7 Feb 2016

Health : This Can Definitely Help You Be More Happy!

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Have you been procrastinating for a long time? Thinking “oh, it’s too hard” or “It will never happen” ? I have a tendency to do that too. In many things: In love, at work, at home, with friends…. All my life I dreamed of singing professionally, been taking singing lessons for more than 15 years now, took piano lessons.

2016 is the year that I decided to really focus on this dream that I had all my life. I’m recording an EP (short album) that I will put on iTunes and see where it will bring me. I started working on it already with talented musicians and producers and I can’t wait to hear the final result, hopefully before the end of the year! I will gladly share it here when it is ready to come out.

It makes me feel alive to work on this project. I’m happy that this will finally happen! Sometimes we don’t realize that when we push things aside, it can affect how we are feeling and our level of happiness.  And working on projects we like, can definitely help us gain back the smile that was stolen by our everyday life.

Have a good Sunday guys :)



5 Feb 2016

Speak Out : I Lost My Partner To Cancer :(

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“I lost my partner of almost 24 years to complications of his cancer treatment in November. I find myself very alone even though I have a good number of straight friends. Coping has been difficult as we did everything together. I’m told counseling can help but with limited free time (I work long hours) that has not been an option. I’m moving out of the larger home we rented and going thru things has been quite a hard chore for me, what to keep and what to sell.

Anyone gone through something similar with advice for someone like me?”

David H (trimnhairy4me on A4A)

1 Feb 2016

Speak Out : How Long Is Too Long To Be Engaged?

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“Dear Dave,

Piggy-backing on one of your more recent posts “NYC FLASH-MOB PROPOSAL”, I wanted to ask a question that I’m sure many newly engaged couples are asking themselves: “How long is too long to be engaged before actually getting married?”

Some couples are engaged for a couple of months while others seem perfectly okay with being engaged for a year or two before they make the walk down the aisle.

I was hoping you could post this so the A4A community could way in on the topic and share personal stories, experiences, and give some practical advice to newly engaged couples we have here on A4A.

Just thought it would be refreshing to talk about something other than sex positions and cock sizes for once.


29 Jan 2016

Speak Out : Gays & Politics

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Over the weekend I went to a local theater to see their presentation of “Bent,” a play about gays in the Holocaust. There is a movie based on the play with Clive Owens that I had seen a long time ago. The play was great and had some really amazing actors and some hard to look at scenes.

It got me to thinking about how little this was covered when I was in school. I remember learning about what happened to Jews in the Holocaust but never really learned anything about how the gays were treated lower than the Jews.

27 Jan 2016

Speak Out : ” I Like Real Men”

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I was browsing on A4A and saw a profile that said “looking for real men” and “I need someone that can take it raw like a real man” and “ I want a real man with facial hair” …

I was like what the heckkk? I think I’m a real man, I have a cock and balls and when I look at myself in the mirror, yes, I’m a man. I dont have much facial hair, a beard itches my sensitive dry skin but I’m still a man. I don’t take it raw because I don’t feel the need to catch STDs, still a man!

I noticed this “trend” of men thinking they are more of a man because they grew their beard or stop shaving their chest and balls. What’s this comedy show all about? We all recognize you from 8 years ago smooth all over and shaved face, dancing on the stage of the club with your lip gloss and Abercrombie tee. Or this guy at my gym with a beard long like Santa Claus. He even changed the way he walks and dresses, his voice is an octave lower. What happened Santa? Are you transforming into a gorilla?

I have nothing against hairy guys, I love them, but not because you let your ass crack hair grow, stopped taking your daily shower and take it raw because of PrEP that you are more manly than this freshly shaved business man wearing a navy suit who still uses condom.

What do you guys think?