12 May 2015

Speak Out : Gays and Rape

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Guilt sets in.

(This post was written by a member of A4A. If you wish to write something for the blog, feel free to send me your text and name or username. blog at adam4adam dot com)

I just wanted to know the views of the community on gay rape. How pervasive is it?
We all hear how men raping women make the headlines. But I can think of so many scenarios by which guy-on-guy rape could occur:

1. You connect online, meet up at his place, have a change of mind… but then he forces himself on you
2. You willingly give yourself to one guy, only for his buddies to enter the room while you are having sex, and also have sex with you forcibly
3. You agree to condom sex; midway in the act, he takes the condom off… you say no, but he overpowers you
4. You are a “top” and cant get your dick up… then the “bottom” turns on you and rapes you
5. Get drunk at the bar (or party), wake up in someone’s bed with your ass drooling of cum/blood
6. You agree to meet for “oral/foreplay” only, but he forces penetrative sex on you
7. etc… etc…

What are people’s stories? Do they ever get reported? How do the police react?
Derrick from Minneapolis

7 May 2015

Speak Out : I Met My Husband On A4A!

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Below is a letter received from an ex member of A4A, I hope by sharing it to you guys, that it will show you how A4A can change your life too and that love exists. On that note, check out Ryan’s love story below!


“Hey there A4A team,

Who says that dating in the gay world is as rare as unicorns or a successful Backstreet Boys comeback? I for one had at one stage, as well as many others. Being young and gay, tall, skinny, and blond, the idea of settling down and being with one person Is remote and almost outrageous. Finding a hookup is like shopping online; a couple of clicks here, and then he’s at my doorstep. Sure, true love seemed appealing, but just not obtainable in our world. Hookups were much more convenient. It was a random Saturday afternoon in the middle of summer, and I was doing some “shopping” on A4A to fill in the afternoon, just like I had numerous times past. This particular time, a handsome, young man by the name of Dean visiting from Cleveland had messaged me. We started a chat and within an hour, I was driving to his hotel room. We all know how that ended, but afterwards he seemed very sweet and intelligent to boot. He spent an evening with me showing him around LA and learning more about each other (like what our names were!), before he had to retire to bed to catch his early morning flight. Dean left the evening by saying that if I ever were in Cleveland, to contact him. Typically, that’s an empty promise or invite, especially given the distance. I couldn’t forget him that next morning, or the day later, or the one after that.

6 May 2015

Speak Out : I Don’t Like Anal Sex!

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(Photo : High Performance Men)

Hi Guys, Happy Cinco De Mayo to all our mexican friends all over the world, I hope you are all enjoying your week so far! Let’s keep on talking about “ass” again today, I’m sure you don’t mind, do you? I received an email from one of our members and he wanted me to publish his question on the blog. Check it out below:

“It kind of feels like I’m the only one who is gay and not into anything anal.  I like all the other stuff, sucking, kissing, touching, masturbating but anal doesn’t turn me on at all.  Is there anyone else out there that feels the same way?

3 May 2015

Speak Out : To Douche Or Not?

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(This post was written by a member of A4A. If you wish to submit your text, send it to blog at Adam4Adam dot com.)

The other day I was talking on Adam4Adam with a guy, who in his late 40s, is now coming to terms with his m4m side and experimenting with it. We got into the topic of “what’s the wildest thing you’ve done?,” and I told him it would have to be a half hour long session of shower water system enema play.

He was dumbfounded and went on to remark “I read that douching is actually bad for you.” I quickly laughed, or I should say “LOLed” at him in my response and said…

15 Apr 2015

Speak Out : Man-Pussy

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(Guys below is the most popular post of all time on A4A Blog, with 311 comments. I thought I would share it again with you and all the new blog readers.)


There are very few things in this online world that really bother me. Here is one of them: I was chatting with this really hot guy the other day on A4A, having a really great conversation and getting down to business when he asked me:  Are you looking to get your man-pussy pounded?  My man-pussy?  Really?

Now I’ve heard guys joking about this and I’ve used the term before but to use it this way was a real turn off for me. Do I want my man-pussy pounded?  I really didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or shoot him. For future reference, it’s not attractive and it’s certainly not a turn on. 

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