27 Nov 2015

Speak Out : Thanksgiving… And Giving

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Thanksgiving this year is a special day for me and persons who relate to me in some special way. I had my 81st birthday this fall and last spring my wife and I celebrated our 55th anniversary. She is now an Alzheimer’s patient and requires fulltime care from caregivers who live in our home. As a bisexual male, I turned to my male sex desires some years ago in the absence of a functioning marriage.

Some A4A members might wonder why an octogenarian needs sex, and I can heartedly say that I have always been a very active male and frequent sexual activity is still important to me! I have always subscribed to the adage, “use it or lose it.” That also reminds me that age is only a number where sexual practices are involved. (E.D. is not in my vocabulary.)

18 Nov 2015

Speak Out : Domestic Violence

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I witnessed a fight on Halloween, in my friend’s upscale apartment complex. The scene was like the aftermath of a tsunami. Shattered windows, shards of glass, chandelier hanging by the wire, upside-down furniture… drops of blood in the hallway. The cops came and led one away… the other partner had already driven off his car with smashed windscreen.

The couple had lived together for about 3 years… And damn were they so fine! Both drop-dead gorgeous!!  They fought a good 20 to 30 minutes indoor, before bringing it out to the driveway.  Not many words were traded; just thunderous violent physical action!  It reminded me of what I had seen as a tourist in a South African safari park – two huge male lions fighting live!!!

13 Nov 2015

Speak Out : Bashing, Enough!

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I just feel really pissed off about the whole “race/preference”, “age” “hwp” and “masc/fem” debates. It is all so freaking stupid, we need so many idiotic labels and discriminatory groupings instead of seeing the person who exists, we might as well live in the world of The Giver or Divergent where we are supposed to let others decide who we are and what we are for us. I’m 24 and have had some many experiences that made me feel so unimportant. I lock my photos because 99% of the time the moment a guy sees what I look like, I get blocked, ignored or bullied to the point where I block them. I know I’m not aesthetically pleasing by most people’s standards but I have feelings hopes and dreams.

9 Nov 2015

Speak Out : Do You Believe In Love?

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Finding a fuckbuddy, a hookup, making friends are all easier than finding love. Am I right?

To find love, not only you need to be attracted to the person physically, but also mentally and sometimes even spiritually!

In the gay world, I feel it is even harder than in the straight world, depending on what you’re looking for in a relationship of course. But if you are looking for one love, in a committed 1/1 relationship, finding love can be difficult. Some of you found love on Adam4Adam and that always makes me smile when I receive an email from one of you, it makes me very happy and I’m proud that our work has helped you connecting with others.

I’ve been single for more than 3 years now, getting ready to start looking for love soon, still have a bit of work to do on myself before though….But I believe I will find love again. Maybe not in the city where I live, maybe on the other side of the planet who knows, but I believe there is someone out there looking for the same thing as me.

What about you? Do you believe in love? Do you think you will find YOUR man? Have you found him yet?

I like this video under the jump, it might make you believe in love again if you lost faith, check it out and let me know. You might shed tears, I’m warning you!


8 Nov 2015

Speak Out : Fat Shaming In The Gay Community

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Here is Neil’s message to me,
Really? I’m kind of conceited, a fabulous writer, and although I don’t like how overweight you are, I like that you have a nice friendly smile, that you are a writer is interesting as hell, and… Well… Hm. If you say you like “personality” in a person, and it looks like you can handle (and embrace) different opinions, eh, handle them is the key word here, I have no reason not to talk to you, do I? (This is my way of saying you’re probably pretty cool).

SO! Getting RIGHT to it, how did you get to be so fat? When did it happen and why? It is not right. We must do something about it. You’re like a bright star being suffocated under the dead weight of a um, what do you call a collapsed star? You don’t want to be that, right?

I know of a book called Mucusless Diet Healing System, authored by Arnold Ehret, this is an old book, but you gotta read it. There is a free download PDF if you google and look for it. I can’t put the link to it in this message, but it’s open in another tab on my laptop RIGHT now! Wouldn’t it be wonderful for you to get a look at it? Also, hello sir, my name’s Neil! It’s a pleasure to meet you. I hope you feel the same. Try talking to me sometime, it might be good for me too.