2 Jul 2015

Speak Out : Labeling Gays?

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(Photo; Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg)

After reading that article, all I came to really realize is that I’m glad I don’t constantly read HuffPost. The fact that, that rather whiny blogger gets such coverage while others with more defined voices struggle and fight (And I don’t mean me) for hits every day is sad. To me this is a Twink crying that someone stole HIS special day. And that’s the main issue with THE WHOLE argument about this article. It’s based on a faulty foundation. The one we’re all living on, built on fear and categorization, the one that’s kinda falling apart now, from under us causing article like this to be written.

Labeling is for organizing THINGS, not people and when we label people is when we run into issues. Sexuality is such a SMALL part of who we are as people, and too many people get caught up in that. He’s upset that straight people are eating the gay cake, when the whole issue is there is just “cake” not Straight, Gay, Black, White…. Ect cake,  there’s just cake.

While YES, I do agree with people ego stroking and just doing stuff to blend in, that’s not new or news. Apathy is sweeping the nation in thick sheets like The Blob. People are just not up to caring as much as they used to. They’re not used to having to commit anything more than a couple of clicks and taps on a screen or keyboard. Organization meetings and fundraisers are dead and empty, yet their RSVP on Facebook is almost 300….. why is that? 

27 Jun 2015

Speak Out : Marriage Equality! Now What?

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(This post was written by a member of A4A, if you too would like to submit a text, send to : blog at adam4adam dot com)

Yesterday was a happy day for America as the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5 to 4 that Marriage Equality is now legal across the nation, superseding all State constitutions and striking down all bans. Millions of people all over this nation are now celebrating and I’m sure parties and clubs will be going on well all over weekend and soon Clerks offices all over the country will be flooded with couples ready to commit to one another.


But after all this struggle and success, is this the final push to change the stigma of the gay community and its ideas of relationships and courting rituals? Specifically gay men.

From a young age, girls are indoctrinated to start planning their “special day”. Flowers, dresses, food, why most girls have it planned before graduation, even if they don’t have the man. But with men it’s not expected much besides what kinda stripper they want for the Bachelor party.

18 Jun 2015

Speak Out : Couch Surfers

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Handsome man sleeping on his couch


“Couch Surfing” describes a condition that exists in present-day America. It is a condition that reflects on the lives of young adults—male and female—who have come upon hard times and are basically homeless! They are often unemployed or without full-time employment, no health insurance and insufficient income to afford an apartment of their own—even sharing costs with a roommate. Many times they are also without transportation—having lost their vehicle to foreclosure or a wreck that totaled it out. Some of the surfers are gay males.

“Couch surfers” often have lots of friends and acquaintances that provide places where they can stay the night armed with their back packs. However, their friends usually do not have the space to accommodate them with more than a couch to sleep on, and maybe a cup of coffee the following morning. Often this means a surfer must be looking for a different place night after night as they try to improve their situations. Surfers also have difficulty establishing a permanent address for mail delivery.

17 Jun 2015

Speak Out : We Built This City On Glitter and Apps?

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I live in a small town surrounded by a large military base here in Texas.  When I first moved here, there was no existing gay community at all, although many gay, bi, questioning and curious people lived amongst us.  Some of the older, more established gay guys realized that we knew one another and we had a small-to-medium sized group of guys that gravitated toward us for whatever reason (some of us had houses, most of us had good jobs and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say all of us were pretty fun).  At some point we realized that if we joined all of our forces together we could, in fact, build a community here.

“Here” includes about seven small cities that basically grew into one another, creating a stretch of cities that include Kempner, Copperas Cove, Killeen, Nolanville, Belton and Temple, Texas.  If you start in Kempner and drive down the highway you’ll drive through every one of those cities without a break in between. At the time we didn’t have all the apps that we have now so the actual “gathering” of these gays wasn’t an easy task.  We utilized a lot of social media and finally built what would become the community in this area.

In building anything you often run into all kinds of problems.  We are gay men, but we are a diverse group of people and the way we’ve trained ourselves to act around one another is often hateful, cruel and competitive.  Also, we’re a military environment so we found that we might have a large group of people for a short time, then the Army would deploy troops to the Middle East or South Korea, Africa, Hawaii, Europe…all over and then our community would shrink.  Because of this transitory environment, a lot of guys in this area are primarily concerned with just getting laid.  The average life span of a relationship is a month or so, if it survives past the week.  It seems like there are a lot of open relationships in this area and the ever elusive “straight” guy is hardly elusive.  After a while, the “I fucked a straight guy!” trophy seems over-won.  Everyone around here has fucked a straight guy.

11 Jun 2015

Speak Out : Nudity & Sexuality While Growing Up

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(This blog post was written by a member of A4A. If you too would like to publish an article, feel free to submit it to blog at adam4adam dot com)

I would like to get input on nudity & sexuality.  I am not trying to make this a discussion about nature vs nurture.  I am more or less curious about when developing men first found their attraction towards the adult male body.  I know some guys have had close relationships to other male members in their family in terms of seeing what a naked man looks like & even input on sexual discussions.

Allow me to elaborate.  I grew up in a small town.  I only have one sister as a sibling; no brothers.  I did not have too many friends while growing up either.  I assume the majority of guys will say they saw other guys naked in gym class.  Growing up in a small town, I did not see other naked guys in the gym either.  We had the option to shower, but were not required to shower.  Rather, the students brought a change of clothes for gym class.  I saw guys in underwear when changing, but never anyone fully nude.  I also saw my dad in his underwear sometimes, but never naked.  Although my dad are close, I grew up in a very sheltered household.  My parents never had ‘The Talk’ with me, nor have they ever discussed the topic of ‘sex’ with me.

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