7 Feb 2016

Health : This Can Definitely Help You Be More Happy!

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Have you been procrastinating for a long time? Thinking “oh, it’s too hard” or “It will never happen” ? I have a tendency to do that too. In many things: In love, at work, at home, with friends…. All my life I dreamed of singing professionally, been taking singing lessons for more than 15 years now, took piano lessons.

2016 is the year that I decided to really focus on this dream that I had all my life. I’m recording an EP (short album) that I will put on iTunes and see where it will bring me. I started working on it already with talented musicians and producers and I can’t wait to hear the final result, hopefully before the end of the year! I will gladly share it here when it is ready to come out.

It makes me feel alive to work on this project. I’m happy that this will finally happen! Sometimes we don’t realize that when we push things aside, it can affect how we are feeling and our level of happiness.  And working on projects we like, can definitely help us gain back the smile that was stolen by our everyday life.

Have a good Sunday guys :)



14 Jan 2016

Health : Sexual Orientation

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FROM THE AMERICAL PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION (APA): “Sexual orientation is an enduring emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction that one feels toward men, toward women or toward both. Although sexual orientation ranges along a continuum, it is generally discussed in terms of heterosexual—attraction to the other sex—homosexual—attraction to the same sex—and bisexual—attraction to both sexes. Sexual orientation has not been conclusively found to be determined by any particular factor or factors, and the timing of the emergence, recognition and expression of one’s sexual orientation varies among individuals.”

“Sexual orientation is not synonymous with sexual activity. Many adolescents as well as adults may identify themselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual without having had any sexual experience with persons of the same sex. Other young people have had sexual experiences with a person of the same sex but do not consider themselves lesbian, gay or bisexual. This is particularly relevant during adolescence because experimentation and discovery are normal and common during this developmental period.”

The paragraphs above are quoted from an APA document entitled, “Just the Facts about Sexual Orientation & Youth.” [The document is available on the internet.]

Substantial study and research have been conducted over decades on the many components of sexuality present in humans. Although too lengthy to present here, a substantial body of evidence has found that our ancestry provides a chromosome basis to determine that we are born with inherent genes causing us to be heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual. In other words, we were created in one of the three categories.


30 Dec 2015

Fitness : 6 Tips To Control Your Weight During The Holidays

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Hey guys , I hope that the Holidays are fun so far and that you enjoy every single minutes of it with friends, family or by taking care of yourself. Today I’d like to give you fitness tips on how to control the weight you put on during the holidays.

1- If you have a New Year’s Eve dinner, make sure to eat many small meals and snacks during the day. That way you won’t be so hungry to eat bad food at night. I eat 6 small meals per day, So the 31st, I will eat my #1 breakfast, #2 then my shake and green veggies, #3 my lunch, #4  my nuts, fruits and fat free cheese, #5 my New Years Eve meal and I will probably take a protein (casein) shake at night before bed.

14 Dec 2015

Health : How To Disclose Your HIV Status

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Before you tell anyone you’re HIV-positive, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re ready to do so, and that you understand why you want to tell them. Think about what you want in return, and be prepared for a whole range of reactions – good and bad.

Think about when would be the right time to tell someone. Do you feel you need or want to tell someone – is it the right time for you? On the other hand, is it the right time for them? If they’re rushing out of the door, or busy with something else, then it’s probably not the best time. Make sure that they have the time to listen to you and also time to let it sink in.

It may also be a good idea to choose to tell people in surroundings that are familiar and that you feel comfortable with. This may help to keep you calm and relaxed, especially if you are unsure about the reaction you’re going to get.

Remember that you haven’t changed – you’re just giving someone a new piece of information about yourself. Be very clear where you are coming from, and it may help to explain to someone why you are telling them about having HIV. If someone finds what you’re telling them difficult to deal with, it will probably make it easier for them if you give them an idea about what you want them to do with this new information. It may also help you to get the support from people that you need.

2 Dec 2015

A4A : Thanks To Everyone Who Donated, We Raised…

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Hi guy!

Two days ago I had the idea that A4A should donate an amount to help people living with HIV/AIDS in honour of World Aids Day. Yes I know, I was very last minute! I talked about it to A4A owner and he suggested something else. He said that we could offer 100% of the VIP sales on December 1st! So I took my pen, designed the mailer that you received yesterday in your A4A mailbox, asked our graphic designer to create it along with few images for a social media campaign. I was determined to raise the more possible!

Well you guys didn’t deceived! With your help, we raised in 24 hours, an astonishing $3,430! Today, we are very proud to donate that amount to The Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation who helps people living with HIV/AIDS. We selected this foundation because 100% of the money goes towards helping people living with HIV/AIDS as Ms. Taylor’s trust pays for all the operation costs.

Once again, thanks very much to everyone who donated yesterday!