21 Oct 2014

Fashion : R.I.P Oscar de la Renta

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Oscar de la Renta, the doyen of American fashion, whose career began in the 1950s in Franco’s Spain, sprawled across the better living rooms of Paris and New York, and who was the last survivor of that generation of bold, all-seeing tastemakers, died on Monday at his home in Kent, Conn. He was 82.

His death was confirmed by his wife, Annette de la Renta. The cause was complications from cancer. Though ill with cancer intermittently for close to eight years, Mr. de la Renta was resilient. During that period his business grew by 50 percent, to $150 million in sales, as his name became linked to celebrity events like the Oscars. Amy Adams, Sarah Jessica Parker and Penélope Cruz were among the actresses who wore his dresses.

For all fashion lovers and fashion professionals, it’s a pretty sad day today…

R.I.P Oscar!


16 Oct 2014

Promotion : Save 25% On Underwear

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Freshpair is doing its annual Friends & Family Sale giving all users of Adam4Adam 25% OFF on everything on their website. It is the best time to stock on your favorite underwear like I did. What is nice is that they even pay shipping to your door, so no need to stress with that.

So click here, select your undies and save 25% on your order with code FallFF14.

A4A is happy to provide its members with amazing offers like this! Enjoy!


10 Jul 2014

Photography : Rick Day + Dave

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Hey guys, last month I was in NYC to meet one of my favourite photographers, Rick Day. I contacted him, thinking he would never reply, asking if he would like to take nice pictures of me. He answered me within 5 minutes ” Are you free tomorrow at 6:30pm? ”

I jumped in a plane and the next day, I was shooting almost naked in his East Village studio. I was very stressed at first, even had to go to the bathroom, to concentrate and pinch myself, telling myself I was here, shooting with Rick Day. When I came in his studio, I was like “maybe he didn’t see properly the photo of me that I sent him” or  “he probably regrets inviting me” etc.

We were suppose to shoot for 45 minutes, and ended up shooting for 3 hours. We had a blast! I wanted to show you our work and of course to know your opinion about it. I won’t put the photos that are tooooo suggestive (frontal nudity) but I don’t mind showing a bit of butt. I think that Rick (and I) made something beautiful! So click “more” to see the photo I selected.

Thanks guys!


17 Apr 2014

Fashion : Lady Gaga / Un-photoshopped For Versace

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Versace‘s Spring 2014 campaign featuring Lady Gaga came out few months ago and everybody in the fashion industry agreed that the lady was flawless in front of the camera. But few days ago, un-photoshopped photos of the famous singer came out and they went viral on social medias. Funny how people complain that advertising photos are always photoshopped and that companies should consider bigger models, or average people, but when the photos are showing the truth, bruised knees, dark circles or pimples, people are still complaining and criticizing…

Check out the non-retouched originals after the jump!


21 Mar 2014

Fashion : Underwear Trends For Spring

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It might still be a bit chilly outside, but while you’re trudging through the cold, you need to start planning your spring wardrobe! And it starts by new underwear!!!  For Spring 2014, there are great trends for men’s undies and socks and some “must-haves” for the hot season !

1-Burst Of Blue

From deep navy to aquamarine, blue is the new black. It is the symbol of “cool” and it is very sexy. Laser cool prints at 2XIST, classic polka dots at Armani, or plain at Calvin Klein, there’s something for every style and occasion. Shop “Burst Of Blue” here!

2xist 3-Pack Essential Slim Fit V- Neck T-Shirt 3102034103-12514 C-IN2 Pop Color Lo No Show Profile Brief 1713-011514 Hugo Boss 2-Pack Cyclist Boxer Brief 50239892



2-Electric Hue

High voltage, eyes catching hue, electric colours, the bolder, the better. From shocking pink to acid yellow or zesty green, bright pop colours is on top of the trends this season. Mixed with technical fabric, mesh and spandex, the 90s look is definitely back! Shop “Electric Hue” here!


2xist 3-Pack Essentials No-Show Trunk 3102033303-12514 2xist Turbo No Show Brief 3103882003-12514 Candyman Neon Mesh Boxer Brief 99016N



3-Graphic Prints

Bold and colourful prints that will put you in the spotlight is another big trend for spring. Camo, zigzags, plaid prints just to name a few, in bright colours and textures is the way to go. Very sexy! Shop “Graphic Prints” here!

C-IN2 Culture Club No Show Army Profile Brief 1413-V356 Clever Brasil Swim Brief 0568 Papi Brushstroke 2-Pack Trunk 626198


4-Step Out In Color

Put some spring in your step with bright colorful socks. Over is the time when men were “allowed” to wear only black, grey, navy or white socks. We also want bright pop colours, prints,  stripes and even fun designs. Shop “Step Out In Color” here!


Happy Socks Combed Cotton Faded Diamonds Crew FD01-025 Happy Socks Combed Cotton Zebra Crew ZE01 Papi Multi Stripe Crew Socks 739623


What do you think? Will you fall for these spring trends?

Let me know your thoughts!




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