30 May 2016

Health : High Risk For HIV Transmission

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Report from the Field: Experience of online outreach for black MSM populations at high risk for HIV transmission

Minority men who have sex with men (MSM) are among the most difficult population to access for HIV risk reduction, and have among the highest incidence rates of HIV in the US. Black men and women accounted for 44% of all new HIV infections in the US in2010, and of these, black MSM accounted for 51% (CDC, 2016).

The BARRE (Bareback Assertive Risk Reduction Education) Project collected data engaging men who have sex with men (MSM) from the Internet in Houston, Texas from November 2013 to June 2015 (36 months). On sexual partner seeking websites, 400 MSM advertising for bareback sex were contacted 1 on 1 online for synchronous or asynchronous chats, and responded. Texting took on average about 15 minutes, and phone conversations a little less than 20 minutes. The interviewer was a black gay man trained in outreach and working in close coordination with the local health department. Men who responded were young (51.8% were aged 18-29, the remainder 30-54); 78% were African American, 18.5% Latino, and the remainder white. Over half (59.5%) identified as HIV negative, 19.5% were unknown, or did not disclose, their HIV status, and 21% identified as HIV positive; and 67% had tested for HIV in the past 12 months. Those with unknown HIV status were twice as likely as those who knew they were HIV positive or believed they were HIV negative, to have had unprotected anal sex at last intercourse.

17 May 2016

A4A : Homophobia

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Homophobia is an insidious phenomenon that often succeeds in taking hold in a subtle, discreet and often invisible ways. Nobody is immune from hostility and hurtful acts  directed towards homosexuals and homosexuality itself. Even we as homosexuals may adopt homophobic behaviors to shield ourselves from the hate and aggression that comes from homophobia.

The International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) strives to fight all forms of Homophobia. Large scale, world-wide efforts like this are needed, as 1.5 billion people globally still live under regimes which criminalize gay relationships.

12 May 2016

Health : Justin Trudeau Donates 800 Million to Cure HIV/AIDS

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HIV/AIDS remains one of the world’s deadliest diseases. In 2014 alone it resulted in 1.2 million deaths and has killed more than 39 million lives worldwide.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government are ready to put an end to it, once and for all! They recently announced a pledge of a giganormous $785 million to cure the diseases. The goal as stated in a news release sent out by the Prime Minister Monday is to save 8 million lives and prevent 300 million new infections.

The Prime Minister announced alongside the funding that Canada will host the Fifth Replenishment Conference of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria in Montréal, Quebec (A4A’s city!!!) on September 16, 2016, stating, This is an historic opportunity for Canada and the world. By fast-tracking investments and building global solidarity, we can bring an end to three devastating epidemics – AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria – that have tragic and far-reaching impacts on the world’s most vulnerable people.”

1 May 2016

Health : Syphilis In USA

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Late last year the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released the national rankings for sexually transmitted diseases and we thought we would bring all of you up-to-date with some statistics on STD’s in the United States that are specifically relevant to the men who have sex with men population.

The graph below shows the top 10 ten counties for primary and secondary syphilis. There are four stages of syphilis. The primary (characterized by a painless sore at the site of transmission) and secondary (multiple symptoms; however, the most common is a rash on the palms of hands and soles of feet) are the most contagious. Syphilis is passed through intimate skin to skin contact. Typically one person presents with a sore (painless and can be unseen – located in the anus or vagina) and the other person will unknowingly come into contact with the sore. The second person will then develop a sore in the location where the first person’s sore touched him/her. The sore can be present anywhere from 7days to 6 weeks. It is really important to see a doctor and request syphilis testing if you think that you may have a sore or if you think you came into contact with a sore on a partner.

30 Apr 2016

Health : Confidential Partner Notification

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I wanted to say “Hello” and introduce myself to The Community.

My name is Steve and I have worked in public health for almost 16 years.

I am a Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) in Raleigh, NC. Other states have DIS, and other states may refer to their DIS as CDS (Communicable Disease Specialists), PHAs (Public Health Advisors), or PHRs (Public Health Representatives). A running joke is that we are the “Sex Police.” I hope I can convince you that we are not.

When I applied for this job, I did not know that this job existed. I was not surprised, as I understood the need for the job. The job description mentioned educating people about STDs and drawing blood. I figured since my degree was in education and I had learned how to draw blood on dogs and cats (during my time as a veterinary technician) that I could do this job.