24 Jun 2016

Speak Out : Why Does Skin Color Means So Much?

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I am a young mixed male living in Colorado Springs, Colorado and I cannot tell you how many times I have been turned down by men online simply because of my skin color. I try my best to make connections and to reach out to guys, I mean you can’t win a game if you don’t play right? So as hard as I try to play the game I always come up short for some reason.  One day I sent a HELLO to a very cute guy that I thought would be cool to get to know but he replied to me saying,  “omg please kill yourself you ugly monkey”. I was very confused because I have never heard someone call me a ugly monkey before and was wondering what I did to offend him.  So I asked him, “what did I do to offend you?” I didn’t think saying hello was such a bad thing, but he replied one last time saying, “you are too dark and I do not like dark men only Whites and Latinos get to touch this”. When I went to “explain myself” he had blocked me. I was still very confused as to why my skin color meant so much to him. You would think he would want to at least be friends or at least associates, but he wouldn’t open his mind to that. That then makes me wonder how many more men are like him.

19 Jun 2016

Speak Out : We Have to Stand Up!

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Over the years, I have posted small random comments under the name Tiger. In light of everything that’s going on, I feel like it’s time I stood up. I will also be enclosing a photo to symbolize that I am not going to run or hide

My name is John, and I am a 30 year of male living in Houston, tx. I’m normally very shy and very apprehensive when it comes to approaching people. On top of that, I’m also very short, (5’3″) which combined with my demeanor makes me very easy to look over.

I have spent so much time trying to be politically correct in every sotuation, but no more. The shooting at Pulse has affected me in a way I could never have imagined.

16 Jun 2016

Speak Out : #WeAreOrlando

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Ryan Jason Collett, 34

That is my name up there with my age. Imagine that name or your name being in a list of 48 others being read by several people all over the country and world, much like has been done in the past few days for the Orlando Shooting Victims.

Imagine if one of those names was you and your friends. It shouldn’t be that hard because this could have happened to anyone, anywhere. That thought has hit close to home for me these past few days. Several of my friends on Facebook have expressed the same feeling…fear of leaving their house since there is no where that we can go and be safe.

The fabulous Candis Cox, a trans woman working with EqualityNC recently spoke at a candlelight vigil I attended the other night and she said something that I never considered before. She referred to our local clubs as our home, and she was right. The clubs that we go to are our homes, somewhere we go to feel safe, be who we are with our friends, partners, straight allies and more. This is one place we can let our guards down and not worry about the bad things in the world.

Not anymore.

13 Jun 2016

Speak Out : Community and Pride in The Face of Terror

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In the twenty-eight years I’ve been alive, I’ve seen some disturbing things. Yes, everyone can truly say that, but today for me, it really hit close to home.

I know I was not the only one watching the news on days like 9/11 or the Boston Marathon. But in this day and age, do we really think or wonder what our fellow humans think or feel during these times?

As usual, the Internet is cluttered with “Stand With Orlando” or “love for Pulse” and there’s a slew of images and memes, There are outsiders that mutter “it’s just herd mentality.”  Allow me to put those lines to rest. Right now, droves of people are waiting in the hot Florida sun on a Sunday to donate much needed blood in response to a sudden demand. As reactive as the citizens of “The City Beautiful” have been, why was it necessary?  

5 Jun 2016

Speak Out : Wanted – Hot Young Males

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(Photo: SeanCody)

I surf A4A hoping to find a hot young male who could qualify as my full-time lover and playmate—LTR. I am a Silver Daddy who likes the magnificent beauty of a young Adonis and a 30 year age spread is hot! The eye candy appeal intoxicates me and my animal instincts rise up almost out of control. I selfishly want a hot young lover who can bottom and top with me—so the flipping will be fantastic! I want him to be my monogamous playmate and partner for years to come.

As a dominant bull, I want my young lover to perform mostly as a bottom, but I want him to top me occasionally so that I can enjoy his magnificent cock deep inside me. He must be physically fit and workout at a gym. He should be well-educated and capable of holding a meaningful conversation on more than the latest ball scores. I want his undivided attention 24/7 and in appreciation for his sex appeal and stamina to fuck and suck with lots of gusto, I will reward him financially with housing, living expenses, transportation and a spending allowance.