29 Mar 2015

Speak Out : Love And Sex

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What do you do when you are in a sexless relationship? What do you do when the person you are in love with tells you that the reason he can’t have sex with you is that he is no longer attracted to you because you’ve gained weight but tells you that he still loves you and wants to be with you?

These are the questions I have been asking myself lately. I have been in a relationship with this guy for a few years now and everything was great. We got along well and he got along well with my friends and family and fit in well with the crowd.

Then after a year or so I started to gain weight, part as a result of a medical issue and the other just being lazy and not going to the gym as anyone should. Every time I try to get back into the routine, I fall of the band wagon.

10 Mar 2015

Speak Out : Str8-Bisexual Activity

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The pendulum swings broadly from Str8 to Bisexual orientation and I believe the vast majority of Str8 guys would engage in sexual activity with other males if the right opportunity presented itself. Thus, so-called bisexual activity often occurs!

Str8 guys married/living with females often find themselves lacking sexual satisfaction because their female lovers are either 1) not attentive and affectionate or 2) disinterested in sexual activity because of physical issues. A happy heterosexual couple must be sexually active with each other for long-term success in their marriage bed.

The typical Str8 male often approaches sexual activity similar to his participation in sports and fishing, hunting, camping, and other male-bonding activities. This can lead Str8 guys to eventual participation with other males in sex play as a supplemental outlet. They aren’t trying to replace their wives—but want sexual excitement to replace missing elements in their physical relationship with wives. These guys typically want to sustain their marriage while engaging in extracurricular activities that provide greater sexual satisfaction. Therein, discretion is the key word and essential to maintaining and continuing bisexual adventures! The adage goes, “a guy knows what a guy enjoys more than a female knows.”

2 Mar 2015

Speak Out : I No Longer Want To Be Gay

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I no longer want to be gay. I know that on the surface this statement reeks of the denial, self-loathing and internalized homophobia commonly associated with accepting and integrating ones gayness but truth is, I just don’t want to be gay anymore. It has outlived its usefulness. I have experienced all aspects of the life and can safely say that it no longer speaks to the person that I am or want to become. I didn’t always feel this way.

Initially I came to this community searching for love, intimacy and brotherhood. In return, I got shade, infidelity, loneliness and disunity. The self-loathing in this community forces you to encounter a series of broken men who are self-destructive, hurtful, cruel and vindictive towards one another. I have struggled to adapt my moral code to fit the behaviors concomitant with the lifestyle but it seems that the lifestyle is forcing me too far away from everything I love and value. No matter how many times I try to purge my perception of its firmly held beliefs and skewed biases, the same classic stereotypes of gay men keep rearing their ugly heads. The indiscriminate sex, superficiality, unstable relationships, self-hatred, peter pan syndrome, closeted connections, ageism, shade, loneliness, preoccupation with sex, prejudice, aversion to intimacy all seem to come out of the ground I thought they were buried under. Gay men just seem to find it difficult to transcend the stereotypes and clichés attached to the life and it is becoming disheartening.

17 Feb 2015

Speak Out : Small Cock VS Big Cock

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Some like big ones, some like medium size, some like tiny ones….but I’ve noticed that a majority of gays like big cocks. Why is that? Is it because the penis is the symbol of masculinity and that the bigger the penis, the more you’re a man? What is behind this love of big cocks?

Because you have to admit when you get fucked by 11 inches of meat, it hurts a bit more than a 6 inchers… And don’t say no, because I tried both, so I know what I’m talking about! So it can’t be the physical sensation….is it psychological? Liking the idea of being stuffed by something “abnormally” big?

So what is it about the size? Why a size more than another?

If you like big ones, check out this website dedicated to monster cocks, it’s very cool!



9 Jan 2015

Speak Out : And My Power Is…

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Most of the time my brain is working on overdrive.  I’m currently in school working on my second degree.  My first degree was Music Performance, focusing on piano and flute (all jokes are welcome) and composition.  As it turns out, if you want to play in a symphony all you have to do is audition and if you want to be a super star or the next Beyonce…it’s a lot more about who you know in the industry and having enough money to hire an agent.  So now I’m going to school for languages, French and Mandarin Chinese specifically, in order to work in an Embassy, military contracting or business translations.  I speak four languages at the moment and spend my free time writing music and making CDs (mostly as a hobby and when I’m too cheap to buy actual gifts) so my brain is always working.

On occasion I focus my mental prowess into a deeply insightful, poignant and altogether important question:  If I woke up tomorrow and had suddenly acquired a super power, which one would it be!!?!?

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