14 Aug 2014

Speak Out : Worst Sexual Experience Ever

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I met a guy on A4A recently. We talked for a few weeks before we discussed sex. A couple nights ago, we decided to meet up and go at it. Little did he know, this my was my first time ever being with a male sexually, but I’ve been with women multiple times, but I figured sex was sex.

We met in a secluded place outdoors. He was cute, tall, slim, and Hispanic. I’ve always been attracted to masculine Hispanic men, so I was instantly turned on. He wasted no time grabbing my cock, and kissing me. I was nervous, but he helped me get over it by taking the initiative. Kissing felt the same, but I’d always heard that men have better head than women, so I pushed his head down. He pulled out my cock, and went to work. For a second things were going smoothly, but then I started to feel too much teeth. I tried fucking his throat, but he kept pulling away. His blow-job definitely didn’t compare to any females of my past.

4 Aug 2014

Speak Out : My Cock Is Too Big

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I don’t know if anyone else has this problem. I have a big dick. The length isn’t the problem, it’s more that girth. It is 6 inches around if you use a measuring tape. I need to wear Magnum condoms, but those can feel tight and difficult to get on and off if I getreally excited. Everyone agrees that it it is nice to look at, when it comes to taking its not many can do it.

This would not be much of a problem if I was a bottom. However I enjoy being a good aggressive top. I tried to go to either, but more often than not I don’t get to finish without pulling out. Nothing is more frustrating than that. I would love to see if anyone has any ideas on how to make this go better.


28 Jul 2014

Speak Out : Younger And Older

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(This blog post was written by A4A member Love 102)

“I do like guys who are ages 28-40, abit older than myself. I tend to bond with them more . Maybe it’s their intellectual mindset,  their sense of humor or how romantic they are based on their level of experience.  From my experiences, the ones that I have dated in this age group don’t take me seriously when it’s time to talk about a relationship. It’s like they feel insecure with a younger man.
I am just wondering  what cause such anxiety with older men? Are they fearful of their assets as it relates to gold digger?  Just not ready? Or just can’t deal with the drama of a younger guy?

Putting all such fears behind, there are young guys who are genuinely interested in older guys for all the right reasons.

With that said I would like to hear what older guys like about younger ones.”


27 Jul 2014

Speak Out : Say Something…

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Hey guys, I’d like to try this as a post, it was a suggestion one of you guys gave me last week:

Simply write whatever you want to talk about in the comment section below. Others can comment or simply write about something else. The idea is to share a thought you might have with other members. You can leave your A4A username at the end of your message so that other than connect with you if you want.

So what do you want to talk about? Love? War? Sex? Family relation? Animal cruelty? Fusion food? Fall 2014 fashion? You decide…

Ready? Set! Go!



17 Jul 2014

Sports : Michael Sam Honored At The ESPY Awards

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Yesterday, Michael Sam, first openly gay NFL football player, was honored with Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2014 ESPY Awards. Not only reserved to athletes, this award recognizes people in the sport industry who have broken down barriers.

Michael Sam received this award from the hand of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, after being greeted with a standing ovation. The NFL player delivered an emotional speech and couldn’t hold his tears when he said :

“The way I see it, my responsibility at this moment in history is to stand up for everybody out there who wants nothing more than to be themselves openly. Recently, a friend asked me to talk to his sister, a young woman who was considering killing herself rather than accepting and sharing with her loved ones the fact that she’s gay. When we spoke, she told me she would never consider hurting herself and that somehow my example helped her. It’s amazing to think that, by just doing what we can, we can all touch, change and even save lives.”

Watch the very emotional video below and maybe grab tissue paper before you press play!

Congrats Michael! We are all proud of you!


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