23 Sep 2015

Sports : Dieux Du Stade Calendar 2016

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French photographer Fred Goudon is back with another hot and sexy calendar featuring delectable males! This calendar is one of the best selling gay calendars in the world. It used to feature only rugby players but it now features athletes from other sports as well.

To name a few athletes, rugby players James Haskell, Sergio Parisse, and Jamie Cudmore, along with judo star Jeremy Parisi, gymnast Jim Zona and basketball player Flroent Pietrus appear in the black and white photo calendar. Check out the NSFW teaser video below and let me know your thoughts!


18 Aug 2015

Sports : Rugby Player Keegan Hirst Comes Out

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Keegan Hirst is the first British rugby league player to come out as gay. He says the time had come “to be true to myself”.
The Batley Bulldogs captain, who is separated from his wife, said he only recently came to accept he was gay when his marriage broke down. The father-of-two told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show: “I suppose there’s been feelings there for a while but I was convinced it would go away”. He also said “I just thought it was a phase – it was inconceivable for me to think that I could be gay.”

Congratulations Keegan and hit me up on A4A and let’s get married and have kids! lol

Watch the video after the jump!


29 May 2015

Sports : Fitness & Diet

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Hey guys, many of you reached out to me after seeing my last photos and wanting me to help them. I can certainly give you a few tips here but you have to keep in mind that everybody is different. Our percentage of fat is different, our age, our genetics, our height, weight, metabolism etc … So what applies for me doesn’t applies directly for you but It can guide you.

First of all, last fall, I started my “bulk” phase, where I had to eat lot’s of good food in order to gain good muscle mass. By good food I don’t mean yummy food, but food that is good for your body. Basmati rice, sweet potatoes, lot’s of green veggies, coconut oil, small fruits, chicken, horse, extra lean beef, turkey, olive oil, spinash, etc. I was eating close to 4200 calories a day, divided in 7-8 meals. Since it was winter I didn’t mind accumulating a little bit of fat, because in Canada’s cold season, I always wear sweaters and long pants. A little bit before spring, I started my summer diet. A diet because I like to look lean in a swimsuit and also because I have few contracts booked in NYC as a fitness model (underwear) and also few shoots with great photographers that I always dreamed of working with. Some of you said that I was very shallow because I paid too much attention to my body but my body generates part of my pay check, so yes, I have to be careful. Now, for my summer diet, I had to cut carbs in half (rice, sweet potato, fruits) while raising my good fats (avocado, almonds/nuts, coconut oil etc) to reach a certain caloric intake. Keep in mind that good fats also help you lose weight. I use carbs only as a tool to reach my caloric intake. So mainly I calculate my protein and fats and then the carbs will help me reach the numbers in order to gain or lose weight. 

2 Feb 2015

Music : What Did You Think Of Katy Perry’s Show?

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Katy Perry rattled through a medley of her hits during a 13 minutes concert that also included guest appearances from Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz. The performance ended with Perry singing “Firework” as actual pyrotechnics exploded above her head.

The US singer marked the occasion by having XLIX – the Latin numeral for 49, marking the 49th Super Bowl – tattooed on one of the fingers of her right hand. “I thought it would be appropriate to draw blood tonight,” tweeted the singer.

The New York Times said she “held her own, navigating a handful of her smashes and three wardrobe changes in a performance that resisted bad mood”.

“Even if you weren’t a fan of Perry’s music, you had to be impressed with her spectacle,” agreed USA Today.

What did you think of the show?

I thought It was great. I love Katy, she is a great performer and I like her colourful world!


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3 Oct 2014

Fitness : Few Tips For A Better Body

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Hey guys, many of you send me emails asking me about tips to get a better body. Many of you noticed that I workout a lot and also pay attention to my health and what I eat so I’d like to share some of my tips. These tips won’t make you a fitness model, but can certainly help you eat differently, better food, pay attention to what goes in your belly versus the energy that you spend doing fitness activities.

If you are not into it, simply don’t read it, I don’t wanna read comment like “oh gays are so shallow we should accept ourselves like we are blablabla”!

Tips #1: Drink at least 1 gallon of water every day
Our body is made with 65% of water. Water helps maintain bowel function, helps keeping nice skin, helps get rid of fat etc. Don’t drink soft drinks like coca cola it is sooooo bad for you. SUGAR in your body translate to fat. Cold water for me is the best drink!