11 May 2015

Health : Pharma Giant Partners To Cure HIV

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Mammoth British drugs company GlaxoSmithKline just formed a new venture as part of a 50/50 partnership with University of North Carolina. The enormous project for which GSK will provide a team of top scientists and $20 million over five years aims not to just prevent or treat HIV, but to finally cure it! The UNC will provide over 40 researchers to work with GSK’s team of scientists. The new company is called Qura Therapeutics LLC, it will manage intellectual property and other business matters related to the partnership.

10 May 2015

Health : HIV Guide – Elton John AIDS Foundation

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Earlier this week, just hours after Grammy Award-winning music legend Elton John urged Congress to bolster its fight against AIDS, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation, in collaboration with AIDS United, released a guide on HIV prevention and care, as well as a unique online Q&A feature. The new resource is supported in part by a grant from the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

The guide, “A Handbook To Understanding Health and HIV,” lays out facts and debunks myths about HIV and AIDS at a time when 1.2 million people in the U.S. are living with HIV, and there are still 50,000 new diagnoses annually. It is being released at a time when, as Elton John noted in his testimony today before a Senate appropriations subcommittee, sustained efforts are needed to prevent the disease from once again becoming a “ruthless pandemic.”

8 May 2015

Health : A Magazine Printed With HIV/AIDS Blood

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We are publishing this Swiss press release “as is.” It describes an interesting attempt to destigmatize HIV, we feel, but not without controversy. Some may have issues with the way the magazine has chosen to address HIV stigma. Would you donate your blood for a commercial venture like this? Is it necessary, as the publisher does here, to warn readers that the magazine is not dangerous? (It arrives in a clear plastic wrapper that reads, “Break the seal and help break the stigma.”) Does focussing on the stigma associated with HIV reduce it or actually perpetuate that same stigma? Or is this all a cheap publicity stunt designed to sell copies?

These are some of the questions I invite you to ponder – and comment on if you feel so inclined.


In a new campaign from Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland for Vangardist, a leading German men’s monthly, the magazine invites its readers to take a hands-on approach to end the social stigma surrounding HIV

To coincide with one of the biggest HIV events in the world – Life Ball – which takes place every year in Vangardist’s home town of Vienna, all 3,000 copies of its Spring issue are printed with ink infused with HIV+ blood donated by three individuals living with the HIV virus. 

4 May 2015

Health : Doing It In The Butt

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(Photo : Randy Blue)

Anal sex is not just for gay men and not all gay men do it in the butt, but most gay men will have butt sex sometime in their life.

Anal sex is not just about pleasing the top, your anus and rectum have tons of nerve endings and pleasure from anal sex can come from simple penetration and/or the stimulation of the prostate gland.

Taking care of your butt is an important part of taking control of your overall health but it is not always easy to talk about with your doctor about your ass. As gay men we need a doctor we can talk to about anything especially your sex life and your ass. Your doctor need to understand the health concerns that are unique to gay men. If you do not have a doctor that you can be honest with the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association can help. Now back to your butt…

Anal hygiene is important but you should not use enemas (douche) as flooding your rectum with water can dehydrate your colon, making you more likely to get an infection. To be as safe and clean as possible, you should first, wipe your ass with a moist cloth to clean the outside, avoid eating a few hours before anal sex to help ensure your bowels are empty, and then before bottoming, fill an ear syringe with warm water and gently squeeze the water into your rectum, learning out any feces that may be lingering.

17 Mar 2015

Gay Stuff : Sexual Interests And Energy

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When you surf the Adam4Adam site you will find a wide variety of sexual offerings from which to make selections—like a restaurant menu! One element in common is the mutual desire for a stimulating sex partner who desires the same pleasures and is in sync with you. Sometimes, your surfing produces quick results—other times it can be a start and stop experience as you begin the process of determining what the other guy wants in the sexual adventure—whether for a single event, or for a possible LTR (long-term relationship).

If your profile is clearly defined, you will have less confusion finding a compatible playmate. If you are a defined top then state that fact! If you are not a versatile/top, then avoid that notation in your profile. From my review of the site over several years, there appear to be more bottoms and versatile/bottoms than there are tops and versatile/tops. Clearly the tops are in demand by guys who want to be penetrated!

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