28 Aug 2015

Speak Out : I’m Black And Bottom And It Sucks!

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I received a message recently from a guy who said that “being black and bottom sucks”! I was moved by the message I received and wanted to get your opinion on the subject. I presume that being black and bottom WHEN you are surrounded by racist white people sucks, but if you live in a big multicultural city like NYC or L.A. or Miami, is it better? And what if you live in a city where the dark colour of your skin is not the minority? Is it still that bad?

I heard a lot from black people that the gay community fantasize about the “black top” or the “Big Black Cock”, leaving no space for the black bottom to exist. So guys I’d like to know your opinion. Tell me if you are white, black, yellow, green or what ever colour and tell me if you are bottom, top, vers or asexual and tell me how you feel after reading this blog post! Please be honest!

26 Aug 2015

Speak Out : Your Male Package

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(This post was written by a member of A4A and reflects an opinion, if you would like to submit a post, please send it to blog at adam4adam dot com)

When you are surfing websites while sitting at a Starbucks or drinking at a neighborhood bar, you are subject to being observed by other guys who have their antennae up! Therefore, present yourself as a hot guy receptive to making new friends. Look at yourself in a mirror and maybe ask a friend to suggest what you might change in your overall appearance that would enhance eye appeal when seeking new friends.

We are becoming more aware of our male packages and the undergarments that cover those packages! Females have breasts that protrude outwardly and cause attention based on cup size! Males have similar situations with genitals that protrude outwardly from their bodies and noticed by other males who view the protruding bulges in their pants.

19 Aug 2015

Speak Out : Too Much Porn?

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This post was written by a member of A4A, if you wish to submit one blog post, please send it to blog at adam4adam dot com

Hello there A4A,

I have been wanting to raise awareness on something I’ve not only been hearing from many hetero men but have witness myself in our gay community. Gay men are so addicted to porn it’s affecting our sexual life. I’ve notice that many men need some kind of drugs to even feel aroused nowadays.  Porn has desensitized us to reality.  Also, its why many men become incredibly superficial and only want “big dicks”. They want to recreate that favorite scene they like to jack off to. I know because sex with my partner was declining so we decide to stop watching porn after watching a youtube video from Ted Talks of a man called Ran Gavrieli (highly recommended).

It’s been 3 months now and sex has become more intimate more sexual and satisfying. Many men even claim improved focus on their families, work, and school as well.  In our gay world where we have so much sex but virtually no intimacy it’s no wonder gay men need drugs, pain, or extreme fetishes to even get off. We are ruining a great experience that is intimate sex for ourselves. Even if it’s just a “hook up” sex is losing its true pleasure and becoming another empty void to solitude and unhappiness.

What are your thoughts on this?



17 Aug 2015

Speak Out : Chubby And Gay

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I am a young man from the Virgin Islands and I have been battling with my sexuality for a while now. Two reasons being 1,  I am from and live in the Caribbean where people are so homophobic and small minded and 2, the worst, I am a chub. I’ve always been a fat/chubby kid and over the years it became very imminent that i was gonna remain that way. No matter what I tried it just wouldnt go away. Luckily I am VERY handsome and look way younger than my age as i got a nice baby face. Im 26 but look 17.  I  got a nice butt as well.  I am also on the tall side so it kinda helps.

14 Aug 2015

Speak Out : I Have A Small Penis :(

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Hi guys, I received this message from a member who would like to get your opinion about small penises so I am just posting the entire message he sent me, let’s discuss about it and comment below!

“Allo Dave, I am aware of an interesting situation right now and wondered if you could bring it towards group discussion. Can we discuss the topic of men with small penises, how it affects their social / dating life / sense of self / sense of manhood? Can we discuss with the group if they would or would not have a man with a small penis as a sex partner / life partner. How do men who are average to above feel about men with smaller penises? Do you reject such men? Can we hear from men with smaller penises about how they cope with any perceived or self perceived pressure about the small size of their penis? How are they treated by other men?
Thank you “

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