8 Feb 2016

Art : The Gay Poem

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Being Gay
Do you think they woke one day
And decided to be that way?
To feel the hate that they will feel everyday
To have their families feel betrayed
It’s so much more
Then them liking the ballet
And them able to make a good looking bouquet
And them able to set a great buffet
And them having a roll in the hay
It’s about two sharing love
That was sent from above
And being committed
To all that was admitted
It’s a shame they cannot feel acquitted
And they have to fight for it to be permitted
Why do they have to feel chastised
And they have to watch their own demise
And criminalized
They want what everyone craves
Not to feel betrayed
And no longer be enslaved
To show our love
Finally they heard our cries
A license we now can buy
Guy to Guy!!!!

Mark aka Eal30 on Adam4adam

30 Jan 2016

Promotion : Get Your Free Bionic Auto Cock Stroker!

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Have fun with the Stroker!


28 Jan 2016

Watch This : A Guy With 2 Cocks!

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All the bottoms will be in awe! An extra shlong to suck on, or a second one to get double stuffed! But what would you do if you would meet a man with two cocks? Would you like it? Find it weird?

About 1 in 5.5 million American men will be affected by a condition known as diphallia, resulting in two penises. The condition isn’t genetic, but could be caused by irregular homeobox gene expression during the 4th week of fetal development. This change in expression is brought upon by mutations in the genes or environmental factors.

The degree of the penises’ functionality is entirely dependent on the individual. Some have two penises that are of normal shape, size, and function, while others can have genitalia that is small, malformed, and unable to urinate or ejaculate so it’s not always a fun thing!

Would you hookup or date a guy with 2 penises?


26 Jan 2016

Style : Me And My Calvins

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Calvin Klein is one of the most recognized brands in fashion industry which is known for designing the most innovative intimate apparels for men. Since its inception in 1982, the brand has helped a lot in molding clothing industry and has also played a very significant part in designing top notch male underwear designs.

Calvin Klein manufactures underwear using supreme quality of fabric which makes it a perfect wear for everyday activities. Great comfort with a proper balance of softness, strength and durability is what makes Calvin Klein’s underwear the most comfortable intimate apparel.

Our friends at Freshpair have different styles to choose from. They are available in numerous styles, cuts, patterns and rise. No matter, what kind of personality you have, there are styles to match your tastes and likes. From the most traditional to the highly innovative styles, cuts and fabrics, they have a perfect pick for you.

Do you like Calvin Klein? I only wear Calvin Klein. I tried many other brands and I always come back to CK! What about you?


(I uploaded a pic of the CK that I like…see below, sorry they’re a bit wet (after the gym))

15 Jan 2016

Music : René Angelil, Celine Dion’s Husband, Died.

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René Angélil, husband of french Canadian superstar Céline Dion, has died, on Thursday.

“Rene Angelil, 73, passed away this morning at his home in Las Vegas after a long and courageous battle against cancer,” the rep said in a statement. “The family requests that their privacy be respected at the moment.”

Angélil guided Dion’s career as her manager and mentor, is survived by the couple’s three children – René-Charles, 14, and 5-year-old twins Nelson and Eddy – and his adult children from a previous relationship, Anne-Marie, Patrick and Jean-Pierre.