19 Nov 2015

Health : When To Disclose Your HIV-Positive Status On A Date

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Written by Tyler Curry – Editor at HIVequal.org

As I enter my 30s, I’ve noticed that getting older has its perks. Department store salesmen no longer roll their eyes when I ask to be fitted for a new suit, I no longer feel the need to sleep until just before the sun starts to set, and my car insurance company no longer hates me. It would seem that this so-called “midlife” isn’t so bad after all. That is, unless you are single. Single, and you are about to go on the dreaded first date. Single, dreaded first date, and you have to find a way to casually disclose that you are HIV-positive. Now, I still don’t believe getting older is all that bad, but it is definitely a hell of a lot more complicated.

Over the past several months I have been grappling with the question of just when is the right time to disclose my HIV status. This has led to many hypotheticals posed over bottles of wine with friends, both positive and negative. Several of my friends say that the cliché third date is most appropriate. Assuming sex is still off the table, this is the point at which both parties have had enough time to get to know one another for who they are, not what disease they are carrying. 

The danger of the “third date rule” is that it allows for feelings to develop, albeit little baby ones. Disclosing your status once a semblance of trust has formed is like placing a loaded gun in front of a person and asking them not to shoot you with it. I don’t know about you, but I am still reeling from the shotgun that tried to take me down when I found out about my status.

17 Nov 2015


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Charlie Sheen sat down with Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today Show to reveal his HIV-positive status. The interview had been billed as a “revealing personal announcement,” and sites like the Daily Mail and TMZ were reporting that it would be about his HIV status.

Last week, several news outlets began running salacious headlines about a Hollywood A-lister who has been trying to keep his HIV status a secret for years. Several prominent HIV-activists have criticized the reporting as fear-mongering and stigma-fueled rhetoric that is often become standard for mainstream HIV reporting.

I watched the Interview and have to admit that I liked it. Matt’s questions were on point, they even invited Charlie’s doctor to talk about transmission and the virus itself. Even though Charlie was obviously stressed about revealing his status, I feel that it was done properly. This interview will certainly educate people on how transmission is done and it’s a good thing they decided to invite his doctor to talk about it. I hope that it will also warn people on dangers to mix unprotected sex and drugs.

Watch a part of the interview below and let me know your thoughts!


11 Nov 2015

Health : Show Us Your Movember Moustache!

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The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. Since 2003, millions have joined the men’s health movement, raising $677 million and funding over 1,000 programs focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.

For the full month of November, Mo’ Bros across the world are growing their Moustache to show their support, to raise awareness or simply to start a conversation about men’s health.

For the full month of November Adam4Adam wants to spread the word and raise awareness about men’s health too. To do so, we invite all of our members to use hashtag #A4AMovember on your best Moustache photo on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Show us your Mo’!  You can also send us your moustache photo by email at blog@adam4adam.com. Please make sure to include your username in the caption of your photo (like this : “username : BananaLover”) same if you submit your photo by email. A4A will repost, share and re-tweet your photo. So not only you will be seen by many guys, but you will also contribute to Movember and raise awareness! With each photos shared, A4A will display the link to donate to november.com!

Make sure to participate by “liking”  and “sharing” the photos we will post so that the most people can donate to this great cause, our cause, men’s health!

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28 Oct 2015


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This article previously appeared in HIV Update, a publication of aidsmap, here.

Several studies have shown that, thanks to modern HIV treatment, the life expectancy of many people living with HIV in richer countries is now close to normal. But this primarily applies to people who are diagnosed and begin HIV treatment with a relatively high CD4 cell count, before significant damage has been done to their immune system.

What about the life expectancy of older people living with HIV? In some countries, up to half of people living with HIV are over 50. Diseases of ageing (such as cancers and heart disease) are an important cause of health problems in people with HIV and these diseases may develop at a younger age in people who have HIV.

24 Oct 2015

Speak Out : “What I Think Of PrEP”

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This post was written by one of our members. If you would like to submit an article, an opinion a text to show with other members, please do so at blog at adam4adam dot com)

PrEP.  I honestly wasn’t sure which letters to capitalize, but it turns out it means “pre-exposure prophylaxis” so I guess the first P, then the E and the last P.  It’s something that’s getting a whole lot of attention and also a whole lot of criticism.  Every time I see an article on PrEP, I cringe.  I should be excited.  As someone who is HIV positive, I would think that something like this would be exciting.  The pill is Truvada, a medicine I’m familiar with because I used it until my strand of HIV mutated against it and I was no longer able to use it.