17 Apr 2014

Fashion : Lady Gaga / Un-photoshopped For Versace

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Versace‘s Spring 2014 campaign featuring Lady Gaga came out few months ago and everybody in the fashion industry agreed that the lady was flawless in front of the camera. But few days ago, un-photoshopped photos of the famous singer came out and they went viral on social medias. Funny how people complain that advertising photos are always photoshopped and that companies should consider bigger models, or average people, but when the photos are showing the truth, bruised knees, dark circles or pimples, people are still complaining and criticizing…

Check out the non-retouched originals after the jump!


23 Mar 2014

Music : Lady Gaga’s New Music Video – G.U.Y

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Lady Gaga released her latest music video last night at 8pm for “G.U.Y”,  an acronym for Girl Under You. The 11 minutes “short film” is bizarre yet fabulous and features a resurrected Michael Jackson and few Real Housewives. The video is an epic parody of male dominated capitalism. Directed by Gaga herself, the video was shot at Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California.

I personally really like the video. It is visually beautiful and Gaga looks stunning with her long to-the-floor blonde wig, very Versace. Her outfits are all fantastic and crazier than the previous. Make me love the song, because I was not crazy about it and now, LOVE it!

Check it out below and let me know your thoughts.


1 Mar 2014

Speak Out : “Bare, A Pop Opera” Made Me Cry

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Have you ever seen a movie, TV show, or a play that just brought something up in you that you had tucked away or forgotten about?

I saw a play the other night a local theater called “Bare: A Pop Opera.” It’s about handful of students at a Catholic school, and 2 of the characters are in a secret, gay relationship. It tells the story of these 2 keeping it a secret and what happens when the secret comes out. It was a great play with great music and I went again and saw it last night. There are videos of other performances on YouTube so I would check it out. This play has brought me to tears on more than one occasion.

The reason this hit so close to home for me is that I pretty much lived what the main character; Peter lived in high school, about 15 or so years. I too had a secret relationship with another guy. This was probably the first guy I ever fell in love with. That feeling wasn’t mutual, for him, it was more physical. We would sneak around and fool around whenever we could at school.

27 Feb 2014

Music : RuPaul Is Back With Born Naked

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Gays, the wait is ova! Rupaul, The Supermodel Of The World has finally returned to us on February 24 with Born Naked, her sixth studio album!

With collaborators like Myah Marie and Frankmusik, Born Naked will make your booty bounce on the dance floor!

The album is a fierce collection of electronic, pop, rock, fun tunes and even some pretty serious ones like “Can I Get An Amen”, a song that was featured on Drag’s Race Season 5. Check out the full track list below:

5 Feb 2014

Speak Out : Uprising Of Love – For Sochi LGBT

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At this unique moment in history, when we are seeing such rapid progress in the fight for equality in the West, we cannot be blinded to appalling crimes against humanity elsewhere. Today in Russia, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people are facing harassment, arrest and violence under a set of horrific new laws. For their sake, we must come together and start an uprising of love.

Models Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown ask for your help in this new video promoting global Pride Houses. A Pride House is a place for LGBT athletes, fans, and friends to meet and enjoy international sporting events. At the previous two Olympics, there was a Pride House in the host country. This year, Russia has forbidden the establishment of a Pride House in Sochi. In response, restaurants, bars, and clubs across the country are becoming Pride Houses in solidarity with LGBT Russians and donating $1 of every drink sold between 9pm and midnight on the night of the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony to the Russia Freedom Fund.

Find participating venues here.

You can also download Uprising Of Love on iTunes, a song written and sang by Melissa Etheridge for the event. 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Russia Freedom Fund!

Check out the video and listen to a remix of the amazing song after the jump!


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