15 Apr 2014

Health : Britain Hunks Naked For National AIDS Trust

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British people surely know how to raise funds….

Every year, Gay Times, the oldest LGBT magazine, put together its NAKED issue. This year, GT features some of the hottest UK guys, naked showing their best assets. What is nice about this edition is that the proceeds from the magazine and the related online image downloads go to Britain’s National AIDS Trust.

This year’s edition features 36 men, including reality stars such as Christopher Maloney from The X Factor, Robin Windsor from Strictly Come Dancing, Dan Neal from Big Brother 2013 as well as singer Jake Quickenden.

Get your copy of the magazine, it’s for a good cause.



3 Apr 2014

Health : HIV Status Online

Catégorie: Health

Marketing is generally the driving force in all sales efforts; that includes the sale of one’s self.

Hooking-up online has it’s advantages: advantages that can get you laid quickly and matched with just the right guy. One of the advantages found in profiles are that they can tell you what a guy is into, where he is, what he looks like, and when he is available. Profiles are the online marketing tools of those seeking sex. When accurate and honest, a well written profile can reduce the talk required before meeting a sexual match to a couple of emails and help to ensure you have a great time with the right guy. When a profile is completed with detailed information, the information posted can effectively weed out those you are not interested in meeting, and invite those you want to meet. Profiles are great marketing tools!

When members join Adam4Adam seeking a sex partner, what goes in your profile—your marketing tool—will ultimately help to determine what happens sexually between you and other members of the site.

27 Mar 2014

Contest : #CockInASock

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Thank god for #CockInASock! I’m in love with this new trend on Twitter and Facebook.

Men from all over the world are posing naked aside from their genitals shoved roughly into a sock to raise awareness about testicular cancer!

How cool is that? Makes me horny to browse on Twitter….

So what I want to do is have you participate! Take a selfie with your cock in a sock and send it to me -blog@adam4adam.com. I will post all the pictures received before midnight tonight on our blog tomorrow with your username. Please make sure you show a bit of body as well and also let me know your username!

The owner of my favorite picture will win a full year of Supporter Extras on A4A!

Ready? Set! Go!


(photo credit : MEN)

7 Mar 2014

Gay Stuff : Safe Sex?

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This is a conversation I had the other day…

A friend of mine called to tell me he had been dating this new guy he met.  I said great for him and we talked about how great the guy was and how great the sex was.  He went on to tell me they didn’t use condoms because they both assumed they were positive.

I asked what that meant, assumed they were positive.  To me this means when you pick up a guy and have sex with him you assume he is positive and you take precautions.  To him it meant that they could have unsafe sex because they both assumed they were positive so it wouldn’t matter.

I asked him why it was so difficult to find out if he was positive or not?  He said no, that he could go down and get a test at the local AIDS project.  I had recently seen the ad for the orasure so I mentioned that to him.  I told him to go to the drug store and pick one up.

5 Mar 2014

Health : Scientists May Have Discovered A Way To Control HIV Without Drugs

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There’s Good News coming out of the White House today. A technique supported by the National Institute of Health using genetic modification of cells has proven a safe way to treat and control HIV without drugs. Here’s the initial report:

“Scientists today report initial results from humans on the safety and tolerability of a novel strategy to curb HIV disease by removing key cells from HIV-infected individuals, genetically modifying the cells to resist HIV infection and returning them to those people. The basic and pre-clinical research on this strategy, which eventually might help people control the virus without drugs, was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health. The Phase I clinical trial was funded by Sangamo BioSciences and was led by NIAID grantee Carl H. June, M.D., with co-investigators Bruce L. Levine, Ph.D., and Pablo Tebas, M.D., all of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

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