I feel hot and sexy in it! I’m pretty sure all the bottoms like to wear it!

So let me know if you’re top, vers or bottom and if you like to wear one or like to see a man wearing one!

If you need a hot jockstrap, click here to check out what Freshpair has, there’s always something on sale and the one I’m wearing here is from them. They also ship fast and it’s free!


(Check out more sexy photos after the jump….you’ll like the last one, I’m sure!!)

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