7 May 2016

Stories : My Twin Brother And I

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This camping trip changed my life. My twin brother Tony and I decided to go camping for a few days during that summer. After finding a good site, set up the tents and built a firepit to cook on, we decided to just relax for the afternoon. I was reading my book while Tony was looking at a magazine. After about an hour, he called me over to show me something. Tony was always kind of bossy so I just did as he asked. I was shocked to see that it was a porn magazine and a women sucking on guy’s cocks. As he turned the pages,  suddenly the pictures were of men sucking men. I asked him about it and he explained that some people are just born cocksuckers both men and women. As we looked at the pictures he asked me if I was getting a hardon and I told him that I was and he smiled. He dropped his shorts and told me to do the same. As we sat there on the log he took my hand and placed it on his cock and we continued looking at the pictures. After a few minutes he said “maybe you’re a cocksucker since you seem to enjoy playing with my cock and balls”.

3 May 2016

Speak Out: Gays & Friendship

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Hi guys! Today I would like to know your opinion on a delicate subject, friendship with other gay men. It is something that I personally have a hard time with. I mean I have a hard time to find TRUE gay friends. I’m not talking about party friends, or friends to go for a coffee with, I’m talking about real friends. Friends that you know more than their name, friends that you can share happy or sad things with, friends that you can have a real connection with, friends that inspire you.

Over the few last years, I did a huge cleanup with my gay “friends”, simply because I didn’t feel authentic with them, I didn’t feel like I wanted to be around them. As some of you know, I changed my lifestyle a lot, started to be very dedicated to my fitness, nutrition, wellbeing, I stopped drinking, stop taking drugs and partying. I found out that most of my gay friends came from the party scene, which is no longer my thing, so there is no connection whatsoever with most of them. Last time I went to a party was last year and I brought my sparkling water but after 30 minutes, I left. I was like an alien with all these coke heads around me. All that to say that I don’t fit with this lifestyle anymore and that my “friends” were actually not real ones, but simply party buddies.

24 Apr 2016

Speak Out : Gay in the Workplace

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Since my first post on here, I have come to find you all to be a very opinionated and insightful bunch. I would like to share my experiences with you, and hear all about your experiences with “being” Gay in the Workplace—whatever that means.

For every job I have ever had; my first being a lifeguard, to my current–working in payroll in a very large office; I always bump into this awkward tension about my sexuality. I’m not D.L. I consider myself to be out. My friends, family and all those invested in my happiness all know. If anything I consider myself to be somewhat private. I do not need Nosey Betty all in my business, SPREADING my business to the entire office. Regardless, people will talk.

When I first started my current job, I was hired with a group of people. Several weeks into our training the CEO and two managers hosted a lunch with the four of us. In an effort to get to know us, the CEO went around the table asking us where we were from, if we are married/single, parents, in school. In just typing this story to you it all seems like harmless questions right? Let’s continue…the talkative girl in our group talked about how she is in a committed relationship and she really thinks he is going to pop the question (and he did 2 years later), one guy was engaged (then married and divorced because his wife didn’t want to have sex as often as he’d like then got with this next chick after the comma), the other was in a long distance relationship (dumped him and got with the previous guy-ask yourself how I know all this information-do you see how messy and dramatic offices can be!?).

6 Apr 2016

Speak Out : Why Am I Still Single?

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Eversince I turned 30 in February, I’ve taken a new approach to how I live my life. I don’t seem to care anymore about the petty things. I wake up in the morning with a generally positive outlook on my day. I’ve learned to accept the fact that things are never really going to go according to plans. I’ve also learned to be present–exist and rejoice in the here and now. I’ve grown tremendously and made what I consider to be great accomplishments in my life. I feel happy. Not just any happy, but a cool sense of intrinsic happiness! In my moments of weakness a suppressed, recurring question always comes to mind: Why am I Single?!?

Before I really get into how I feel about the subject, I have to shed light up my upbringing and thoughts of my own sexuality. I knew I was gay since I was 4! I distinctly remember coming home from pre-k and explaining to my mother that I have a boyfriend. She then tried to explain to me the difference between a guy who is a friend and a lover–and I argued with her. (I swear I feel like I’ve always been an adult trapped in a kids body). I was never picked on, bullied or abused in adolescence–I was just myself. It wasn’t until my teenage years until I became fully aware of what “being gay” was. Whatever I was exposed to–maybe it was the late night episodes of Queer as Folk and other limited LGBT shows I could sneak to watch–or the few gay hormone-driven friends I had met along my journey or the interesting scenes I found myself in while underage clubbing in D.C. nightlife or my early days on hookup/dating sites (hung?) Whatever it was–I knew that I was THAT type of gay.

11 Mar 2016

Speak Out : Safe Sex

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(This post was written by a member of A4A. If you would like to submit an article, feel free to send it to blog at adam4adam.com)

A4A members sometimes let their sexual desires get ahead of rational thinking! After decades of successful HIV treatment—but still no known cure, our minds have been changing dramatically in regards to contracting the virus. In the 1980s a significant number of males contracted the virus at a time when little was known about how to treat the disease. After the initial publicity and the deaths of famous men, scientific study and research have produced outstanding results to date.

Although, still with no cure available, living with HIV is now controllable with new pharmaceuticals that control HIV—thus resulting in a decreased mortality rate. The disease is no longer the death threat of the 1980s.

If males practice “anything goes” it is similar to playing “Russian Roulette.” Male sex partners who do not have current testing results are suspect of being in the Roulette category.   The exceptions to that fact are monogamous partners who are truly monogamous and not cheating on each other. If you are not always practicing safe sex, then by all means have yourself tested to determine your current status. Remember to have all of your body fluids tested for HIV and STDs.

Your first sexual encounter with a new playmate should employ safe sex practices unless both of you can produce current testing results.


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