5 Apr 2016

Would You Do Him : Justin Bieber

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2016 was Justin Bieber’s huge comeback with his latest album Purpose with hits like Sorry and Where Are ü Now. Bieber also appeared frequently in the tabloids for posting naked pic on his Instagram or walking around wearing his birthday suit, which got girls (and gays) in awe.

I have to admit that he is getting better with age, but he is definitely not my cup of tea. First, I don’t like his attitude and second, he is definitely too young for me and too small. I’m 200 lbs I would crush him if ever I would sit on his dick!

What about you, Would You Do Him?


22 Mar 2016

Would You Do Him : Sam Smith

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It’s been a while since I did a “Would You Do Him?” blog post and you guys always react strongly when I do. So today I’d like to know if you would do Sam Smith, the British singer. Sam is known around the world for his awesome voice, his love songs and ballads and especially for the last James Bond theme song. But today is not about his voice, it’s about his looks and attitude.

I’d like to know if you find him sexy, attractive or handsome, or if he is simply not your cup of tea! He lost lot’s of weight in the last year or so – which makes him look better in my opinion-  and he also sports a beard now.

Let me know what you think!



26 Mar 2014

Would You Do Him : Jared Leto

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Jared Leto’s popularity skyrocketed after he won an Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role last month.

He is on every magazine covers, his Twitter account got hundreds of new fans and everyone is talking about him!

My question to you today : Would you do him?

Do you find him sexy? If he was on A4A, would you want to meet him?


13 Feb 2013

Fantasy : Backstreet Boys

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The Backstreet Boys are celebrating 20 years of career (already!!!!!) I just can’t believe it!

I remember when they first came out and I heard their song on radio, I was like “Wow that is so good and fresh!” … I was 11 years old !

They were not very popular yet, doing little concerts in small Arenas and commercial centers around Montreal, where the buzz around them started. My girlfriends were crazy about them…and of course all the gay boys in my school too! lol

My favorite was Kevin, the hunk, the older of the band. So sexy! Who was your favorite?

I think they all look great now, but Howie is very pretty! And I don’t know what happened to AJ, did he get a chin implant?



5 Feb 2013

Fantasy : Bodybuilders

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Do you like extremely large muscle guys? Do you dream of touching a hard muscular body like the ones you see in bodybuilding magazines? Is the idea of having sex with a bodybuilder a fantasy of yours? If so, what is it about bodybuilders that does it for you? Do you believe that it’s the epitome of masculinity to have big muscles?

I personally love big muscles. Actually, athletic to muscular men are the type I like to have sex with. As a very sporty and athletic man myself, I tend to like men with the same healthy attitude that are sporty and care about things like nutrition.