27 Mar 2015

Pornstars : Jessy Ares

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Jessy Ares is my favourite Pornstar. Since he trimmed his beard like a 1970’s pornstar, I am literally in LOVE! Jessy is just too gorgeous. I mean his body, his face, his bush, his cock, I want him as my new BF!

In “HIM, Part 4” Bruno works Jessy’s dick and balls with his mouth, and then returns the favor by jamming his cock deep down Jessy’s throat. Jessy wets Bruno’s hole with his tongue before taking a seat on his meaty dick. Bruno blows his big load while he has his cute butt fucked doggy style. Simply delicious!

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(watch more photos below)

20 Mar 2015

Music : Tom Goss Is Back With “Wait”!

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A few years ago I was introduced to the musical talents of Tom Goss who, raised in Wisconsin but hails from Washington DC, originally was studying to be a priest when he felt a different calling to be a singer.

I’ve been to 2 of his concerts, the first being in the backyard of someone’s home and the second being held in a coffee shop. His music is fun, quirky and meaningful. From songs about bears to a song where people paint him while he’s laying down and my personal favorite, “Lover” where he plays as a man waiting for his soldier to come home from war.

His new video, “Wait” stars Tom who has met a new manager who loves him but there’s just one thing…Tom needs to make some changes. Watch the video from his upcoming album of the same name as he struggles to make the changes the manger wants.

He also stars in the film “Out to Kill” which was recently released on DVD and Netflix.

It’s also an interesting note that Tom supports everything financially on his own. He recently released a kickstarter project to raise money for his upcoming projects. He tours around the country not in a tour bus, but in a car and just him, no band.

Check him out out on social media and watch the video below!


15 Mar 2015

Fashion : Will You Boycott Dolce & Gabbana?

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Sir Elton John and Courtney Love are among the celebrities who are mad at comments made by designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. In an interview with Italian news magazine Panorama, the duo, who broke up after a long relationship in 2005, strongly spoke out against same-sex parents!

“We oppose gay adoptions. The only family is the traditional one. No chemical offsprings and rented uterus: life has a natural flow, there are things that should not be changed,” they are quoted as stating. Dolce went on to add that children born via egg donors or artificial insemination are “children of chemistry, synthetic children”, adding: “Uteri [for] rent, semen chosen from a catlogue”. Gabbana concluded: “The family is not a fad. In it there is a supernatural sense of belonging.”

8 Mar 2015

Entertainment : Gentleman Start Your Engines … RuPaul’s Drag Race Is Tonight!

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Tonight marks the second episode of RuPauls Drag Race season 7! And I couldn’t be more excited. Yeah I know, how cliche, waiting for that perky intro song and listening to the shade and nagging queens. But I’ve got a secret! And she’s awesome!

That secret of course would be Miss Ginger Minj!



The Glamour toad herself! Is a Florida Native and I’ve known Ginger and her husband for almost 10 years now. I didn’t watch ONE episode of that crap until I learned my dear friend was gonna be in the running this year, and I have to say I have a newfound appreciation for all the hard work that goes into that show!. Thanks to Amazon Prime I devoured 3 seasons and All Stars in less than a month! They even had Untucked, which was a strange experience I can do without when it’s random bitches I don’t know, but Ginger makes Untucked so elegant.

I’ll admit, I kinda hope she’s gonna be Dolores Jane Umbridge for Snatch Game, but I’m sure we’re gonna DIE at whatever amazing icon she chooses.

I had the utmost pleasure of having tickets to see Ginger’s production of the Rocky Horror Show here in Orlando this halloween. Of which Ginger directed and starred as Magenta in a VERY original take on the beloved stage cult musical.

28 Feb 2015

Fashion : Dave’s New Undies – Cocksox

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Once a month I try to buy 1 or 2 new undies because I get tired of wearing the same and they simply change color or change form when you wash them 1000 times in one year. So by buying a few every month, in one year my underwear drawer in fully renewed and I usually buy them when they’re on sale or in Freshpair clearance section. They always have a the clearance section up to 50% off so it never cost me more than 15-20$ per underwear. I like to have great undies with great color and even some designer undies for the price of fruit-of-the-loom. They are usually more comfy because of the fabric, nicer looking and the cut is nicer as well.

Last week I bought an awesome brief from Cocksox, do you know this brand? I never heard of it but the name sounded great to me so I bought them. They were on sale, nice color, great name and shipping is always free at Freshpair which is great. Also a small thing that I love is the seaming in the front for the cock pouch. The way it is done is very smart, it leaves your dick hanging in a natural way which is very comfortable. I wore them at the gym this morning. The 2 guys beside me in the locker room looked at me as I was changing because the bright blue color of these undies is very eye-catching. One of them even laughed when he read the name on the waistband. He said he liked the name…. I almost answered with a naughty joke about cocksucking but I didn’t. (lol)

Check out photos of me modelling my new Cocksox below…. you’ll see they look great. Sorry for the bad quality of image, I took the pics with my phone and computer. What is your favorite underwear brand?

Get your Cocksox undies here and check out the clearance section of our friends at Freshpair!


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