7 Aug 2014

Arts : Muscle Stud Naked In the Street

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Brent Ray Fraser, a Canadian performance artist, treated passersby on Hastings Street in Vancouver, by enjoying a fancy meal on the sidewalk of this busy street.

The artist spends his days perfecting the art of the unique. From paintings (sometimes with his hung dick) to portraits, custom pillows to couture clothing, Brent Ray Fraser is a multi faceted artist.

Check him out in one of his sexy art EXHIBITION after the jump! I would definitely like him painting me out!


17 Apr 2014

Fashion : Lady Gaga / Un-photoshopped For Versace

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Versace‘s Spring 2014 campaign featuring Lady Gaga came out few months ago and everybody in the fashion industry agreed that the lady was flawless in front of the camera. But few days ago, un-photoshopped photos of the famous singer came out and they went viral on social medias. Funny how people complain that advertising photos are always photoshopped and that companies should consider bigger models, or average people, but when the photos are showing the truth, bruised knees, dark circles or pimples, people are still complaining and criticizing…

Check out the non-retouched originals after the jump!


15 Mar 2013

Hot or Not : Tom Ford

Catégorie: Beauty : Celebrities : Entertainment : Fashion : Hot or Not


I think Tom Ford is one of the sexiest men alive!

Sophisticated, scruffy but clean cut, always wearing a nice fitted suit, professional, ambitious, rich….

For those of you who don’t know him yet, Tom Ford is a very successful clothing designer and movie director. The 51 years old man worked for Perry Ellis, Gucci, YSL and created his own label which now has both men and women ready-to-wear but also cosmetics and a full range of perfumes for both men and women.

Find him hot? I do…. perfect daddy for me :)

Let me know if you like him!




7 Dec 2012

Beauty : Skincare

Catégorie: Beauty

There’s is a lot of pressure when figuring out what to do about skincare. IF the female patients feel that way, I can only imagine what it would be like for a man that doesn’t know what to get when shopping for skincare.

With the intention of making your life and the life of your loved one easier this holiday season I have a few tips for you;

1- Proper cleansing – You need a cleanser that’s appropriate for your skin type and condition. Most of us men have thicker and oily skin. My rule of thumb is the darker the skin the thicker it is. IF you fall into this category you want a foaming cleanser that’s clear and clean.

If you have more fair skin you want a cleanser that’s creamy like a shampoo for example, it helps with some hydration and prepares for the next step.

20 Nov 2012

Beauty : Proper Winter Skincare

Catégorie: Beauty


One mistake that many make is think that SPF is only for the summer months while going to the beach. SPF will always be your friend and help in protecting you against the harsh weather and winds.

Cleansers – Your first step – while in the summer months we were looking for more foaming and gels, during the winter months we are looking for more gentle cleansers because they offer a form of hydration to the skin – its to assist in the moisturizing process not a substitute.

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